Richard & James Bailey

NOTE: these were treated as brothers in the original Bailey genealogy - but over the years they have alson been listed as sons of the immgrant John Bailey of Exxex county, Massachusettes.

And this was with the information above as descendants of John Bailey Sr. of Sailsbury - which should of not been combined into being a part of his family:

??6 James Bailey b. c. 1618 Yorkshire co., Eng.; m. Lydia Emery [a widow?]??
    also given as b. 1618 Chippenham, Wilshire, Salisbury, England; d. 1641 Rowley, Essex, MA,
??7 Richard Bailey b. c. 1624 Yorkshire, Eng.; m. Ednah Hoslstead ?Lambert? ??
    in Bishoptown

they are listed as follows in the Essex Antiquarian - Vol. 5 No. 6 pg. pg. 81

The name of Bailey is salo spelled in the early Essex county recods BAILY, BALE, BALEY, BALIE, BAILEY, BALLIE, BALLY, BAYLEY, BAYLIES, BAYLY, BAYLYE and BAYLYES. The two common spellings of the name are BAILEY and BAYLEY, and one was as often used as the other.

There have bee three large families of Bailys in this vounty, their ancestral imigrants being John Bailey of Salisbbury and James and Richard Bailey of Rowley, the latter two being brothers. John's descendants will constitue an artcile by its self, but the others will be treated together in this article.

Neither the father nor mother of James and Richard are known: -
James b. about 1612

James Bailey, born about 1612, was living in Rowley as early as 1641, and had land laid out to him soon after. He married Lydia _ ; and died in Rowely Aug. -, 1677, being buried on the 10th. His estate was appraised at £586. His wife survived him, and died, his widow in Rowley. Her death is recorded on the church records in the following words: "The widow aged good sister Bayly, Alass! died April 29, 1704,"

In 1669 he agreed to bring up as a father Priscilla, daughter of WIlliam Law of ROwley, deceased.
    Children born Rowley
    John Bailey b. 2 Feb. 1642; m. 16/17 Jun. 1668 Rowley, Ma. Mary Maghill d.       10 May 1693 to 27 Mar. 1694 d/o Thomas. He d. 19 Nov. 1690
    Lydia Bailey b. Nov. 1644; m. 8 May 1672 Abel Plattes
    Jonathan Bailey b. Sep. 1646; bur. 27 Mar. 1665 Rowley, Ma. unm. aet 20
    Demarius Bailey b. 17 Jan. 1648/9; m. 8 May 1672 Thomas Leaver Jr.
    James Bailey b. 15 Jan. 1650; m. 12 May 1680 Elizabeth Johnson b. 16 Jan.       1659 d. 12 Sep. 1743 d/o John and Hannah Crosby) Johnson He d. 20       Mar. 1714/5. Res. Rowley, Ma.
    Thomas Bailey b. 1 Jun. 1653; probably. probably d. before 1677
    Samuel Bailey b. 10 Aug. 1655; bur. 28 Nov. 1657
    Samuel Bailey b. 6 Nov. 1658; probably. probably d. before 1677.

Richard b. about 1916

Richard Bailey , born about 1618, is said to have come from Yorkshire, England, between 1630 and 1635, at the age of fifteen; and from Southampton, in the ship, Bevis, Robert Batten, master, according to Savage, in 1638, in the service of Richard Drumer, being first at Lynn. He settled in Rowley, and was a man of recognized piety. His wife was Ednah Holstead. Mr. Bailey died at Rowley Feb. -, 1647-8, being buried on the 16th (his will being published in the Antiquarian, Volume III page 90). She survived him and married, secondly, Ezekiel Northend of Rowley in 1649.
    Joseph Bailey m. Alice Trumbull d. 17 Nov. 1735 Bradford, Ma. He d. 11 Oct.       1712

This was the forerunner of a manuscript fot the genealogy: Bailey Genealogy. James, John and Thomas and Their Descendants. In Three parts (1899) Hollis R. Bailey, editor. There were Bailey reunions held during this time as there were a listing of several reports being given 2nd>,3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, and 13th in the NEGHS Book Loan Catalog of 1089 Janaury

6 James Bailey b. c. 1618 Yorkshire co., Eng.; m. 10 Aug. 1677 Lydia Emery [a widow?] b. 16 Jun. 1616 d. 29 Apr. 1704 Rowley, Ma.; d. 1641; settled Rowley, Ma. 1631; 15 years Old sailed on "Bevis" in 1635. He d. 9/10 Aug. 1677 Roweley, Ma.

I just happened to come across the book Early Settlers Of Rowley, MA and to my shock there were all the first five generations. James Bailey is the first settler listed as coming from England and he married Lydia ________around 1640.

Then I got access to and looked him up. There are 30 or more entries showing his wife's name as Lydia Emery and several just "Lydia" or "Lydia unknown". I then did a search for Lydia Emery and found about 34 entries all showing her married to James Bailey, but only three entries, two of which showed her father as Anthony Emery and one showing her parents as Anthony Emery and Frances Porter. Her places of birth were listed only as England for the most part, but in several instances listed as Hampshire, or Southampton, Hampshire.

Now, just out of curiosity and a bad memory, I got on the LDS site and looked her up. There were just a few entries and strangely enough, she is shown as being born in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England. Never noticed that before and very interesting...Don't know how much stock to put into that information, though.

We have never been able to determine how James got to America,...

    John Bailey b. 2 Feb. 1642; m. 16/17 Jun. 1668 Rowley, Ma. Mary Maghill d.       10 May 1693 to 27 Mar. 1694 d/o Thomas. He d. 19 Nov. 1690
    Lydia Bailey b. Nov. 1644; m. 8 May 1672 Abel Plattes
    Jonathan Bailey b. Sep. 1646; bur. 27 Mar. 1665 Rowley, Ma. unm. aet 20
    Demarius Bailey b. 17 Jan. 1648/9; m. 8 May 1672 Thomas Leaver Jr.
    James Bailey b. 15 Jan. 1650; m. 12 May 1680 Elizabeth Johnson b. 16 Jan.       1659 d. 12 Sep. 1743 d/o John and Hannah Crosby) Johnson He d. 20       Mar. 1714/5. Res. Rowley, Ma.
    Thomas Bailey b. 1 Jun. 1653; prob. d. unm. before 1677
    Samuel Bailey b. 10 Aug. 1655 Rowely, Ma.; bur. 28 Nov. 1657
    Samuel Bailey b. 6 Nov. 1658; s.p.

7 Richard Bailey b. c. 1624 Yorkshire, Eng.; m. Ednah Hoslstead ?Lambert? m. 2) Ezekiel Northend.

Another writes:
Richard came over on the Bevis out of Southampton in 1638. We think James probably came with him, but his name is not on the ship's passenger list. Richard married Edna Halstead, born in Halifax, Yorkshire, in 1625. In 1647 the story goes that he reported a local citizen of Rowley, MA for blaspheming Rev. Rogers' church. The man bludgeoned Richard and he died in 1648. Edna re-married Ezekiel Northend. She and Richard had one son, Joseph.

I've been on for the past hour and found some interesting things (or I should say re-found them). Several entries show James and Richard as the son of the elder John. Odd thing is, all the children were born in Wiltshire with the exception of these two. Some show that maybe six children were born in Wiltshire, then James in Yorkshire, then another couple of children in Wiltshire, then Richard in Yorkshire. Now, I wonder, why would anyone having to use a horse and buggy decide to travel 300 miles to give birth to a son, go back south and year or two later back to Yorkshire. Doesn't make any sense, at least to me.

Also an entry shows James and Richard born in Yorkshire in 1618 and 1624 respectively, yet Richard came to America (and probably so did James) on the Bevis at age 15, which I think is also incorrect. More likely he was around 25. So, if they lived in Yorkshire, why didn't they come over in 1638 with Rev. Rogers???

We have two sets of parents, Richard Bayley of Chittoe and Godfrey Bayley of Bradford, Yorkshire. To be perfectly honest with you, even though the parentage does point toward Wiltshire rather than Yorkshire, who knows? And how can either ever be proven?

...relies a lot on the fact that neither James or Richard had children named Godfrey or their purported grandfather and great grandfather, Christopher, though there were children named John, Thomas and Samuel. By the same token, Edna Halstead, Richard's wife, was born in Yorkshire. The questions go on and on and I'm not about to take anyone's word at this point unless there is PROOF. There is so much erroneous information on so many genealogy sites, including, and the LDS website that I am beginning to have little faith in what I read. One website on took me back from William Bayley of Chittoe, clear back to the eleventh century and, to the best of my knowledge unless you were semi-royalty records didn't even exist that far back
His will is found the the Essex Antiquarian Vol. 3 No. 6 Jul. 1899 as follows:
The will of Richard Bailey of Rowley was proved 28 : 1 : 1648. The following is copied from the orginal on file in the office of the clerk of courts at Salem, volume I, leaf 98.

Rowley 15 of the laft 1647

I Richard Baly fick in body but of perfect memory prayfed be God doe ordeine and make this my laft will and Teftament firft I comende my foule into the hands of God in faith of a ioyfull refurrection throw our Lord Jefus Chrift And as concerning my outward eftate ffirft my minde and will is that al my lawfull debts be paid and difcharged. Ite my will is that fforty and tow pounds I giue vnto my ffone Jofeph Baly but in cafe my wife fhould be with Child then my will is that the faid sum of tow and forty pounds be deuided, on one third part therof my other child fhall hue it Item my will is that my Child fhall hue a fether bedd in part of the faide portion alfo one Great Bible and Practicall Catachifme Ite my will and minde is that if my wife Edna Baly marry againe and hir hufbande proue vnlouing to the Child or Children or waftefull then I giue power to my Brother James Baly and Micael Hobkinfon with my wife hir confent to take the Child with his portion from him and so to dispofe of it for the Beft behoofe of the children with my wifes confent

Ite I giue my houfe and lott vnto my ffon Jofeph Baly after my wife hir diffeafe Ite I giue to my SOn tow ftuffe Sutes of Cloaths and my beft Coate, and a Cloath fute and my beft hatt, and I giue to my Brother James Baly a Coate one paire of buck lether Breches and a paire of Bootes on litle Booke I giue to my nephew John Baly I giue vnto Thomas Palmer one Gray hatt one Cloath dublit and a old Jackit and a paire of Gray breeches Ite I make my wife Edna Baly executrix of this my laft will and Tefament.

Memoradad and I giue eleuen fhillings which is owing to me from Mr Rogers Ipfwich and Mr Johnfon vnto the poore of the Towne
Rich baly
In pfence of vs

Humphery Reyner
willem Cavis

He d. Feb. 1647/8 buried 16 Feb. 1647

    Joseph Bailey m. Alice Trumbull d. 17 Nov. 1735 Bradford, Ma. He d. 11 Oct.       1712

Christopher Baily is a professional genelaogist and a descendant of Richard Bailey. As is Glen Bailey. Below is a combined thoughts on these men:

Most ancestry websites show that James and Richard were born in Yorkshire, sons of Godfrey Bayley of Almondbury, Yorkshire, about seven miles south of Bradford.

Godfrey was the son of Christopher Bayley, born 1550 and grandson of Christopher Bayley born 1530, all in Almonbury and all weavers by trade.

There is adocumneted evidence of a 1633 marriage between James Bayley and Ann Wright in Bradford Yorkshire.

There are also three separate death records for Richard Baileys in and near Bradford

Many entries on ancestry websites show both men as being born in Rowley, Yorkshire. Some entries give places that didn't even exist, which proves that alot would-be-genealogists take other information providers at their word.

Reasons for the Yorkshire belief can stem from several thoughts; thet they went to Rowley instead of Newbury and were in Rev. Ezekiel Rogers' church. Rogers was the rector of St. Peters Church in Rowley, Yorkshire.

Richard Bailey married Edna Halstead, though it isn't known if they were acquainted from Yorkshire or whether they met and married after coming to America. Originally she came from Halifax, Yorkshire, which ins't far from Bradford.

William Bailey of Chittoe was married there Oct. 6, 1599 to ELizabwth Woolfrey. They had at least five children:
    2 Richard Bailey chr. Mar. 8 1578 at Bromham
    3 Ann Bailey chr. 1586 or 1588
    4 Thomas Bailey who came to America earlier [we do not known on what ship or when] and settled in Weymouth, Mass. just South of Boston.

2 Richard Bailey chr. Mar. 8 1578 ar Bromham; married Ann Scott on Nov. 18 1605 at Bromoham, Wlitshire, England. They had at least the following CHildren christened at Bromham:
    5 James Bailey chr. Sep. 17, 1609
    6 Mary Bailey Chr. APr. 7, 1611
    7 Richard Bailey chr. Jan 23. 1613
    8 John Bailey chr. Sep 8 1616
    9 William Bailey chr. Feb. 13, 1619
    10 Francis Bailey (male) chr. July 13, 1623

It is NOT PROVEN, but very possible that the above Richard, son of William was the father of James (b. 1608) and Richard (B. 1613) and that the Ann Bayly daughter of WIlliam, was the wife of John Bayly Sr. who came to America and settled in Bewbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

This would make "our" James & Richard 1st cousins of John Bayly Jr. of Newbury who had a son Jospeh. It also makes sense that "our" James & Richard could have followed their Uncle John Bailey/Bayly Sr. (actually aunt's husband) to New England and settled in the adjoining town of Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

None of this is proven - but it is a more likely scenario than the Yorkshire myth.

 It has been a long time since I've done any research on James and Richard Bailey and I was
slightly surprised to find your website with both my name and Chris Bailey's name with information
from both of us.
Not long ago I had my DNA tested as did a non-relative, Lowell Bailey of Everett, Washington.
He matched to William Bailey of Wiltshire, England, but I did not.  I only had five matches, all of
them showing that I am a grandson of James and Lydia.  There is still no proof that they came
from Yorkshire, but it is most doubtful that they were descended from the Wiltshire Baileys.  A
lot of guesswork has been put into the concept that John Bailey of Wiltshire and later of Newbury,
MA was an ancestor, but, according to A Mr. Stott, a professional genealogist, there were three
John Baileys and their families living in Bromham Pareish in Wiltshire.  Also going back to your
website, you show that  William and his wife had a son, Richard, who, with Ann Scott had
several children including a James and Richard.  I have been unable to find any proof of this and
it is also assumed and shown often on that William died in 1575 and Richard
wasn't born until 1578.
Several questions arise regarding why James and Richard didn't come to America in 1638
with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers.  I've travelled around a good bit of Yorkshire and Bradford and
Almondbury are a long distance from Rowley.  Bradford is in West Riding and Rowley is in
East Riding near the east border.  So it is rather unlikely that they ever even crossed paths.
But then one must ask, how and why did Richard Bailey go all the way to Southampton to
obtain passage on the Bevis.
I do know that there was a John Bailey who came to Newbury in 1635 and that he was,
indeed, married to Ann Bailey, daughter of William.  But Ann refused to come to America with
Still, many questions remain unanswered, such as why James and Richard didn't go to
Newbury to settle, rather than to Rowley.  And how is it that Richard just happened to marry
Edna Halstead who lived in Halifax, Yorkshire, about 10-20 miles from Almondbury where
James and Richard are assumed to have been born.
I must tell you that when Chris Bailey told me about the Wiltshire Baileys and I did some
fairly heavy duty research on that issue, I was almost sold on the concept.  But the Y-DNA
test made me stop and think a lot more about the entire situation.
Lastly, I've found no indication that James or Richard ever spent any time in Newbury or
even knew John Bailey Senior or Junior.  The fact that he married Lydia proves nothing
because there is no proof that she was an Emery.  Her last name is not even shown in the
marriage book in Rowley.  And, just as an interesting bit of information, James and Lydia
were the first couple married in Rowley, MA after it was settled by Rev. Rogers.ll

Funny thing about the Richard and James bones of contention, if there really were a
James and Richard born in the early 1600's, that they came to America and ended up in
Rowley rather than Newbury with John and John, Jr.  purportedly uncle and cousin.  The
only reference I've ever seen in any ancestry digging is that my James married Lydia.  We
are sure she was an Emery, but there is nothing that shows it - and her name was not on
the passenger list of the ship that John and Anthony Emery came over on....
My wife and I spent a couple of days in and around Rowley back in October 2004.  It
is a lovely town and I hope someday to go back.  Anyway, I hope that this might help bring
all this up to date.  I still don't have all the answers and probably never will.  I have talked
to Noble Emery in Napa, CA about this.  As a matter of fact he and his two daughters, one
now deceased, have stopped here in Portland on their way to visit another daughter in
Bremerton, WA and we had had a lot of discussions about this topic as well - - Glen

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