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The preface as done before was intended for book format - not website 
format - it contains alot of  information that  needs to be included  
and  the with new site format "the one page format" for the preface  
was getting very hard to manage - thus I  have broke it  up into 
sections - so it hopefully will be more managable, readable and the 
topics indexed and accessible one by one.  

The Orginial Introductory notes of the 1890 had been expanded in the 
1982 revision of John's section as a descendant of Anthony  Emery - 
Frances Emery  had several post 1890 Emery Family Association programs 
that she wished to share with me and others.

The orginial Preface  of 1980 and the Introductory notes were all that 
was in the 1890 book.  The other topics have been found during  
researching  by me or people sending in family data sent me to include 
into the manuscript which they thought would interest others as well as
me, maybe some of the material should not been included - but I felt it 
should be since it was given freely. Some was pamphlets or speeches that 
were read during the early associations meetings. 

Today is