John Baily Controversy / DNA

From: "JFBaileywick"
Date: Sunday, May 18, 2008 6:27 PM

I seriously question this info. Here is why:

I am a descendant of Joel Bayly & Anne Short.

There is a Chuck Bailey, also a member of this John Bayley, Sr. line, whose yDNA matches mine (and Lowell's, Nathan's, Allen's, K William, Douglas, et al - descendants of Joel Bayly && Anne Short).

Richard Stott of the American Genealogist was incorrect. John Bayley Sr was related to Wm Bayly of Chittoe, proven by yDNA.

That means that your John Bayly, Sr (of the shipwreck of the Angel Gabriel at Pimaquid Point, ME in 1635) is (most likely) a son of Thomas Bayly & his second wife Jane ????.

If he married Anne Bayly, daughter of William Bayly & Elizabeth Woolfrey, he would have been marrying his Aunt - I do not think so!

Otherwise, there may be a parallel line in Wiltshire by 1535. Still, Anne Bayly would have been a relative. I guess that a 2nd cousin marriage may have been permitted. As much as I would like know this is possible, we have no information about a larger Bayly Family, save one in Staffordshire, and, of course, the Baliols.

By the way, Bromham Parish did not exist until 1825 or so - until 1934, Chittoe, Wilts, was in Bishop's Cannings Parish. The marriages, Christenings, burials took place a Bishop's Cannings Parish. see the History of Bromham Parish at url

This map of Bromham Parish tells the story best. see url

Info on Bishop's Cannings Parish at url

Info on this Bayly Family in Bishops Cannings Parish at url

J F Bailey

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