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The more important . . .

Family becomes. . .

This is a page for New England branches that there are missing links and unable to connect to John or Anthony Emery. It has always been the idea that Emery's found in the New England area are somehow connected to the two brothers - but the link as never been found. The years of this thoery may be untrue but I am going to keep the New England unconnected Emery's from others for now.-

If you have been unable to connect to these to men and have any information on your Emery's you want to share with others; please send a gedcom file and I will make the pages and add it here for now, maybe somone will find the connection for us.

I will add any and all unconnected Emery's I have in my files as I go along, also. These will be past queries to me or ones I have found in my reasearch.

Daniel Emery & Rebecca Bacon Frank Aden Emery & Anna Rosina Hanusa
Augustus H. Emery & Mary Samuel Daniel Emery & Helen Maria Warren
James A. Emery & Emily Hartrick Daniel Owen Emery & Susan A. Taylor
James D. Emery & Harriet Ryerson Samuel Emery & Elizabeth Owen &
Wyatt Emery & Mary Ann Clark William Emery and Anna Maria Locke 
Joseph Emery & Rebecca Oakley Peter Emery & Eliza Cross  
Samuel Emery & Rosannah Nichols Hurd Jacob Emery & Elizabeth Ross
Nathan Emery & Cornelia Broadhead George Emery & Elizabeth Keen
John Keen Emery Sr. & Anna Margaetha Swartswalder John Keen Emery Jr. & Rebecca Hodge
Frank Emery & Harriet Louise Hill Jacob Ross Emery & Sarah Ann Ennes
Luther Emery & Hannah Clark Jacob Robert Emery & Eliza Portman
Nathan Emery & Evaline Sophronia Taylor Minnie Estella Emery & Francis A. Broihier
Henry owen Emery & Mary Jane [-?-] George Alton Emry & Lydia Elsie Langenbach
Carl Alton Emry Sr. & Mary Lucille Mc Cants Carl Alton Emry Jr. & Linda Rose Willford
James Madison Emery & Myrtle Payne James Madison Emery & Mabel [-?-]
James Madison Emery & Dora Kableau John B Emery  Julia Ann Heding 
Emily Emery   William Wellington Heding  Phylinda Emery   Peter Cain  
Mary Jane Emery & Ami Judkins  Ruth Emery & Wm. John Page 
Mary F. Emery & Henry Dow   Rev. Clarence "Clancy'' Percy Emery & Mabel Louise Bolto 
George W. Emery    
Augustus Henry Emery  John Emery & Suannah Pierson 

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