Richard Emery b. Roxton, Bedforshire, England

A third line that is surfacing and has been combined with that of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts. listing them as children of the family as follows:

Richard Emery b. Roxton, Bedforshire, England d./bur. 1 May 1611 Roxton, Befordshire, England m. Ellen Buntinge b. c. 1552 Roxton, Bedofrshire, England d. 13 Jan. 1616 Roxton, Befordshire, England.

*John Emery b. 1572, of, Romsey, Hamps, England
Roger Emery b. 1573 Roxton,Bedforshire, England
Ellen Emery b. 1579 Roxotn, Bedfordshire, England
Elizabeth Emery b. 1581 Roxton, Bedfordshire, England
Richard Emery b. 1584 Roxton, Bedfordshire, England
Bridget Emery b. 1588 Roxton, Bedfordshire, England

From: "Archive"
To: "Noble Emery"
Subject: RE: Emery genealogy
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 6:01 AM
Dear Mr Emery,
Thank you for your e-mail. Your enquiry has been passed to me as I carried out research into the Emery family earlier this year on behalf of another enquirer.

I also got back to a John Emery, born around the 1570s, but like your researchers found the confusion over the Romsey/Roxton connection prevented me from getting any further. There is also the fact that the Roxton parish registers do not go back to the 1500s, and those of the neighbouring parish of Eaton where a large number of the Emery family ended up, also do not date back far enough. Parish registers began in 1538, but in most parishes the record keeping did not begin until around 1600. The only evidence I found relating to Richard Emery and Ellen Bunting was on the internet, via the International Genealogical Index (IGI) which can be found on the Mormon website and the data was obviously put on there by other researchers, as the dates were approximate and were therefore not taken from original sources. I have no idea who the researcher was who uploaded the data, or what sources they may have checked, but Ellen Bunting's parents William and Alice both left wills, and Alice's mentions her daughter Ellen, wife of Richard Emery and their eight children (not six). I was able to confirm for my previous enquirer that she was descended from a John Emery who died in Eaton Socon in 1653, but this John is obviously not your John, who died in 1627. In short, there are few if any sources that we have that can be checked in order to confirm whether or not John Emery was the son of Richard and Ellen. There were many Emery's in that area, a lot having the same name (John, Richard, Thomas, Edward etc) so it is difficult to piece together the family relationships.

We make a charge for research, which is £26 per hour, regardless of the results and based on the time spent. Although my previous enquirer asked whether I could carry out further research on her behalf, I informed her that it would be costly as we do hold some manorial records for the 1500s but they are complicated and detailed documents and mainly written in Latin. I therefore recommended that she did not pursue any further research.

You may wish to contact the Bedfordshire Family History Society, who have a list of their Members' Interests, so they may be able to put you in touch with others who are researching the Emery family; Bedfordshire Family History Society, PO Box 214, BEDFORD, MK42 9RX, ENGLAND, e-mail

I hope this information outlines the difficulties that can be experienced when researching 16th century sources, indeed this was the furthest I had ever got with research for a client, and I have never traced back this far with my own family.

Yours sincerely
Laura Johnson
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