Romsey,Hampsire, England

Romsey is a rare old town in Hampsire (Hants), on the river Esk (the Aulton of the Roman period).

The broad, but winding and shallow cale is indescribably beautiful, with its manors and cottages amidst the slumbersome foliage, its wheat meadows, green slopes, and crystal "Auton water". Flocks of flocks of southdowns dot the pasture swells, and myraids of sparrows sweep around the rippening grain acres. Toward Southhampton streches the superd park and forest of " Broadlands", the seat of Lord Palmerston.

Beyond is the old medievil town; the great square tower of the abbey church St. Mary's towering above the quiant buildings, with walls and buttressed bridge of high arches spanning the gleaming river. In the churchyard of the old abbey (one of the oldest in England, a part of the walls having been erected in the twelfth century, by Henry De Blois, bishop of Wichester) repose the dust of successive generations of Emery's and within its time-honored walls Anthony and John Emery were baptised...It was from the worship in this ancient pile that the forefathers seceded to join the sect of puritans. The Emery's are still represented in Romsey. A John Emery recently deceased there, who counted his descent from an ancestor in the middle ages.

The current discription is:
Romsey (occasionally pronounced "Rumsey") is a small market town in the county of Hampshire, England.

It is 8 miles (13 km) northwest of Southampton and 11 miles (18 km) southwest of Winchester, neighbouring the village of North Baddesley. Just under 15,000 people live in Romsey, which has an area of about 4.93 square kilometres.

Romsey lies on the River Test, which is famous for fly fishing, predominantly trout. It is one of the principal towns in the Test Valley Borough. A large Norman abbey dominates the centre of the town.

The name Romsey is believed to have originated from the term Rūm's Eg, meaning "Rūm's area surrounded by marsh". Rūm is probably an abbreviated form of a personal name, like Rūmwald (glorious leader).

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