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Descendants of Anthony Emery Chapter Ten 

NOTE: This section may be out of sequence in the listing of descendants or miss numbered.

Addison R. and Marietta (Hooper) Smalley
40538 MYRTA RENA SMALLEY m. 10 Apr. 1899 Castana, Monoa, Iowa CARL SPAULDING b. 17 Sep. 1877 Hamburg, Fremont, Ia. d. 31 Jul. 1946 Mapleton, Monoa, Iowa. bur. 1 Aug. 1946 Jordan Cemetery, Monna co., Ia. s/o John and Sarah (Doll) Spaulding. She d. 30 Jun. 1956 LeMars, Plymouth, Iowa. bur. 2 Jul. 1956 Soldier, Monona, Iowa.
    *44297 ZADA ELIZABETH SPAULDING b. 18 Sep. 1900 Castana, Monona, Iowa.

Benj. F. and Lucy S. (Goss) Jacobs

Robert S. and Elinor P. (Emery) Pollard

Edward F. and Mary (Crane) Mc Clennen

40602a LOUIS MC CLENNEN b. 1912 m. DOROTHY PETROVICH. He d. 2003
    *44300a EMERY MC CLENNEN b. 1957 Phoenix, Arizona.
    44300b daughter

Randolph A. L. and Mary (Clark) Fitzgerald
40610 CHARLES HENRY FITZGERALD m. 27 Jan. 1880 MARY ELIZABETH FISKE b. 16 Jan. 1854 d. 30 Apr. 1913 Newark, NJ. d/o Amos and Caroline A. (Walsh) Fiske. He d. 20 Jun. 1929 Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
    44301 AMOS HAROLD FITZGERALD b. 3 Jul. 1881; m. DELLE KINSMAN; d. 14 Oct.       1869
    ~44302 WINTHROP FISKE FITZGERALD b. Dec. 1887; d. Dec. 1903
    44303 JUSTIN FILMORE FITZGERALD b. 20 Nov. 1890; m. 28 Apr. 1917 BLANCHE       SMITH; d. 12 Feb. 1956
    *44304 CHARLES RANDOLPH FITZGERALD b. 23 Oct. 1893

Harry S. Emery
    Children b. Portland, Me.:
    44305 BARBARA EMERY b. 9 Apr. 1924
    44306 JOSEPHEN WALKER EMERY b. 10 Aug. 1926

John H. and Addie E. (Martin) Emery
40564 ARTHUR EMERY m. 15 Jul. 1916 ALTA GIBBS
    44307 ELEANOR BLANCH EMERY b. 1 Nov. 1921 Lewiston, Me.
    44308 ARTHUR H. EMERY b. 19 Mar. 1924 Portland, Me.
    44309 RAYMOND JOHN EMERY b. 14 Aug. 1925 Portland, Me.
    44310 JOAN LIZABETH EMERY b. 12 Nov. 1936 Portland, Me.

    44311 HAZEL V. EMERY b. 13 Aug. 1922; m. 13 Apr. 1981 LESLIE C. NESERVE
    *44312 ROBERT CHESTER EMERY b. 11 Nov. 1923
    *44313 MILDRED ALICE EMERY b. 18 Mar. 1926
    *44314 LEWIS HERBERT EMERY b. 26 Mar. 1929
    ~44315 PHYLLIS EMERY b. 29 Oct. 1935; d. 19 Nov. 1935
    44316 BRUCE MELVIN EMERY b. 30 May 1940

40566 CHESTER H. EMERY m. 13 Dec. 1928 Mrs. THERESA POETSCH
    44317 CHESTER HERBERT EMERY b. 26 Aug. 1934

Mark E. Ina (Clay) Emery
    Children b. Steep Falls, Me.:
    44318 FRANk P. PENDEXTER b. 4 Jul. 1912
    44319 PHYLLIS C. PENDEXTER b. 12 Mar. 1914
    44320 FRED M. PENDEXTER b. 17 Dec. 1915
Levi & Ursula M. ‘Sula’(Metclaf) Emery
40628 Ernest Wilbur EMERY was born 14 NOV 1868 in Plainview, Wabasha Co, MN, and died 29 OCT 1929 in Kamloops, British Columbia. He married Rose Alvina NELSON, daughter of Arnold Edward NELSON. She was born in Minnesota.

About 1902 along with his mother and sister Julia and moved to Lake de May, Alberta and lived there in a settler's prairie cabin and was among the pioneer’s of that area as found in ‘Salute The Pioneers’ about the pioneers of Lake De May area (full article under his mother):
"Mrs. Ursula Emery and her son Ernest homesteaded in the Lake Demay district… on May 29, 1902 and on the same day Ernest applied for S. W. 30-47-18-4…

Ernest married Rose Nelson, daughter of Ed Nelson of Lake Demay and continued farming in the district until the fall of 1922 when he and his family moved to British Columbia.

Ernest W. Emery had an auction sale Nov. 22, 1921. Among the items for sale were: black Percheron stallion, 8 mares, 2 colts 2 years old, 8 younger colts, 17 cows, some calves, Purebred Berkshire boar, Purebred sows, Oxford ram and 5 ewes, 35 chickens, 30 turkeys, 7 Toulouse geese, hay, greenfeed, harness, machinery and household effects. A. D. Campbell was Auctioneer.
    *44320a RALPH WILBUR EMERY b. Alberta, Canada.
    *44320a-1 Donald Ablert Emery

40635 Julia Carrie EMERY born 28 JAN 1883 Plainview, Wabasha Co, MN. died 4 JAN 1973 Killam, Alberta, Canada. She married Alberta, Canada Ben LARSON m 1st [-?-] and had: Robert & Mae. He died 1960. Both were buried at Parkland near Ohaton

    443320b MARION LARSON
    443320c VICTOR LARSON
    443320d LEE LARSON
    44321 BASIL CLAY EMERY b. 4 Dec. 1921
    44322 JANE MURIEL EMERY b. 15 Dec. 1923
    44323 ROBERT WOOdMAN EMERY b. 26 Sep. 1926

Leon C. and Gladys S. (Jenison) Benson
40751a DONALD DUNBAR BENSON m. 14 Feb. 1954 Lebanon, Linn, Or. (BETTY) ANNE SWANSON b. 10 Oct. 1930 Wahpeton, Richland, N.D. christened 20 Jan. 1931 Fairmount, N.D. d/o (Matthew) Oscar and (Bessie) Iona (Peterson) Swanson.
    44323a DAWN MICHELLE BESNON b. 21 Feb. 1956 Lebanon, Linn, Or.,       christened 1 Apr. 1956 Lebanon, Linn, Or.; m. 23 Dec. 1978 Williamsport,       Lycoming, Pa. NOAH SANFORD WEST
    44323b JENNIFER ANNETTE BENSON b. 24 Oct. 1957 Lebanon, Linn, Or.;       christened 23 Feb. 1958 Lebanon, Linn, Or.; m. 9 Jun. 1983 Putney, Ut.        Price, divorced
    44323C KRISTEN IONA BENSON b. 16 Nov. 1960 Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa.;       m. 5 Oct. 1985 Williamsport, Lyocming, Pa. REED CHAPMAN SELLERS
    44323d JOHN ALBION BENSON b. 26 Dec. 1966 Williamsport, Lyocming, Pa.       Christened 12 Mar 1967 Williamsport, Lyocming, Pa.; m. Jul. 1993       Williamsport, Lyocming, Pa. BARBARA “BOBBIE” FREDERICKSON
    44323e HEINDE MAIRE “KAI” BENSON b. 19 Jul. 1967 Williamsport, Lyocming,       Pa.; Christened 9 Sep. 1968; m. Apr. 1944 Reno, Nv. MATTHEW SORUM,       divorced

40672 CARL E. EMERY m. 2 Jan. 1920 EDNA WILCOX
    44324 MARK W. EMERY b. 10 Jun. 1927

Dominicus E. and Lillian (EMERY) Hamlin
    44325 RICHARD GODDARD HAMLIN b. 27 Nov. 1927 Providence, RI.
    44326 WILLIAM HAMLIN b. 9 Jan. 1933 NY.

Carl S. and Lena (Goodwin) Emery
40576 FLORENCE E. EMERY m. 6 Jun. 1923 LEON T. AUGER
    44327 WILLIAM AUGER b. 17 Feb. 1925

40577 ORA ALICE EMERY m. 22 Aug. 1914 EARL F. WOODCOCK
    44328 ELIZABETH F. EMERY b. 7 Mar. 1916 Portland, Me.
    ~44329 HELEN F. EMERY b. 1 May 1917 Thomaston, Me.; d. 15 Sep. 1917
    44330 RICHARD E. EMERY b. 20 Oct. 1918 Thomaston, Me.
    44331 ELONIA A. EMERY b. 18 May 1921 Thomaston, Me.
    44332 MARJORIE J. EMERY b. 22 Jul. 1944 Thomaston, Me.

40578 HELEN L. EMERY m. 24 Aug. 1924 EARL R. BROWN
    44333 EARL RODMAN BROWN JR. b. 22 Nov. 1927

40579 MILLARD C. EMERY m. 5 Oct. 1918 ELLA M. BATCHELDER; m 2) 18 Apr. 1928 RUTH F. GRANT. U. S. Navy 1916-1920
    44334 MARGARET B. EMERY b. 17 Aug. 1919 Haverhill, Essex, Ma.
    44335 HAZEN C. EMERY b. 17 Apr. 1921 Haverhill, Essex, Ma.
    44336 PATRICIA M. EMERY b. 13 Jul. 1929 Portland, Me.
    ~44337 RUSSELL HERBERT EMERY b. 1 Jul. 1935; d. 7 May 1935
    44338 DORIS ADEL EMERY b. 21 Nov. 1936 Portland, ME.

40581 CARL B. EMERY m. 31 Oct. 19__ HELEN WEST
    Children Malden, Ma.:
    44339 DOROTHY L. EMERY b. 28 May 1926
    44340 MARILYN R. EMERY b. 27 May 1931
    44341 DONALD C. EMERY b. 13 Apr. 1932

Jasper S. and Mary L. (Buss) Ross
40637 FRANK HAINES ROSS m. 11 Sep. 1901 GERTRUDE JACKSON. He d. 12 Aug. 1946
    44342 EDNA ROSS
    44343 KENNETH ROSS

40640 LUCY MARGARET ROSS m. 27 Jan. 1901 FRANKLIN B. HORN. She d. 6 May 1953
    44345 ROSS HORN
    44346 HARRIET HORN

40641 AMOS LORIS ROSS m. MAY LAUBAUCH. He d. 16 Jun. 1945
    44348 DELBERT ROSS
    44349 DOROTHY ROSS
    44350 JACK ROSS

40642 HARRIET MARY ROSS m. 11 May 1918 Oneida, Oh. RAY G. HAGSTROM b. 16 Jul. 1887 Ranszter, Varmland, Sweden d. 6 Nov. 1966 Billings, Mt. s/o John A. and Anna S. (Lidstrom) Hagstrom. She d. 7 Jan. 1980
    Children Youngstown, Oh,:
    *44351 ROBERT STANSBURY HAGSTROM b. 8 Oct. 1920
    ~44352 THEODORE ADAMS HAGSTROM b. 8 Mar. 1922; d. Sep. 1935 near       Canfield, Oh.

Horace W. and Charlotte R. (Rice) Whitaker
40649 WARREN EMMONS WHITAKER m. 3 Jun. 1890 Worcester, Ma. MARY LOUELLA LEACH b. 1 Mar. 1868 Levereet, Ma. d. 17 Aug. 1928 Westboro, Ma. d/o Humphery S. and Esther A. (Porter) Leach. He d. 4 Apr. 1926 Worcester, Ma., both buried there Hope Cemetery.
    Children b. Worcester, Ma.:
    44353 ROLAPH OZI WHITAKER b. 15 Jul. 1891; m. FLORENCE YOUNG; d. 10 Dec.       1981 El Cavon, Ca.
    ~44354 CHARLOTTE ESTHER WHITAKER b. 23 Mar. 1894; d. 25 Nov. 1975       Worchester, Ma.
    44355 DOROTHY MARY WHITAKER b. 10 Feb. 1901; m. BURL BROCKNEY; d. 1929
    44357 RUTH BERNICE WHITAKER b. 25 Feb. 1903; m. MOODY PETIT; d.       Newport, Vt.
    *44358 MARJORIE EUNICE WHITAKER b. 3 Feb. 1911

Edwin H. and Josephine J. (Gerry) Harden
40651 ALFRED NEWELL HARDEN m. 23 Dec. 1895 E. Boston, Suffolk, Ma. ALICE BEATRICE HOLLIS b. 29 Apr. 1878 St. John, St. John, Canada d. 4 Sep., 1966 Melrose, Ma. d/o William E. and Mary A. (Storey) Hollis.
    *44359 BEATRICE MILDRED HARDEN b. 12 Aug. 1897 W. Somerville, Ma.

Fred C. and Luella S. (Rand) Emery
40662b RALPH R. EMERY m. ALICE [-?-]
    44360 THOMA F. EMERY b. 31 Jul. 1931 San Anselmo, Ca.

Wallace M. and Minnie C. (Emery) Leonard
40662h WALLACE MINOT LEONARD Jr. m. 7 Jun. 1917 DOROTHY MACHURE. Received the Crois de Guerre for bravery in action at Belleau Woods; was 1st Lt. Inf.
    44361 WALLACE MINOT LEONARD b. 15 Aug. 1919

    44362 JOAN FRENCH LEONARD b. 13 Mar. 1927
    44363 CAROL EMERY LEONARD b. 17 Aug. 1928
    44364 MARY MARSHALL LEONARD b. 19 Feb. 1920

Frederick R. and Olive P. (Hutchins) Thombs
40668 CHARLES HENRY THOMBS m. 3 Oct. 1893 Vernon, Vt. CARRIE EVA LEAVITT b. 10 Feb. 1878 Hanover, Ma. d. 25 Jan. 1951 Hartland, Me. m 2) CHARLES HALL d/o Frederick G. and Eva (Denney/Moulton) Leavitt. He d. 7 Dec. 1914 Dexter, Me.
    44365 WILLARD HENRY THOMBS b. 23 Jul. 1894; m. 10 Sep. 1919 OLGA       LAURIDSEN
    *44366 ARLENE GRACE THOMBS b. 13 Jan. 1899
    44367 LUCY MAY THOMBS b. 21 Jun. 1896; m. HENRY A. MAKER; d. 16 Jan. 1968
    44368 LILLIAN LYDIA THOMBS b. 27 Jun. 1__; m. EARL WEEKS; m 2) CLARENCE       GOULD
    44269 CECIL HOWARD THOMBS b. 28 Apr. 1904 Ripley, Me.; m. DOROTHY       POWERS

George S. and Sarah (Nutting) Emery
40676 GERTRUDE EMERY m. 8 Jun. 1887 JESSE B. TWISS of Jaffery, NH.
    44369a PAUL EMERY TWISS b. 8 Apr. 1888; m 22 Sep. 1917 MARION E.       BREWELL b. 25 May 1893; res. Somerville, Me.

John C. and Olive E. (Munson) Voorhees
40702 CHARLES HENRY VOORHEES m. 11 Oct. 1906 Tonapah/Goldfield, Nv. ELEANOR HAZEL WILL b. 1 Jun. 1888 Denver, Co. d. 1 May 1965 Woodland Hills, Ca. d/o Otto W. and Vivia E. (McMillen) Will. He d. 21 Jan 1953 San Pedro, Ca.
    ~44370 RALPH NELDON VOORHEES b. 12 Apr. 1908 Portland, Or.; d. Nov. 1911       Portland, Or.
    *44371 VIVAN JEWELL VOORHEES b. 29 Mar. 1910 Portland, Or.
    *44372 CHARLES J. VOORHEES b. 21 Jan. 1918 Or.

40703 MARY OLIVE VOORHEES m. 29 Jun. 1908 Tonapah, Nv. DAVID GARNET JOHNS b. 27 Mar. 1885 Borden, Manitoba, Canada d. 1930's Ca. She d. 22 Aug. 1968 Hallendale, Fl, buried Homassa Springs, Fl.
    *44373 SOLOMON DAVID JOY JOHNS b. 7 Sep. 1907 Santa Monica, Ca.
    ~44374 YVONNE THORA NEVADA JOHNS b. 27 Mar. 1911 Elko, Nv.; m. 23 Aug.       1929 CLIFFORD HALSTEAD, dv.; s.p.

40706 VIOLET EMILY VOORHEES m. 11 Nov. 1919 Stockton, Ca. WOODSON LOVEMAN DREW b. 19 Sep. 1891 Elliot, San Joaquin, Ca. d. 28 Jul. 1983 Oakdale, Ca. s/o Frederick and Rosetta E. (Stull) Drew. She d. 25 Jul. 1985 Oakdale, Ca. bur. 28 Jun. 1985. Both buried Citizens Cemetery Oakdale, Ca.
    *44375 VIOLET JEANNE DREW b. 15 May 1920 Stockton, Ca.

Frederick W. and Laura B. (Emery) Ohlendorf
40736a PEARL GLADYS OHLENDORF m. c. 1923 GILBERT GILLE, dv. m. 1939 Reno, Nv. JOSEPH NOTHOLD b. 1893 d. 1969 Quincey, Il. SHe d. c. 1962. Both are buried Greenmount Cemetery Quincey, Il.
    *44376 FREDRICK NOTHOLD b. 21 Jan. 1941 San Francisco, Ca.

40736b JESSIE HOWARD OHLENDORF m. 24 Jun. 1925 GEORGE FREDRICK SCHULTZ d. 2 Apr. 1936. Both buried Woodland Cemetery Quincy, Il.
    children b. Quincy, Il.:
    *44377 JEAN ELLEN SCHULTZ b. 14 Dec. 1927
    *44378 NANCY ANN SCHULTZ b. 30 Jul. 1929
    ~44379 JOHN FREDERICK SCHULTZ b. 14 Feb. 1933; d. 20 Jun. 1943; buried       Woodland Cemetery Quincy, Il.
    44380 SALLY ELAINE SCHULTZ b. 26 Jun. 1934
    44381 KATHLEEN MARIE SCHULTZ b. 19 Aug. 1935

Clifford A. and Agnes M. (Baird) Emery
40745 KENNETH ORRIS EMERY b. 6 June 1914 Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada m. 3 October 1941 Joilet, Illinois CAROLINE ROBERTA ALEXANDER b. 5 Feb. 1914 Lockport, Il. d. 25 March 1984 Falmouth, MA. Her ashes were buried in at 74 Ransom Road. Cause of Death: cancer d/o Healy and Helen (Baker) Alexander.

obituary from Falmouth Enterprise, March 27, 1984:
Caroline A. (Alexander) Emery of Ransom Road, Quissett, died at her home Sunday after a long illness. She was 70.

Born in Lockport, Illinois, she moved to Falmouth from Rolling Hills, California in June 1962 with her family.

Mrs. Emery enjoyed the outdoors and was well known for her gardening. She started a garden when she came here in 1962 and added new each year. At latest count the garden included 50 fruit and nut trees and countless kinds of vegetables.

She leaves her husband, Kenneth O. Emery, a marine geologist who retired from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution five years ago.

Mrs. Emery assisted her husband in his investigations of Oyster Pond, making regular measurements when he was away on cruises. The research was detailed in a 1969 work titled, "A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods."

In addition to her husband, Mrs. Emery is survived by two daughters, Barbara K. Alvarado of Randolph and Charlet A. Shave of North Falmouth; a granddaughter, Rebecca A. Shave of North Falmouth; two brothers, John H. Alexander of Golden, Colorado and H. Hayes Alexander of Montrose, Colorado, and three sisters, Mary Nelson of Boulder, Colorado, Ruth Durrer of Joliet, Illinois and Margaret Eaton of Hatsboro, Pennsylvania.

Funeral services and burial will be private.
m 2nd 16 March 1985 at Falmouth, Massachusetts PHYLLIS HELEN ZINKE WILLIAMS b. 10 June 1913 in Pennsylvania d. 18 May 2001 in Falmouth, Massachusetts she was buried 26 May 2001, Providence Friends Meeting Cemetery, Media, Pennsylvania Medical Information: Phyllis suffered from Alzheimer’s and during the last ten or so years she was a resident at JML in Falmouth, Massachusetts. d/o Ernest and Helena (Ulrich) Zinke.

Obituary from the Falmouth Enterprise, May 22, 2001 (Tuesday)
Phyllis Helen (Zinke) Williams of Falmouth died Saturday at the JML Care Center of Falmouth after a long illness. She was 86.

She was the wife of the late Albert J. Williams, Jr. and the late Kenneth O. Emery.
The daughter of Ernest A. and Helena (Ulrich) Zinke, she grew up in Jamaica, New York, attending school in New York City. She Broadview Junior College in Chicago, and was graduated from Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, in 1934.

Before her marriage in 1938 to Mr. Williams, she taught grade school in New Jersey, California, and Virginia.

In 1950 she received a master's in art education from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1962 she received a doctorate in art education from Temple University in Philadelphia. From 1950 to 1972, she taught art to junior high students during the day as well as adult students at night.

In 1979 she was chosen as Mother of the Year for the state of Pennsylvania. Her first husband died in 1983.

She moved from Ambler, Pennsylvania to Falmouth in 1984, bringing with her 3,000 of her paintings and watercolors. In 1985 she was married to Dr. Emery. The couple traveled to China, South Africa, Ireland and Australia together.

She loved to paint, travel, lecture, garden, and play the piano. She swam a mile a day for many years. She spoke German, French, Spanish and Russian. She also was a photographer.

She leaves two sons, Albert J. Williams III of Woods Hole and Robert F. Williams of Alexandria, Virginia; a sister, Helen Keenan of West Palm Beach, Florida; three brothers, Dr. Ernest Zinke of Lakeport, California, Dr. Erhardt Zinke of Fallbrook, California, and Dr. David Zinke of Hendersonville, North Carolina. She also leaves her granddaughter, Helen Williams of Woods Hole.
Funeral service will be held on Saturday in the Cavanagh Patterson Funeral Home in Media, Pennsylvania. Burial will follow in the Providence Friends Meeting Cemetery in Media.
obituary from the Cape Cod Times:
FALMOUTH - Phyllis Helen (Zinke) Williams, 86, died Saturday at the JML Care Center in Falmouth after a lengthy illness.

She was the wife of the late Dr. K.O. Emery and the late Albert J. Williams.

Mrs. Williams grew up in Jamaica, N.Y., attended school in New York City and graduated from Atlantic Union College in South in 1934.

Prior to her marriage to Albert Williams in 1937, she taught grade school in New Jersey, California and Virginia.

In 1950 she earned a master of arts in education from the University of Pennsylvania, and from 1950 to 1972 she taught art to high school students in Philadelphia.

In 1979 she was elected Pennsylvania Mother of the Year.

An enthusiastic traveler and lecturer, Mrs. Williams spent summers and sabbaticals traveling the world on a shoestring, photographing and painting her observations. When she moved from Ambler, PA to Falmouth in 1984, she brought 3,000 of her and watercolors with her.

After her second marriage in 1985 she revisited China, South Africa, Ireland and Australia with her husband.

She entered the JML Care Center in 1991 with Alzheimer's disease.

Mrs. Williams was known for her energy, enthusiasm, appreciation for bold color and for the amount she could get done in a day.

She played the piano and organ, and swam a mile a day for many years.
German was her first language but she had also studied French, Spanish and Russian.

Surviving are two sons, Albert J. Williams III of Woods Hole and Robert E. Williams of Alexandria, VA; a sister, Helen Keenan of West Palm Beach, FL; three brothers, Dr. Ernest Zinke of Lakeport, CA, Dr. Erhardt Zinke of Fallbrook, CA and Dr. David Zinke of Hendersonville, NC; and a granddaughter.

A funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Cavanagh-Patterson Funeral Home, 43 E. Baltimore Ave., Media, PA followed by burial in Providence Friends Meeting Cemetery, Media, PA.
m 3rd 30 October 1993 in Texas Joy J. [-?-] b. 17 September 1917 and d. 28 April 1995 in Falmouth, Massachusetts of Pancreatic cancer;

m 4th 26 August 1995 at Falmouth, Massachusetts ALICE WILLISTON she was born 26 May 1930. They Divorced July 3, 1996.

He is an American oceanographer. He was a member of the staff of Illinois State Geological Survey, Urbana, 1941-3 and University of California’s War Research, 1943-5. He wrote or co-authored:
  • The Sea off Southern California. And Response to History of Geophsis Survey (1997)
  • Sea Levels, Land Levels and Tide Gauges co-authored by David G. Aubrey (1991)
  • Essays in marine geology in honor of K. O. Emery, University of Southern California. Co-authored by Thomas Clements, Robert E. Stevenson, Dorothy M. Hallmos, University of Southern California (1963)
A biography of K.O.'s life:
The Geology Society of America
Vol. 12 Issue 11 Nov. 2003
Kenneth Orris Emery (1914-1998): Pioneer Marine Geologist
Donn S. Gorsline and Kelvin S. Rodolfo, University of Southern California and University of Illinois—Chicago

An example of Emery's inventiveness [the above photo]. The purpose of this strange contraption is lost to history but may have served as a sediment trap.

Birth and Formative Years
K.O. Emery was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, in 1914. His father, a carpenter and contractor, was there building barracks for World War I soldiers. The family followed construction jobs across the United States to New York, Oklahoma, and Texas, where K.O., as he was universally known, picked up his Texas accent and most of his schooling through early college years. During his senior year in high school, he collected, organized, and identified Cretaceous fossils from outcrops in the Fort Worth area. In high school, he enrolled in ROTC and earned the rank of major at graduation. He chose not to continue this program to an eventual Army commission, but the experience showed his natural talent for leadership.

K.O.’s excellent academic record earned him a one-year scholarship to any college or university in Texas. However, he decided to work to earn additional funds during 1932 and 1933 as manager of the local gas station, using the time between customers to read philosophy books. He attended North Texas Agricultural College, Arlington, in 1933 and studied there for two years. In the summers of 1934 and 1935, he and a college classmate hitchhiked and “rode the rails” to see the World’s Fairs at Chicago and San Diego, where they scrounged for work in restaurants to earn living expenses

Young Emery became interested in engineering and geology and upon the recommendation of a favorite geology professor, transferred to the University of Illinois in 1935. His intent was to combine geology and engineering into a major in mining . Seeking funds for living expenses, he went to the Geology Department where he met Dr. Francis Shepard, who noted Emery’s drafting expertise and recruited him to go to the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey offices in Washington, D.C., to work on maps of seafloor bathymetry (Curray, 2001). This confirmed K.O.’s interest in marine geology. He continued under Shepard’s direction his undergraduate years, earning an M.S. and Ph.D. Shepard was shifting his work to Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and much of K.O.’s work for his doctorate was also centered at that institution. K.O. received his Ph.D. from Illinois in 1941.

The difficult years spanning the Great Depression and World War II were “sink or swim” times for an entire generation and they greatly affected Emery’s development as a person and scientist.

There are some more interesting parallels between K.O.’s early years and those of Maurice Ewing (Wertenbaker, 2000), another Texan who also experienced the hard times of the Depression ear and ultimately achieved international repute as a marine scientist. It is likely that the adaptability, initiative and confidence to surmount any barrier – characteristics of both these marine scientists – were a product of hard times.
Early Career and Experiences
Emery and his best friend Robert Dietz were Shepard’s graduate assistants and followed him to Scripps to become the first generation of “marine geologists” under his tutelage. The pay was poor but they managed to exist student- style in the “community house” on the old Scripps Campus with other graduate students. Shepard assigned them many tasks, one of which was to row him out on repeated trips to the Scripps and La Jolla Submarine Canyons. There, they took depth soundings using a heavy weight attached to a fishing line. K.O. would row, make the sounding, and lift the heavy weight back into the boat, while Shepard located the sounding using horizontal sextant angles between known locations on the beach. Dietz recorded the data. These studies resulted

in the first detailed maps of the heads of submarine canyons. The main discovery was a great change in depth over time, showing that active marine processes were taking place.

K.O., like others in that pioneering generation, designed and built most of his own shipboard equipment to sample the seafloor. His earlier work as a mechanic in a gas station may have been a factor in his equipment-design success. His sea experience, begun in a rowboat, now progressed to the E.W. Scripps, a 110-foot schooner built for the Scripps Institution with support from the Scripps family. Early cruises off southern California and in the Gulf of California provided data that K.O. and Dietz used for their theses and doctoral dissertations. They worked with bathymetry and structure, seafloor sediments and rock, and phosphorite and marine clays, making discoveries that laid the basic groundwork for future marine geologists. However, geology was not the sole pursuit of these embryonic scientists. Ever the experimenter, K.O. talked Dietz into growing a mustache and beard and proceeded to measure how long the hairs grew each week during the expedition.
The War Years
After receiving his Ph.D., Emery took a job with the Illinois Geological Survey locating water supplies for defense industries. At that time, the Navy did not perceive a need for ocean science and the survey job was the only option. A big plus during that time was his marriage to Caroline Alexander in October 1941. Caroline was an ideal partner who dedicated her life to supporting K.O.'s science work. The attack on Pearl Harbor (December 1941) and the entry of the U.S. into war pushed the Navy to recognize needs for oceanographic research and brought Emery back to the sea.

At Shepard's invitation, K.O. joined the University of California Division of War Research (UCDWR), which was formed in World War II to apply ocean science to wartime problems. K.O. made maps that identified different types of substrate on the ocean floor. Combined with the known acoustic reflectances of those substrates, the maps could aid submarines in hiding from enemy destroyers. The maps revealed a patchy distribution of sand, gravel, mud, and rock outcrops over the offshore continental margin; one of his first major scientific contributions was to explain the distribution patterns by describing the processes that formed them.

After the conclusion of World War II, Emery joined with the U.S. Geological Survey in a major study of the Pacific coral islands as a background for the atomic bomb tests at Bikini. The work led to a number of monographs with several co-authors on the characteristics of the atolls and their histories.

The Rise to International Prominence
While completing the Pacific island study, K.O. joined the geology faculty at the University of Southern California (USC) in 1946. He taught introductory physical geology, a requirement for geology and engineering students. His enthusiastic optimism and interest in everything geologic captured the imagination of all of his students, causing many engineering majors to shift to geology.

Emery continued his relationship with the Office of Naval Research while at USC and organized studies of the Persian Gulf and its shorelines for the U.S. Navy, in preparation for possible amphibious landings to protect American interests in the newly discovered oil fields there. Typically, K.O. did not miss a chance to do some geology along the way, using the continuously recording echo-sounder aboard the USS Pocono to record a continuous depth profile of the Atlantic Ocean floor from Norfolk, Virginia, to the entrance of the Mediterranean.

Following the Persian Gulf expedition, and with the gift to USC of a new oceanographic research ship, the Velero IV, courtesy of Captain Allen Hancock, Emery entered a new phase of his career. The ship's design was based on the highly successful tuna boats which were beginning to make extended deep-sea ventures from San Diego. The acquisition of the Velero IV focused K.O.'s interests on the California Borderland, the subsea region for which he had compiled bathymetric charts during his graduate work with Shepard. This major episode in his career was summarized some 15 years later in his book, The Sea off Southern California, which examined water, sediments, life, structure, and economic factors of the area. The book is still a primary reference for the region and a model of a complete oceanographic study. It incorporated the theses and dissertations of his graduate students, and revealed what obviously had been the master plan for his tenure at USC.

K.O. did not limit himself to the Borderland and was involved in several projects in other areas of interest. The arrival of a student from Israel, David Neev, provided access to Dr. Y.K. Bentor, the director of the Geological Survey of Israel, and Gen. M. Makleff, the director of the Dead Sea Works. Work on the Dead Sea was initiated, the necessary facilities were bought, built, and installed within a very short period, and the first cruise took place only a month after K.O. arrived in 1959.
Contributions as a Teacher Return
K.O.'s graduate students enjoyed close relationships with him, including occasional poker games at his home. He was a Socratic teacher, challenging students to think deeply about the lecture subjects and reading. Undergraduate students had to write term papers to develop this important skill for graduate studies and had to take the hardest classes and strive for the Bachelor of Science degree, not the Bachelor of Arts. Moulded by his strict regimen, many of his students went on to become leaders in the field of marine geology.
Culmination of His Career
In 1961, K.O. accepted an endowed chair at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and leadership of a large comprehensive study of the Atlantic Ocean with U.S. Geological Survey funding and other federal grants. This ten-year study was summarized in a monumental monograph, The Geology of the Atlantic Ocean, published in 1984 with Elazar Uchupi as coauthor. This monograph, much like the earlier book on the California Borderland, was a characteristically broad coverage of every aspect of the Atlantic, including economic resources as well as structure, sediments, water, and life of the region.

K.O. was eclectic in his choice of research. Widely varied topics included continental-shelf sediments, estuaries and marshes, beach processes, sand dunes, evaporites, lakes, and streams. K.O.'s other interests included studying the history of oceanography and collecting ocean-themed postage stamps from around the world. He wrote a paper concerning such stamps in 1960. At his death in 1998, he had just completed a manuscript on oceanography as depicted on ancient coins.

At the age of 83, K.O. wrote an autobiography that was recently published in Marine Geology, 2003. It is a fascinating story of career of an adventuresome bright young man who rose from inauspicious beginnings to receive the highest honors and acclaim in his profession, including membership in the National Academy of Sciences, most of the prestigious medals and fellowships in geology, and honorary degrees, including one from USC. K.O. died in Falmouth, Massachusetts, in April 1998.
References Cited
1) - Emery, K.O., 2002, Autobiography: Some early stages of marine geology: Marine Geology, v. 188,251–291. 2) - Curray, J.R., 2001, Francis Parker Shepard: GSA Today, v. 1120–21. 3) - Wertenbaker, W., 2000, William Maurice Ewing: Pioneer Explorer of the Ocean Floor and Architect of Lamont: GSA Today, v. 1028–29.

He d. 12 April 1998 Milton [Falmouth], Ma his ashes were buried 31 December 2001 at sea: 40-03'N, 71-14.5'W in 100 fathoms of water. Position: Continental Shelf break just North of Block Canyon. Cause of Death: Pneumonia.

Obituaries for K.O.:
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announces with great sorrow the death April 12, 1998 of Scientist Emeritus Kenneth O. Emery in Milton, MA, followed by a brief illness. He was 83.

K.O., as he preferred to be called, was born June 6, 1914 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. He grew up in Texas, studied engineering at North Texas Agricultural College in Arlington and geology at the University of Illinois, where he received a B.S. degree in 1935. His academic and research life started at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, where his teacher and mentor was Francis P. Shepard, considered by many the "father" of marine geology. K.O. received a M.S. degree in geology in 1939 and moved to La Jolla, CA where he was a guest at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for two years while pursuing his doctoral research on the California continental margins. He received his Ph.d. in geology from the University of Illinois in 1941, and worked in the Division of War Research at the University of California, San Diego from 1943 to 1945, producing maps of sediment types that were important for acoustic submarine warfare but also proved valuable to later studies by K.O. and others of continental margins. After the war K.O. moved to Los Angeles where he taught geology for 16 years as an assistant professor and later professor at the University of Southern California (USC) and did research in the Gulf of California. Between 1946 and 1960 he also worked, mostly part-time, for the U.S. Geological Survey, and served as Oceanographer at the Navy Ordnance Test Center in Pasadena from 1960 to 1962.

In 1962 K.O.'s research interests brought him to Woods Hole and to WHOI, where his studies included much of the rest of the world. At WHOI, he recruited a group of young geologists who became the core of a marine geology group in what was then a department of geophysics. He was named a Senior Scientist in 1963, was the Henry Bryant Bigelow Oceanographer from 1975 to 1979, and was named a Scientist Emeritus in 1979. In 1968 he became the first Dean of the new Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Graduate Program.

As a scientist, K.O. was plain spoken, energetic, and prompt. He was disciplined in planning his work, carrying it out, and reporting the results. K.O. believed synthesis to be the most important duty of a scientist. This required broad knowledge, which he felt geology provided, and was best accomplished in a book, of which he wrote 15. "Geology of the Atlantic Ocean" written with lted in part from a comprehensive field program on the continental margins of the Atlantic, the west side of which was begun in 1968 and the east side completed in 1973, using gravity, magnetic, and suspended particle analysis but mostly using echo sounding and low frequency seismic profiling. For the final stages WHOI's Research Vessel ATLANTIS II was equipped with a seagoing computer lab, previously not seen on academic ships. The understanding of geologic processes that he brought to structures he observed on the continental margins, including ridges and traps, had great interest to petroleum geologists. Studies in the East and South China Seas had previously indicated that there might be oil reserves there based on such structures. K.O. felt that knowledge of oil and gas was never a bad thing and that shorter delivery routes promised reduced degradation of the ocean environment from oil spills, a position that sometimes brought him into dispute with environmentalists.

In 1946, K.O. was asked by the U.S. Geological Survey to participate in a study of Bikini Atoll before atomic bomb tests were conducted there. The studies confirmed the sinking seamount hypothesis of Charles Darwin as an explanation of atolls. Many years later, interest in global warming and the rise and fall in sea level, augmented by the understanding of seafloor subsidence away from spreading centers, caused him to question the stability of the reference level of tide gauges used in these data sets. Tide gauges are generally sited on islands that themselves are moving, or are on the edge of continents that are rebounding from the recent departure of glacial overburden or are being tilted by subduction of an oceanic plate. These syntheses from his observations were reported in the 1991 book, "Sea Levels, Land Levels, and Tide Gauges" with department colleague David G. Aubrey. A visit to the Dead Sea in 1959 on a Guggenheim Fellowship resulted in a study of circulation of water in the southern basin but also in the salt formations that formed in this graben. Again, years later, the geological processes evinced by these observations were presented in a book entitled, "The Destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, and Jericho" written with his former student and colleague, David Neev. Little failed to interest K.O. and his mind naturally turned to obtaining information about the subject, to analyzing the evidence afresh, to doing studies of his own, and to reaching a new synthesis after reporting his observations. Such subjects as English and French gun flints from the caulk on the two sides of the English Channel, or coins discovered in foreign ports that reflected marine themes, captured his interest and resulted in monographs or books. His desire to extend what we know from earth geology led to a book on the planets and moons of the solar system based on satellite observations, "The Morphology of the Rocky Members of the Solar System" with Elazar Uchupi.

K.O. loved to engage younger colleagues in discussion to test out his ideas in addition to stimulating their thought. He never hesitated to open such discussions, of great benefit to the geologists of occupied Japan when he visited there just after the war. His influence had impact on the later development of Japanese marine geology. Wherever he went, he was a mentor and left his influence. He was open to new ideas and sought out new techniques; by challenging both ideas and techniques, he kept the ones that worked. The new idea had to be useful and the technique had to reveal new information. In fact, he appreciated geophysics for what it told him as a geologist; "Geophysics is just another hammer" he was fond of saying.

His many discoveries and syntheses were reported in about 290 publications and 15 books, and he was a member of many professional organizations. His contributions were recognized with many awards and honors, among them the Academician, the China Academy Award of Taiwan in 1968; the Shepard Prize for Marine Geology in 1969; Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1969; election to both the National Academy of Sciences and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971; the Prince Albert 1er de Monaco Medal from France in 1971; the Compass Distinguished Achievement Award from the Marine Technology Society in 1974; the AAAS-Rosenteil Award in Oceanographic Science in 1975; the Illinois Achievement Award from the University of Illinois in 1977; election to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science in 1977; the Maurice Ewing Award from the American Geophysical Union in 1985; the Twenhofel Medal from the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists in 1989; a Louis G. Murray Visiting Fellowship, DeBeers, South Africa, in 1989; a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Southern California in 1990; and the Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Illinois, Department of Geology, in 1996.

K.O. lived for many years at the head of Oyster Ponds in Falmouth, MA. In addition to maintaining a productive orchard and apiary there, he surveyed Oyster Pond by rowboat, producing a much sought after 1969 book, "A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods" which resulted when someone asked him how deep the pond was and he didn't know. During the passage of Hurricane Gloria in 1985, K.O. was in his yard measuring temperature, wind force and direction, and precipitation and was thus able to document the snuffing out of the hurricane at its peak by entrainment of cold air from a front to the west. In retirement, his agricultural pursuits were alternated with writing, a balance both healthy and productive. After several hours at his desk, a few hours pruning or harvesting were enough to set him up for more hours at the drafting table or word processing. Even 25 years after retirement, K.O. continued to spend several hours each day at his office at WHOI reading and conferring with colleagues. His enthusiasm for ideas, desire to bring order to chaos, his friendliness to students and collegiality with his peers continued unabated until his death. In his last months he worked to recruit new members to the National Academy of Sciences and to encourage scientists to become broader in their interests and to write more books.

He is survived by two daughters, Barbara K. Wish of Randolph, MA and Charlet E. Shave of North Falmouth, MA; a granddaughter, Rebecca A. Shave of Amherst, MA; and by two brothers, Almon C. Emery of Memphis, TN and Harold B. Emery of Arvada, CO and Norman, OK. His wife of 42 years, Caroline (Kay) Alexander Emery of Lockport, IL died in 1983.

A memorial service will be announced at a later date. Burial will be private. A scholarship fund, the K.O. Emery Scholarship in Geology, has been established in his memory at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In lieu of flowers, his family has requested that contributions in his memory be made to the K.O. Emery Scholarship Fund, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Fenno House MS#40, Woods Hole, MA 02543.

Boston Globe
Kenneth O. Emery, 83
Marine geologist at Woods Hole
Kenneth O. Emery of Falmouth, a retied marine geologist, and senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, died Sunday at Milton Hospital. He was 83.

Mr. Emery, who preferred to be called K.O., was the former dean of the institution’s joint graduate program with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He participated in a US Geological Survey study of the Bikini Atoll before the atomic bomb tests were there.

A former Guggenheim Fellow, he was the author or coauthor of 15 books, including “Geology of the Atlantic Ocean”, “The Morphology of the Rocky Members of the Solar System”, and “A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods’”, the result of his study of Oyster Pond in Falmouth, where he lived.

Mr. Emery was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and raised in Texas. He graduated from the University of Illinois, where he also earned a master’s degree and doctorate in geology.

A Member of the National Institute of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he was the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Shepard Prize for marine geology.

He leaves two daughters, Barbara J. Wish of Randolph and Charlet E. Shave of Falmouth; two brothers, Almon C. of Memphis and Harold B. Emery of Arvada, Colo. And Norman, Okla.; and a granddaughter.

A memorial service will be held at 2:30 p.m., April 25 in John Wesley United Methodist Church, Falmouth.

Cape Cod Times
Kenneth ‘K.O.’ Emery, 83
WHOI scientist emeritus; geologist, researcher
Milton – Kenneth O. ‘K.O.’ Emery, 83, scientist emeritus at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a longtime Falmouth resident, died April 12 in Milton after a brief illness.

He was the husband of Caroline (Kay) Alexander Emery, who died in 1983.

Born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, he grew up in Texas. He Studied engineering at North Texas Agricultural College in Arlington and geology at the University of Illinois. He receives his doctorate in geology from the University of Illinois in 1941 and worked in the Division of War Research at the University of California.

After the war, he taught geology for 16 years as an assistant professor and later professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angles. He did research in the Gulf of California while working for the U.S. Geological Survey and served as an oceanographer at the Navy Ordnance Test Center in Pasadena, Calif.

His research interests brought him to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He was named senior scientist in 1961, the Henry Bryant Bigelow Oceanographer from 1975 to 1979 and scientist emeritus in 1979. In 1968, he became the first dean of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute of Technology Joint Graduate Program.

In 1946, Mr. Emery was asked by the U.S. Geological Survey to participate in a Study of Bikini Atoll before atomic bomb tests were conducted there.

His many discoveries and syntheses were reported in about 260 Publication of many professional organizations and his contributions were recognized with numerous awards and honors, including the Prince Albert de ler Monaco Medal from France in 1971, election to both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971 and election to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science in 1977.

Mr. Emery lived for many years at the head of Oyster Pond in Falmouth, where he maintained an orchard and surveyed Oyster Pond by rowboat. During Hurricane Gloria in 1985, he was in his yard measuring temperature, precipitation and wind force and direction, and was thus able to document the snuffing out of the hurricane at its peak by entrainment of cold air from a front to the west.

Even many years after retirement, he spent several hours a day at his office at WHOI, reading and conferring with colleagues. His enthusiasm for ideas, desire to bring order to chaos, friendliness to students and collegiality with his peers continued unabated until his death.

In his last months, he worked to recruit new members to the National Academy of Sciences and to encourage scientists and to write more books.

Surviving are two daughters, Barbara K. Wish of Randolph and Charlet E. Shave of North Falmouth; two brothers, Almon C. Emery of Memphis, Tenn. And Harold B. Emery of Arvada, Colo. and Norman, Olkla.; and a granddaughter. A memorial service will be held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the John Wesley United Methodist Church, 270 Gifford St., Falmouth. Burial is private.

Memorial donations may be made to the K.O. Emery Scholarship Fund, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Fenno House MS#40, Hoods Hole, MA. 02543

Kenneth O. Emery
Kenneth O. Emery, a scientist emeritus at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution whose contributions to marine geology spanned decades, died Sunday in Milton following a brief illness. He was 83.

He was the husband of Joy Emery, who died in 1995. His first wife, Caroline (Kay) Alexander Emery, died in 1983. Born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, Dr. Emery, known as K.O. to family and friends, grew up in Texas. He studied engineering at North Texas Agricultural College and geology at the University of Illinois where he received a baccalaureate degree in 1935. He earned his PhD in geology form the University of Illinois in 1941.

He was a member of the University of Southern California faculty for 16 years, also working during that time for the U.S. Survey.

In 1962, his research interests brought him to Woods Hole and WHOI. He became a senior scientist at WHOI in 1963, and was the Henry Bryant Bigelow Oceanographer from 1975 to 1979. He was named a scientist emeritus in 1979. In 1968, he became the first dean of the WHOI/Massachusetts Institute of Technology joint graduate program.

He retired from WHOI in 1979.

Dr. Emery’s [Emery] author of more than 290 articles and 15 books about geology, including “Geology of the Atlantic Ocean” which he coauthored with Elazar Uchupi, a WHOI colleague. His marine geological research extended worldwide.

His contributions to the science world earned him man awards, including the Shepard Prize for Marine Geology in 1969, the Prince Albert of Monaco Medal in 1971, the Compass Distinguished Achievement Award from the Marine Technology Society in 1974, the AAAS-Rosensteil Award in Oceanographic Science in 1975, and the Maurice Ewing Award from the American Geophysical Union in 1985, and the Twenhofel Medal from the Society of Economic Palcontologists and Mineralogists in 1989.

He was elected to both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts in 1971, and to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science in 1977.

He also received numerous honors from universities which he was affiliated, including the Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Illinois Department of Geology in 1996.

Dr. Emery lived for may years at the head of Oyster Pond in Falmouth. There he surveyed the pond by rowboat, publishing “A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods”, in 1969.

He maintained an orchard at his Falmouth home, and in his retirement he enjoyed pruning and harvesting, as well as writing and helping to recruit new members to the National Academy of Sciences.

He leaves two daughter, Barbara J, Wish of North Falmouth; a granddaughter, Rebecca A. Shave of Amherst; two brothers, Almon C. Emery of Memphis, Tennessee, and Harold B. Emery of Arvada, Colorado, and Norman, Oklahoma.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 25, at 2:30 P.M. at the John Wesley United Methodist Church on Gifford Street, . Burial will be private.

Memorial donations may be made to K.O. Emery Scholarship Fund, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Fenno House MS#40, Woods Hole, MA. 02543.

Kenneth Orris Emery family photo Album

    Children 1st marriage:
    44382 BARBARA KATHRYN EMERY b. 14 October 1944 La Jolla, San Diego, Ca.
          Ca.; m. 6 August 1967 Santa Barbara, California STEVEN R. ALVARADO       s/o Frank and Lorraine Alvarado, dv. 1971; m. 2nd 4 November 1988       Massachusetts PHILLIP WISH b. 3 March 1930
    *44383 CHARLET ADELIA EMERY b. 11 June 1947 Los Angles, Los Angles, Ca.

40746 ALMON CLIFFORD EMERY “ACE” 16 January 1918 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma m. 1 November 1940 Wetherford, Tx. MARY ALICE FOSTER, dv. 5 Nov. 1953, s.p. b. 24 June.

m 2nd 17 August 1957 Whitehaven, Tennessee ELLA (REYNOLDS) DODDS b. 11 August 1930 Conway, Arkansas d/o William E. and Lillian P. (Keller) Reynolds.

Ella Emery e-mail of 6/29/2006:
"Almon (AKA Ace) used to talk about how hard times were. His first job was selling ice cream cones. He received ten cents per day, which would buy a loaf of bread for supper. Many times his parents borrowed money by putting up Agnes' engagement ring. I had that ring appraised one time after it was given to Margot...approx. $600 and the greater part of that was the gold. Jeweler said it was very old diamond...guess it was a used one??? Ace said they frequently did not have enough to eat and ate things like cornmeal mush. As I was growing up, that was my favorite cereal but he hated it. He also told me he had little contact with his parents...when he to work, he left his first car in their backyard and his mother sold it for rent money. Made him mad.

K.O., Ace and Harold were very bitter toward an aunt. When the uncle died, Dad Emery loaned her money for burial expenses. Shortly after the crash occurred and he lost the houses they had built. From all I have heard, I figure it very differently. I think he had been borrowing heavily using one house as collateral for building materials for the next. I think the sum of money he loaned the aunt was small and was quite probably a drop in the bucket of his debt and it all came crashing down like a house of cards. He seemed to have been a seeker and a dreamer with a lot of charm.

Apparently he had a thriving laundry business in New York but decided he was on his feet too much. Sold it, went to Canada on spec to help with construction after a big storm. Didn't like Canada and did not want to swear allegiance to the British Queen and left Canada to go to Oklahoma and get rich in the oil fields. Left Oklahoma and went to Texas to work in construction after a big hurricane. Was in Ft. Worth, I think. Went from there to Dallas and eventually ended up in Galveston.

I grew up in the depression, having been born August 11, 1930. By today's standards, we were very poor. Actually, by standards of the time and place, we were fairly well off. When my parents wed, they spent the first year living with his family, and building a new home. They moved in the week my older sister was born July 30, 1918. My father managed to save money and buy other farms. He died when I was 8 and left considerable money in the bank and about four farms. Having said that, the reality was tough. My parents worked very hard and so did we kids. Everyone had work. We had a huge garden, which mostly was my mother's work. My father would see to it that it was plowed and fertilized and would deal with the two potato crops. My mother pretty well did the rest of it. We literally grew all that we ate with the exception of salt, pepper, sugar, flour, meal, rice, coffee, and tea. Trips to town were rare and some extras such as bananas, bologna, cheese were sometimes bought. In the summer huge blocks of ice were brought home and we had iced tea and ice cream that weekend. When I was about 7, we got our first refrigerator, which ran on kerosene.

I rode a bus from 4th grade on. We sold the farm and moved to town when I was 15. I left home about 7 a.m. and walked about 3/4 mile through the fields to the highway to catch the bus. It was 1-1/2 sized bus so very noisy. We rode a sort of X shaped route which required doubling back on two of those arms. Got to school early as we were first off...had to wait in noisy lunchroom. In the afternoon we were first on and had to ride to three other schools to pick up kids. Got home about 4:30, I guess, with just enough time to feed cows, mules, pigs and chickens.

There were a lot of joys growing up in the country. It was beautiful there with lots of water and flowers.

He died 13 December 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee and was buried 16 December 2000, Whitehaven Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tennessee.

obituary - The Commercial Appeal, Saturday, December 16, 2000
ALMON CLIFFORD EMERY, 82, of Memphis, retired research associate in electronics for the physics department at Rhodes College, died of heart failure Wednesday at his home. Memorial services will be at 11 a.m. today at Whitehaven Presbyterian Church. Forest Hill Funeral Home South has charge. He was a member of Whitehaven Presbyterian Church where he taught the Men's Bible Class for a number of years, served as deacon and elder. He was a World War II Navy veteran, formerly taught electronics at Whitehaven High School and Whitehaven Aviation School, taught Rhodes students to grind mirrors for telescopes, installed early mainframe computers there and also helped international students talk to their families on ham radio. Mr. Emery, the husband of Ella (Reynolds) Emery, also leaves a daughter, Margot Leigh Emery Pantalone of Knoxville; a son Clifford Carter Emery of Memphis; a brother, Harold Baird Emery of Arlington, Texas, and a granddaughter. The family requests that any memorials be sent to Whitehaven Presbyterian Church or Rhodes College.

Rhodes College Obituary:
Almon Clifford Emery, known as "Ace" to students, faculty and staff alike, died Dec. 13, 2000.

A research associate in electronics for the Department of Physics, Emery retired in 1985 after 24 years at the college he ran the department’s optics shop, helped students make their own telescope mirrors, set up an amateur radio station in the physics building and was a master HAM radio operator, in touch with friends around the world. As a member of the college’s team sent to Alaska in 1963 to study a total solar eclipse, Emery set up a radio network with amateur operators so that student researchers could talk to their parents each evening. Emery was also known on campus as “Mr. Fix-IT—“ faculty and staff beat a path to his door with non-operative TVs, radios and assorted electronic equipment.

He leaves his wife, Ella Emery, a daughter, Margot Emery Pantalone ‘83’ a son Clifford Emery; a granddaughter; and a brother, Harold Emery.
    Children b. Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.:
    0000 CHARLES CARTER DOBBS JR./CLIFFORD CARTER EMERY b. 4 April 1951       (adopted 1957) m. 19 February 1989 Memphis, Tennessee AMANDA EVELYN       LEWIS b. 27 April 1958 Huntsville, Alabama m 1st. [-?-] Tate and       had Dahlia. They divorced Memphis Tennessee 2001.

          Almon Clifford Emery legally adopted Charles Carter Dodds about a year       after he and Ella married and at that time they changed his last name       to "Emery". Charles had always been called "Carter" but by the time he       reached high school he changed his name to Cliff.
      STARLA CHRISTINE EMERY b. 15 September 1989 Memphis, Tennessee

    44384 MARGOT LEIGH EMERY b. 29 July 1961; m. VINCE PANTALONE, July 2000,       Memphis, Tennessee; divorced nearly six years to the month. Margot       took back her maiden name of Emery after the divorce.

40747 HAROLD BAIRD EMERY 26 April 1926 Dallas, Texas m. 16 May 1953 Greenville, Texas JANET E. BENSON b. 27 February 1933 Greenville, Texas. d/o F. E. and Edna F. Benson.

    Children b. Dallas, Dallas, Texas.:
    *44385 BRUCE ERIC EMERY b. 14 March 1954
    *44386 MARK ALLEN EMERY b. 11 July 1955
    *44387 LESLIE ANN EMERY b. 15 June 1956

Orris B. and Fannie G. (Leach) Emery
40747a ELIZABETH KNAPP EMERY was born 2 August 1919 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and died 7 January 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. She married ARTHUR WILLIAM UNDERWOOD. He died about. 1989.
    *44387a PAUL WILLIAM UNDERWOOD b. 8 May 1949
    *44387b ROBERT EMERY UNDERWOOD b. 5 February 1951
    *44387c SUSAN UNDERWOOD b. 21 January 1952; m. HENRY MOODY, 5 March       1977; b. October 1935

40747b RUTH EMERY was born 3 February 1921 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She married ELMER HENRY BOLLWINKEL 13 Oct 1945 in Rochester, New York. He was born 14 September 1920 in New York City, New York and died 06 April 2001 in Lafayette, California
Deceased Name: Henry Elmer Bollwinkel
Sept. 14, 1920 April 6, 2001

Henry Bollwinkel, a finance and property management fiduciary, died at home from leukemia. He was 80.

The native of New York lived in Lafayette for 44 years. He was a graduate of Purdue University and Harvard Business School.

He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Ruth; daughter, Nancy Kandra; son, David Bollwinkel; brother, Cal Bollwinkel; and four grandchildren.

Services: Will be held. Private burial.

Memorial gifts: Hospice of Contra Costa, 2051 Harrison St., Concord, CA 94520.

San Ramon Valley Times (CA) - April 11, 2001 Page: A16
Ruth Emery Bollwinkel
Feb. 3, 1921-April 23, 2011
Resident of Walnut Creek

Ruth Emery Bollwinkel passed away in Alamo on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at the age of 90. She was born in Elizabeth, NJ on Feb.3, 1921. Ruth and her late husband Henry, met at Purdue University, from where she graduated in 1943 with a degree in Home Economics. Ruth was more than a loving wife and mother, she was a great supporter of her family. Always at your side when you needed her most. She was a Lafayette and Walnut Creek resident for 54 years.

Ruth is survived by her son David Bollwinkel and wife Alix Mitgang of El Cerrito, CA; daughter Nancy Kandra and husband Steve of Merrill, OR; and grandchildren Stephanie Bollwinkel and Aaron Bollwinkel of San Francisco, Lindsay Kandra of Portland, OR, and Chuck Kandra and wife Deidra of Albuquerque, NM.

Private family services will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, those wishing may send contributions in her name to Hospice of the East Bay, The Bruns House, or to Children's Hospital of Oakland.

Contra Costa Times, published April 27, 2011
    *44387d DAVID EMERY BOLLWINKEL b. 19 November 1949, Cambridge,       Massachusetts.
    *44387e NANCY LYNN BOLLWINKEL b. 03 February 1952.

La Rue W. and Meda B. (Allen) Emery
40747a DOROTHEA MARIE EMERY m. 8 Mar. 1939 EARNEST BERTRAM MUNDY b. 30 May 1912 Fleming, Co. d. 14 Dec. 1995 Greeley, Co. buried Haxtun, Co. s/o James O. and Maude E. (Kidwell) Munday.
    44388 ROBERTA MARIE MUNDY b. 25 Mar. 1940 Haxtun, Co.; m. 7 Jun. 1959       MERRILL WAYNE BERKHEIMER b. 10 Apr. 1939 Norfolk, Ne

Theron R. and Allie M. (Thomas) Emery
40750 RAY THOMAS EMERY m. 30 May 1935 Termopolis, Wy. ROWENE DANIELSON Res. Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Ca.
    *44389 FRANK EDWARD EMERY b. 2 Jun. 1936
    ~44390 THOMAS THERON EMERY b. 2 Dec. 1938; d. 16 Dec. 1960 Brooklyn,       NY.; unm.

Charles W. and Phebe (King) Emery

Wilfred A. and [-?-] (McKenzie) Emery
    44392 DOROTHY EMERY b. 1911
    44393 HELEN EMERY b. 1915
    *44394 LOUISE EMERY b. c. 1923
    44395 FRANCIS X. EMERY b. 1925

John B. F. and Sara E. (Greenish) Emery
40792 FRANCIS JOSEPH EMERY m. 31 Aug. 1925 FLORENCE FASSACHET b. 1 Jul. 18891 d. 25 Sep. 1974. He d. 2 Sep. 1963
    *44396 FRANCES JEAN EMERY b. 3 Aug. 1926
    *44397 MARY GREENISH/POLLY EMERY b. 7 Jun. 1930
    *44398 FLORENCE ANN/NANCY b. 4 Dec. 1931

40793 JOHN LEWIS EMERY m. 27 Jun. 1925 GERTRUDE MARGAERT MCCORMICK b. 1891 d. 1984
    *44399 SALLY ANN EMERY b. 5 Jul. 1926
    *44400 ELIZSABETH JANE EMERY b. 9 Sep. 1928

Daniel and Caroline (Daggett) Weeks
40798 ALBION MOUNT WEEKS m. 17 Oct. 1906 Pittsfied, Me. CASSIE MATILDA ROGERS b. 22 Jan. 1886 Knox, Me.; d/o Henry A. and Sarah (Linnekin) Rogers.
    44401 GENEVIEVE ROGERS WEEKS b. 12 Sep. 1907 Palmyra, Me.

William E. and Mary A. (Duncan) Emery
40809 LEWIS LANE EMERY m. 27 Oct. 1897 Angels Camp, Ca. LILY MAY EVERHART b. 28 Jan. 1880 Angles Camp, Ca. d. 20 May 1902 San Fransico, Ca. d/o Amos C. and Martha E. (Kirkland) Everhart. He d. 17 May 1902 Mendocina, Ca.
    *44404 DONALD LEWIS EMERY b. 26 Sep. 1899
    *44405 THELMA MARY EMERY b. 18 Mar. 1898 Angles Camp, Ca.

Edward C. and Magurietta (Moore) Emery
40819 HARRIET SPAULDING EMERY m. 12 Oct. 1904 San Diego, Ca. JAMES CHRISTOPHER HILDRETH b. 22 May 1878 St. Louis, Mo. d. 1 Sep. 1943 San Diego, Ca. bur. 10 Sep. 1943 s/o Henry W. and Mary (Vacheran) Hildreth. She d. 19 Jan. 1936 San Deigo, Ca. bur. 21 Jan. 1936. Both buried Mt. Hope Cemetery San Diego, Ca.
    Children San Diego, Ca.:
    44404 MARIE LUCILE HILDRETH b. 2 Aug. 1915; m. 21 Jun. 1946 Santa       Barbara, Ca. JOHN HAROLD STEELQUIST (Dr), dv.; d. 13 Aug. 1973 San       Diego, Ca.
    44405 JAMES C. HILDRETH b. 17 Mar. 1908; m. VIRGINIA KEMPE; d. 27 Sep.       1955 Martinez, Alameda, Ca.
    44406 WILBER H. HILDRETH b. 25 Sep. 1909 San Deigo, Ca.; m. NELL STEWART;       d. 22 Feb. 1971 San Diego, Ca.
    ~44407 EDWARD EMERY HILDRETH b. 16 Jun. 1911; d. 2 Jun. 1913 San Diego,       Ca.

Eugene C. and Elizabeth J. (Smith) Packard
40841 DORA ELIZABETH JANE PACKARD m. 3 Jun.1892 Henry co., Oh. GEORGE WASHINGTON CODY b. 1 Nov. 1874 Marysville, Union, Oh. d. 22 Apr. 1963 Tulsa, Tulsa, Ok. s/o John Jr. and Mary E. (Burr) Cody. She d. 10 May 1970 Alexandria, Licking, Oh. Both buried Indepence, Ks.
    *44409 CHARLES DELOSS CODY b. 29 Dec. 1893 Malinta, Henry, Oh.
    44410 JOHN EUGENE CODY b. 10 Jun. 1896 Malintha, Henry, Oh.; m. Oct.       1917 Columbus, Franklin, Oh. REVA BALLARD; d. 1975 Toledo, Oh.; 3 dau.; 1       son
    44411 HARVEY HOBSON CODY b. 29 Jan. 1899 Malinta, Henry, Oh.; m. 7 Jun.       1925 Caney, Ks. THELMA OLETHA MAZE/MAYS; d. 24 Aug. 1953 Durango,       Co.; 1 son and 1 dau.
    44412 GILBERT CLAIR CODY b. 2 Sep. 1901 Marion, Oh.; m. Apr. 1920 Grelton,       Oh. DELORIS SHANK; d. 2 Apr. 1964 Tulsa, Tulsa, Ok. buried there Floral       Haven; 3 sons & 3 daus.
    ~44413 BETSEY ELIZABETH CODY b. 17 Feb. 1904 Napoleon, Henry, Oh.; d. 6       Jun. 1924 Colorado Springs, Co.; buried Indpendence, Ks.
    44414 GEORGE WASHINGTON CODY JR. b. 11 May 1914 Marion, Oh.; m. 23 Oct.       1939 DOROTHY LILA SMITH; d. 23 Feb. 1967 Tulsa, tulsa, Ok. buried there       Floral Haven; 2 sons & 1 dau.

Knott C. and Flora L. (Bowers) Crockett

Mark L. and Sarah E. (Noyes) Hersey
    44416 MARK LESLIE HERSEY III b. 1922
    *44417 HELENA L. HERSEY b. 1924
    *44418 MARSHA HERSEY b. 1930

    44419 ALLEN JAMES GREER b. 1911; m. SUE [-?-]; m. HATSUKO/TERI [-?-]
    44420 JANE GREER b. 1915

40878 ALICE ELIZABETH HERSEY m. 27 Jun. 1931 Washington D.C. RICHARD MARKS WICK (Dr.) b. 2 Apr. 1903 Topeka, Ks. d. 18 Feb. 1956 , Md. s/o James R. and Ellen A. (Ryan) Wick.
    *44421 RICHARD HERSEY WICK b. 1937
    *44422 JAMES HERSEY WICK b. 26 Sep. 1941 Allentown, Leigh, Pa.

Edwin W. and Mary I. (Rider) Emery
40880 JACKSON HILL EMERY m. 7 Nov. 1931 New York, NY. FRANCES VIRGINA ROCKWOOD b. 11 Feb. 1909 Saratoga Springs, NY she d. 11 Mar. 1975 Doylestown, Ma.
    Children b. New York, NY.:
    *44423 VIRGINIA HILL EMERY b. 16 Sep. 1933
    *44424 MARY STANTON EMERY b. 15 Jul. 1938

Frederick and Marilla (Rankin) Nason
40882 DANIEL ARTELL NASON m. 1897 ANNIE WARNER NOYES b. 1875 d/o Gibbs E. and Esther M. (Warner) Noyes. he d. 1940
    *44425 ALICE MILDRED NASON b. 18 Nov. 1898
    44426 GRACE ARTELL NASON b. 11 Sep. 1900 Revere, Ma.
    44427 DANIEL ARTELL NASON b. 1903; d. 1930
    ~44428 NORMAN WARNER NASON b. 1904; d. 1906
    *44429 RAYMOND LINCOLN NASON b. 12 Feb. 1908
    *44430 FREDERICK CARISLE NASON b. 26 May 1912

Walter H. and Emma F. (Bailey) Delano 40883 FRANCIS DELANO m. OLA M. SAWYER Medford, Me. He d. 2 Mar. 1971 Augusta, Me.
    Children b. Medford, Ma.:
    *44431 AUDREY EMMA DELANO b. 4 Jul. 1912
    *44432 MILLARD FRANCIS DELANO b. 3 May 1916

Charles H. and Emma (Delano) Bailey 40885 WINNIFRED VELZORA BAILEY m. 24 Oct. 1901 DAVID DEWITT. He d. c. 1960 Fl.
    *44433 MARIAN EMMA DEWITT b. 2 Jul. 1902

    *44434 GRACE VIRGINIA BAILEY b. 28 May 1911 Milo, Me.
    *44435 ELWIN WILLARD BAILEY b. 22 May 1916
    *44436 CHARLES H. BAILEY b. 13 Apr. 1918
    444437 CHESTER EARLE BAILEY b. 13 Jan. 1921; d. 21 Jan. 1944 Austria WWII
    *44438 WALTER A. BAILEY b. 13 Jun. 1923
    *44439 HAROLD ROBERT BAILEY b. 30 Nov. 1928
    *44440 DORIS ELIZABETH BAILEY b. Nov. 1912

Andrew F. and Jennie W. (Berry) Ross
40895 NELLIS MAY ROSS m. 23 Jun. 1898 JOSEPH MILTON ALLEN CURRIER b. 3 Mar. 1871 s/o Allen B. and Mary I. (Kelly) Currier.
    44441 ROSS HAMILTON CURRIER b. 1 Dec. 1899
    44442 DOROTHY CURRIER b. 23 Mar. 1902

Nicholas and Louisa (Oakes) EMery
40912 JAMES THISSELL EMERY m. 21 Jan. 1884 St. George, New Brunswick, Canada MINNIE CHANDLER HIBBARD b. 6 Aug. 1866 St. George New Brunswick, Canada d. Nov. 1948 Port Aruthur, Ontario, Canada. He d. 23 Sep. 1929 Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada
    *44443 CLARISSA LOUISE EMERY b. 16 Aug. 1886 St. George, New Brunswick,       Canada

Temple and Elizabeth A. (Ogden) Emery
40917 WILLIAM OGDEN EMERY m. MARY BISHOP d. 10 Mar. 1937 Bay City, Mi. He d. 7 Jun. 1942 Detroit, Wayne, Mi.
    44444 OGDEN BISHOP EMERY d. 15 May 1962 Wayne co., Mi.

40918 CORA ANN EMERY m. 23 Sep. 1890 Bay City, Mi. WILLIAM ELIJAH BIGWOOD b. 3 Oct. 1863 Colchester, Vt. d. 16 Aug. 1927 Toronto, Ontario, Canada s/o Samuel A. and MAry A. (Herrick) Bigwood. She d. 10 Feb. 1940 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Both buried Bay City, Mi.
    *44445 MARGUERITE WEST BIGWOOD b. 25 Jun. 1891 Perrington, Mi.
    44446 PAUL HERRICK BIGWOOD b. 1 Feb. 1894 Bay City, Mi.; d. 21 Jun. 1917       Yfres, France; buried Poperinghe, Belgium
    44447 TEMPLE EMERY BIGWOOD b. 1 Feb. 1894 Bay City, Mi.; d. 29 Aug. 1894       Subury, Ontario, Canada
    44448 J. BIGWOOD b. 6 Apr. 1890 Perrington, Mi.

Hiram A. and Eunice W. (Anderson) Emery
440421 HARRIET GODFREY EMERY m. 20 Apr. 1892 THOMAS LINCOLN HANDY b. 4 Feb. 1866 Decatur, Il d. 23 Oct. 1922 Bay City, Mi. s/o Thomas Handy. She d. 30 Nov. 1953 Toledo, Oh. D. A. R. #78686
    Children b. Bay City, Mi.:
    *44448 DOROTHY HANDY b. 23 Mar. 1893
    *44449 THOMAS LINCOLN HANDY JR. b. 18 Mar. 1896
    *44450 HIRAM EMERY HANDY b. 29 Apr. 1900
    44451 PAUL AUGUSTUS HANDY b. 6 Apr. 1906


    44453 GEORGE EMERY KOLB b. 12 Feb. 1912

Elijah G. and Lottie (Corning) Chase
40934 CURTIS CORNING CHASE m. 21 Aug. 1917 MARIAM PERKINS b. 9 May 1894
    44454 DAVID GORDON CHASE b. 25 Oct. 1920
    44455 CURTIS CORNING CHASE JR. b. 3 Oct. 1922
    44457 CAROLYNE CHASE b. 2 Jul. 1924

Frank E. and Annie (Boughie) Nowell
40958 PERCY REYNOLDS NOWELL m. [-?-]_, s.p.; m. 22 Apr. 1922 Boston, Suffolk, Ma. LEONA ELIZABETH FELLS b. 3 Nov. 1899 Stoughton, Ma. d. 8 May 1973 Deland, Fl. m 2) Pierre J. Belliveau d/o James and Alice (Donohoe) Fells. He d. 15 Aug. 1926.
    *44457 ELIZABETH RUTH NOWELL-BELLIVEAU b. 28 Jun. 1923 Boston Suffolk,       Ma.
    *44458 LEONA IRENE NOWELL-BELLIVEAU b. 7 Jan. 1925 Cambridge, Ma.
    *44459 JAMES EDGAR NOWELL-BELLIVEAU b. 5 Jun. 1926; unm.

Stephen and Flora E. (Merchant) Chase
40962 EDITH CHASE m. 20 Sep. 1911 CHRIS FREDERICK MOE b. 21 Aug. 1886.
    44460 CHRIS FREDERICK MOE JR. b. 26 Mar. 1916
    44461 WILLIAM CHASE MOE b. 25 Nov. 1916 Seattle, Wa.

George L. and Alice J. (Morse) Hamilton
40694 LYDIA DUSTIN GERTRUDE HAMILTON m. 25 Jun. 1960 HENRY ALBERT WEBSTER JR. b. 14 May 1875 N. Andover, Ma. s/o Henry A. and Isabelle (Caswell) Webster.
    0000 MARGERY WEBSTER b. 21 Mar. 1913 Boston, Suffolk, Ma.

John F. and Sarah M. (Gale) Bryant
40970 LIZZIE MARIA BRYANT m. JOHN MORTIMER WILSON b. 1868 d. 1945 Quaco, New Brunswick Canada d. 1945 Newburyport, Essex, Ma. s/o John and Elizabeth P. (Devitt) Wilson. She d. 1957 Berwick, Me.
    *44462 GEORGE A. WILSON b. 1898

Arthur L. and Asentha (Page) Page
40973 FRANCIS LLEWELLYN PAGE m. 10 Jun. 1875 Bangor, Wi. ELLEN CORDELIA RICHARDSON b. 1855 Ca. d. 12 Jul. 1943 Los Angles, Los Angles, Ca. and buried there. He d. 4/7 Jul. 1923 La Crosse, Wi. buried Bangor, Wi.
    ~44463 ELLEN ARDELL/ELLIE PAGE b. 7 Feb. 1876; d. 24 Feb. 1893
    *44464 LULU BELLE PAGE b. 28 Dec. 1886 Castlewood, SD.

40974 ARTHUR BURLIEGH PAGE m. 19 Jul. 1888 Huron, SD. HATTIE PAULINA DAME d. 11 Oct. 1952 Chico, Ca. aet 81 buried Salem Or. d/o John W. and Clara A. (Mattox) Dame. He d. 28 Dec. 1929 Salem Or. buried there Jason Lee Cemetery.
    *44465 CLAUDE DAME PAGE b. 11 Oct. 1890 Mankato, MN.
    *44466 ARTHUR LIVERMORE PAGE b. 15 1893 Osceola, SD.
    *44467 CLARA ARDELL PAGE b. 27 Jun. 1895 Iroquois, SD.
    *44468 GLADYS EVELYN PAGE b. 23 Jun. 1901 Oriska, ND.
    *44469 IRIS GERTRUDE PAGE b. 23 Aug. 1905 Criswell, Or.
    *44470 MYRTLE ASENTHA PAGE b. 15Jul. 1908 Weyburn, Sask, Canada
    *44471 RUBY ELEANOR PAGE b. 25 Feb. 1913 Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

40975 WILLIAM HENRY WALDO PAGE m. 19 Oct. 1889 Blunt, SD. HORTENSE FORTIER b. 19 Sep. 1864 Chicago, Cook, Il. d/o Godfrey and Marguertite (Lamie) Fortier; m 2) 27 Aug. 1919 WINIFRED (JAMES) BODMER b. 21 jul. 1869 d. 20 Feb. 1951. He d. 7 Jan. 1938 Bangor, Wi.
    Children: ~44472 WALDO PAGE b. and d. 12 Nov. 1891
    *44473 ASENTHA JOSEPHINE PAGE b. 27 Apr. 1893
    ~44474 MARGUERITE MARIE PAGE b. 13 Aug. 1895 Bangor, Wi.; m. 13 Oct. 1926       ARTHUR CHARLES HERMAN b. 13 May. 1894 s/o Fredrick and Wilhemina       (Nannub) Herman; s.p.
    ~44475 VIOLET HORTENSE PAGE b. 6 Dec. 1899; unm.

40976 WILLIS MILLMAN PAGE m. 4 Feb. 1889 Bangor, Wi. ELEANOR JENKINS b. 20 Jan. 1862 d. 20 Dec. 1912 d/o David and Mary (Jones) Jenkins. He d. 3 Mar. 1933. Both buried Bangor, Wi.
    *44476 TRACEY M.PAGE b. 20 Apr. 1890

40976 ADELL LOVISA PAGE m. 23 Mar. 1887 MARTIN MENGETT b. 21 Feb. 1864 Money Creek, Sanck, Wi. d. 16 Feb. 1937/8. She d. 4 Jul. 1945 Bangor, Wi and both buried there.
    *44477 ARTHUR M. MENGETT b. 11 May 1889 Iroquois, SD.
    44478 RALPH WALDO MENGETT b. 25/26 Jul. 1894 Leon, Wi.
    *44479 HAZEL LAURETTA MENGETT b. 3 Jan. 1897 Leon, Wi.
    *44480 MARIE AMY ADELL MENGETT b. 11 Dec. 1898 Leon, Wi.
    *44481 CHARLOTTE MARGARET CORDELIA MENGETT b. 6 May 1904/7 Bagor, Wi.

William J. and Ruth (Emery) Page
    CHILDREN: ~44482 Inf. b. 1 Sep. 1892
    44483 ROBERT PAGE d. 27 Apr. 1897
    44484 RICHARD A. PAGE b. 24 May 1905
    44485 RAYMOND GERRY PAGE b. 16 Aug. 1907

    Children b. Topsham, Vt.
    44486 JOHN D. PAGE b. 9 Feb. 1889
    44487 child b. 11 Aug. 1902
    44488 JOSEPH PAGE b. 13 Mar. 1907
    44489 FRANK HENRY PAGE b. 4 Dec. 1912
    44490 RUTH EMERY PAGE b. 2 Mar. 1915
    44491 KENNETH HOWARD PAGE b. 20 Feb. 1920

Frank W. and Nancy (Welch) Page
40983 BURNS F. PAGE m. MARY E. CARTER b. 10 Nov. 1889 Eastman Quebec she d. 24 Apr. 1961 Ryegate, Vt.
    44492 FRANK WILLIAM PAGE b. 2 Jan. 1911
    *44493 ELMER CHARLES PAGE b. 22 Jul. 1912
    44494 RALPH CLINTON PAGE b. 27 Jan. 1914
    44495 EARLE GORDON PAGE b. 21 Jun. 1915
    44496 FORREST BURNS PAGE b. 16 Jan. 1917
    44497 ELIZABETH FRANCIS PAGE b. 2 Feb. 1919
    44498 IRENE LILLIAN PAGE b. 31 Jan. 1921
    44499 DOUGLAS CARTER PAGE b. 3 Mar. 1923
    44500 PAULINE IVA PAGE b. 29 Jul. 1924
    44501 SEWELL ALEX PAGE b. 31 Dec. 1925
    44502 GERALD RANDALL PAGE b. 25 Apr. 1927
    44503 STUART CARWIN PAGE b. 4 Dec. 1929
    44504 EVELYN PAGE b. 5 Feb. 1932
    44505 MADELYN ANITA PAGE b. 15 Apr. 1934

Edwin D. and Mary T. (Welch) Emery
40992 MEROA ETHEL EMERY m. 3 Jul. 1920 HENRY WILLIAM CASSADY b. 3 Apr. 1888 s/o Levi and Mary (Priest) Cassady.
    *44506 THERESA MAE CASSADY b. 11 Jan. 1928

40993 ORLO CLINTON EMERY m. 22 Oct. 1927 LUVIA VIOLA CRAWFORD b. 24 Feb. 1910 d. 27 Jan. 1988 d/o William and Louise (Fisher) Crawford. He d. 24 Feb. 1974
    *44507 WILLIAM NOAH EMERY b. 9 Nov. 1928
    ~44508 JULIA DELORES EMERY b. 21 Dec. 1920; d. 5 Sep[. 1947
    *44509 CRAWFORD FRANKLIN EMERY b. 14 Oct. 1943

40996 MARY GERTRUDE EMERY m. 26 Nov. 1929 JUSTIN MONROE ASHFORD b. 26 Sep. 1904 s/o Henry and Ida Ashford.
    44510 JOHN CORNELIUS ASHFROD b. 24 Jul. 1930; m. 15 Sep. 1948 MILDRED       IRENE FROST b. 22 Jun. 1931 d/o Lee G. and Mary (Cassady) Forst
    *44511 CLIFFORD JUSTIN ASHFORD b. 21 Apr. 1932
    44512 ELLEN GERTRUDE ASHFORD b. 23 Nov. 1934; m. 23 Aug. 1953 ARTHUR       LEE b. 2 Feb. 1934 s/o Percy and Rose Lee; 1 son
    44513 CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA ASHFORD b. 20 Sep. 1938; m. FRANCIS SANVILLE       s/o Vylain and Flossie (Coburn) Sanville
    44514 BETTY ELAINE ASHFROD b. 16 Jul. 1941
    44515 SETH STANLEY ASHFORD b. 17 Sep. 1943

40998 ELSIE RUTH EMERY m. 29 Jun. 1940 WILLFORD COUILLARD b. 21 May 1917
    44516 HOPE ANN COUILLARD b. 2 Jan. 1942
    44517 LYNDON GENE COUILLARD b. 29 May 1946
    44518 LORIE LOU COUILLARD b. 11 Dec. 1955

Charles and Mary E. (White) Newman
40999 MILDRED MAE EMERY m. 14 Aug. 1921 Kansas City, Mo. CLARENCE ALBERT VICTOR. Res. Haverhill, Essex, Ma.
    44519 CLARENCE VICTOR Jr. b. 25 May 1922 Kansas City, Mo.; m. 5 Oct. 1946       KATHERINE PETZOLD
    44520 HELEN MAE VICTOR b. 27 Oct. 1924 Hammond, Lake, In.; m. 11 May       1946 FRED WALMSLEY
    44521 CHARLES ROBERT VICTOR b. 5 Jun. 1928 Elizabeth, NJ.
    44522 JAMES ALBERT VICTOR b. 12 Apr. 1934 Elizabeth, NJ.

    00000 HAROLD EMERY
    00000 BERNIE EMERY

Martin and Emily E. (Collins) Crocker
41100 SABIN CROCKER m. 11 Sep. 1917 ZENA BELLE MOTT b. 29 Oct. 1892 Dowagiac, Mi. d/o Alpheus a. and Nancy M. (McCoy) Mott
    44523 SABIN CROCKER JR. b. 30 May 1918 Philadelphia, Pa.

Charlie C. and Anna M. (Skidmore) Emery
41103 EDITH MAE EMERY m. 3 Sep. 1904 Wixom, MI. THOMAS JAMES CONROY b. 25 Feb. 1878 d. 25 Mar. 1922. She d. 24 May 1957.
    ~44524 GEOGRE EDWARD CONROY b. 25 Nov. 1906; m. DOROTHY [-?-]; d.       1970; s.p.
    44525 THOMAS CONROY JR. b. 25 Oct. 1908; m. VIOLET MAY SALMON SCHULDT       b.18 Feb. 1922; d. 27 Apr. 1956
    ~44526 CECIL MARTIN CONROY b. 1910; d. unm. 27 Jan. 1935
    44527 LEO GEORGE CONROY b. 22 Sep. 1911; m. DOROTHY COONEY b. 9 Jul.       1914
    *44528 HELEN LUCILLE CONROY b. 5 Apr. 1913
    44529 CHARLES FREDERICK CONROY b. 12 Sep. 1914; m. BEATRICE CARPENTER       b. 7 Nov. 1916 d. 21 Aug. 1968, dv./; m 2) JUANTIA DARTER; d. 12 Oct. 1992
    44530 DALE EMERY CONROY b. 2 Mar. 1916; m. BERNICE [-?-]; m 2) CARRIE       [-?-] He d. 2 Jul. 1994
    ~44531 FLOYD CONROY b. and d. 1917

Albert G. and Philena H. (Colleth) Emery
41121 PATRICIA COLLETH EMERY m. WM. E. GARSON, dv.; m 2nd 1949 JAMES BERNHEIM, dv. 1957
    44533 ANDREW EMERY GARSON b. 15 Aug. 1945
    44534 WM. JEFFERY GARSON b. 12 Sep. 1946
    child 2nd marriage:
    44534a ANNE PATRICIA BERMHEIM b. 1951 New York, New York

William and Jane W. (Williamson) Emery
    *44534b. INEZ JANE EMERY b. 1924
    *443534d JOHN MORRIS EMERY b. 1928
    *443534E IZABEL ESTHER EMERY b. 1930
    443534 f&g twins

    *44535 JANE ELIZABETH WALTERS b. 1934
    *443535a DAVID CLEMENT WALTERS b. 1937

    443535b&c twin daus.
    *44535D SHARON LEE EMERY b. 1944
    44535E WILLIAM RALPH EMERY b. c. 1947

Edwin and Lucy F. (Wing) Emery
41137 CLARENCE PERCY 'Clancy' EMERY m. 18 Sep 1899 Bangor, Me. MABEL LOUISE BOLTON b. 20 Mar. 1880 Bangor, Me d. 16 Sep. 1956 Pueblo, Co; . He daughter of Walter S. and Louisa M. (Baker)Bolton d. 23 May 1950 Pueblo, Co. He was a minister.
    Rebecca Emery m. Albert Emile Morton
    Alice Emery
    Edwin Bolton Emery
    *44535f ANTHONY Ward EMERY b. 29 Dec. 1905 Kittery Point, Me.
    Phyllis Emery

Walter D. and Henrietta S. (Pearcy) Ellery
41215 LUCY A. ELLERY m. 2 Aug. 1909 JOSEPH EPHRIAM AUCION/CONNERS b. 29 May 1883 Rogersville, NH. s/o Albert and Mary (Caissie) Aucion
    *44536 HENRY E. CONNERS b. 2 Nov. 1914 Newburyport, Essex, Ma.

Chester L. and Nellie (Holgate) Segars
41225 HAROLD CHESTER SEGARS m. LILLIAN M. [-?-] d. 25 Oct. 1976 Turlock, Stanislau, Ca. buried there 29 Oct. 1976 Turlock Memorial Park. He d. Jan. 1964 Turlock, Stanislau, Ca. buried 27 Jan. 1964.
    44537 JEANNE L. SEGARS m. [-?-] MARTIN
    44538 ELAINE/LELIA SEAGARS d. 1973 aet 46 buried Turlock Memorial Park       Turlock, Turlock, Ca.

James R. and Laura J. (Segars) Voorhies
    44540 RONALD WALLACE d. 1982

William C. and Mary A. (Brown) Brown
41237 ELIZABETH CORELLI BROWN m. 4 Sep. 1929 Littleton, Middlesex, Ma. HIRAM WAYNE HARSHFIELD b. 8 Feb. 1899 E. Liberty, Logan, Oh. d. 20 Jul. 1979 Columbus, Franklin, Oh.. She d. 6 Jan. 1959 Columbus, Franklin, Oh. both buried there Walnut Grove Cemetery.
    44541 STANLEY WYANE HARSHFIELD b. 12 Jun. 1933 Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Oh.
    *44542 LOUISE MARGARET HARSHFIELD b. 18 Jan. 1936 Berea, Cuyahoga, Oh.

Henry C. and Sara E. (Dunn) Redlon
41272 EMMA MARGUERITE REDLON m. CHARLES A. THOMAS b. 22 Jan. 1898 Limington, Me. d. 7 Apr. 1973 Limington, Me. buried Hillcrest Cemetery W. Buxton, Me. s/o Charles W. and Lilliam R. (Dalrymple) Thomas. She d. 29 Nov. 1983 Portland, York, Me., buried S. Buxton, Me.
    44543 WILLIAM EUGENE THOMAS b. 7 Apr. 1918 Hollis, Me.; m. 28 Sep. 1941       MARY ELIZABETH ALEXANDER
    *44544 ETHEL BARBARA THOMAS b. 10 Aug. 1923

George L. and Marcia B. (Lord) Osgood
41290 MARGARET KINGSLEY OSGOOD m. STEPHEN RAND HOWE s/o Liverus H. and Adelaide (Rand) Howe.

Howard R. and Catherine F. (Childress) Emery
    *44547 MARY LYNNE BROULLIRE b. 1943

Weston B. Emery
    44547a STACEY ALAMEDA b. c. 1952; m. DENNIS ABRAHAM
    44547b KIM ALAMEDA
    44537c GREG ALAMEDA

[-?-] & Orma Janice (Emery) Decker
41292f DAVID WESTON DECKER m. 1st 1956 Concord, Ca. JOAN CARSON d/o Joseph and Macine Casron; m 2nd 27 Jul. 1979 Little Rock, Ar. BARBARA JEAN BERATO b. 29 Jun. 1935 San Antonio, Tx. M 1st Willis Mc Clann Cooper d/o Eugene and Loa (Mead) Berato.
    Children 1st marriage:
    44547d TERRANCE JAY DECKER b. 1 Mar. 1958 Martinez, Ca.
    44547e CARSON DAVID DECKER b. 4 Apr. 1958 Concord, Ca.
    44547f CONRAD LYLE DECKER b. 19 Feb. 1961 Concord, Ca.; d. 15 Mar. 1979       Little Rock, Arkansas, ashes were scattered over Pinnacle Mountain State       Park

41292g ARELNE PATRICIA DECKER m. 26 Sep. 1952 Carson City, Nv. WILBUR CHARLES FRYE b.15 Dec 1933 Martinez, Ca. s/o Charles and Irene (Kresha) Frye.
    44547G CHRISTOPHER DONALD FRYE b. 4 Nov. 1953 Concord, Ca.; m. 19 May       1990 Reno, NV. DARLENE “SAM” HAINES b. 27 Sep 1960 Boise, Id. d/o       Gratge B. and Cavette (Young) Hains
    *44547h JO-ELL JANCE FRYE b. 19 Jan. 1956 Walnut Creek, Ca.
    *44547i b. 19 Jan. 1957 Walnut Creek, Ca.
    *44547j PAMELA JEEN FRYE b. 5 May 1959 Alamogordo, MN.
    44547k CHARLES DECKER FRYE b. 8 Apr. 1962 San Francisco, A.; m. 18 Aug.       1990 Hakone Gardens, Saratoga, Ca. SHU-TING CHANG b. 10 Oct. 1964       Taiwan

    children 1st marriage:
    44547l SCORR LEACH b. a. 1954
    44547m CHERYL LEACH b. c. 1955; d. c. 1980 Martinez, Conta Costa, Ca.
    44547n PATRICIA LEACH b. c. 1956
    44547o ROBERT LEACH b. c. 1958
    44547p DEMA LEACH b. c. 1960
    child 2nd marriage:
    44537q WAYNE LAWRENCE b. c. 1962

Edward J. and Dorothy L. (Emery) Sawyer
41296 ANN EMERY SAWYER m. 25 Jun. 1949 Newton, Middlesex, Ma. CARL PETER KREMER b. 18 Feb. 1924 Washington D.C. d. 23 Jul. 1988 Darien, Farifield, Ct. s/o Carl P. and Mary E. (Bowen) Kremer. Physcian.
    *44548 KAREN EMERY KREMER b. 18 Jul. 1951 Charlottesville, Albermarie, Va.
    44549 CARL PETER KREMER III b. 10 Sep. 1953 Rochester, Munroe, NY.; m.       Darien, Fairfield, Ct. JOYCE ENG; d. 25 Nov. 1990 New Canaan, Fairfield, Ct.
    *44550 EDWARD ALLEN KREMER b. 22 Sep. 1957 Torrington, Litchfield, Ct.

41297 JANE SAWYER m. 20 Feb. 1953 Newton, MIddlesex, Ma. RALPH HOPE QUEENER JR. b. 16 Mar. 1925 Aliqippa, Pa. s/o Ralph H. and Grace (Fouse) Queener.
    children b. Newton, Middlesex, Ma.:
    *44451 SANDRA QUEENER b. 12 Sep. 1953
    44452 KIMBERLY QUEENER b. 2 Apr. 1960

Nicholas A. and Marie F. (Emery) Draim
41302 JOHN EMERY DRAIM m. 22 Sep. 1951 Philadelphia, Pa. PATRICIA SANFORD b. 27 Sep. 1901 Philadelphia, Pa.
    *44553 JULIA SANFORD DRAIM b. 4 Jul. 1952 Philadelphia, Pa.
    44454 ROBERT EMERY DRAIM b. 6 Jul. 1954 Ft. Ord, Ca.
    44455 KENNETH CARTER DRAIM b. 6 Jan. 1957 RI
    44456 DAVID FLEMMING DRAIM b. 11 Mar. 1958 San Buenaventura, Ca.

George F. and Lillias (Scales) Emery
    44557 GEORGIA JACQUELIN EMERY b. 2 Oct. 1972 Christiansted, St Croix, Virgin       Islands

41306 LILLIAS EMERY m. 24 May 1975 JAMES E. SHIREY.
    44558 DAVID ELLIOT SHIREY b. 26 Oct. 1978 Fairfax, Va.

Ralph L. and Helen A. (Emery) Smith 41307 AGNES GEORGIA SMITH m. 30 Mar. 1946 JAMES EMERSON STEELE b. 11 Aug. 1921
    *44559 ANNE EMERY STEELE b. 9 Jun. 1947
    *44560 THEODORE PHILLIP STEELE b. 22 Aug. 1949
    *44561 JAMES EMERY STEELE II b. 19 Sep. 1952
    44562 HELEN ELIZABETH STEELE b. 26 Mar. 1956; m. 26 Jun. 1982 JAMES R.       SHERMAN
    44563 CAROL JEANNE STEELE b. 26 Mar. 1956


George H. and Abbie M. (Cox) Palmer
41312 GEORGE WALLACE PALMER m. 11 Jan. 1899 Haverhill, Essex, Ma. HELEN PRINCE BROOKS b. 26 Aug. 1875 Celsea, Ma. d. 28 Jan. 1948 Haverhill, Essex, Ma. d/o William P. B. and Anna M. (Morrill) Brooks. He d. 24 Dec. 1939 Haverhill, Essex, Ma., both buried there Hillside Cemetery.
    children b. Haverhill, Essex, Ma.:
    44566 BROOKS PALMER b. 27 Dec. 1900; m. 20 Sep. 1924 JULIETTE DIX       MERSEREAU d. Mamaron, NY. d/o Haemon Mersereasu. s.p. m 2) 10 Mar.       1967 DYNA [-?-] ; d. 9 Jan. 1974
    ~44567 son b. 8 Jul. 1904; d. 10 Jul. 1904
    ~44568 ELIZABETH PALMER b. 25 Dec. 1905; d. unm. 5 Mar. 1986
    ~44569 ROSAMOND PALMER b. 25 Jul. 1908; m. WILLIAM OSGOOD BLANEY (SEE       #41773)

Luther S. and Julia K, (Green) Trefren
41324 OLIVE MARIE TREFREN (father Albert Martin Jacobson)
    *44570 EDDIE HOMER TREFREN b. 13 Dec. 1928 Butte Falls, Or.

42324 OLIVE MARIE TREFREN m. 1932 HOMER HANEY, dv.; m 2) 25 Jul. 1936 Medford, Or. ISSAC MILTON SMITH b. 1875 Ft. Jones, Ca. d. 1947 Butte Falls, Or. She d. 23 May 1968 Butte Falls, Or.
    Children 2nd marriage:
    44572 MILTON DEAN SMITH b. 10 Dec. 1938; m. CLAUDINE [-?-]

Timothy T. and Margaret M. (Seeley) Knapp
41336 FREDERIC BRYON KNAPP m. 11 Jun. 1902 Roxbury, Ma. GRACE NASON KINNEY b. 28 Nov. 1876 Billerica, Ma. d. 13 Nov. 1980 COncord, NH.
    44579 MARGARET SEARLE KNAPP b. 22 Oct. 1909 W. Medford, Ma.

James H. and Susan E. (Wentworth) Smith
41337 FRANKLIN WILLIAM SMITH m. 3 Nov. 1881 Lebanon, Me. ELLA ELLEN MOORE b. 16 Oct. 1863 Sanford, Me. d. 10 May 1900 buried Riverside Cemetery Springdale, Me.; m 2) ETTA HENDERSON. He d. 12 Oct. 1938 Lebanon, Me.
    ~44580 HENRY J. SMITH b. 24 Sep. 1882 Lebanon, Me.; m 1) 28 Nov. 1906       Haverhill, Essex, Ma. MINNIE RAY COLBY; m 2) ARLENE GRACE THOMBS (See       #44366)
    44581 VENA HAZEL SMITH b. 20 Jun. 1898; m. WILBUR FARNAHAM; m 2) ELWYN       JONES; d. 1 Nov. 1979
    44582 BESSIE WENOA SMITH b. 20 Sep. 1887 Lebanon, Me.; m. ROY EATON; d.       11 Nov. 1929
    44583 SUSIE MAY SMITH b. 18 Aug. 1889; m. BENJAMIN JOHNSON; d. 14 Dec.       1969

George W. Knox
    44585 NINA VANARSDALE b. 24 Sep. 1890

    44586 GEORGIA KATHERINE KNOX b. 29 Dec. 1886 Washington D.C.
    44587 DONALD WILLIAM KNOX b. 9 May 1889

Lucian B. and Clarinda (Olney) Hersom 41347b EMERY BRYON HERSOM m. 13 Jun. 1880 Pocahontas co., Ia. [-?-] HENTHOR%NE b. 21 Jul. 1860 Il. d. 4 Nov. 1927 Yakima, Wa. d/o and Margaret (Lane) Henthorne. he d. 7 Feb. 1929 Yakima, Wa.
    44587 ALVIN LUCIEN HERSOM b. 29 Nov. 1884
    44587a BERTHA HERSOM
    44587b EDNA HERSOM
    44587c NINA HERSOM m.[-?-] REYNOLDS
    44587d ETHEL HERSOM

Daniel and Mary (Durrell) Hilton
41349 ELLEN HILTON m. 4 Aug. 1862 Yor Twp., Green co., Wi. RICHARD GARRETT b. 10 Mar. 1834 Lucas co., Oh. d. 24 Apr. 1921 Hawarden, Sioux, Ia.. s/o Amos and Mary E. (Williams) Garrett. She d. 3 Dec. 1891 Calliope, Ia. Both buried Ireton, Ia.
    *44588 LIVONA GARRETT b. 21 Mar. 1864 York Twp., Green co, Wi.
    44589 ALVINA GARRETT b. 18 Jun. 1866 York Twp., Green co., Wi.; m. 25       Dec. 1882 Hawarden, Sioux, Ia. DEALTON WHEELER; d. 13 Jun. 1953       Hawarden,. Siox, Ia.
    44590 ALTHEA AMANDA GARRETT b. 19 Sep. 1867 York Twp., Green co., WI.; m.       FRANK MORGAN; d. 3 Jul. 1929/30
    44591 LEMUEL LAFAYETTE GARRETT b. 18 Sep. 1869 Gentry co., Mo.; m. 13 Oct.       1891 Ia. MILLIE HILTON; d. 21 May 1955
    44592 DANIEL GARRET b. 18 Feb. 1871 Union Grove, Mo.; m. EFFIE REDPATH; .       25 Feb. 1959 Alvord, Lyon, Ia.
    44593 CORA GARRETT b. 14 Nov. 1873 Ia.; m. MIKE DOLAN; d. 19 Dec. 1959 ~44594 LAURA GARRETT b. 19 Jan. 1876 Ia.; d. 19 Sep. 1877
    44595 OLIVE GARRET b. 30 Jul. 1878/79; m. Sioux co., Ia. SHERMAN MCANNICH;       d. 9 May 1892
    44596 FRANK GARRET b. 4 Apr. 1882 Ia.; m. FLORENCE SPARKS; d. 12 Oct. 1933

George A. and Ida E. (Griggs) Quimby
41358 ALICE ROSE QUIMBY m. 18 Feb. 1916 BATES TORREY JR. b. 3 Feb. 1890 Portland, Me. d. 17 Dec. 1978 Glen Cove, NY. s/o Bates and Sarah E. (Thomas) Torrey. She d. 17 Jul. 1971 Marcy, Ny.
    44597 WILLIAM G. TORREY b. 26 Nov. 1916 Syracuse, NY. m. 6 Apr. 1957 MABEL       C. DUNN