Old Queries

These are old queries I found several years ago while going through the microfiche of Genealogical Helper and wrote - out whether the people are still round and researching is not known - but I do not want to loose the data.

The data maybe esle where but with my filing system the last couple of years- who knows, better safe than sorry!

Dixie Emery m. James Carrier - Rising Sun, In. descendant Elsie Cook Sabotte d. 5 July 2004 Crab Orchhard, Ky.

Mary Ordway m. 31 Dec 1853 Lowell, Ma. Albert Stowell b. 1831 Thetford, Vt.; Mary/Lizzie Ordaway b. 1834 Fairlee, Vt. d/o Jacob - - Clayton STowell of Townsend, Vt.

William Nelson b. c. 1750 Ma. m 2nd Columbia co., NY. 12 J7l. 1791 Jane Emery - - Bettina Kestelfoot Berkshire, Mi.

William Horace Emery d. 1982 Indianapolis m. Nancy Bessie Shyrock b. 14 Jul. 1878 d. St. Louis, Mo. 18 Apr. 1945 had: James Shyrock Emery b. 28 Nov. 1903 Malden, Mi. - - JIll Emery Tacoma, Wa.

[-?-] Emery m. Phebe [-?-] had Mary b. 1855; WIlliam b. 1857; Alexander b. c. 1861; James b. 1863; and George b. 1867 Possibly Port Burwell, Elgin, Ontario, Canada - - Margaret Lambert Lett Park, Co.

Peter Emery m. c. 1850 Catherine Best Bangor, Pa. moved to Albion, Mi. 1856 - - Pam Emery Lang View, Wa.

Ira Allen Jr. m. Hannah Hoag had: Sarah Allen m. [-?-] Niece she b. c. 1861 Ontario co., Ny. d. 9 Dec. 1924 Mi. and they had Raymond b. c. 1880; Mary; William Eli - - DOrothy Guy Canandaiqua, Ny

Henry Ordway of Wi. 1850 - - William Ordway Houston, Tx.

James Emery b. 1794-1869 - possibly s/o John Emery b. 1760 d. 1836 m. Abbie Ballard b. 1870

Mary Elizabeth Emery b. NH 7 Jan. 1826 m. Edmund Moulton 19 Mar. 1850. She d. 2 Oct 1901 Olmstead co., Mn. Mildred Sackett Gersham, Or.

Need parents of Jacob and George Emery b. 18800-5 Pa. where? Res. Wayne county Oh. Dau. of George: Julian b. 1829 Oh. m. 1853 Wayne co., Oh. Josuha/John W. Long b. Pa. - - Mrs. Steven C. (Dee George) Sietel China Lake, Ca.

Mary Alice Emery m. John Lee Proctor children: Richcrd, Willia,; Warren S. b. 1865 Licking co., Oh. m. America Jane Blackwell b. 1870 Hickory co., Mo. d/o Joseph and Susan. - - Mrs. Buell E. Burton Pekin, Il.

Need parents of Amos Hoag b. 27 Jan. 1786 Dutchess co., MY. m. Elizabeth Haynes d. Delewar co., NY. 18 Aug. 1856 - - Margaret S. Chaffe Hays, Ks.

Elizabeth Ann (Huss) Hoag m. Simon Jackson Oliver c. 1850 Waynesburg, Greene, Pa. 12 children moved to Rossville, Jackson, Ks. 1876 - Mrs. Charles M. Brown Alexandria, Va.

Margaret Emery m. Joseph F. Mc Mullen had: Edward John Mc Mullen b. 21 Mar. 1862 Milwaukee, Wi.

Mary Emery m. James Clymer. She d. c. 1802 They had James Emory CLymer b. 1799; d. 1857 Md>

Martha Emery m. Winn Williams. They had: Albert Hennan Williams b. 16 Jan. 1861 Wabash/Huntington co., In. m. 28 Jan. 1900 Fredericksburg, In. Anna Lincoln Cromer d/o Kpjhn and Evaline (Wilson) Cromer.

Lydia Emery m. Isaiah Austin s/o Solomon & Delight Austin. They had: Delight m. Merrit Cornwal; Robert m. Anna Richardson; Deliaah m. [-?-] Tuter; and Filanda m. [-?-] Colby

Lady Ann Emery b. England; m. Daniel Lowery. resided Culpepper co., Va. They had: James b. 7 Aug. 1811; m. 24 May 1831 Sarah Hall d/o Moses & ELizabeth (Patterson Hall; d. Nobles co., Oh.; George; Frederic and Sarah.

Julia Emery m. Cyrus Campbell they had: Joh, Ella, Arthur, Charles and Cyrus.

Joseph EMery b. 1893 m. Rebecca Oakley b. 1813 Tansonville, NY. possibly had children b. c. 1832-54: William, Richard, Rebecca M. m. [-?-] Ashley, Nelly C., Mathias, Elisabeth, Steven, Sally.

{-?-] EMery probably John R. Emery m. Sarah Sutton b. Dec. 1837 In. d. Dec. 1922 Fulton co., In. He d. Jan 1865. They Had: Isaac Newton "Ike" b. 1 Jan. 1855 Mo.; Andrew Jackson "Andy" b. 17 Mar. 1857 Mo.; James S. "Jim" b. 19 Aug. 1860 Mo.; Nancy "Nan" b. c. 1852 Mo.; and MArtha ELizabeth "Molly" b. 3 Feb. 1865 Mo.

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