Northend Ancestry

In my records I use the following abreviations:
HAS = Halifax Antiquarian Society
YAS = Yorkshire Antiquarian Society.
HPR = Halifax Parish Register
RPR = Rowley Parish Register
The top half of the pedigree of the Northends of West Riding of Yorkshire that you missed. Half way up the left side you will see Thomas & Isabel Northend. It was their son Robert that Agness is descended from. Agness was this Robert's great grand daughter. You will find these on the page I sent you of the 'Ancestors of Agness Northend'.

In those days the legal marriage age was 12 years. Some families didn't baptise their children soon after birth, but often waited and had several of their children 'done' at the same time.

The registers usually only record the baptism, not the birth date. Some times they enter the age at which they were baptised.

In marriage records the real age is sometimes quoted, but often it just says 'full age' so unless you have an age recorded at marriage or baptism you have to judge how old they would be. Burial registers also often neglect to record ages at death.

I have records of 93 John Northends, 28 Robert Northends, etc. so I have to enter as close a judgement of birth and marriage and death dates as I can just to help identify each of them! This is why you may find two siblings with similar birth years if I don't know which was born first etc. even though they could both be born in the same year.

Before Churches were required to keep Parish Registers and record these events, before about 1510, we have to rely on records from other sources, such as Court Rolls, Manorial Records, Sherriff's Tourns, (Tourns are courts)

On this tree attachment you will see this noted in the top right corner. I have enclosed a larger copy of that bit of the chart in the attachment. This format allows for enlargment so it is user friendly.

On the chart are the following notes:
This pedigree was compiled by William Frederick Northend from materials collected from Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, the Registers of the Parish church of Halifax and from Wills at the District Probate registry at York.

Up to 1550 the Northends would be mostly buried at Halifax, but afterwards at Coley where a Chapelry was founded about that time. It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that the family began to move from the Halifax distric, but in 1932 there was only one Northend remaining there

Above this line ( 9 - Richard Northend of Northowram. born about 1430 backwards to #1) the descent is not supported by direct documentary evidence it is only sugested as the most probable fromn the evidence available from the court ROlls of the Manor of Wakefiled.

Below the line the facts are authenticated by Wills and the Parish Registers of Halifax down to 1813 when Coley became responsible for its own registers. From about 1850 the material was taken from personal papers of John William Northend and from his own personal Recollections.
Booklet on Northwram Hall in three parts (word document form) pages deals with Northend Ancestry:
Northowram Hall part 1
Northowram Hall part 2
Northowram Hall part 3

Booklet of Ancient Shibeden Mansionsin three parts (word document form) pages deals with Northend Ancestry:
Ancient Shibden Mansions part 1
Ancient Shibden Mansions part 2
Ancient Shibden Mansions part 3

This attached map is from 1905 and covers most of the area around Halifax, Yorkshire, where our ancestors lived from 1250. You will find these place names mentioned in the Wills, Court Rolls, etc., and the three booklets that I will send you. They are 'Northowram Hall', 'Ancient Shibden Mansions', and 'Shibden Branch of the Northend Family' (have not located as yet)
Northowram Historical Society

1 - Northend of Northowram. 1225?

children of Northend of Northowram. 1225?
2 - Henry de Northend of Hipperholme 1250, living in 1276 3 - Thomas del Northende de Ouram, born about 1250

2 - Henry de Northend of Hipperholme Born: - about 1250 living in 1276

Father noted as Northend of Northowram.

Henry de Northend of Hipperholme

1276 Tourn at Brighouse Henry de Northend broke the pinfold (C 49)

1314. Tourn at Brighouse Rent & services to the Lord of the Manor of Wakefield Henry de Northend 4s 3d (C 60)

child of Henry de Northend of Hipperholme
4 - William del Northend of Halifax living in 1322
3 - Thomas del Northende de Ouram, born about 1250 living in 1272 c. 1314

Living in 1272 when son was born, and 1314 when his last appearance at Wakefield Court.

Holds four and a half acres and a perch and pays yearly 18d. The same Thomas holds two and a half acres and pays yearly 10d. The same holds leave to dig stones for making an oven and pays yearly 3d. Appears at several Courts paying small sums for rent etc. (Extent of Hipperholme, 1309) (HAS)

In 1314 the Steward of the Manor of Wakefield recorded that in the greaveship of Hipperholme he had received threepence “for thackstones from Thomas del Northend” (HAS)

In 1306 at a Tourn at Rastrick Thomas was fined 3d for taking fodder from Hipperholme Wood. (C.54)

1308. Court at Rastrick, Thomas del Northend de Ouram was fined 3d for cutting wood, etc. (C.57)

In 1272 (1 Edw I) or 1307 (1 Edw II) Court at Brighouse Thomas del Northend, dry wood, 3d (C.47)

1309 May 21st. Court at Rastrick. Thomas was fined 4 for vert (looks like vert, but may be rent, or vest, or even grass as in verdant green! etc)

1314 July 13th. At a Court held at Wakefield, Thomas was fined 6d for vert (vest, vent, rent, or even grass as in verdant green! etc)

child of Thomas del Northend
5 - Adam del Northend, born about 1272 living 1325-6
4 - William del Northend of Halifax Born: - before 1307 when he served on a jury at a Tourn at Halifax. living in 1322br>
1322. Court at Brighous Will Northend formerly forester, pastured two oxen on waste. (C.64)

1307. Jun 5th at a Tourn at Halifax. William served on the Jury.

children of William del Northend
6 - Elias de Northend of Northowram Born: - about 1310 living in 1377 & 1378 7 - John ette Northend,born about 1310, dead on 5th November 1380; married - Anabill
John left 6 acres in Hipperholme to Peter Thornasle, his heir and son of his cousin who paid 20d heriot.

John de (del, atte) Northend of Northowram. (See Poll Tax (Lay Subsidy) 2 Richard II (1379) (HAS)

1324. Tourn at Brighouse, John ate Northend took 1 rod waste in Northowram (C.65)

1326. Tourn at Hipperholme ijd for drywood. (C.70) vid for greenwood(C71)

1322. Tourn at Brighouse John son of Richard de Ouramshed the blood of John de Northend, fined 12d, but the wife of Northend drew Ouram’s blood and she had to pay 6. (C.73)

1343. Tourn at Brighouse. John die Northend took a rod of waste in Ouram. (C.82) John de Wales 2 acres at Wynngrode with edifice in Northowram to John Symson del Dene. Paid 12d. John ate Northend and his wife anabill gave evidence in the case. John son of Symon del Dene 2 acres at Whynnyrode in Northowram to Anabill ate Northend (C.82)

John sat on the jury at a Tourn at Brighouse in 1359 (C.93)

1362. Tourn at Brighouse John del Northend, 1½ acres in Northowram to Robert Hare (C.95)

1380. Nov 5, Brighouse Tourn John del Northend de Ouram dead. Richard son of Peter de Thorneals his cousin and heir paid 20d heriot for 6 acres 1 rode in Clagcliffe in Hipperholme (C.105), which the said Richard conveys, to John Jankson (Jenkinson) of Ovenden. As no Northend is named in the Northowram list he must have resided in Ovenden in 1379 (Ovenden Poll Tax returns 1379) ; - Johanness de Northend and ux iiijd (Skyrcotes P T 1379)

“John del Northend assaulted by John Custon, who is fined Aug 28th 1372. (Skyrcotes Pole Tax returns)

“John Otes, alias John del Okes, of the Sowerby graveship sues John de Northend for a debt at a court held at Wakefield Dec 8th, 3 Richard II” (1379) (Midgley Poll Tax returns)

6 - Elias de Northend of Northowram Born: - about 1310 living in 1377 & 1378

1377. Tourn at Brighouse. Henry Matthewson is dead and Richard his brother paid 10/- heriot for Mess, 5 acres called the Lee in Shepden, mess called Nicher, 6 acres at G Ryding, 2 acres called Lundeland, ½ bovate and cottage of Elias de Northend (C 103)

1368. Recorded in the Graveship of Hipperholme in the Manor of>

child of Elias de Northend of Northowram
8 - John son of Elias de Northend of Northowram. Bborn about 1355.

8 - John son of Elias de Northend of Northowram. born about 1355. See “Northowram Hall” by W B Twigg (HAS)

1434. Constable of Northowram. (C.118) Was probably the first Northend to own Whithill (Northowram Hall)

At witness in 1443 (HAS Transcriptions 1906 – 7)

John de Northend was presented for having in the previous year ploughed up and destroyed certain boundaries called “balkes” situated and placed between the lands and tenements then there to the injury of the tenants and in contempt of the court” from the Wakefield Court Rolls, 1438)

9 - Richard Northend of Northowram. born about 1430 Owned Northowram Hall, Constable of Northowram in 1471, Greave of Hipperholme in 1448, Will proved 1473. m. Elizabeth Shibden Not married de compose Elisote Oates. This is a Latin entry in Register. Elisote is probably Latin for Alice
9 - Richard Northend of Northowram. born about 1430 Owned Northowram Hall, Constable of Northowram in 1471, Greave of Hipperholme in 1448, Will proved 1473. m. Elizabeth Shibden

Not married de compose Elisote Oates. This is a Latin entry in Register. Elisote is probably Latin for Alice

Children of Richard Northend of Northowram & de compose Elisote Oates.
10 - John illegitimate son of Richard Northend, Trustee for Northowram Bull Rent 1512, died 1534
11 - Robert Northend who died before 15th June 1526. His wife was Elizabeth. This Robert is the ancestor of the Northends on W F Northend’s tree (See “Northowram Hall” by W B Twigg (HAS)

12 - Michael Northend. Will proved 30th December 1473.
Greave of Hipperholme 1448 owner of Northowram Hall.

Constable of Northowram 1471 (A.299) (C>121)

Recorded in the graveshipp of Hipperholme 1469.

Served on jury at various Tourns (C.121)

Will proved at York 20th January 1473. (Will in Latin). Vol 4 folio 208.
Abstract of the will of Michael Northend of the parish of Halifax. Date 30 Dec 1473. To be buried in the church of Halifax. To the vicar of the church of my mortuary my best animal. To the friars of Dr Robert at Knaresborough iiij’. To the friars at Doncaster iiij’. To the friars at York iiij’. To John Fox, clerk xij’. To Henry Grenhall xij’. To Ric Mode, clerk xij’. To William Pretchley a russet gown. To William Sharp a gown. To William Bradelee vjs viij. The residue of my goods I give unto John Northend my son whom I make executor. Witnesses William Marshall chaplain, John Brestow, John Lister. – Proved 20 Jan 1473 by the executor
13 - Richard was fined 4 in 1458 for not attending the greave election (C.123)
1447. Ric Northend greave of Hiprow and others came before John Sayvill, senechal, and pay taksylow for 12 good and faithful men to have special enquiry. (C.121) (This is the best I can interpret ‘taksylow’ off the card. Ken Burns 2003

10 - John illegitimate son of Richard Northend, Born: - about 1455. Illegitimate. Trustee for Northowram Bull Rent 1512, died 1534

1534. John Northend, par of Halifax, deceased, whither having made a will, or intestate is not known. (P.192. Halifax Parish Wills. No 357)

1512. Trustee for Northowram Bull Rent. Recorded in the Graveship of Hyperholme 1474 & 1476. See also his father Richard’s Will)

1497. Before the steward of the Manor of Wakefield, John pleads for the return of his lands in Northowram from Thomas Naylor according to agreement. The Steward awarded “”yt the said Thomas Naylor shulde make agayne a surrender of the said land to the said John Northende and his heirs upon payne of seisor of all his copylands and also upon payne of C marks. The aforesaid Thomas Naylor surrendered the mess, edifice, 1 ½ bov, 12 acres roidland in Northowram to the use of John Northende and his heirs who paid 8s ingree. At the next Brighous court he surrendered the same to his son Thomas who paid 5s ingress. (C. 133 – 134)

1512. John Boethes of Boethes surrendered Hassilhurst in Northowram, formerly waste, to John Northend & eleven others for common use of Northowram (C.137)

1487. John Northend conveyed by copy of court roll 10 acres in Brereley to Thomas his son. (HAS 1917/91)

1499. John was concerned in an action by John Lacy against Sir John Saville (HAS 1927/194)

Married: - Unknown Children of John:
14 - Thomas Northend born ? Thomas’s Will Proved at York 1533; who died before 16th December 1533.
14a - Richard Northend
14 - Thomas Northend born ? Thomas’s Will Proved at York 1533; who died before 16th December 1533.

Thomas son of John Northend of Northowram Hall (see “Northowram Hall” by W.B. Twigg (HAS).

Married Isabell.

1532. Tourn Oct 23. Thomas served on Jury (C.143)

1533 Thomas surrendered to his children Robt, Chris, Margaret & John with remainder to his eldest son Michael. (C.143)

Signed endowment deed of Coley Chapel 1530.

Recorded in the graveship of Hyperholme 1523.

Will at York proved 16 Dec 1533 vol II folio 70. (See back of this card.) (Now see below)

1512 Thomas conveyed ½ acre of land to Michael Brodelee (C.137)

1514 Thomas conveyed Wallayne to Ric Brodelee (C.138)

1522 Served on Jury at Brighouse Tourn (C.141)

1487 John Northend conveyed by way of court roll 10 acres in Brerehay to Thomas his son, who passed them on to John Hemmingway in 1508. (HAS. 1917/91)

1521 Witnessed the will of Robert Deyne of Halifax dated 22 April 1521 (HP Wills)

Abstract of the will of Thomas Northend of Halifax. Date 24 Nov 1533.
To be buried in the middle Allay in the Parish Church of Halifax, before the crucifixion. To the Chapel of Coldley XXd. To the friars of Thickhill XXs. To the friars of Doncaster Xs. To Richard my eldest son III VJs VIIId. To Agnes, wife of Robert Occass one stone of wool of the price of Vss. Executors Isabell my wife, and Jon my son, and I give unto them all residue of my goods, they to equally to divide same between Robert, Xphor & Margaret my children by even portion at sight of John Hemmyngway, Richard Deyn and Richard Speghe. Supervisors John Hemmyngway, Michael Deyn, Richard Speghe, Richard Holdsworth. Witnesses – Michael Holdsworth, Richard Brighous, Edward Brodle. Proved 16 Dec 1533 by Isabell the relict, power reserved to John the son, then a minor.
Children of Thomas and isabell:
15 - Richard
16 - Robert Northend Born: - about 1505, of Sutton Parish, Kildwick, Craven, near Skipton, Yorkshire.
17 - Christopher Northend, born about 1505
18 - Margaret Northend, born about 1505
19 - John Northend, born about 1505.
Northowram Hall passed to Richard Whitley in 1612 on his marriage to Sarah Northend graddaughter of the above John son of Thomas Northend.
20 - Michael Northend, born about 1504, the eldest of Thomas’s sons.
14a - Richard Northend m. Elizabeth

Held 2 acres in Brynsholes. Will proved at York 15 June 1526

children of Richard Northend & Elizabeth
20a Richad Northend will proved at York 15 July 1527; children: John, Sibbelle, Isabell, & 4 unknown daughters

20b john Northend of Northowram d. 30 Aprl. 1541 Will proved York, 14 Jun 1541; married Christabella who died 16 Sep. 1545; continued on pedigree chart

20c Robert Northend d. 14 Aug. 1551 married Emmota childen John and Emmota continued on pedigree chart

16 - Robert Northend Born: - about 1505, of Sutton Parish, Kildwick, Craven, near Skipton, Yorkshire. Died: - deceased in 1557 (see Yorkshire Fines Y A S vol. 1 p 210) Recorded in the Graveship of Hyperholme in 1577.< br>
Married: - Jennet Broadley on 22nd November 1546 at Halifax (HPR)

21 - John Northend. Born 1532 at Weeton, Yorks.
22 - Robert Northend, born about 1530, died 15th August 1590 (Kildwick PR). Robert married Margaret Harper (daughter of Richard Harper) in 14th December 1585. She died 22nd March 1599. They had a daughter called Mary (or Marie) on 1st November 1589.
22 Robert Northend, born about 1530, died 15th August 1590 (Kildwick PR).

Will at York proved 30 Sept 1590 ref 24/450Vol 24 Folio 450.
Abstract of the will of Robert Northende of Sutton in the parish of Kildwicke. Date 1590. To be buried in the parish church of Kildwicke. To Margaret Northende my wife and Mary my daughter, all my lands and tenements at Ellington & Borstoghe, to my wife a third part of my goods, and to my daughter Mary one other part thereof, and out of the residue of the third part, after paying my debts I give to Robert Harper one gray horse, two teams and 1 colt. To my daughter Mary my best cloak. To my father-in-law Richard Harper, one cow and one bed of clothes, and some corn towards his maintenance. To Margaret my wife, one white mare. To my man Thomas Gnasher one cow. To my maid Janet Eastbourne one Whye. To Mary Parkinson, to whom I am godfather, one Whye. To Housy Overend of Silsden, one baye nagge provided he pays to my executor that money he oweth me. To the poor of Kildwick 40/-. To the four children of John Laycock 40/- and if anything else remains I give unto those I am uncle unto. Witnesses John Cote, Robert Harper, Thomas Gnasher. Proved 3 Sept 1590, by Margaret the relict and principal legatee.
Robert married Margaret Harper (daughter of Richard Harper) in 14th December 1585. She died 22nd March 1599.

Margaret, widow of Robert Northend of Sutton parish, Kildwick. (She was the daughter of Richard Harper)

She died 22 March 1599 (Kildwick in Craven PR)

Married Robert Northend of Sutton parish, Kildwick, 14th Dec 1585) (Kildwick-in-Craven PR)

Will at York. Proved 28 June 1600. Ref 28/164.
Abstract of will of Margaret Northend of Sutton in Craven in the county of York, widow. Dated 3rd March 1599. To be buried in the churchyard of St Andrew at Kildwick. To Robert Harper, my nephew, his eldest son one featherbed, one bolster and 40/-. To John Harper, brother of the said Robert Harper 40/-. To Ann Harper, sister of the said John & Robert Harper 40/-. And I will that Robert Harper, father of the said John, Robert and Ann shall have the use of the said featherbed and the said £6 of the same Robert, John & Ann before limited to be put forth to their use until they attain the age of 21. To Alice Harper, my nephew Robert Harper his wife, 24/- to buy a petticoat. To Isabell Holdsworth, wife of Thomas Holdsworth 10/- & one hat. To Jane Kirkby wife of Symon Kirkbie, one brass pot, one table and one pair of bed stocks. To every child I am godmother unto 6. To Jane Parkinson, late wife of Thomas Parkinson of Sutton deceased, 3/4d. To Miles Hartley 20/- & 15/- for Mary Northend’s table. The residue of my goods I give unto Marie Northend, my daughter, whom I make executrix. I appoint guardians and tutors to the said Marie my daughter. John Northend my brother-in-law and the said Robert Harper my nephew, and if my said daughter shall die without issue I give all the residue of my goods to Robert Harper my nephew and his children together equally. Supervisors: - Myles Hartley of Keithley, John Gott of Sutton. Witnesses Richard Dickson, James Smyth, John Parkinson, Thomas Lambert. Proved 28th June 1600 by John Northend and Robert Harper for the use of Marie Northend, daughter, the executrix then a minor.
They had a daughter called Mary (or Marie) on 1st November 1589.

Children: -
23 Mary (or Marie)
21 John Northend. Born 1532 at Weeton, Yorks.& Margaret Brockesbanke born about 1536, married 15th May 1552 in Halifax Parish Church
/I> child of John Northend.& Margaret Brockesbanke:
24 - John Northend born 1558 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England died October 1604 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England
24 - John Northend born 1558 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England died October 1604 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England Burial: Date: 13 OCT 1604 Place: Rowley, Yorkshire, England
Abstract of Will from the Probate Registry, York.

Abstract of the Will of John Northend the younger of Weeton in the parish of Rowley in the County of York, Yeoman. Date, 20th July 1604.

To be buried in the parish church of Rowley near the place where my father late deceased was buried. To my youngest son Robert my Manor of Weeton, also five fields in Weeton, which I have bought of Xpofer Thornton of North Ferribye, also a messuage and five oxgangs of land in Wilberforce late in the occupation of Edward Harling, also one other messuage and one oxgang of land in the tenure of William Gascoigne, also a cottage and one toft and one croft late in the holding of Edward Bradley purchased of Anthony Rawson of Gilstead in the parish of Bingley. Whereas I am seized of two acres of copyhold acres of land in Cottingham my mind is that my eldest son John Northend shall surrender the said land to the said Robert Northend. To the poor of Rowley forty shillings in silver. To Alice Northend my wife, one horse & two milk kyne. To my eldest son John Northend, a haywayne, a plough, a yocke of oxen and two horses. The residue of my goods I give unto Robert Northend my youngest son whom I make executor. Witnesses; Thomas Jenkinson, William Dry of Beverley. Proved 2 April 1605, by John Burnsell for the use & behoof of Robert Northend the son & executor

married 15th December 1584 in Halifax Parish Church& Alice Oldfield born 1562 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England Death: 1622 Rowley, Yorkshire, England Burial: Date: 9 AUG 1622 Place: Rowley, Yorkshire, England

child of John Northend and Alice Oldfield:
25 - Agnees Northend m. John Emery
26 - John Northend III (Lord of Hunsley Manor) born 1584 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England died 19 Nov. 1625 in Hunsley, Rowley, Yorkshire, England
26a Robert was Lord of the Manor of Little Weighton.Born: ABT. 1586 Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England Died: 25 JAN 1665/66
25 - Agnees Northend m. John Emery
From: Ken Burns
To: Judith E. Burns
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2007 3:35 PM
Subject: Emery Northend family connection
The earliest Parish Register in these Archives for this church starts from 1638 instead of 1530 when Parish Records were first ordered to be kept. Tthis is because the Reverend Ezekiel Rogers stole the 1st Register and took it to Massachusetts on the ship 'John of London' in 1638. It was subsequently lost when his house burned down!

Fortunately each Yorkshire church had to send a report each year to the Archbishop of York. These reports were called 'Bishop's Transcripts', in effect they were a copy of the year's entries in the Parish Registers.

I have read these original Transcripts and John Emery, did marry Agness (with two ss's) Northend in St Peter's Church on the 22nd of October, 1597.

Agness's parents were John Northend (1558) & Alice Oldfield. These were married on 15 Dec 1584 in Halifax Parish Church in WEST YORKSHIRE. This is about 75 miles west of ROWLEY. In 1585 John's father bought the Manor of Little Weighton.

I got most of my other info about the Emery line from this website [is no longer available] and some of which is quite complicated. I have not checked the accuracy of it's contents as I only recorded John Emery as a spouse of my nine times great grandfather Robert Northend's sister Agness
From: Ken Burns
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 5:48 AM
To: Noble Emery
Subject: Agnes Northend search
I travelled to Beverley yesterday and spent a pleasant day in 'The Treasure House', the new home of the East Riding Of Yorkshire County Archives. The Archives were unavailable for several months recently while all the records were moved from the old buildings into this new one.

I have not found the record of the marriage of Agnes Northend and John Emery!

I re-checked the earliest Parish Register they have, which is actually the second Register, as Rev. Ezekiel Rogers stole the first one and took it to America with him in 1638. It was subsequently lost when his house burnt down and his library was destroyed.

The earliest Bishop's Transcript they have starts in 1604, and is referenced as MF 7/21. Their earlier Transcripts for St Peter's Church at Rowley are not there. I will have to go to the Borthwick Institute in The University Of York to check their originals. This may be sometime in the New Year, depending on the weather for travelling.

Another per the Northend controversey states she was as follows:

Agnes Northend b. Romsey Hampshire England abt. 1574 d/o Ezekiel and Edna (Halstead) Northend
Children of John and Agnes (Northend) Emery:
John b. 1594; bp. 16 Jun. 1594; d. 1594
John b. 1599; bp. 29 Nov. 1599; d. 3 Nov. 1683
George b. 1609; bp. ?; d. 20 Feb. 1687
Margery b. ?; bp.?; d. 14 Sep. 1614
Anthony b. 1601; bp. 29 Aug. 1601; d.?
Ellin b. 1603; bp. 7 Sep. 1603; d.?
Hugh b. 1604; b. 6 Oct. 1604
John Emery m. Agnes d. 25 Jun. 1643
26 - John Northend III (Lord of Hunsley Manor) was born in Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire / Little Weighton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England 1584. John died November 19, 1625 in Hunsley (Either High Hunsley or Low Hunsley, East Riding, Yorkshire, England.

m. 13 Apr 1605 Rowley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England Elizabeth Cole born Birth: 1588 Hull, Yorkshire, England d. 1653 England daughter of Anthony Cole & Elizabeth

children of John Northend III (Lord of Hunsley Manor) & Elizabeth Cole:
John Northend born 1607 Riplingham, Rowley, Yorkshire, England died 6 Feb 1665 Rowley, Yorkshire, England married Jane [__?__] born 1629 in Rowley, Yorkshire, England Children were: John NORTHEND III, Nathaniel NORTHEND, ELizabeth b. Born: ABT. 1612 Rowley, Ripplingham, Yrkshr., Engl. Died: Beverley, England



Anthony Northend born 1612 Riplingham, England died 12 Apr 1698 Beverley, Yorkshire, England

Mary Northend born 1613 Riplingham, England died 26 Apr 1620 Rowley, Yorkshire, England

Alice Northend born 1615/1625 Rowley, England died 14 Feb 1686 /1687 in Rowley, Massachusetts, Dominion of New England. She emigrated from England. Richard HOLMES Sr. and Alice NORTHEND were married on June 23, 1647 in Rowley, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Children were: Henock HOLMES, Elizabeth HOLMES, Richard HOLMES Jr., Japheth HOLMES, Sarah HOLMES, Elizabeth HOLMES, Samuel HOLMES, Timothy HOLMES

Elizabeth NORTHEND born 1618 Riplingham, England died 17 Nov 1694 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. married Francis PARRATT 1639 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.; Thomas Tenny

Margaret Northend born 1620 Riplingham, England died 20 Feb 1706 Rowley, Essex, Mass married Sgt. John Palmer 14 May 1650 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. ; m. Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts [-?-] Cross

27 Ezekiel Northend was born February 1621 was born in February 1621. Ezekiel died September 7, 1698 in Rowley, Ma. Joane Northend born 1624 Riplingham, England died 12 Oct 1707 Rowley, Yorkshire, England married William Stout 17 Aug 1656 in Rowley, Yorkshire, England Children were: William STOUTE Jr., Elizabeth STOUTE, Mary STOUTE.

27 Ezekiel Northend was born February 1621 in Ripplingham, and was bp. 10 Feb. 1621/2 Rowley, Yorks, Eng Ezekiel died September 7, 1698 in Rowley, Essex, Ma.


Ezekiel Northend the first of the name and family in this country settled iu Rowley Massachusetts a few years after its first settlement by Rev Ezekiel Rogers and his associates in 1030 Mr Rogers with about twenty of the families of his company came from Rowley In the East Riding of Yorkshire England and the place was named after their old home.

Rowley in England is a parish comprising 0,450 acres of land subdivided into the so called townships of Rowley, Bentley, Hunsley, Weeton, Parva, Riplingham and Risby and extending from the Borough of Beverley southwesterly about seven miles toward the river Humber Its population in 1810 was 451 Beverley Borough is subdivided into St Martin St Mary and St Nicholas parishes and had a population in 1840 of 7,432

It appears from a letter of Anthony Northend a brother of Ezekiel In the possession of Dr Edward R Cogswell of Cambridge a lineal descendant of the first Ezekiel Northcnd a copy of which is hereafter given and from other evidence furnished by Mr Samuel T Lythe of Walkington Yorkshire and by Mr Joseph Northcnd now of Meadvllle Pa formerly of Bradford in Yorkshire to both of whom I am under great obligations for information that some of the near relatives of Ezekiel Northend lived in Rowley and Beverley in England

In the letter referred to Jeremiah Northcnd is mentioned as a cousin and an heir to property and Christopher Northend is referred to as a grandchild of the brother of Ezekiel Mr Lythe forwarded me a certificate of Rev Henry C Hlldyard Rector of Rowley that Mr Jeremiah Northend went out with the Rev Ezekiel Rogers to New England in the year 1038 he being twelve years of age he remained nine years and returned and was buried at Rowley April 14 1702 also that Anthony Northend of Little Weeton was buried at Rowley on the 12th day of April 1698

Mr Lythe also copied the following inscription from a marble tablet St Mary's Church Beverley Here lyeth the body of Christopher Northend, Gentleman and Alderman of this Town He departed this Jany 10th A D 1730 in the 71st year of his age He was ye sou of John Northend of Hunsley in the County of York Gentleman

In the early records relating to Rowley reference is made to Jeremiah who came over as a servant to William Bellinghain and Northend makes mention of him as his cousin He was the mentioned in the Rev Mr Hildyard's certificate Anthony whose death is also certified to was undoubtedly the writer the letter and Christopher Northend buried at St Mary's Church is grandson referred to in Anthony's letter In the history of Beverley it appears that Christopher Northend Attorney was Mayor of in 1714 and 1719

Mr John M Bradbury in the October number 1873 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register page 189 states that John Northend and Edward Northend were witnesses to the will of William Wiglesworth of Shlpdcn parish of Halifax Yorkshire which will is dated October 16 1590 These are the only references I have to the family name in England and I give them in the hope that they may be of use to any person who may wish hereafter to ascertain more of the family history there The letter of Anthony Northend before referred to is directed, ffor his louinge kind Brother Ezekiell Northend att Rowley in New England and is as follows:
Louinge Brother : -

After my lone remembed vnto you

I was at Bentley that day yoe letter came to my sister Stoute hande which was welcome news to us both to hear that you &yonr wife my Sisters their husbands were alive with all your Children which are a great family (Blessed be God for it) It is our happiness that we cannot be severed from the Lorde wherever we be if our sinnes make not a separation God is the God of one land and of another & can be an all-sufficient portion to his people in all places. Good Brother let us to be found in Christ & to be clothed with his righteousnesse that we may appear before him in glory (that if God's providence order it) that we neuer meet in this world we may meet before him when we shall neuer be seperated more;

my Brother John & his sonne John are dead about thlrteene years agoe my sister Jane with her two sonnes Nathaniel & Richard & her daughter with her gran child' Christopher Northend my nephew John's sonne desire to be remembered to you these [Space l tore out ] are my Brother Johns whole family and are all unmarried

my brothe William Stoute & my sister Joana Stoute have three children one sonne William and two daughters Elizabeth & Mary

my vnckle Northend and his sonues are all dead

only my cousen Jeremiah maried & not living my cousen Jeremiah hath now gotten my unckle Northends whole estate in lands & is sole heir thereunto he had a very good wife & a sonne John by name which are both dead & he is newly married againe he told me he would write two or three lines to you

I must breake of we are in health alt present my sister Jane Northern & hers my Brother & sister Stoute & theirs my cousen Jeremiah Northern & his two sisters my cousen Niekolas Johnson & his sister Jane Thorpe desire remembered to you remember vs to all our frends with you

I must leave you. the Lor keepe you . farewell. yor truly louing Brother Anthony Northend

Beuerley y ay 1678

my sister Joana & I desire you to let vs from you when opportunity will permitt .

Iam very lame with wounds that I haue gotten In the warre that I can write but I must wait till my come which will not be in this life

the lord tit vs for our departure hence Vale,

my sister Northend & her children live all at Hunsley

Anthony Northend was probably a soldier in Cromwell's army Among the first settlers of Stamford Conn I find the name of Northend but It does not appear that he left any descendants Salem January 1874 WD


EZEKIEL NORTHEND of Rowley born probably in Hunsley or Wceton Parva in Rowley Yorkshire in England 1022 married Edna widow of Richard Bailey whose maiden name was Halstead at Rowley December 1 1048 She was born probably in Halifax Parish West Riding of Yorkshire He died at Rowley September 7 1698 she d February 3 1706 In 1677 he owned four freeholds and in 1001 paid the highest tax in Rowley £10 at which time he is styled corporal He was a prominent man in the town on many and was Selectman in 1662 1669 and probably other years of which the record is lost

He gave to each of daughters from one hundred to one hundred and fifty acres of upon their marriage

His will is dated February 8th l6 iS In he appoints his wife Edna executrix and disposes of his property follows :

Item To my Well Beloved Wife I ffreely Bestow vpon her for Comfort During her naturall Life the Improvment of my whole both Real and Personall onely what I before promised to my Ezekiel upon his marriage

Item to my onely sou Ezekiell I ffreely Conflrme to him one halfe of my housing & Lands and meddows which I promised to him vpon his marriage also a parcell of Land liing & being Situate within the Hounds of Itowley Towne near Dunkin Stewards bouse that whole parcell of Land bee it more or Less on both sides the Hye way to Bradford the sd Land will more fully appeare by the Towne Records the above sd Lands to my son Ezekiell to bee in his actuall possesion at the present The Remainder of my Housing & Lands & priveledges that I have before appointed my Wife to have the Improvment of During her Naturall Life together with whatsoever personall estate I have left in the hands of Edna my wife for her Comfortable supply whiles shce lives I ffreely Will & Give vnto my son Ezekiel after my Wifes Decease to b ee immediately in his possesion & Dispose for ever onely paying to his Three Sisters Edna Sticknee Elisabeth Gage & Sarah Hale to them or their Helres each Sixty pounds in Currant pay or fforty pounds to each of them in money within six years after the Decease of Edna my Wife which of the abovesd sums whether money or pay my son Ezekiell shall see good to pay

It to my Three Daughters Edna Sticknee Elisabeth Gage & Sarah Hale I have before paid to them Two Hundred pounds to each of them this with what I have above appointed my son Ezekiel to pay is their full prportion of my estate
Children :
Edna b July 1 1 049 See second generation
Elisabeth b Sept 17 1651 d in infancy
Elisabeth b Oct 19 1656 See second generation
John b Jan 18 1658 probably d young
Sarah b Jan 3 1061 See second generation
Ezekiel b Nov 8 1666 See second generation
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley By William Dummer Northend Printed at the Salem Press, 1874 - 16 pages pg. 1-6
He married Edna Halstead in Rowley, Ma, October 1, 1648. Edna was born about abt 1625 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England . She married 1st Richard Bailey who had died before 29 Jan 1650/ February 16, 1648 by a letter her brother replied to. She was the daughter of Nathan Halsted and Isabel. Edna died February 3, 1705 in Rowley, Ma.

The Ezekiel & Jeremiah Northend went to America in 1638 with a Puritan Minister called the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, a Northend family friend.

Ezekiel Northend was named after Rogers. In 1604 Ezekiel Northend's father left money and property to Rogers in his Will. I'll send you a copy of this Will. I have mentioned Rogers before because he 'stole' the first Rowley Parish Register and took it to USA where it was lost when his house burned down. Jeremiah's brother John married Mary Elizabeth Rogers.

Ezekiel Northend was a selectman and represented the new township of Rowley, Mass. in negotiations with Rogers, the biggest land owner, for the purchase of some of his land to build a school. This school is alleged to have become HARVARD UNIVERSITY!!!!

Just for interest, they sailed in the ship 'The John of London' from Hull, Yorkshire. See this website for more info about the ship

Ezekiel Northend and Edna Halstead had the following children
28 - Edna Northend b. 1 Jul. 1649 Rowley, Essex, Ma.; m. 4 Nov. 1669 Thomas Lambert; m 2) ?Stickney; d, 7 Feb. 1722

Edna Northend b July 1 1649 m first Thomas Lambert of Francis and Jane Lambert original settlers of Rowley Nov 4 1669 he d Sept 13 1685 and she m second Andrew Stickney of William and Elisabeth Stickney original settlers of Rowley Jan 22 1689 she d Feb 7 1722 he d April 29 1727

Maiiy Lambeist b Feb 6 1670 d April 19 1687
Rebecca Lambert d in infancy March 12 1677
Nathan Lambert b Feb 28 1675 d Nov 7 1680
Thomas Lambert b April 8 1678 m Sarah Hammond Dec 19 1699 was Town Clerk of Rowley thirty five years Rep Gen Court 1726 aud 1743 and Justice of the Peace
Nathan Lambert b Dec 7 1681 d Aug 1693
Jane Lambert b Sept 10 1685 m Mark Prime Feb 10 1702
Andrew Stickney baptized Nov 26 1693 d May 27 1694
Amos Stickney bap Jan 2 1698 This was ye first child was baptised In ye new meeting house d Feb 4 1698
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley By William Dummer Northend pg. 7
29 - Elizabeth Northend b. 17 Jan. 1651/2 Rowley, Essex, Ma.; d. inf.

30 - Elizabeth Northend b. 19 Oct. 1656 Rowley, Essex, Ma.; m. 25 Jul. 1682 Humphrey Hobson; m 2) ?; d. 14 Jul. 1737
THOMAS GAGE Lieutenant, Yarmouth, Rowley, Mass. born 1656 died 13 Aug 1707 son of Thomas Gage and Johannah Knight . He married 1st: 1677 Sarah ---? born ca 1654 died 7 Dec 1694. A blacksmith Thomas first came to Beverly, Mass with wife Sarah, purchasing property of Josiah Hascall. He married 2nd: 11 Jun 1645 Rowley, Mass. Elizabeth (Northend) Mighill, widow born 19 Oct 1656 died l4 Jul 1737 dau of Ezekiel Northend. Elizabeth previously married 1st: Humphrey Hobson. son Humphrey Hobson II she married 2nd: Ezekiel Mighill, no children.
Elisabeth Northend b Oct 19 1656 m first Humphrey Hobson son of William and Anne Reyner Hobson original settlers of Rowley 25 1682 he d Aug 8 1684 and she rn second Thomas Gage son of John Gage who first settled at Ipswich and removed to Rowley in 1664 she d July 14 1737

Humphrey Hobson b July 10 1684 m Mehitable Payson June 26 1712 Their son Humphrey was deacon of the First Church nineteen years Town Clerk of Rowley eighteen years Rep Gen Court nine years and Justice of the Peace
Elisabeth Gage b March 17 1699 m Edward Sanders Dec 18 1716
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley By William Dummer Northend pg.7
31 - John Northend b. 18 Jan. 1658 Rowley, Essex, Ma.

31 - Sarah Northend was born in Rowley, Ma December 3, 1661. Sarah died April 26, 1732 in Rowley, Ma, at 70 years of age. She married Thomas Hale in Newbury, Ma, May 16, 1682. Thomas was born in Newbury, Ma February 11, 1658. He was the son of Thomas Hale Mary Hutchinson. Thomas died April 12, 1730 in Rowley, Ma, at 72 years of age.
Sarah Northend b Jan 3 1661 m Thomas Hale of Newbury neck May 16 1682 she d April 11 1730 He was b Feb 11 1658 and was son of Thomas and Mary Hutchinson Hale original settlers of Newbury He afterwards removed to Rowley He was captain of a militia company and Justice of the Peace

Thomas b March 9 1683
Mary b April 28 1687
Edna b Nov 21 1684
Ezekiel b May 13 1689
Nathan b June 2 1091
Sarah b March 9 1693
Ebenezer b April 21 1695
Daniel b Feb 22 1697
Hannah b June 7 1099
Joshua b March 17 1701
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley By William Dummer Northend pg.7 -8
33 - Ezekiel Northend b. 8 Aug. 1666 Rowley, Essex, Ma.d. 23 Dec. 1732 buried Old Burying Ground Rowley, Essex, Ma. ; m. 10 Sep. 1691 Dorothy Sewall born 29 Ocy 1668 daughter of Henry Sewall and Jane Drumer [ COLLECTIONS OF THE MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY. VOL. V. -- FIFTH SERIES BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY THE SOCIETY. M.DCCC.LXXVIII pg. 21,, XXI]

Moses Bradstreet, son of Captain Moses Bradsreet and Elizabeth Harris, was born Oct. 17, 1665; and died Dec. 20, 1757. He succeeded to one-half the ancestral homestead and all the buildings thereon, and was a farmer. His will, dated Dec. 19, 1737, proved Jan. 9, 1738, provides, among other things that his son Nathaniel shall have the homestead.

He married (first), July 19, 1686, Hannah Pickard, daughter of John Pickard and Jane Crosby, of Rowley. She was born in Rowley, and died Jan. 3, 1737, aged sixty-seven years. He married (second), Oct. 20, 1737, Dorothy (Sewall) Northend, widow of Ezekiel Northend, of Rowley. She died June 17, 1752.
EZEKIEL NOBTHEND b Nov 8 1066 m Dorothy Sewall youngest daughter of Henry ami Jane Dummer Sewall early settlers of Newbury Sept 10 1091 In Essex Registry of Deeds B 13 L 290 is record of deed of about one hundred acres of land in Newbury Neck from Henry Sewall to Ezekiel Northend and Dorothy Sewall dated July 25 1691 commencing as follows

"Know all men by these presents that I Henry Sewall of Newbury in ye County of Essex in New England ll or and in consideration of ye natural affection that I beare and have to my youngest daughter Dorothy Sewall and more especially for and in consideration of ye intended marriage shortly to be consummated betwixt Ezekiel Northend of Rowley and my said daughter do hereby give grant and convey to said Ezekiel Northend and Dorothy his intended wife "etc

She was b Oct 29 1008 he d Dec 23 1732 she d June 17 1752 He was Rep Gen Court 1715 1710 1717 Chairman of Board of Selectmen many years and captain of a militia company In his lifetime he conveyed a farm to each of his sons and the remainder of his estate was divided between his children after his decease

John b Oct 10 1092 See third generation
Edna b Jan 10 1094 See third generation
Ezekiel b Jan 25 1090 See third generation
Jane b March 17 1099 m Eliphalet Payson son of Rev Edward the fourth minister of Rowley May 13 1722 d Nov 25 1722 No children
Dorothy b March 20 1701 See third generation
Hannah b Jan 31 1703 m Nathaniel Bradstreet of Ipswich Apr 19 1727
Mehitable b March 2 1705 m Samuel Dutch of Ipswich May 24 1737
Samuel b Jan 12 1707 Sec third generation
Elisabeth b Dec 15 1710 m Jacob Jewett Dec 21 1732 d Sept 17 1741 No children
Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley By William Dummer Northend pg.8
34 - Mary Northend b. 25 Nov. 1666 Rowley, Essex, Ma.

26a Robert was Lord of the Manor of Little Weighton.

eldest son Jeremiah who accompanied his cousins to New England at the age of 12 and after 9 years returned to England. He was of Riplingham in the Parish of Rowley, County York, England

Hearth Tax, Northowram 1665. - The Hearth tax, or Hearth money, was a tax levied on hearths or fires in every dwelling house, at the rate of two shillings [in today's money 10p] per hearth or stove. It was established by William the Conqueror, later receiving parliamentary sanction in the reign of Charles II and was abolished under William and Mary. Those who were excused from paying the tax were from the poorer classes, dwelling in more humble cottages. The following is an index of those who paid [and the number of fires], and those who were excused, in the Township of Northowram. The total number of hearths or stoves is 387, an average of just over 3 per household, and there were 157 persons excused. All spellings are as per original.
Northend, Jonas 1
Northend, John - Ouram 2
Northend, David 6
Northend, John - Northfield 1
Northend, John 1
Northend, Grace 2
Northend, Edward 1

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