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Objective: Is to promote free help and research for Emery Descendants and to circulate as much of the findings as possible. I had query as to what the association is - now it is this site. Simple version - cousins helping cousins - I hope.

My real main objective was to get my updates for John and Anthony Emery our to all of you as I feel I will never be able to publish any of it - cost is the prohibitive factor - and I do not know how much support I have out there. But I do not want what I have researched, collected and that has been donated over the years to be lost and just sit on my shelf - I want it out into circulation so some one can benefit from it possibly. And truth be known - my children do not - care about their heritage - why I do not know - sorry - I have one person who is a member of UsGenWeb who will get all my files one way or other to help preserve them - for others and for my children David & Susie - just in case they decide what MOM has done is important to them!

All I really ask is that as you pass it on to other Emery descendants; contribute to it, and come back often to see the changes made. Best wishes to all and my good returns in family researching

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