Emery Passenger List of the ship James

In "The Planters of the Commonwealth" by Charles Edward Banks we find the passenger list of the James and this comment: "James of London, William Cooper, Master, three hundred tons. She sailed from Southampton April 5 and arrived June 3 with passengers and cattle. Winthrop calls me master 'Mrs. Graves' and says that 'he had come every year for these seven years'." Among the passengers our emigrants are listed as:

John Emery, 34 of Romsey Hants, Newbury, Carpenter

Mrs. ......Emery
Anne Emery
Elinor Emery
John Emery

Anthony Emery of Romsey Hants, Newbury and Kittery, Carpenter

Mrs. Frances Emery
Rebecca Emery
William Kemp, servant to Anthony Emery, Duxbury

There was a total of thirty-six men and fifty men and women aboard from Romsey.

The Rev. Joseph Avery, vicar of Romsey, had come to New England in 1634 and no doubt influenced many of his parishioners to follow; unfortunately, he drowned in 1635 while sailing from Newbury to Marblehead, Massachusetts. As has been noted, there is reason to believe that head lent money at least to John Emery to bring himself and his family.

The passenger list refers to both of the Emery brothers as carpenters, but Anthony is seldom if ever referred to as such in later years. John evidently did follow the carpentry and cabinet making trade in New England, as we have seen, and both may have been so trained. Furthermore, their passage to New England was often better assured if they claimed a trade, even if they had no intention of following it.


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