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Descendants of John Emery Chapter Nine  

Samuel T. and Alexandria C. (Nesbit) Johnson
32705 MARGUERITE OLIVE JOHNSON m. 26 Dec. 1917 CHARLES EDWIN TEMPLE b. 18 Sep. 1887 d. 16 Oct. 1945 s/o William W. and Sarah F. (Wood) Temple. She d. 21 Mar. 1978

Census Records:
Year: 1920;Census Place: Concord, Highland, Ohio; Roll: T625_1399; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 82; Image: 65.

Year: 1930; Census Place: Concord, Highland, Ohio; Roll: 1823; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 4
    *40105 MILDRED KATHLEEN TEMPLE b. 13 Jul. 1919 Sugar Tree Ridge, Oh.
    *40106 WILLIAM EVANS TEMPLE b. 10 Jul. 1920 Sugar Tree Ridge, Oh.
    *40107 VIRGINIA CHRISTINE TEMPLE b. 12 May 1923 New Market Twp.,       Highland co., Oh.
    *40108 DOROTHY IRENE TEMPLE b. 25 Jan. 1928 New Market Twp.,       Highland co., Oh.
    *40109 CHARLES EDWIN TEMPLE JR. 1 Mar. 1928 New Market Twp.,       Highland co., Oh.
    *40110 ROBERT EUGENE TEMPLE b. 30 Jul. 1932 New Market Twp., Highland       co., Oh.

32706 INEZ ESTELLE JOHNSON b. 7 Jan. 1895 m. 1 May 1917 FRED EARL KNECHTLY/KAECHTLY b. 15 Feb. 1896 Ripley/Brown county, Oh. d. 7 Jul. 1969 Ripley/Brown county, Ohio Certif #048869 s/o Lewis and Elizabeth (Rossman) Knetchly. She d. 29 Jan. 1980 Georgetown/Brown county, Oh. Certif #047446
    *40111 LOUIS EVANS KNETCHLY b. 14 Apr. 1920 Decatur, Oh.
    *40112 LUTHER KENDALL KNETCHLY b. 6 Nov. 1921
    *40113 INEZ LORA KNETCHLY b. 9 Aug. 1923
    *40114 ALVA LEROY KNETCHLY b. 6 Jun. 1933

32707 MARY LOUVISA JOHNSON m. 8 Apr. 1920 LOUIS ALVA HARSHBARGER b. 6 Apr. 1900 d. 5 Nov. 1945 s/o Luther H. and Elizabeth (Gall) Harshbarger; m 2) A. BELL, dv.; m 3) BRYAN NIXON. She d. 22 Jun. 1983

    Children 1st marriage:
    *40115 WALDO WINFRED HARSHBARGER b. 7 Aug. 1921 Hillsboro, Highland,       Ohio
    *40116 LOIS EILEEN HARSHBARGER b. 14 Nov. 1925
    *40117 ELEANORE MAY HARSHBARGER b. 9 Aug. 1927

Lewis E. and Dora (Dean) Emery
32715 HERMAN LEROY EMERY m. 16 Feb 1921 Hillsboro, Oh. MYRTLE LEA FAWLEY b. 19 May 1900 near Taylorsville, Oh. d. 23 Feb 1976 Wilmington, Oh. d/o Robert C. and Mary C. (Lance) Fawley.

He d. 20 July 1980 Wilmington, Clinton, Ohio. cerf. #047723

Resided Highland county, Ohio.

Census Records:
Year: 1930; Census Place: New Market, Highland, Ohio; Roll: 1823; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 19
    *40118 RUTH EVELYN EMERY b. 19 Sep. 1928 Highland co., Oh.

32716 HELEN EMERY m. 30 Dec 1930 Dayton, Oh. JOSEPH WILKIN b. 24 Sep. 1908 Highland co., Oh. s/o Dallas and Jennie (Hawthorne) Wilkin.
    *40119 DONALD WILKIN b. 8 May 1938 Highland co., Oh.

Robert C. and Effie B. (Emery) Euverard.
32718 CARL LELAND EUVERARD m. 18 Apr. 1946 DOROTHY E. PICKETT; m 2) 2 Aug 1952 THELMA ROSE ADAMS b. 26 Jan 1918 Aberdeen, In
    40120 CAREY LYLE EUVRARD b. 25 May 1949 Hillsboro, Oh.

Elmer C. and Minnie (Rotroff) Emery
32720b GARLAND HARRY EMERY m. 14 Oct 1936 THELMAS LOUIS FAWLEY b. 5 Dec 1916 Highland co., Oh.
    Children b. Cincinnati, Oh..:
    40121 CURTIS EUGENE EMERY b. 8 Oct 1940; d. 6 Oct 1947 Owensville, Oh.
    40122 WAYNE FREDRICK EMERY b. 18 Jul. 1944

Homer C. and Ollie (Workman) Emery
32721 JAMES MERRILL EMERY m. 10 Nov. 1934 DOONNA MARCELLA WELSH b. 24 Sep. 1916 Jeffersonville, Oh. d/o Frank and Mefee Welsh. He d. 23 Dec 1948 Bloomingburg, Oh.
    *40123 BRENDA SUE EMERY b. 8 Jan 1940 Bloomingburg, Oh.

Homer C. and Helen L. (Swope) Emery
32722 JOHN VICTOR EMERY m. 24 Jan 1846 Frazeysburg, Oh. MARILYN MILLER; m. 2nd. 13 Nov. 1976 Willard, Oh. [-?-]. Served with U.S. Army 1943-6 and U.S. Air Force 1951-3 as Flight Surgeon 810th Air Div. 97th Bomb Wing, 8th A. F. Physician.
    40123a KATHY ANN EMERY b. 9 Aug 1947 Columbus, Oh.
    40124 JOHN VICTOR EMERY JR. b. 11 Aug 1951 Columbus, Oh.; m.       KATHLEEN LYNN HALE 29 Dec 1972 Ashtabula, Oh., divorced
    40125 DOUGLAS GREGG EMERY b. 12 Aug 1953 Willard, Oh.

Milton C. and Katherine/Kate A. (Palmer) Richmond
    40127 MARGIE RICHMOND m. [-?-] MATTHEWS; ?2 ch.?

32731f WHERLE LEROY RICHMOND m. 21 Jan. 1922 NORMA SWANGE b. 1965. He d. Dec. 1957.
    40128 DALE RICHMOND m. [-?-]; 2 ch.

Harry B. and Jessie (Palmer) Loring
32731h MARIE LORING m. 1 Oct. 1919 BANNER H. CLORE b. 13 May 1895.
    40130 ROBERT CLORE b. 6 Jun. 1920
    40131 LOIS CLORE b. 18 Oct. 1923
    40132 BETTY ROSE CLORE b. 30 Apr. 1929
    40133 MARIAN CLORE b. 14 Jul. 1933
    40134 JEANNE CLORE b. 1 Jun. 1938

32731i PHEOBE LEOLA LORING m. 19 Oct. 1918 CHARLES DETMER b. 11 Oct. 1895
    40135 HERSCHEL DETMER b. 14 Oct. 1921
    40136 MARIE/MAURICE DETMER b. 21 Jul. 1923
    40138 DALE DETMER

Charles and Pheobe A. (Palmer) Rice
32731l J. C. RICE m. 28 Jul. 1925 MARY LOUISE DRESCHER b. 4 Nov. 1900 Spencer, Owen, In.
    *40140 Joseph Robert Rice b. 2 May 1924 Rising Sun, Ohio, In.
    *40141 Thomas Edward Rice b. 28 Feb. 1929 Corydon, Harrison, In.
    *40142 David Louis Rice b. 21 Apr. 1936 Corydon, Harrison, In.
    *40143 William Eugene Rice b. 8 Jan. 1941 Martinsville, Morgan, In.

32731m SUSANNAH EVELYN RICE m. 10 May 1935 Ohio co., In. RALPH HENRY BARRICKLOW b. 17 Oct. 1907 Ripley co., In.
    *40144 DEZELL WILLIAM BARRICKLOW b. 4 Aug. 1937 Ohio co., In.
    *40145 RALPH CHARLES BARRICKLOW b. 12 Jul. 1939 Ohio co., In.
    *40146 CAROL LEE BARRICKLOW b. 12 Jul. 1942 Ohio co., In.
    40147 CAROLYN RUTH BARRICKLOW b. 6 Aug. 1946 ?Milan?, Ripley, In.

32731n CHARLES CECIL RICE m. 30 Mar. 1935 Madison, Jefferson, In. AGNES ALMEDA SCLAF b. 14 Sep. 1914 Ohio co., In.
    *40148 JUDITH GAYLE RICE b. 20 Jun. 1942 Cincinnati, Oh.

32731o HUGH DALTON RICE m. 11 Jun. 1935 Staunton, Clay, In. GYWENTH AMELIS RIPPLE b. 10 Jun. 1909 Staunton, Clay, In. d. 13 Feb. 1987 bur. 17 Feb. 1987. He d. 5 Dec. 1977 Ft. Wayne, Allen, In. bur. 8 Dec. 1977
    *40149 MEREL DALTON RICE b. 21 Jan. 1941 Cincinnati, Oh.
    *40150 BEATRICE GWEN RICE b. 22 Jul. 1943 Dearborn co., In.

Edward E. and Florence (Kennedy) Palmer
32731p GLADYS LILLIAM PALMER m. 1935 CLAYTUS BINGAMAN, dv.; m. 2) 25 Nov. 1965 ROBERT J. JACKSON. She d. Dec. 1966 Ca.
    Children 1st marriage:
    40152 dau.

Samuel and Lillie B. (Arford) Campbell
    40153 JAMES DETMER
    *40154 ANITA DETMER
    *40155 LOA JEAN DETMER


James and Elizabeth/Lizzie (Arford) Campbell
32731w ORA CAMPBELL m. [-?-] THATCHER; m 2) [-?-] POWERS
    Child 2nd marriage:
    40157 CECIL POWERS

Lewis O. and Edith V. Arford
    *40158 GAIL LEE ARFORD b. 18 Feb. 1945
    *40159 JOAN LYNETTE ARFORD b. 1 Apr. 1943
    *40160 MARLA LAVONE ARFORD b. 18 Jun. 1948
    40161 GARY MARTIN ARFORD b. 27 May 1955

William W. and Harriet R. (Hayes) Edington
32732 ISADORE D. EDINGTON m. 21 Sep. 1892 Greene co., In. CHARLES E. COMBS b. 25 Jun. 1870 Taylor Twp., Greene co., In. d. 2 Dec. 1958 Linton, Greene, In. s/o William H. and Isabelle [Matilda Belle] (Faucett) Combs. He took a business course at Indiana Business University Indianapolis, In. and attended several normals, thus fitting himself for teaching, a profession he followed for four years. From 1894-8 he served as deputy county auditor under H. L. Doney; following which he engaged in the real estate and insurance business. In. 1907 served as president of the Bloomfield Town Board.

Charles E. Combs transferred membership to Bloomfield Masonic Lodge #84 on June 25, 1923. The records do not indicate which Lodge he came from. He was listed as being a 'general manager' on his petition to affiliate with Bloomfield Lodge. He served as acting Postmaster of Bloomfield from November 1, 1921 until appointed as Post Master on February 15, 1922, serving in that position until August 1933.

She d. 11 Apr. 1950 Bloomfield, Greene, in both are buried there Grandview Cemetery

Census Records:
Year: 1910; Census Place: Bloomfield, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T624_352; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 37

Year: 1920;Census Place: Richland, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 52 - Combe

Year: 1930; Census Place: Bloomfield, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 20A; Enumeration District: 13
    ~40162 EARL E. COMBS b. 29 Jun. 1893 Bloomfield, Greene, Indiana; m. 29 Jun.       1926 Webster City , Ia. MAMIE KOPESKY b. 1895 d. 1959 d/o Joseph and       Barbara Kopesky; m 2) GRACE HOLLAND; d. 5 Sep. 1989 bur. 8 Apr. 1989       Grandview cem
    Earl Eddington Combs was born in Bloomfield on June 29, 1893. He was an automobile salesman at the time of his petition to join the Lodge. Bloomfield Masonic Lodge #84 initiated him as an Entered Apprentice on December 27, 1924. He was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on January 2, 1925 and was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on January 5, 1925. Lodge records indicate he lived in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1927.
    Census Records:
    Year: 1920; Census Place: Fort Dodge Ward 7, Webster, Iowa; Roll: T625_518; Page: 13A - Lodger unde P.M. Doud

    Year: 1930; Census Place: Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; Roll: 609; Page: 26A; Enumeration District: 73

    ~40163 ELI DALE COMBS b. 1896; d. 15 Dec. 1898; buried Grandview       Cemetery

John P. and Nancy (Miller) Hayes
32740 JONAS HAYES m. [-?-]
    40164 HELEN HAYES m. [-?-] CUMMINGS; res. Bedford, Lawrence, In.

William J. and Della S. (Baker) Hayes
32741 BELLE HAYES m. FRANK KATES b. c. 1886 Indiana s/o James & Fannie Kates; m 2) 18 Jun. 1918 Greene co., In. RICHARD G. BAIRD b. 24 Sep. 1875 s/o William O. and Margaret E. Baird. She d. 1921 buried Dowden Cemetery Taylor Twp., Greene co., In.

Census Records:
Year: 1910; Census Place: Lyons North Ward, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T624_352; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 47

Year: 1920;Census Place: Taylor, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 69
    Children b. Greene co., In.:
    40165 MILDRED M. KATES b. 17 Feb. 1910; m. LAWHEAD WILLIS
    40166 BERNICE B. KATES b. 23 Sep. 1912 m. EVERET KEWP
    2nd marriage:
    40166 MARGARET L. BAIRD b. 24 Jul. 1920; m. [-?-] STOGSTALL

32742 SARAH R. HAYES "SADIE" b. 29 June 1890 d. July 1974; m. 7 Aug. 1916 Greene co., In. SAMUEL FAUCETT b. 28 Feb. 1890 Indiana 15 Apr 1957 White Rose, Greene, Indiana s/o John and Mary Jane (Linn) Faucett

Name: Sadie Faucett
SSN: 305-36-7398
Last Residence: 47441 Linton, Greene, Indiana, United States of America
Born: 29 Jun 1890
Died: Jul 1974
State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (1952 )

Census records:
Year: 1930; Census Place: Jefferson, Sullivan, Indiana; Roll: 629; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 23
    40167 WALTER FAUCETT b. c. 1920 m. NORMA BURCH
      U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
      Name: Walter H Faucett
      Birth Year: 1919
      Race: White, citizen (White)
      Nativity State or Country: Indiana
      State: U.S. At Large
      Enlistment Date: 12 Oct 1942
      Enlistment State: Indiana
      Enlistment City: Evansville
      Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
      Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
      Grade Code: Private
      Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
      Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
      Source: Civil Life
      Education: 4 years of high school
      Marital Status: Single, without dependents
      Height: 70
      Weight: 153
    40168 HELEN FAUCETT b. 2 April 1917 d. 5 Dec 1992 Florida; m. JESS LEVIS DOUGLAS s/o Curt & Ida Mae (Welch)       Douglas, 1 child

32744 FRANK MC KINNLEY HAYES b. 16 Nov. 1897 Switz City, Greene, Indiana d. 2 Oct 1974 Greene county, Indiana; m. FLOE MAE WILLIAMS b. 17 Mar 1903 Martin county Indiana d. 10 JUN 1974 Koleen, Greene, Indiana d/o Paris and Emma Jane (Matthews) Williams.

Census record: Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Jackson, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 10
    40169 GRACE LORENE HAYES b. 22 Mar. 1928 Greene co., In.; m. 19 Aug.       1950 Linton, Greene, In. ROBERT ELMO STALCUP b. 19 Feb. 1929       Greene co., In. s/o Charles B. and Zelda M. (Blaker) Stalcup
    *40170 MARY HAYES b. c. 1924
    40170a MADGE HAYES b. c. 1926 40171 LLOYD HAYES m. NELLIE CHAPMAN
    40172 WARREN R. HAYES b. 24 Oct. 1934 Bloomfield, Greene, In.; m. 6 Dec.       1960 Mooresville, Morgan, In. (rec. Greene co., In.) JANIE LOU MYERS b.       19 Feb. 1936 Worthington, Greene, In. d/o Theodore and Elsa       (Truelove) Myers

32745 FAYE L. HAYES b. c. 1903 m. MAUD COLLINS
    40173 EUGENE HAYES

32745a RAYE C. HAYES m. 24 Dec. 1923 Bloomfield, Greene, In. RAYMOND FEUTZ b. 15 Mar. 1898 s/o Marion C. and Anna (Jamison) Feutz.

Census Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Taylor, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 22
    40174 ANNABELLE FEUTZ ?ANNA D b. c. 1925 ?; m. HERBERT SKOMP

32746 LUCILLE GRACE HAYES m. May 1935 Nashville, Brown, In. HERMAN CORBIN b. 25 Oct. 1911 Linton, Greene, In. d. 13 Feb. 1982 Bloomington, Monroe, In. s/o Frank and Sarah (Hardesty) Corbin. She d. 2 Nov. 1981 Bloomington, Monroe, In. both are buried there
    40176 MARTHA ELIZABETH CORBIN m. 24 Jun. 1968 Bloomington, Monroe,       In. PAUL JEROME KLIENDORFER s/o [-?-] and Shelly Kliendorfer

Artemus W. and Ellen P. (Hayes) Aschraft
32750 CHRISTY WARD ASHCRAFT b. 23 Feb. 1894 Greene co., In. d. 17 Nov. 1972 Greene county, Indiana; m. 30 Aug. 1917 Greene co., In. ELI HAYWOOD b. 16 May 1890 d. 23 Jan. 1894 Linton, Greene, In. s/o Charles Dick and Rachel Ella (Faucett) Haywood. He Served in the Philippines. buried Ashcraft Chapel Cemetery Greene co., In.

Census Records:
Year: 1920; Census Place: Jackson, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 46

Year: 1930; Census Place: Jackson, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 10
    *40177 WALTER GRAHAM WARD HAYWOOD "BOB" b. 21 Jun. 1933 Linton,       Greene, In.

John W. and Fanny M. (McDaniel) Ault
32750c Nellie Myrtle Ault 13 Oct. 1891 Kansas City, Mo; m. 31 May 1905 Kansas City/Independence, Jackson, Mo. Alma Daniel Preator b. 6 Nov. 1885 Independence, Jackson, Missouri d. 19 Oct 1972 Independence, Jackson, Missouri buried 19 Oct 1972 s/o Richard & Lovisa Alma (Douglas) Preator. She d. 16 Jul. 1971 Independence, Jackson, Mo. buried there 19 Jul. 1971 Woodlawn Cemetery Independence, Jackson, Mo.

Census Records: Year: 1920; Census Place: Independence Ward 3, Jackson, Missouri; Roll: T625_923; Page: 5B
    children b. Independence, Jackson, Missouri:
    *40178 HARRALD/HAROLD ALMA PREATOR b. 31 Dec 1908
    *40179 VIRGIL DOUGLAS b. 10 Dec 1910 Independence, Jackson, Mo; m. 8 Aug       1931 in Independence, Jackson, Missouri
    *40180 RICHARD E. PREATOR b. 9 Dec. 1913
    40181 MILDRED Frances LOUISE PREATOR b. 27 Jun 1916 m. 25 May 1935       Denver, Denver, Colorado Lewis Granville Brown b. 3 Dec 1908 Ornogo,       Jasper, Missouri d. 12 Nov 1939 Arapahoe Co, Colorado m. Ivajo MacEy       s/o James Allen & Mary E (Gatlin) Brown, 3 ch.; m. 2nd 1944 Olathe,       Johnson, Missouri Ralph Lewis Luellen b. 1898 Richmond, Ray, Missouri,       2 ch.; m 3rd 4 Oct 1957 ARTHUR FRAME; resided Grandview, Missouri.
    40182 RODNEY DANIEL PREATOR b. 1 Dec 1919; d. 20 Apr. 1981 Independence,       Jackson, Mo.; buried 1 May 1981 Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence,       Jackson, Mo.; m. 26 Sep 1940 Independence, Jackson, Missouri Dorothy       Helen Bass b. 1 Feb 1923 d. 18 Nov 1979 Lake Shiek Oli, Odessa,       Lafayette, Missouri; 7 ch.
    40183 ROSE MARY MARIE PREATOR b. 17 Jun 1922; 27 May 1939 Wilbur       Leonard T Grotjan
    40184 CHESTER Glen "Chet" Preator b. 8 Jan 1925; m. ELIZABETH A. BURNSIDE       "BETTY"; 4 Children; res. Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri; he is on the WWII       U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Muster Rolls, 1939-1949 as serving on the Intrpid       & Bennington
    ~40185 DOROTHY MAY PREATOR b. 18 May 1928; d. 7 Jun 1928 Independence,       Jackson, Missouri
    40185a [-?-} PREATOR b. c. 1930 stillborn

32750d JOHN WALTER AULT JR. b. 13 Aug. 1893 Kansas City, Mo. m. 24 Feb 1920 Charleston, SC. LEAH MATHEWS b: 1897 Independence, Jackson, Missouri, USA d. 24 Feb 1920 d/o J. L. Ogier & Laura J. Mathews; m 2nd BESSIE SMITH LEA b. 22 Nov. 1896 d. 27 Nov. 1927 Charleston, SC. He d. 11 Feb. 1968 Columbia, Richland, SC.

Census records:
Year: 1930; Census Place: Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina; Roll: 2189; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 27 - with J. L. Ogier Matthews
    children b. Charleston, SC.
    40186 JOHN W. AULT "JACK" b. 25 Nov. 1920
    40187 LAURA FRANCES AULT b. 22 Jun. 1926

John F. and Ursula A. (Ault) Britton
32784 CHARLES R. BRITTON b. 2 Apr. 1894 Hymera, Sullivan, In.; m. 26 Dec. 1915/6 Greene co., In. JENNIE TETRICK b. 17 Jan. 1894 d/o Francis Marion & Ida F. Tetrick

Census Records:
Year: 1920; Census Place: Wright, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 76

Year: 1930; Census Place: Wright, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 15A; Enumeration District: 29
    Children b. Greene co., In.:
    40188 CLARENCE E. BRITTON b. 13 Oct. 1917 d. 11 Mar 2002 Switz City Cemetery Switz City, Greene, Indiana; S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
      Name: Clarence E. Britton
      SSN: 233-14-9201
      Last Residence: 47441 Linton, Greene, Indiana, United States of America
      Born: 13 Oct 1917
      Died: 11 Mar 2002
      State (Year) SSN issued: West Virginia (Before 1951 )

      U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
      Name: Clarence E Britton
      Birth Year: 1917
      Race: White, citizen (White)
      Nativity State or Country: Indiana
      State: West Virginia
      County or City: Mc Dowell
      Enlistment Date: 15 Feb 1943
      Enlistment State: Indiana
      Enlistment City: Evansville
      Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
      Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
      Grade: Private
      Grade Code: Private
      Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
      Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
      Source: Civil Life
      Education: 4 years of high school
      Marital Status: Single, without dependents
      Height: 71
      Weight: 187
    40189 AMBROSE K. BRITTON b. 11 Oct. 1919; d. Nov. 1990
      Name: Ambrose K. Britton
      SSN: 306-14-8402
      Born: 12 Oct 1918
      Died: Nov 1990
      State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951 )

      U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
      Name: Ambrose K Britton
      Birth Year: 1918
      Race: White, citizen (White)
      Nativity State or Country: Indiana
      State: Indiana
      County or City: Greene
      Enlistment Date: 26 Sep 1940
      Enlistment State: Indiana
      Enlistment City: Fort Benjamin Harrison
      Branch: Air Corps
      Branch Code: Air Corps
      Grade: Private
      Grade Code: Private
      Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the Philippine Department
      Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)
      Source: Civil Life
      Education: 4 years of high school
      Marital Status: Single, without dependents
      Height: 72
      Weight: 163
    40189a GAIL BRITTON b. c. 1923
    40189b BARBARA BRITTON b. c. 1926
    40189c DURWARD BRITTON b. c. 1929

Noah C. and Margaret L. (Ault) harper
32756 JAMES ELMER HARPER b. 27 Mar. 1890 near Koleen, Greene, In.; m. 9 Dec. 1912 Greene co., In. ARMINDA JANE HOLMAN b. 23 Feb. 1895 Poseyville, In. x. 10 May 1984 in Bicknell, Knox, Indiana d/o Esquire Alexander and Permelia (Tatum) Holman He d. 9 May 1972 Ragsdale, In. buried Flynn Cemetery

Census Records:
Year: 1920; Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 39

Year: 1930; Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 4
    *40190 OMA HARPER b. 7 Sep. 1913 Hobbieville, Greene, In.
    *40191 VIRGIL WAYNE HARPER b. 25 May 1915 Greene co., In.
    *40192 CARL RAY HARPER b. 21 Jul. 1917 Switz City, Greene, In.
    40193 THEODORE HARPER b. 9 Oct. 1919; m. ALTHENE HUCHEON; m 2nd       NORMA COOK/CROCK; d. 2 Feb 1995 Palsm, California; 1 child
    40193a WILBURN HARPER b. c. 1922; m. Irene Millette b. c. 1924 d/o Clarence &       Myrtle Theresa (Nadeau) Millette; 2 ch.
    40194 LENA HARPER b. 23 Apr. 1925 Cincinnati, Greene, In.; m. 4 Dec. 1946       Bloomfield, Greene, In. DARWIN GEORGE HARTSBURG b. 13 Dec. 1917       Sandborn, Knox, In. d. 17 Nov 1994 s/o Herman A. and Alma E. (Klutz)       Hartsburg
    *40195 BETTY LOU HARPER b. 23 Apr. 1929 Cincinnati, Greene, In.
    *40196 JAMES ELMER HARPER b. 13 Jan. 1932 Greene co., In.

32757 WILLIAM RANDOLPH HARPER b. 26 Jun. 1893 Koleen, Greene, In.; m. 15 Oct. 1912 Hobbieville, Greene, In. JOSEPHINE HOLMAN b. 10 Jan. 1897 Poseyville, In. d. 2 Sep. 1966 Linton, Greene, In. d/o Alexander and Permelia (Tatum) Holma. He d. 2 Apr. 1963 Linton, Greene, In. Both buried Flynn Cemetery

Census Records:
Year: 1920;Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 39 - As Randolph

Year: 1930; Census Place: Jackson, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 10 - As Randolph
    *40197 WILBUR DARRELL HARPER b. 1 Mar. 1916 Hobbieville, Greene, In.
    ~40198 LEONA/VILDA LOUISE HARPER b. 16 Mar. 1918 Hobbieville, Greene,       In.; m. 13 Mar. 1937 Sylvania, Greene, In. MIKE BROSKY b. 25 Jul. 1915       Ft. Dodge, Ia. s/o Michael and Pauline (Karaha) Brosky; s.p.
    40199 RAY HARPER b. 30 May 1921 Springville, Lawrence, In.
    *40200 HAZEL HARPER b. 18 May 1923 Hobbieville, Greene, In.
    *40201 HARRY SETH HARPER b. 31 Jul. 1926 Greene co., In.
    *40202 RANDOLPH JUNIOR HARPER b. 29 Mar. 1929 Greene co., In.
    *40203 LOIS ANNE HARPER b. 11 Mar. 1932
    *40205 RONALD LEE HARPER b. 4 Jun. 1942 Springville, Lawrence, In.

32759 ISA/ICIE JOSEPHINE HARPER b. 16 Oct. 1895 near Koleen, Greene, In.; m. 16 Jun. 1913 Cincinnati, Greene, In. John Kinsey Todd b. 14 Feb. 1883 Greene co., In. d. 29 Apr. 1976 Bloomington, Monroe, In. s/o Charles and Susan (Casten) [Suzannah Shasteen] Todd. She d. 10 Nov. 1991 Sullivan, Sullivan, In. Both buried Flynn Cemetery
Census Records:
Year: 1920;Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: T625_435; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 39

Year: 1930; Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 4
    Children b. Greene co., In.:
    *40206 FAYE TODD b. 14 Aug. 1913
    *40207 RUTH MARJORIE TODD b. 23 Dec. 1916
    *40208 RAYMOND RICHARD TODD b. 1 Apr. 1919
    *40209 CURTIS FRED TODD b. 16 Oct. 1921
    40210 WILLIAM MAC TODD b. 4 Oct. 1923 Cincinnati, Greene, In.; m. 15       Sep. 1946 Linton, Greene, In. ROBERTA KING b. 5 Apr. 1920 Koleen,       Greene, In. d/o Elberts R. and Dottie (Fisler) King
    40211 KENNETH DALE TODD b. 2 Oct. 1925

32759 ADA ALICE HARPER b. 24 Feb. 1898 near Koleen, Greene, In. d. 16 Jun 1918 Greene county, Indiana bur. Flynn Cemetery Greene co., In.; m. 24 Mar. 1916 Greene co., In. Joseph Wiley Todd b. 22 Aug 1885 Center twp., Greene county, Indiana d. 1956 s/o Charles and Susan (Casten) [Suzannah Shasteen] Todd.
    40212 DALPHNIE TODD b. 15 Apr. 1916 Greene co., In.; m. THURMAN HOOD       b. 7 Feb. Jul. 1938 Greene co., In. bur. Flynn Cemetery Greene co., In.

32762 CHARLES RAY HARPER b. 16 Aug. 1904 near Hobbieville, Greene, In. d. 4 Jan 1991; m. 13 Feb. 1930 Bloomfield, Greene, In. GENEVEA PRICE b. 7 Aug. 1912 Greene co., In. d/o Curtis and Laura (Burch) Price.

Census Record:
Year: 1930; Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 4 - With Noah Harper
    *40213 UNA JUNE HARPER b. 16 Jun. 1930 Bloomfield, Greene, In.
    *40214 DALLAS KEITH HARPER b. 10 Jan. 1936 Greene co., In.
    40215 MARVIN RAY HARPER b. 10 Dec. 1949 Linton, Greene, In.; m 20 Feb.       1971 Greene co., In. CONNIE NELL JOHNSON b. 15 Feb. 1953 Monroe       co., In. d/o Robert and Martha (Koons) Johnson

32763 MAMIE MAY HARPER b. 16 Aug. 1904 near Hobbieville, Greene, In.; m. 6 Sep. 1924 Bloomfield, Greene, In. EVERETT JAMES GARDNER b. 12 Sep. 1899 d. 21 Aug 1986 Stanford, Monroe, Indiana m 2nd 1975 Greene county, Indiana Fern (Holmes) Bailey b. 9 Apr 1914 Greene county, Indiana d. 12 Apr 1987 Greene county, Indiana d/o Edgar & Martha (Noel) Holmes s/o Henry Frank and Sarah (Sullivan) Gardner. She d. 26 Jan. 1970 Bloomington, Monroe, In. bur. Carmichael Cemetery Greene co., In.

Census Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Center, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 4
    Children b. Greene co., In.:
    40216 ROBERT EARL GARDNER b. 20 Jul. 1925; d. 11 Oct. 1944 France,       WWII, bur. Carmichael Cemetery
    *40217 EVERETT HAROLD GARDNER b. 20 Jan. 1927
    *40218 NORMA JEAN GARDNER b. 28 Jun. 1929
    40219 ROGER DEAN GARDNER b. 16 Oct. 1926; res. Tx.
    *40220 GERALD WAYNE GARDNER b. 15 Sep. 1927
    ~40221 LOIS EVELYN GARDNER b. 12 Jan. 1931; d. 29 Jan. 1931

32764 LOWELL HARPER b. 16 Aug. 1911 near Hobbieville, Greene, In.; m. 29 Jun. 1930 MARJORIE PRICE b. 11 Mar. 1915 Lawrence co., In. d/o Curtis and Laura (Burch) Price. He d. 15 Aug. 1968 buried Dishman Cemetery.
    Children b. Hobbieville, Greene, In.:
    *40222 PHYLLIS LORENE HARPER b. 13 Jul. 1932
    *40223 VELMA LOUISE HARPER b. 27 Jan. 1938
    *40224 HELEN LAVERENE HARPER b. 18 Jun. 1944
    *40225 ROBERT MAURICE HARPER b. 26 Mar. 1946

32765 NORVEL MORRIS HARPER b. 1 Aug. 1915 near Hobbieville, Greene, In.; m. 12 Oct. 1935 Bloomfield, Greene, In. LOUELLA BRILLS b. 24 Jul. 1916 Hobbieville, Greene, In. d/o Austin and Ada (Stauser) Brills.
    40226 LINDA JO HARPER b. 22 Feb. 1948 Linton, Greene, In.
    00000 CATHY HARPER m. DALLAS WAYNE THOMPSON s/o Rathoniel and       Evangeline Thompson
    *40227 KATHERINE MARIE HARPER b. 217 Nov. 1936 Greene co., In.

Irvin M. and Florence E. (Ault) Griffith
32766 CHOLE D. GRIFFITH b. 22 Oct. 1893/5; m. 19 September 1910 Sullivan county, Indiana Bk. 14 Pg. 567 M. Lic. Bk. 7 pg. 23 OSCAR HALBERSTADT b. 5 Sep. 1885 d. 21 Sep. 1969 possibly s/o James Clinton & Angelina (White) Halberstadt She d. 18 Aug. 1981 Wilfred, Sullivan, In. Both buried Westlawn Cemetery Sullivan co., In.

Census Records:
Year: 1910; Census Place: Curry, Sullivan, Indiana; Roll: T624_380; Page: 29A; Enumeration District: 164 - Oscar with Charles Mc Daniel - as brother-in-law

Year: 1920; Census Place: Curry, Sullivan, Indiana; Roll: T625_466; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 239

Year: 1930; Census Place: Curry, Sullivan, Indiana; Roll: 629; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 6
    40228 HAROLD HALBERSTADT b. 23 Jun. 1912; m. ELEANOR L. [-?-] b. 10       Oct. 1916 d. 16 Nov. 1975; he d. Jan. 1983 Terre Haute, Vigo, In. both       buried Westlawn Cemetery Sullivan co., In.
    *40229 JAMES E. HALBERSTADT b. 7 May. 1918

32769 HESTER BERNICE GRIFFITH b. 17 Jun. 1901; m. 27 Sep. 1922 Sullivan co., In. DAVID B. PARR b. 14 May 1900 Sullivan co., In. d. 14 May 1963 s/o Joseph H. and Louise Alice (Rogers/Rodgers) Parr. She d. 17 Jun. 1933 Sullvian co., In.
Census Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Jackson, Sullivan, Indiana; Roll: 629; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 21
    40230 DAVID B. PARR JR. b. c. 1923
    40231 VIRSINIA PARR b. c. 1925
    40232 LORRAINE PARR b. c. 1926
    40233 JOSEPH PARR "JOE MAC" b. c. 1929
    40234 ERVIN LEE PARR
    40235-6 twins d. inf.

32771 NANCY LOUISE GRIFFITH b. 10 Jun. 1905; m. HERBERT WORTH. She d. 17 Sep. 1926 Sullivan co., In. bur. K of P Cemetery Sullivan co., In.
    40237 RAY WORTH

32773 FLORENCE MILDRED GRIFFITH b. 28 Jun. 1909 Wilford, Sullivan, In.; m. 25 Sep. 1926 Sullivan co., In. ORA DECKER HOUSE b. 27 May 1905 Sullivan co., In. d. 9 Jun. 1972 Linton, Greene, In. s/o John W. and Margaret R. (Staker) House. She d. 25 Apr. 1973 Terre Haute, Vigo, In. Both buried K of P. Cemetery Sullivan co., In.
    *40238 DECKER LAVERN HOUSE b. 19 May 1927 Sullivan co., In.
    *40239 JAMES EVAN HOUSE b. 8 Oct. 1928 Jackson Twp., Sullivan co., In.
    ~40240 LAWERENCE WESLEY HOUSE b. 17 Aug. 1932 Terre Haute, Vigo,       In.; d. 23 Nov. 1950 Sullivan co., In.
    ~40242 ELISE MARIE HOUSE b. 31 Mar. 1935 Terre Haute, Vigo, In.
    *40243 ELLA ROSE ANN HOUSE b. 11 May 1939 Sullvian co., In.
    *40243 ROBERT HESTON HOUSE b. 18 Jun. 1941 Sullivan co., In.
    *40244 DONALD DEAN HOUSE b. 5 Jul. 1944 Sullivan, Sullivan, In.
    *40245 DONNA JEAN HOUSE b. 5 Jul. 1944 Sullivan, Sullivan, In.
    *40246 SARAH ELLEN HOUSE b. 8 Apr. 1947 Terre Haute, Vigo., In.

James R. and Julia F. (Kirkpatrick) Ault
32777 DAISY E. AULT m. 24 Jan. 1920 Greene co., In. HERMAN BALL b. 5 Jul. 1895 d. Sep 1987 s/o James W. and Caroline J. (Philips) Ball. She d. 13 Jul. 1985 buried Worthington Cemetery Worthington, Greene, In.

Census Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Worthington, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 11
    40247 LOIS BALL b. 5 Nov. 1920 Worthington, Greene, In.

Hubbard M. and Anna A. (Emery) Dowden
32780 C. EMERSON DOWDEN b. 15 Febraury 1892 d. 15 Jun. 1971 Tampa, Florida buried Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Tampa, Fla; m. 22 Jun. 1911 LInton, Greene, In. EDITH LORENE MILLER born 16 Mar. 1896 Linton, Greene, Indiana d. 5 Jul. 1957 Tampa, Florida. d/o Robert and Cynthia Margurite "Maggie" (Keller) Miller

They moved to Terre Haute, Indiana where Emerson got a job in a coal mine, but felt that he was called to preach the gospel. He moved to Chicago in 1925 and found odd jobs to feed his family as he built his non-denominational church. Emerson was hired by the Mars Candy Company and held that job for 20 years while he preached and expanded his church and congregation. Emerson and Edith retired and moved to Tampa, Florida in 1952.

Census Records:
Year: 1920; Census Place: Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; Roll: T625_468; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 188

Year: 1930; Census Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Roll: 475; Page: 28A; Enumeration District: 1386
    40247a LOIS EDNA DOWDEN b. 21 Apr. 1918 West Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana d.       25 Sep. 1985 Tampa, Florida.; m. 28 Jun. 1937 Chicago, Cook, Illinois James       Wesley MORRISS b. 5 Oct. 1914 Chicago, Cook, Illinois d. 22 Dec. 1977       Tampa, Florida s/o Wesley Newton and Martha Ivah (morton) Morriss; 6       children.
    40247b C. EMERSON DOWDEN Jr. b. 17 Jun. 1919 West Terre Haute, Indiana d. 1       Oct. 1919 West Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana.
    *40247c ELBERTA M. DOWDEN was born 23 Aug. 1921

32781 CORA FAYE DOWDEN b. 7 Sep. 1894 m. 25 Jun. 1911 Greene county, Indiana HERBERT MILLIGAN b. 25 DEC 1887 Indiana.; m 2nd FRED SCHIBE. She d. 1972

Census Reords:
Year: 1920;Census Place: Danville, Vermilion, Illinois; Roll: T625_411; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 149

Year: 1930; Census Place: Berwyn, Cook, Illinois; Roll: 413; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 2911 as Cora Schile
    Children 1st marriage:
    40248 WILBUR LEE MILLIGAN b. 5 Sep 1911 d. 13 Aug 1995.
    40248a PAUL EDWARD MILLIGAN b. 5 Jul 1913 d. Jul 1976.
    40248b EMERSON EUGENE MILLIGAN b. 30 Jul 1916 d. 28 Oct 1990.
    40428c LUCILLE MILLIGAN b. 1 Jul. 1921 d. 1 Jun. 1977; m. RALPH KIEFFER.
    40428d WAYNE LOWELL MILLIGAN b. 10 Oct. 1922 d. 8 Apr. 1987
    child 2nd marraige:
    40428e MARGARET SCHIBE b. c. 1929

32782 ORA LOVEL DOWDEN b. 2 Dec 1896 Greene county, In.; m. WINFRED MC GINNIS b. 20 Jan. 1889 d. 14 Dec. 1941; m 2) JEWEL SCOTT. He d. 14 Oct. 1985 Bur. Anticoh Cemetery.

Census Record:
Year: 1930; Census Place: Taylor, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 22
    40249 VERA DOWDEN m. [-?-] FISHER; resided Flowers Bluff, Tx.
    *40250 HERSCHEL VERNON DOWDEN b. 29 May 1924 Mineral, Greene, Indiana .

32783 ROSE VICTORIA DOWDEN b. 1 Jun. 1899 d. 4 Sep. 1993 Brazil, Indiana; m. CLIFFORD PLEASANT EASTER b. 27 Feb. 1892 d. Jul. 1964. s/o William H. and Orena (Jenkins) Easter

Census Records: Year: 1920; Census Place: Terre Haute Ward 7, Vigo, Indiana; Roll: T625_467; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 160
    40251a ILENE ZINOLLA EASTER b. 8 Aug 1915 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana d. 22       Jun 2004; m. 1934 EVERETT MC COLLISTER “FLICK” b. 14 Mar 1913 Clay       co. Ind. d. Jan 1971 s/o Ira & Nellie (Rader) MCCOLLISTER; 2 ch.
    40251b IONE MIGNON EASTER b. 24 Mar 1917 Vigo Co. Ind. d. 4 Nov 2001       Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; m. THOMAS H. BRANSON d. 25 Aug. 1996. 2 ch
    40251c ROSE MARIE EASTER b. 9 Mar 1919; m. HERBURT THOMAS
    40251d DOROTHY MABEL EASTER b. 21 Mar 1920 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana d.        29 Oct 2003 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana buried Highland Lawn       Cemetery Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; m. ROBERT CARROLL. 5 ch.
    40251e,f,g,h,i,j unknown

Harvey L. and Edith M. (Chipman) Emery
32787 BRUCE CHIPMAN EMERY b. 4 Jan 1908 d. 25 Jun 1965; m. 15 Apr. 1932 Sullivan, Sullivan, In. (rec. Greene co., In.) CATHERINE ELIZABETH THOMPSON b. 5 Jan. 1910 Bloomfield, Greene, In. d. 9 Jul. 1992 Mooresville, Morgan, In. buried 13 Jul. 1992 Worthington Cemetery Worthington, Greene, In. d/o John W. and Mary B. (Turpin) Thompspon, dv. 1945; m 2) 9 Feb. 1946 Bloomfield, Greene, In. RUTH BUTLER b. 27 Nov. 1916 Emett, Ar. d/o Wm. W. and Flora (Kirschner) Butler
    *40252 DELORES MAY EMERY b. 19 Oct. 1932 Bloomfield, Greene, In.
    *40253 JOHN H. EMERY "JACK" b. 1937;

32790 MAXCINE AUDREY EMERY m. 28 Feb. 1931 JAMES LOWELL GOODWIN b. 13 Feb. 1909 s/o Earnest Goodwin. He res. Bloomfield, In. She is deceased.
    40253a REBA GAIL GOODWEIN b. & d. 16 Oct. 1931
    NOTE: one married [-?-] KAUFMAN, 2 ch.; other married [-?-] MOCK, 2 ch.

32791 DOROTHY ELAINE EMERY b. 15 Jun. 1915 Knox co., In. m. 16 Feb. 1935 Indianapolis, Marion, In. [Recorded Greene co., In.] FRANK EDWIN LOFFLAND b. 10 Jul. 1916 d. 25 Jul. 1961 s/o Roy and Maggie (Miller) Loffland; m 2) 4 June 1961 GLEN HENRY COLLINS b. 31 Dec. 1906 d. 15 Nov. 1995; res. Speedway, In.
    *40255a JACQUELINE SUE LOFFLAND b. 22 Jun 1936 d. 18 Sep 1995; m. [-?-]       HOTT; 4 ch.
    40255b [-?-] LOFFLAND (male); m. [-?-] TAKACS, 2 ch.
    40255c [-?-] LOFFLAND (female); m. [-?-] ENT, 1 child; m 2) ROBERT AVILA b. 1935       d. 31 May 1990

32792 FRANCES L. EMERY m. 30 May 1939 Mitchell, In. (rec Greene co. In.) DELBERT WARREN JARMEN SR. b. 10 Dec. 1910 d. 14 Oct 1972 s/o Henry and Catherine (Sharp) Jarmen. She d. 21 Jan. 1987 Bedford, Lawrence, In.
    *40256 JUDITH JARMEN

Earnest V. and Nellie G. (Workman) Emery
32796 EARNEST VAN EMERY m. 28 Aug. 1948 HERTA A. KIRCHNER b. 30 Aug. 1926 Franfort, Main, Ger. m 2) Everett Osterloh d/o Andrew and Emila (Guembel) Kirchner. He d. Feb. 1981 St. Louise, Mo.
    40258 MICHAEL A. EMERY b. 30 Dec. 1949 Kansas City, Mo.

32797 ESTHER EMERY m. HARRY S. YOUNG b. 4 Aug. 1914 Dugger, Sullivan, In. d. 28 Jul. 1994 Bloomington, Monroe, In. buried 30 Jul. 1994 Grandview Cemetery Bloomfield, Greene, In. s/o Dallas and Maie (Headly) Young. WWI Veteran.
    *40258b SHERRY YOUNG

Thomas and Hannah (Wright) Martindale
32805 HARRY F. MARTINDALE m. EVA WILES, dv. He d. 27 Jan. 1989 Bloomington, Monroe, In. buried 30 Jan. 1989 Fisher, In. Highland Cemetery
    40259-59a 2 children d. inf.
    40259b JANE MARTINDALE res. Az.
    40259c ROSE MARTINDALE m. [-?-] JOHNSON
    40259d KAREN MARTINDALE m. [-?-] HAROLD; res. Indianapolis, In.

Harry Ebenezer & Rhoda Florence (Emery) Porter
32811e Prudie Bunn Porter b. 31 May 1898 born near Hunter, Kansas d. 9 August 1893; m. 8 June 1916 Guy Paul Clayton b. 30 January 1894 Kansas d. 16 August 1970 probably Harding/Mapleton, Bourbon, Kansas son of George and Kate Clayton

Year: 1930; Census Place: Mapleton, Bourbon, Kansas; Roll: 694; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 22
    40260 PAULINE LETITIA CLAYTON b. 7 December 1916 d. 31 July 1980; m.       JOHN PATTERSON
    *40260a DONALD PAUL CLAYTON b. 23 April 1918
    *40260b MABEL CATHERINE CLAYTON b. 29 January 1921
    *40260c WILLIAM RICHARD CLAYTON b. 1 March 1924
    *40260d JOE DAVID CLAYTON b. 29 December 1927

32811f MARY ELLORA PORTER b. 4 April 1909 Kansas; m. 14 May 1931 JIM SUTHERLAND b. 14 June 1909 d. 6 February 1975 probably Benton county, Missouri
    00000 RUSSELL DEAN SUTHERLAND adopted d. 1976
    NOTE: Data as written is: Russell Dean Sutherland b. d.?1976, Adopted, m. Keith Runyan, m. 5 November 1975, b.? d. 2/20/1981; m. Cecil McGhee m. 7 January 1990 b. 20 November 1906

32811g LAURA MYRIA PORTER b. 10 October 1910 Kansas d. 11 Nov 1993 m. RALPH RUBY
    40260e MARIE RUBY b. 6 June 1926; m. GLENN AKERS; m 2nd [-?-]; m 3rd       11 April 1929 LYLE JOHNSON

Ellsworth & Flora Ellen (Emery) Lester
32811i MARY AMANDA LESTER b. 22 December 1897 New York twp., Caldwell county, Missouri d. 23 March 1972 Chillicothe, Missouri buried 27 March 1972 Kingston Cemetery Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri;
Mrs. Leonard Miller, 74, a native of Caldwell County, died Wednesday afternoon at the Chillicothe Hospital. Mrs. Miller was the widow of Leonard Miller who died in January of this year. She had lived in Hamilton the past few years. She is survived by 3 sons, Donald Miller, Kingston; Lyndell Miller, Kansas City; Joe Wayne Miller, Excelsior Springs; and daughter, Mrs. Audrey Wright of Hamilton; 3 brothers, Jesse Lester, Warrensburg; Charles Lester, Manson, Washington, and William Lester, Montevallo; 3 sisters, Mrs. Hope Fellows, Jerico Springs, Mrs. Joy Chase, Kansas City; and Mrs. Elma Shadduck, Cameron; and 8 grandchildren. The funeral was Sunday at the Bram Chapel conducted by Reverend Jim McCullough. Interment was in the Kingston Cemetery.
m. 15 December 1920 Caldwell county, Missouri Bk. I pg. 351
Leonard MILLER (23) of Polo to Mary LESTER (19) of Kingston, both of Caldwell County, Missouri--Dec. 15, 1920-- at Polo By: D. L. Sayers, Pastor of Methodist Church, Polo, Missouri
LEONARD DAVID MILLER b. 26 July 1896 Caldwell county, Missouri d. 22 January 1972 buried Kingston Cemetery Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri
Leonard David Miller, 75, Kingston, died Saturday at the home. Mr. Miller was a lifelong resident of Caldwell County. He was a retired laborer. He was a veteran of World War I. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Mary Miller, Hamilton, MO. 3 sons, Lyndell Miller, 3706 NE 82nd Terr., Kansas City, MO.; Joseph W. Miller, Excelsior Springs, MO.; and Donald L. Miller, Kingston, MO.; a daughter, Mrs. Audrey Wright, Hamilton, MO.; 2 brothers, Arthur B. Miller and Ellis Miller of Kansas City, 3 sisters, Mrs. Frona Mercer, Mrs. Edith Roberts, Kansas City and Gertrude Johnson , Phoenix, AR.; and 8 grandchildren. Service will be at 11a [a.m.] Tuesday at the Bram-Clark Chapel, Kingston, burial in the Kingston Cemetery.
    ~40260f GLENNICE DALONE MILLER b. 7 February 1922 Kingston, Caldwell,       Missouri d. 24 February 1923 Kingston twp., Caldwell county, Missouri       as Glenys Certif. #4067-d cause of death Laryngitis Simple & Broncho       Pneumonia buried 24 February Kingston Cemetery Kingston, Missouri
    ~40260g HILDRED PEARL MILLER b. & d. 3 May 1924
    *40260h LYNDELL CHARLES MILLER b. 26 March 1926
    *40260i JOSEPH WAYNE MILLER b. 28 November 1931
    *40260j AUDREY VIRLEE MILLER b. 28 December 1938
    *40260k DONALD LEONARD MILLER 20 April 1941

32811k ELMA ELLA LESTER b. 21 Mar 1902 Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri d. 27 May 1988 Harrisonville, Missouri buried 31 May 1988 Cameron Memorial Gardens Cameron, Clinton, Missouri
Elma Ella Shadduck, 86, of Peculiar, died May 27, 1988, at Cass Medical Center in Harrisonville. She was born in Kingston, Missouri, the daughter of Joseph E. and Flora Ellen Emery Lester. Mrs. Shadduck grew up in Kingston but spent most of her adult life in Cameron, Missouri. She lived in Peculiar for the past 16 years. On June 22, 1927, she married Forrest N. Shadduck. She was a member of the Christian Union Church. She was preceded in death by her parents and her husband. Survivors include a son, Paul W. Shadduck of Peculiar; 3 daughters. Doris Cornelius of Waukee, Iowa, Ellen Whitmer of Chillicothe, Missouri, and Elma Larimer of Olympia, Washington; 2 brothers, Charles Lester of Mason, Washington, and Jesse Lester of Conway, Arkansas; a sister, Joy Chase of El Dorado Springs, Missouri; 12 grandchildren; and 18 great-grandchildren. Graveside services were May 31 at Cameron Memorial Gardens, under the direction of Poland-Thompson Funeral Home; the Reverend George Moore officiated. Pall bearers were Dennis Cornelius, Gary Cornelius, Charles Atwood, Chris Hansen, Dowell Kincaid and Troy Figg.
m. 22 June 1927 Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri Books J pg. 196
F. N. SHADDUCK (37) of Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri to Elma Ella LESTER (25) of Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri --Jun. 22, 1927-- at Excelsior Springs, Clay County By: Rev. D. W. Cox
FORREST NICHOLAS SHADDUCK b. 5 December 1889 d. 3 July 1969 Hamilton, Missouri buried 7 July 1969 Cameron Memory Gardens Cameron, Clinton, Missouri
Forrest N. Shadduck, 79, died July 3, 1969, in a nursing home in Hamilton, Missouri. Mr. Shadduck married Elma Ella Lester, June 6, 1927, Kingston, Missouri. Mr. Shadduck was a retired carpenter and a member of the RLDS Church. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Elma Shadduck; a son Paul Shadduck of Kansas City; 3 daughters, Mrs. Doris Cornelius, Des Moines, Iowa; Mrs. Ellen Whitmer, Richmond and Mrs. Joy Hughes, Kansas City; a brother, Paul Shadduck, Roseburg, Oregon; a sister, Mrs. Eva Truder, Los Angels, California and 12 grandchildren. Services were July 7 at the Micheal [Michael] Mortuary. Burial was in the Cameron Memory Gardens.
Resided - 1973 Peculiar, Cass, Missouri.
    *40260l DORIS RAVE SHADDUCK b. 23 May 1928
    *40260m ELLEN DEE SHADDUCK b. 9 February 1930
    *40260n PAUL W. SHADDUCK b. 24 March 1932; m. 14 Oct 1954 NERLE       BOHANNON b. 17 November 1936
    *40260o ELMA JOY SHADDUCK b. 15 July 1936

32811m CHARLES ELLSWORTH LESTER b. 1 October 1904; m. 13 Aug 1934 MILDRED LOIS DAWSON b. 24 September 1911
    *49260q JOHN EDWARD LESTER b. 17 May 1935
    *40260r GORDON MILES LESTER b. 21 September 1937

32811n BESSIE OLIVE LESTER “JOY” b. 29 May 1907 Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri died 30 August. 1969 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri buried 5 September 1969 Brasher Cemetery near Jerico Springs, Cedar, Missouri
Bessie Olive “Joy” Lester Chase, 82, of RR 3, El Dorado Springs, was born May 29, 1907, in Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri, the daughter of Joseph E. and Flora Emery Lester. She dies August 30, 1989, at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. On August 30, 1930, she was united in marriage with L. W. “Bud” Chase, who survives, in addition to her husband, she is survived by their 3 children and their families who are: Roy Lester Chase, his wife, Shirley and their sons, Bruce, his wife, Julia, and Kenneth, all of Middlebury, Florida; Dorothy Chase Carriker, her husband Ulysses “Casey”, of Stephens City, Virginia, their daughter, Kathleen, her husband, Dean, and grandson, David of Raytown; Normand David Chase, his wife, Robbie, 2 daughters, Martha and Jennifer, of Parkville, Missouri. Two brothers, Charles of Manson, Washington, and Jesse, of Conway, Arkansas, also survive along with 14 nieces and nephews. Burial was September 5, 1989 in the Brasher Cemetery, near Jerico Springs, Missouri. As implied by her name, Joy brought joy into the lives of all who knew her. She will be greatly missed by her family and many friends.
m. 30 August 1930 LAVERTISE WENTWORTH CHASE “BUD” b. 11 May 1910 Enid, Oklahoma 1 March 1993 Platte City, Missouri buried 5 March 1993 Brasher Cemetery near Jerico Springs, Cedar, Missouri
LaVertise W. “Bud” Chase, 82, formerly of El Dorado Springs, died Monday, March 1, 1993, at the Platte City Caring Center, Platte City. He was born May 11, 1910, in Enid, Oklahoma, the son of Lester Roy and Frances Elizabeth Blazier Chase. He is proceeded in death by his parents and 3 brothers, including his twin brother, LaVie Chase. On August 30, 1930, in Independence, Missouri, he was united in marriage with Joe Lester, who died August 30, 1989, on the couple's 59th wedding anniversary. Mr. Chase was a truck driver who spent most of his adult like in and around Kansas City prior to retirement to the Olympia area south of El Dorado Springs in 1973. After the death of his wife, he entered the Platte City Caring Center. He is survived by 3 children, Roy Lester Chase and wife Shirley, of Middleburg, Florida; Dorothy Ruth Chase Carriker and husband, Ulysses, of Stephens City, Virginia; and Normal David Chase and wife, Roberta of Parkville; 5 grandchildren, Bruce Chase and wife, Julie and Kenneth Chase of Middleburg, Florida; Kathleen Carriker See and husband, Dean, of Liberty, and Martha and Jennifer Chase of Parkville; 1 great grandson, David Kenneth See, of Liberty. Graveside services were held Friday, March 5, conducted by Rev. Warren Hall, with burial in Brasher Cemetery, Jerico Springs, Missouri.
Resided – 1973 El Dorado Springs, Missouri
    *40260s ROY LESTER CHASE b. 25 May 1931
    *40260t DOROTHY RUTH CHASE b. 4 December 1934
    40260u NORMAN DAVID CHASE b. 20 January 1947

32811q JESSE EDGAR LESTER b. 23 May 1912; m. 20 September 1939 DELORES LEACH b. 22 May 1918 Missouri d. 18 September 1989 probably Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas buried Crestlawn Memorial Park dau. of Richard B. and Barbara (Morris) Leach
Mrs. Delores Lester, 71, of Conway, Arkansas, died Monday, September 18, 1989. Born May 22, 1918, in Missouri, a daughter of the late Richard B. and Barbara Morris Leach, she was a retired nursing home employee, a Presbyterian and the wife of Jesse Lester. Other survivors are 5 sons, Richard Lester of Centerview, Missouri; Stanley Lester of Warrensburg, Missouri; Morris and Craig Lester, both of Vilonia, and Keith Lester of Greenbrier; 2 daughters, Mrs. Marylyn Smith of Mount Vernon and Mrs. Emily Lee of Greenbrier; a brother, Harold Baltinghouse of Kelso, Washington; 2 sisters, Mrs. Idoma Ellis of Ed Dorado Springs, Missouri; and Mrs. Mary King of Fredrickown [Fredickstown], Missouri; 14 grandchildren; and 1 great grandchild. Funeral services will be at 10a Friday at the Roller-McNutt Funeral Home, with the Rev. Jesse Thomas officiating. Burial will be in Crestlawn Memorial Park. Family visitation will be from 7-9p [p.m.] tomorrow at the funeral home. Pallbearers: Stanley McCannon, Dale Lester, Mike Garrett, Walter McCannon, Michael Lester and Eugene Farris.
Resided – 1973 Jesse E. Lester, Centerview, Missouri
    40260v RICHARD ELLSWORTH LESTER b. 21 Oct 1941; m. 29 Oct 1972 LOIS       MAXINE DRAPER b. 29 March 1932
    *40260w STANLEY JOE LESTER b. 5 July 1943
    40260x MORRIS E. LESTER b. 27 July 1945; m. 6 July 1977 NANCY LEE       MERRITT
    *40260y KEITH L. LESTER b. 27 July 1947
    *40260z MARILYN KAY LESTER b. 10 April 1950
    *40261 KENNETH CRAIG LESTER b. 18 March 1953
    40261a PAUL MILTON LESTER b. 30 August 1955 d. 20 May 1981; m. 27 Dec       1980 CHARLOTTE ADAMS
    Paul Milton Lester died yesterday of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident near Warrensburg. Mr. Lester is survived by his wife, Charlotte, of the home in Warrensburg. His parents Mr. Jesse and Mrs. Delores Lester of Conway, Arkansas. 5 brothers, Mr. Richard Lester of Centerview, Missouri; Mr. Stanley of Warrensburg, Missouri; Mr. Morris Lester and Mr. Craig Lester of Vilonia, Arkansas; Mr. Keith Lester of Greenbrier, Arkansas; 2 sisters, Mrs. Marylyn Smith of Mount Vernon, Arkansas; Mrs. Emily Lee of Greenbrier, Arkansas. Services are pending at this time.
    *40261b EMILY CHRISTINE LESTER b. 20 August 1958

Arthur Adrain & Mary Harriet (Emery) Luther
32811s WILLIAM BROWN LUTHER b. 8 July 1895 d. 22 February 1965 buried Kingston Cemetery Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri
Memorial services for William Brown Luther, 69, of Hamilton, will be held this Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Bram Chapel at Hamilton. Burial will be in the Kingston cemetery.

Mr. Luther died unexpectedly Monday afternoon of a heart attack at the home. He and Mrs. Luther were returning to the house from a nearby barn after doing some chores when he was stricken.

He was a half brother of Orville West, Mrs. Harlow Yoakum, Mrs. Glen Estes, Mr. J. O. Swafford, Robert West and Roscoe West, all of Richmond area.

Other survivors include the widow, Mrs. Ruth Luther of the home; five sons, J. W. Luther of Hamilton, Arthur Luther of McCook, Nebraska, Jack Luther of Kansas City, Jim Luther member of the Armed Services in Germany and Virgil Luther of California. Three daughters, Mrs. Betty Bowers of Fort Dix, NJ., Norma Ray of Kansas City and Mrs. Juanita Dortch of California and 15 grandchildren.
m. 4 April 1917 Cogwill, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. I pg. 209
William B. LUTHER (22) of Kingston to Crystal CHRISTIAN (22) of Cowgill, both of Caldwell County, Missouri --Apr. 4, 1917-- at Cowgill By: W. L. Myers, Pastor of Methodist Church, Cowgill, Missouri
MARY CRYSTAL CHRISTIAN b. 1 September 1897 Kidden, Caldwell, Missouri d. 18 March 1922 Caldwell county, Missouri Certf. # 7808-a; cause of death bronco pneumonia buried 19 Mar. 1922 Kingston Cemetery, Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri dau. of Richard H. and Ida (Millin) Christian

m 2nd 12 May 1926 Cameron, Clinton, Missouri Book J. pg.173 [recorded Caldwell county, Missouri]
W. B. LUTHER (30) of Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri to Nellie Ruth CUTLER (24) of Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri --May 12, 1926-- at Cameron, Clinton County By: H. E. Keltner
NELLIE RUTH CUTLER b. 17 May 1901 d. 7 July 1986

Resided Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri 1965

Census Records:
Year: 1920;Census Place: Grape Grove, Ray, Missouri; Roll: T625_942; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 136 - Listed with Harford Christin Richard

Year: 1930; Census Place: Kidder, Caldwell, Missouri; Roll: 1179; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 12
    Children 1st marriage:
    *40261c VIRGIL CHRISTIAN LUTHER b. 13 May 1918
    *40261d JUANITA CRYSTAL LUTHER b. 31 January 1922
    children 2nd marriage:
    *40261e JESS WILLIAM LUTHER b. 10 Feb. 1927
    *40261f ARTHUR NILES LUTHER b. 5 May 1929
    *40261g JACK BROWN LUTHER b. 7 October 1931
    *40261h CLAUDIE RUTH "PATTY" LUTHER b. 12 February 1934
    *40261i NORMA LEA LUTHER b. 29 March 1940; m. 11 March 1960 ROBERT       LEE RAY b. 6 April 1935
    *40261j JIMMIE DALE LUTHER b. 29 June 1943

Alfred & Mary Harriet (Emery) West
32811t FLORA BELL WEST b. 14 February 1900 Ray county, Missouri d. 16 October 1984 Richmond, Ray, Missouri buried Knoxville Cemetery.
Mrs. Flora B. Butler, 84, Richmond, died Tuesday at a hospital here. She was born in Ray county, Missouri, February 14, 1900 and had lived in Knoxville, Missouri most of her live before she moved to Richmond in 1977. Mrs. Butler was a member of Saint Paul Christian Church, near Knoxville. She leaves a son Estel Buter, Knoxville, three daughters, Mrs. Zelma Kinder, Carrollton, Missouri; Mrs. Thelma Knutter, Warsaw, Missouri, and Mrs. Ethel Teegarden, Knoxville; two brothers, Robert, Orville and two sisters, Mrs. Grace Yoakum and Mrs. Maggie Estes all of Richmond; nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Services will be at 1:30pm Friday at the Thurman Chapel, Richmond; burial in the Knoxville cemetery. Friends may call from 7-8pm today at the chapel. The family suggests contributions to the church memorial fund.
m. 3 Mar. 1918 ROBERT WILLIAM BUTLER b. 9 May 1897 Ray county, Missouri d. 22 April 1952 Knoxville, Ray, Missouri Certif. #13922 cause of death Myocardial exhaustion, Auricular Fibrillation Mitral Stenosis buried 24 Apr. 1952 Knoxville, Cemetery Knoxville, Ray, Mo. son of James A. & Ida (Mc Eleou) Butler

?m 2nd Mar 1954 J. O. SWOFFORD [SWAFFORD] b. 21 Mar 1897 d. 7 Aug 1989 brother Henry’s obituary of 1974 lists her as Flora Swafford?

Census Records: Year: 1920;Census Place: Knoxville, Ray, Missouri; Roll: T625_942; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 139;

Year: 1930; Census Place: Knoxville, Ray, Missouri; Roll: 1220; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 10

Resided Knoxville and 1984 - Richmond, Missouri.
    *40261k ETHEL MAUDE BUTLER b. 12 April 1919
    *40261l ESTEL LELAND BUTLER b. 27 February 1921
    *40261m THELMA FAY BUTLER b. 24 July 1925
    *40261n ZELMA MAY BUTLER b. 24 July 1925

32811w GRACE M. WEST b. 29 July 1905 Ray county, Missouri d. 8 July 1993 Richmond, Ray, Missouri buried Kincaid Cemetery 8 July 1993
Grace M. Yoakum, 85, of Richmond, died at 7:35pm at Tuesday, June 8, 1993, at Shirkey Leisure Acres Nursing Home.

Mrs. Yaokum [Yoakum] was born November 25, 1907, in Ray county, to Alfred and Mary Harriet "Hattie" (Emery) West. She married Millard Harlow Yoakum on December 1, 1928, he preceded her in death on July 5, 1972.

She was a lifetime Ray County resident and member of the Richmond Christian Union Church and the Order of the Eastern Star, Richmond Chapter #255.

In addition to her husband and parents, she was preceded in death by three brothers, Roscoe, Ralph, and Robert West and a half brother Bill Luther and four sisters. Flora Butler and three that died in infancy.

Survivors include two sons, Donald Ray Yoakum of Osceola and Robert P. Yoakum of Liberty, a daughter, Alta Ferm Still of Richmond; a brother Orville West of Richmond; a sister, Maggie Estes of Richmond; and three grandchildren.

Visitation will be from 7 pm Thursday at Thurman Funeral Home, Richmond. Funeral services are at 10:30 am Friday, July 11, at Thurman Funeral Home with Reverend Don Crowley officiating. Burial is at Kincaid Cemetery.

Pallbearers are Josh Yoakum, Doug Yoakum, Dennis Estes, Gary Estes, Dean Prewitt and Keith Proffitt.

The family suggests memorial contributions to the Ray County Hospice.
m. 1 December 1928 MILLARD HARLOW YOAKUM b. 13 March 1903 d. 5 July 1972 Richmond, Ray, Missouri son of Horace P. and Eva J. (Harlow) Yoakum

Census Records: Year: 1920;Census Place: Knoxville, Ray, Missouri; Roll: T625_942; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 140

Year: 1930; Census Place: Knoxville, Ray, Missouri; Roll: 1220; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 11
Resided Richmond, Ray, Missouri.
    40261o DONALD RAY YOAKUM b. 28 December 1929
    40261p ALTA FERN YOAKUM b. 4 November 1931; m. 4 November 1949       LEWIS VAUN STILL b. 10 February 1928
    *40261q ROBERT PEARLEY YOAKUM b. 13 Oct 1944 Knoxville, Ray, Missouri

32811x RALPH ALFRED WEST b. 11 December 1911 Knoxville, Ray, Missouri d. 30 May 1947 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri certif. #17672 cause of death Toxemia Heart, Liver, Kidneys, spleen & adrenal Generalized 1st & 2nd degree burns buried 1 June 1947 Sunny Slope Cemetery Richmond, Missouri. Station manager of Phillip 66.
Services for Ralph Alfred West, who was fatally burned at the Phillips 66 station, 13th and Franklin Streets, in Lexington on Thursday night, May 29, in a gas station explosion, were held Sunday afternoon, June 1, 1947, at 2:30 pm at the First Baptist Church of Richmond.

Mr. West died in the Saint Joseph hospital in Kansas City Friday morning at 9:00am where he had been taken for treatment.

He was born December 11, 1911, in Knoxville, the son of the late Alfred and Mary Harriet Emery Luther West. He had lived his entire life in Ray county, until 10 months ago, when he moved to Lexington.

He was married to Alvena Shumate December 25, 1927.

Survivors include his wife; one daughter, Kay Francis, three brothers, Roscoe of Kansas City, Missouri, Robert and Orville of Richmond, three sisters, Mrs. Flora Butler, Mrs. Grace Yoakum, Mrs. Maggie Estes, all of Knoxville, one half brother, William B. Luther of Hamilton.

Burial was in the Sunny Slope cemetery with Reverend James Heath of Hamilton officiating, and the Quest-Life Funeral Home in charge
m. 25 December 1927 ALVENA FRANCES SHUMATE b. 29 September 1913 ?Alvena F. West b. 1 Oct 1913 d. 1 Jan 2006 probably Richmond, Ray, Missouri?
    ~40261r JAMES RALPH WEST b. 27 June 1939 d. 16 February 1940 Ray       county, Missouri Certif. # 7902
    40261s KAY FRANCIS WEST b. 11 May 1941; m. 26 July 1963 RONDALL       TRAVILLION b. 14 December 1942 d. 24 February 1989 Richmond, Ray,       Missouri

32811z ORVILLE PEARL WEST b. 14 December 1915 Taitsville, Missouri d. 20 August 1996 Richmond, Ray, Missouri 20 August 1996 Sunny Slope Cemetery.
Orville P. West, 80, of Richmond, Missouri, died at 2:20pm, Tuesday, August 20, 1996, at the Ray county memorial hospital in Richmond. Funeral services will be held 2:00 pm Friday, August 23, at Thurman Funeral Home, Richmond. Military graveside services will follow at Sunny Slope Cemetery, Richmond. Conducted by the Ray county Veterans. Visitation will be 7-8pm Thursday, at the Thurman Funeral Home, Richmond, Missouri. Mr. West was born December 14, 1915, in Taitsville, Missouri, to Alfred and Harriet (Emery) West. He married Jessie M. Davidson of Richmond, on April 12, 1947; she survives of the home.

Other survivors include one sister, Maggie Estes of Richmond; and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by one son who died in infancy. Charles Dean West; four brothers, Robert, Ralph, Roscoe West and Bill Luther. Two sisters, Grace Yoakum and Flora Butler.

Mr. West worked in the Maintenance Department at the VA Hospital in Excelsior Springs and Kansas City, Missouri. He then served as Commissioner of the Richmond Water Department. He worked in the Maintenance Department for the Richmond School District before retiring.

He was a member of the Saint Paul's Christian Union Church. He also was a member of the Richmond V. W. W., Richmond American Legion and Disabled American Veterans. Mr. West was a US Army Veteran of WWII.
    ~40261t CHARLES DEAN WEST b. & d. 1949 ? infant West February 1949       Springfield, Greene, Missouri Certf. #4611?

32812b MAGGIE LOUISE WEST b. 31 August 1918 d. 24 August 2006 Richmond, Ray, Missouri m. 31 August 1939 Jacob Glen Estes b. 25 August 1915 Ray county, Missouri d. 21 Jun 1980 Richmond, Ray, Missouri buried Richmond Memorial Gardens Richmond, Ray, Missouri son of N. B. and Florence (Gentry) Estes.
Funeral services were scheduled for 1:30pm today at Saint Paul's Christian Union Church near Knoxville for Glen Estes, 64, 160 south Institute, Richmond. Mr. Estes died June 21, 1980 at Ray County Memorial Hospital following a lengthy illness.

He was born August 25, 1915 in Ray County, a son of N. B. and Florence Gentry Estes. He was married to Maggie West of Ray County on August 31, 1939. She survives of the home.

Mr. Estes had been a farmer and had worked for the Missouri State Highway Department. He retired six years ago. He was a member of the Church and a lifelong resident of Ray county.

He is survived by two sons, Gary Estes and Dennis Estes, of Richmond; one daughter, Mrs. Glenda Prewitt, Excelsior Springs; four sisters, Mrs. Anna Hendrix, Mrs. Noah Johnson, both of Richmond, Mrs. Dorothy Hilton, Kansas City and Mrs. Colene McFall, Polo; and one granddaughter, Amy Estes, Richmond. Four brothers and two sisters preceded him in death.

Reverend Norman Goodman officiated at the funeral services toady. Burial was in Richmond Memory Gardens with Wilbur Estes, Norman Estes, Melvin Hendrix, Milo Hendrix, Lindell Forson, Billy Johnson, Clarence Dothagy and Jim McFall serving as pallbearers
Resided Richmond, Missouri.
    40261u GLENDA SUE ESTES b. 12 January 1941; m. 18 October 1963       HAROLD DEAN PREWITT b. 17 November 1943
    *40261v GARY LEE ESTES b. 28 September 1942
    *40261w DENNIS WAYNE ESTES b. 11 September 1956

Jonas Duane & Lillian E. (Parker) Emery
32812c JESSE DUANE EMERY b. 11 February 1902 d. 16 November 1956; m. 31 December 1923; m. IONE BETHEL SPURGEON d. 27 September 1984 ??possibly Ione Emery b. 7 June 1903 d. September 1984 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado??

Census records:
Year: 1930; Census Place: Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado; Roll: 245; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 42
    *40261x BETTY LILENE EMERY b. 10 October 1924
    *40261y DOLORES ANNE "DEE" EMERY b. 25 Dec 1927
    *40261z JACQUELINE LOUISE EMERY b. 6 August 1932
    *40262 MARALEE ORA EMERY b. 16 May 1934
    *40262a JO RENE EMERY “JODY” b. 3 September 1935

Pierce M. & Jennie (Emery) Hughes
32812e LONNIE MERIDETH HUGHES “LON” b. 7 April 1903 Missouri d. 23 July 1959 San Francisco, California burial Golden Gate National Cemetery; m. Jul 1927 Verna [-?-]
Funeral services for Lon M. Hughes, well known San Francisco public relations consultant and former financial editor of the Examiner, will be conducted at 1:00 pm Monday at the N. Gray & Company chapel, Post and Division Street.

The rites will be followed by
internment at the Golden Gate National Cemetery. Mr. Hughes served with the 7th Fleet in World War II as a Commander. He was awarded the Bronze star for meritorious service with the 7th Fleet. He died late Wednesday night, July 23, 1959 of a heart attack at his home, 2443 Gough Street, he was 56.

At the age of 16, Mr. Hughes, joined the US Navy and served as a wireless operator. Among his Ports of Call were Yokohoma, Japan during the earthquake. Shanghai, China at the time of the Boxer uprising.

In recent years, Mr. Hughes owned and operated the Hughes Organization, a public relations firm at 376 Sutter Street. He began his career in the newspaper business in 1925 as an office boy on the San Francisco bulletin. He was Assistant Financial Editor when the Bulletin was merged with the Call.

In 1929, Mr. Hughes joined the Wall Street Journal and became its city editor in 1932. At the same time he began a daily financial radio network program with the National Broadcasting company. He was appointed Financial Editor of the Examiner in 1933, a position he held until he went into business for himself in 1947.

Mr. Hughes' wife Charlotte, died in 1957. He leaves 2 sons, Timothy, 12, and Lon Kennedy, 7. Mr. Hughes is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Jennie Palmer, 3 brothers, Theodore, William and Ray Hughes, all of Anaheim, 2 sisters, Mrs. Velma Thompson, and Mrs. Lillie Lindahl.
m 2nd 1945 CHARLOTTE KENNEDY HYDE b. 1918 d. 10 February 1957.

After Lonnie died the trustee of his estate, Frank Gentles, had custody of Timothy and Kennedy. No contact with Timothy and Kennedy since 1965.
    40262b TIMOTHY LON HUGHES b. 21 February 1947
    40262c LON KENNEDY HUGHES b. 14 September 1951

32812g VELMA LAVERN HUGHES b. 17 February 1908 Missouri d. 7 May1994; m. 20 Jan 1925 Vern Edward Pence; m 2nd 8 May 1937 Frank Martin Thompson b. 8 July 1907 d. 28 Jun. 1978; m 3rd Harold Dobenecker ??b. 1 July 1908 New York d. 25 May 1996 Sonoma County, California son of: [-?-] & [-?-] (Hoops) Dobenecker??
    *40262d MAXINE ETHEL PENCE b. 9 October 1929
    *40262e JEANETTA LEE PENCE b. 14 July 1931

32812h LILLIE MILDRED HUGHES b. 9 May 1913 d. 24 August 1959 Kansas; m. November 1928 DENNIS MATTESON

32812k WILLIAM GORDON HUGHES b. 18 July 1918 d. 11 April 1976 Missouri; m. ROX ANN CLEAVER, m 2nd [-?-]
    Children: 40262g DANIEL HUGHES
    40262h DANA LEE HUGHES b. 28 May 19_ d. 29 September 1953

32812l THEODORE BENJAMIN HUGHES b. 4 October 1921 Missouri; m. DORENE MALONE b. 11 August 1921 St. Joseph, Missouri d. 17 February 1979 Orange county, Missouri buried Melrose
    *40262i Ronnie Flynn Hughes b. 28 May 1942

Wilbur Chesterfield & Anna Estella (Emery) Elliott
32812n J. W. ELLIOTT b. 19 May 1905; m. 28 March 1924 Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. J Pg. 120
J. W. ELLIOTT (19) to Retha BRELSFORD (17), both of Elmira, Ray County, Missouri--Mar. 28, 1925-- at Kingston By: N. Ernest Bottom, Minister C. D. Brelsford, father of Retha & the father of J. W. gave consent
RETHA BLANCH BRELSFORD b. 30 August 1909 north of Elmira, Missouri d. 22 July 1981 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri buried Prairie Ridge Cemetery near Polo, Missouri dau. Joseph and Cedia (Sweatman) Brelsford.
Retha Blanch Elliott, 71, was born August 30, 1909, on a farm north of Elmira, Missouri and died July 22, 1981, at Saint Lukes Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

She was the oldest daughter of Joseph and Cedia Sweatman Brelsford. She attended Mound School. Retha joined the Baptist Church early in life and was an active member at the time of her death.

Retha was united in marriage to J. W. Elliott on March 28, 1924. To this union for children were born.

Surviving is her husband, J. W. of the home at Polo; one son, Joe Elliott, Independence; 3 daughters, Colene Clark, Hamilton; Luette McFall, Polo; Rita Louise Fell, Cowgill; 2 sisters, Christina Elliott, Hamilton, Viola McLallen, Richmond; 2 brothers, Milton Brelsford, Cameron, and Raymond Brelsford, Lathrop; 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. The funeral service was held Saturday, July 25, at 1:30 pm in the Cowgill Baptist Church with Reverend Alvin McGill and Rev. Joe Porter officiating. Burial was in the Prairie Ridge Cemetery near Polo.
m 2nd 15 August 1985 ELMA ETOYLE MC GINESS b. 16 October 1914 near Orrick, Missouri d. 24 August 1997 Richmond, Ray, Missouri m 1st Emil E. Bruns dau. of Chester Lee and Velma (Caldwell Boyer) Mc Ginnis
Elma Etoyle Bruns Elliott, 82, of Polo, Missouri, died at 10:41 pm, Sunday, August 24, 1997, at the Ray County Memorial Hospital in Richmond, Missouri.

Mrs. Elliott was born October 27, 1914, near Orrick, Missouri, to Chester Lee and Velma Caldwell Boyer McGinnis. She married Emil E. Bruns of Ray County on October 22, 1936; he preceded her in death on October 30, 1982. She later married J. W. Elliott of Polo, Missouri, on August 14, 1985; he survives of the home.

Other survivors include one step-son, Joe Elliott of Hamilton, Missouri, 3 step-daughters, Colene Clark and Luetta McFall of Hamilton and Louise Feil of Cowgill, Missouri; 2 brothers, Wayne McGinnis of Independence, Missouri and Bobby G. McGinnis of Lebanon, Missouri, 1 sister, Edith Bellis of Camdenton, Missouri; 10 step-grandchildren and 8 step great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents and first husband she was preceded in death by one brother, Woodrow McGinnis; 1 sister, Imogene Bruns.

Mrs. Elliott was a member of the Cowgill Baptist Church in Cowgill, Missouri. She lived near Richmond, Missouri, in the Lillard community before moving to Polo, Missouri.
    *40262j MABLE COLENE ELLIOTT b. 19 March 1926
    *40262k LOUETTA FERN ELLIOTT b. 3 March 1927
    *40262l JOSEPH WILBUR ELLIOTT b. 15 March 1929
    *40262m RITA LOUISE ELLIOTT b. 15 Jan 1933

32812o WILBUR FRANKLIN ELLIOTT b. 30 April 1907 Bonanza, Caldwell, Missouri d. 10 April 1972 Caldwell county, Missouri buried Highland Cemetery Highland twp., Caldwell county, Missouri.
Wilbur Franklin Elliott, 64, of near Hamilton, who had been in ill health for several years and a wheelchair invalid since June of 1971, died in a Caldwell county ambulance at Boonville, April 10, while in route to the MU Medical Center in Columbia.

A son of Wilbur and Anna Estella Elliott, he was born in Bonanza community southeast of Kingston and was a farmer until his health failed.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Christina Elliott, of the home; 2 sons, Charles and Ray Dean of Kansas City; 1 daughter, Mrs. Maxine Bell of Basehor, Kansas; 3 brothers, J. W. Elliott of Polo, Chester Elliott of Cameron and Emery of Breckenridge; and 5 grandchildren.

The funeral service was Wednesday at 2:30pm at the Assembly of God Church in Hamilton conducted by Revered John Mepplelink of C ameron. Internment was in Highland Cemetery under the direction of Bram.
m. 19 July 1930 Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. J. pg. 297
Frank ELLIOTT (23) to Christina BRELSFORD (17), both of Elmira, Ray County, Missouri --Jul. 19, 1930-- at Kingston By: G. A. Puckett, Minister C. D. Brelsford, mother of Christina gave consent.
CHRISTINA BRELSFORD b. 7 May 1913 near Elmira, Ray, Missouri d. 22 November 1994 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri buried Highland Cemetery.
    Christina Elliott, 81, Hamilton, Missouri, died on Tuesday, November 22, 1994, at a Kansas City, Kansas hospital.

    Mrs. Elliott, was born near Elmira, Missouri, May 17, 1913, and had lived in Nettleton, Missouri for past 50 years. She had been a homemaker and was a member of the Assembly of God Church.

    Mrs. Elliott was preceded in death by her husband, Wilbur C., in 1972. Surviving are 2 sons, Charles of Kansas City, Missouri, and Ray Dean of Ponca city, OK; a daughter, Lena M. Bell of Basehor, KS; a brother, Raymond Brelsford of Lathrop, Missouri; a sister, Viola Woods of Richmond, Missouri; 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

    The funeral was held on November 26, at Bram Funeral Home with burial in Highland Cemetery.
    *40262n CHARLES FRANKLIN ELLIOTT b. 1 September 1931
    *40262o LENA MAXINE ELLIOTT b. 5 December 1933
    *40262p RAYMOND DEAN ELLIOTT b. 15 January 1943

32812p EULA KATHRINE ELLIOTT b. 15 July 1909 d. 2 July 2005 Cameron, Clinton, Missouri; m. 24 Nov 1942 EDWARD HENRY SAIP b. 26 July 1896 Muden, Kansas d. 21 February 1985 Cameron buried Cameron Memory Gardens Cameron, Clinton, Missouri.
Edward Henry Saip, 83, Cameron, died Thursday at a hospital in Cameron. He was born July 26, 1896, at Munden, Kansas, and had moved to Cameron 20 years ago. Mr. Saip was a dispatcher for the Consolidated Freight Company eight years before retiring. Earlier, he was a gas station attendant in Hamilton, Missouri for 23 years. He was a member of the Hamilton Methodist Church.

He leaves his wife Mrs. Eula Saip of the home; a son Jack Saip, San Francisco; a daughter, Mrs. Mary Ann Hahn, Cameron; 2 sisters, Mrs. Francis Longwell, Belleville, Kansas and Mrs. Ella McChesney, Narka, Kansas; 8 grandchildren. Services will be at 2:00pm Monday at the Poland Thompson Chapel, Cameron. Burial in the Cameron Memory Gardens.
    *40262q JACK EDWARD SAIP b. 5 August 1944
    *40262r MARY ANN SAIP b. 18 July 1946

32812q Lela Fay Elliott b. 9 May 1917 d. 6 Jun. 2003 Braymer, Caldwell, Missouri; m. 12 January 1942 Joseph Henry Snider b. 18 November 1908 Camden, Missouri d. 24 July 1990 Braymer, Caldwell, Missouri buried Evergreen Cemetery Braymer, Caldwell, Missouri
Joseph Henry Snider, 81, died July 24, 1990, in a nursing home in Braymer, where he lived. He was born in Camden, Missouri and lived in Breckenridge, Missouri before moving to rural Braymer in 1942. Mr. Snider was a retired farmer. Survivors include his wife Lela Elliott Snider, rural Braymer; 2 daughters, Joanna Moore, Orrick, in Ray county, and Charlotte Soper, Milford, NE.; 3 sisters, Tina Head, Richland; Bertha Shultz, Chanute, KS., and Carrie Garst, Braymer; and 5 grandchildren. Services will be at 2:00 pm Saturday at the Pitts Chapel, Braymer; burial in the Evergreen Cemetery, Braymer. Friends may call from 7-8 pm, Friday at the chapel.
    *40262s JOANNA SNIDER b. 28 July 1948
    *40262t CHARLOTTE SUE SNIDER b. 29 August 1949

Wallace ALEXANDER & Edna (Mc Laughlin)Emery
32812r CLYDE E. EMERY/EVERETT CLYDE EMERY b. 15 Mar 1904 Missouri d. 27 Aug 1959 Akron, Ohio

m. Lillian M. Williams b. 7 Aug. 1907 Oregon d. 15 May 1994 Edmunds, Snohomish, Washington m. Winsor Dahlquist, Harley Shrupp Dau. of David A. and Mary (Goodwin) Williams.

m 19 Jan 1948 in Pikeville, Pike, Kentucky Sadie Farley b. 20 July 1910 Steele, Kentucky d. 1 Mar 1996 Pikeville, Kentucky T hompson & Nancy Jane Farley – 1 child

Clyde E. & Myra L. = Year 1930; Census Place: Seattle, King, Washington; Roll: 2499; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 149
    40262u 139 DONALD EMERY, m. [-?-]
    Donald Emery attended Jesse Emery's funeral in 1956 at Colorado Springs, Colorado. At that time he was working for the Colorado Springs Gazette. No other information available since 1958. He told Jo Rene Emery that he was a second cousin and had three children.
    *40262v Loren Shelton Emery b. 17 Aug. 1927 Portland, Oregon

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN & Myrtle May (Coshow) Emery
32812t BERYL FRANKLIN EMERY b. 21 March 1921 near Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri d. 28 August 1995 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri He served is WWII as 3rd class seaman of the United States Navy.
Beryl Franklin Emery was born March 21, 1921, near Kingston, Missouri, the son of Benjamin Franklin and Myrtle Mae Coshow Emery. Beryl passed away unexpectedly August 28 at his home in Kansas City. He was 74 years old. He had lived in Kansas City since 1945. He was a graduate of Cowgill Missouri High School. Beryl had retired from Clark Oil Company in Kansas City after 45 years. He was a veteran of the Navy twice, a member of Duck Unlimited. At the present time he owned Emery's used store at 55th and Troost in Kansas City. He was a member of the Tabernacle Baptist Church at 27th and Holmes.

Beryl was married to Wilma Margaret "Polly" Brown of Orrick, on November 12, 1949. She preceded on May 3, 1977. He is survived by his son and daughter in law, Benny Beryl and Sharon Emery of Kansas City; his close companion, Helen Marie Perry of the home. Other survivors include 2 sisters, Mrs. Opal Pickering, Hamilton; and Mrs. Nelda Mae Bassett. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother Walter Harley Emery, and one sister Emma Katherine Mayes.

It was the family's desire that the funeral services for Beryl be held Thursday, at 10:30am at the Gowing Chapel, with the Reverend Gary Roberts, officiating. Musical selections given by Mrs. Thelma Norris, organist. Interment in South Point Cemetery, Orrick, Missouri.
m. 12 November 1949 WILMA MARGARET BROWN “POLLY” b. 16 December 1916 south west of Orrick. Missouri d. 3 May 1977 buried South Point Cemetery.
Wilma M. Emery was born December 16, 1916, southwest of Orrick, the daughter of Willie Brown of Orrick and Maggie Mae Elliott Brown of Rayville.

She passed away Tuesday, May 3, at the Truman Medical Center. She was 61 years old at the time of her death. She was a member of the Christian Union Church southwest of Orrick, and a housewife.

On November 12, 1949, she was married to Beryl F. Emery of Kansas City. She is survived by her husband Beryl of the home, 2 sons, Robert Black of Atchison, Kansas; and Benny Beryl Emery of the home. 2 brothers, William Clell Brown and George R. Brown, both of Excelsior Springs and 1 sister, Mrs. Lois Downing of Omaha, NE. One grandchild, she was preceded in death by her parents and 1 sister Mary Francis Schanek.

It was the family's desire that the funeral services for Mrs. Emery be held at 11:00am, Friday at the Gowing Chapel with the Reverend C. L. Duxbury officiating. Musical selections given by Mrs. Bonita Albertson organist and soloist. Interment in South Point Cemetery, Orrick.
    40262w BENNY BERYL EMERY b. 26 August 1951; m. 26 August 1987       SHARON MARS b. 2 March 1955

32812u EMMA KATHERINE EMERY b. 29 September 1925 Caldwell county, Missouri d. 23 March 1990 Liberty, Missouri Buried Kingston Cemetery, Kingston, Caldwell, Missouri.
Emma Katherine Mayes, 64, Lawson, Missouri, died Friday morning, March 23, 1990, at Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri. Mrs. Mayes was born in Caldwell county and lived most of her life in the Polo, Missouri area. Mrs. Mayes was a member of the Kingston Christian and the VFW No. 4179 Auxiliary, both of Kingston, Missouri. She married Clifford Mayes on November 24, 1947, in Hamilton, Missouri. He survives. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Opal Faye. Additional survivors are 3 daughters, Patricia A. Taff of Amarillo, TX.; Linda Mayes of Lawson and Barbara J. Eckles of Kansas City, Missouri; a brother, Beryl Emery, Kansas City; 2 sisters, Nelda Basett [Bassett] of Independence, Missouri and Opal Pickering of Hamilton, Missouri; and 6 grandchildren. The funeral was March 26 at Baily [Bailey] Funeral Home in Polo, Missouri. Burial was in the Kingston Cemetery, Kingston, Missouri.
m. 24 November 1947 Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. K pg. 658
Solomon Clifford MAYES (27) to Emma Katherine EMERY (22), both of Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri--Nov. 24, 1947-- at Hamilton By: Rev. James
    40262x OPAL FAYE MAYES b. 13 June 1948 d. 15 June 1948
    *40262y PATRICIA ANN MAYES b. 12 March 1950
    40262z LINDA MAE MAYES b. 19 August 1951
    40263 BARBARA JO MAYES b. 14 February 1959; m. 16 Oct 1982 CHARLES       ELBERT ECKLES b. 21 July 1949

32812v NELDA MAE EMERY b. 14 November 1927; m. 22 March 1948 Caldwell county, Missouri Bk. L Pg. 3
Wilbur Jr. BASSETT (19) to Nelda Mae EMERY (20), both of Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri --Mar. 22, 1948-- near Kerr By: Giles B. Koger, Minister Alpha Bassett, father of Wilbur gave written consent.
WILBUR BASSETT Jr. b. 22 March 1928 d. 7 [1] December 1990 Missouri
    *40263a SANDRA KAY BASSETT, b. 20 September 1949
    *40263b WILBUR DALE BASSETT b. 28 September 1950
    *40263c EDWARD JOSEPH BASSETT b. 30 July 1952
    *40263d DONNA SUE BASSETT b. 26 February 1955
    40263e DIANA LYNN BASSETT b. 26 November 1956 d. 27 November 1956
    *40263f APRIL FAYE BASSETT b. 8 April 1961
    *40263g CHARLES ROBERT BASSETT b. 13 January 1966

32812w OPAL IRENE EMERY b. 24 November 1930; m. 5 December 1948 Kerr, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. L pg. 26 Dean BARNARD (Dec. 15, 1930) of Polo to Opal EMERY (Nov. 24, 1930) of Kingston, both of Caldwell County, Missouri --Dec. 5, 1948-- at Kerr By: Giles B. Koger, Minister DEAN LEROY BARNARD b. 15 December 1930 d. 3 May 1994 probably Benton County Missouri.

m 2nd 6 November 1987 DOM SCOT PICKERING b. 16 November 1934
    40263h DANNY DEAN BARNARD b. 19 January 1951; m. 2 July 1977       Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri Bk. 1 Pg. 166
    Danny Dean BARNARD (Jan. 19, 1951) to Benita Diane CLARK (Mar. 26, 1956), both of Hamilton, Caldwell County, Missouri --Jul. 2, 1977-- at Hamilton By: Robert W. Grant, Minister of Hamilton Federated Church
          BENITA DIANE CLARK b. 26 March 1956
    *40263i CHERI ANN BARNARD b. 18 May 1952

Homer Everett & Clora A. (Senter) Emery
32812x HAROLD EVERETT EMERY b. 21 September 1912 d. 28 February 1993 probably Ogallala, Keith, Nebraska; m. 1934 MONA DIXON b. 22 July 1917 d. 28 May 1991. 1973 resided Boulder, Colorado.
    *40263j DIANE MARIE EMERY b. 30 January 1942
    *40263k JANEY EMERY b. 5 September 1944

32812t MAXINE LUCILLE EMERY b. 24 February 1915 Concordia, Kansas d. 9 October 1997 Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri buried there Masonic Cemetery.
Maxine Lucille Emery Hope, 82, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, died October 9, at the Excelsior Springs Medical Center. Funeral services were October 11, at the Prichard Funeral Home, Excelsior Springs. Burial in the Masonic Cemetery, Excelsior Springs. The family suggests contributions to the Barbee Memorial Presbyterian Church, Excelsior Springs. Mrs. Hope was born on February 24, 1915, in Concordia, Kansas, the daughter of Homer and Coral Senter Emery. On September 3, 1934, she was married to Virgil Hope, who preceded her in death on February 2, 1993. Mrs. Hope was a licensed funeral director and with her husband owned and operated the Hope Funeral Home in Excelsior Springs, retiring in 1971. She was a member of the Barbee Memorial Presbyterian Church and the CJPEO Excelsior Springs. She is survived by 2 daughters, Bette Carol Tompkins and Peggy Suzanne Babb, both of Excelsior Springs; 5 grandchildren, including Chris Tompkins, Excelsior Springs, Robert L. Babb, Kearney, Beth Babb, Excelsior Springs and 5 great grandchildren.

m. 3 September 1934 VIRGIL HOPE b. 30 October 1912 d. 2 February 1993 probably Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri. They Resided Excelsior Springs, Clay, Missouri
    *40263l BETTE CAROL HOPE b. 1 December 1936
    *40263m PEGGY SUZANNE HOPE b. 4 June 1941

32813z LAWRENCE AMBROSE EMERY b. 31 May 1917 d. 26 February 1992 San Diego, San Diego, California; m. JOAN PAYTON b. 27 June 1920. 1973 resided Greeley, Colorado
    *40263n DAVID LAWRENCE EMERY b. 25 February 1940
    *40263o JEFFERSON CRAIG EMERY b. 4 January 1942

Llyod W. and Ada E. (Emery) Hill
    40264 DAVID HILL b. 15 Jan. 1917 In.; d. 15 Jun. 1917 Brown twp., Martin       co., In. aet 3 hrs.; buried Wards Chapel Cemetery

32813 CARRIE FRANCES HILL m. 10 Dec 1918 EVERETT RUSH b. 10 Dec. 1872 d. 2 Feb. 1968 buried Owensburg Cemetery m. 1t Maud Davis and Had: Carl W., Leon, Ralph, son unamed unknown s/o Zebedee and Mary J. (Gasinteau) Rush; dv. She d. 2 Mar. 1925 buried Ashcraft Chapel Cemetery
    40264a ZEBEDEE RUSH b. 1918
    40265 EVERETT HAROLD RUSH b. 10 Apr. 1921 Owensburg, Greene, In.; m.       2 Aug. 1947 Linton, Greene, In. MARTHA SKINNER b. Feb. 1927 Bloomfield,       Greene, In. d/o Clarence and Jennie (Fuller) Skinner b. ?He d. 30 Jul. 1957?

32814 MYRTLE HILL m. 13 Jul. 1922 HOMER HUDSON d. 21 Aug. 1961 d/o James and Alice (Weatherbolt) Hudson. She died 22 Oct 1988 Bedford, Lawrence, Ind. Buried Owensburg Cemetery.
    40265a JAMES HUDSON

32815 JOSEPHINE HILL m 2nd CARL DAVID SIPES b. 6 Jun. 1903 d. 06 Oct 1921 Martin co., In. s/o George C. and Letha (Ritchinson) Sipes; m 2nd 25 May 1925 Indiana Springs, In. ARTHUR DWYER b. 21 Nov. 1904 Speedway, W.Va. d. 24 Jan. 1988 Bedford, Lawrence, In. buried 28 Jan. 1988 Spring Hill Cemetery Shoals, Martin, In. d/o Lawrence and Lillian (Shorter) Dwyer. She d. 27 Apr. 1995 bedofrd, Lawrence, In. buried 30 Apr. 1995 Spring Hill Cemetery Shoals, Martin, In.
    40265b-1 CARL DAVID SIPES JR. b.
    children 2nd marriage:
    40265c CLARIS ETTA DWYER b. 10 Feb. 1926
    40265d ADA LILIAN DWYER b. 12 Nov. 1927
    40265e BARBARA JEAN DWYER b. 17 Jul. 1931 Cale, In.; d. 23 Feb. 1938       Indian Springs, In. buried 24 Feb. 1938 Spring Hill Cemetery Shoals,       Martin, In.
    40265f LAWRENCE LEE DWYER b. 31 Mar. 1934
    40265g PATSY JOAN DWYER b. 11 Apr. 1936

John W. and Stacey (Robinson) Emery
32820 FERN EMERY m. 19 Feb. 1921 Greene co., In. ERNEST SALADIN b. 24 Nov. 1892 Everett, Wa. d. 30 Jul. 1976 s/o Desire and Rosalie (DeTemple) Saldin. She d. 15 Jul. 1976
    40266 HILDA ILENE SALADIN b. 24 Apr. 1922 Greene co., In.; m. 29 Jun.       1940 Midland, Greene, In. LEO MARSHALL WOOTEN b. 10 Nov. 1914 1949       Jasonville, Greene, In. s/o Charles W. and Lillile B. (Marshall) Wooten; res.       Alegan, Mi.
    40267 DALLAS L. SALADIN b. 29 Dec. 1925 Clay City, Clay, In.
    40268 SANDRA SUE SALADIN b. 3 Apr. 1935 Greene co., In.; m. 13 Sep. 1953 1949 Greene co., In. HARVEY CURTIS b. 25 Apr. 1927 s/o Billie Curtis; res.       Jasonville, In.
    *40269 WILLIAM D. SALADIN b. 10 Aup. 1936 Greene co., In.
    40270 BEVERLY DARLENE SALADIN b. 28 Nov. 1938 Greene co., In.; m. 5 Jul.       1958 Marion co., In. WILLIAM GILLIAM; res. Brownsburg, In.

32832 MARY EMERY m. 3 Apr. 1925 Bloomfield, Greene, In. JOHN SMALL b. 19 Apr. 1904 Greene co., In. s/o James and Mary (Williams) Small
    *40271 BETTY DELORES SMALL b. 5 Oct. 1926 Greene co., In.

32922 NELLIE EMERY m. 24 Dec. 1925 Bloomfield, Greene, In. FAYE JAMES PADGETT b. 5 Jul. 1904 d. 7 May 1977 Fortville, In. buried Walnut Grove Cemetery Greene co., In. s/o John and Mary E. (McDonald) Padgett; ?m 2) CLANCY E. NIGH b. 1901 d. 1966 bur. Fairview Cemetery Linton, Greene, In. ?; m 3) MARVIN EDINGTON. She d. 13 Jan. 1979 Evansville, In. buried Fairview Cemetery Linton, Greene, In.
    *40272 BARBARA JEAN PADGETT b. 9 Oct. 1946 Anderson, Madison, In.

32823 WAYNE EMERY m. 28 Jun. 1945 Indianapolis, In. MILDRED RUTH HEADLY b. 4 Jul. 1913 Sullivan co., In. d/o Harold and Eva Alma (Miller) Headley.
    40273 DALE EMERY b. 20 Apr. 1947 Springfield, Oh.

32824 MARIE EMERY m. 21 Feb. 1941 Wichita Falls, Ks. ALBERT SHEETS b. 12 Jul. 1913 Anderson, In. s/o Carey and Reba (Stoops) Sheets.
    *40274 MICHAEL E. SHETTS b. 2 Aug. 1945 McCook, Ne.
    *40275 PHILLIP D. SHEETS b. 28 Sep. 1948 Anderson, In.

32825 JOHN DAVID EMERY m. 30 Jan. 1943 St. Louis, Mo. OLIFA DIEBEL b. 22 Mar. 1917 Detroit, Wayne, Mi. d/o Otto and Margaret (Zartt) Biebel. Served in the Army WWII Apr. 1945 to 20 Oct. 1946 Armored Infantry, Staff Sgt. Millwright. Res. Roseville, Mi.
    Children b. Mt. Clemens, Mi.:
    *40276 SHARON LEE EMERY b. 30 May 1952
    40277 RALPH DEE EMERY b. 28 May 1953; m. 7 Nov. 1975 Mt. Clemens, Mi.       DENICE URUSKE b. 22 Dec. 1955 Hamtramck, Mi. d/o Adolph and Janice       (Piotrowski) Uruski; res. Alticia, Mi.
    40278 JANICE EMERY b. 21 May 1955

Davis B. and Mary E. (Harper) Emery
32831 VAN EMERY m. ANNABELLE DAUGHTERY, s.p.; m 2) EULA MAE WHEELER b. 13 Apr. 1916 Rankin, Oh. d/o Robert and Julia (Cooper) Wheeler. Barber. Served WWII. He d. 22 Jul. 1992 Kokomo, Howard, In.
    *40279 SANDRA SUE EMERY b. 21 Feb. 1948
    *40280 SHARON ILENE EMERY b. 27 Feb. 1951
    *40281 VAN EMERY JR. b. 7 Sep. 1954

32833 QUINCEY EMERY m. 24 Oct. 1942 MARY JANE HELLYER b. 19 May 1921 Portland, In. d/o Edgar and Hazel(Quickle) Hellyer. He d. 7 Nov. 1984 Kokomo, Howard, In. buried Gardens of Memory Cemetery Huntington co., In.
    *40282 DUANE EMERY b. 8 Jul. 1943 Logansport, Cass, In.
    *40283 MARY SUE EMERY b. 24 Nov. 1946 Peru, In.
    40284 CAROL ANN EMERY b. 28 Jun. 1951 Linton, Greene, In.; m. 30 Jun. 1973       DAVID HIATT, dv.; m. 2) [-?-]_ BEAME

32835 WILMA D. EMERY m. 19 Feb. 1943 Bedford, Lawrence, In. FREDERICK KING b. 10 Jul. 1923 Koleen, Greene, Ind. D. 6 Oct 1966 Koleen, Greene, Ind. Buried Walnut Grove “Mood” Cemetery Richland twp. Greene co., In. s/o Ford and Minnie (Pinnell) King.

She d. 20 Aug. 2003 Linton, Greene, Indiana and her obit:
BLOOMFIELD ---- Wilma D. King, 77, of Bloomfield, passed away at 10:45 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2003 at Greene County General Hospital in Linton.

Born July 13, 1926 in Koleen, she was the daughter of Davis and Mary (Harper) Emery She was a homemaker, and a member of the Koleen Union Church

Survivors include, one son and daughter-in-law, Roger and Sherry King of Bloomfield; one daughter and son-in-law, Diana and Jim Fisher of Bedford; six grandchildren; nine great grandchildren; three sisters, Carrie Allen of Iowa, Marlene Cook of Greentown, and Eva Terrell of Greentown; and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Fredrick R. King on Oct. 6, 1996; one sister, Maude Rollins; two brothers, Quincy Emery and Van Emery; and her parents.

Funeral service will be at Koleen Union Church at Koleen at 2 p.m. on Sunday with the Rev. Lloyd Swango officiating. Burial will follow at Walnut Grove Cemetery.

There will be no visitation. Jenkins Funeral Home in Bloomfield is in charge of arrangements. - Friday, August 22, 2003 Greene County Evening World
Both are buried Walnut Grove [Mood] Cemetery Richland twp. Greene county, Indiana.
    Children b. Linton, Greene, In.:
    *40288 ROGER LEROY KING b. 8 Feb. 1946
    *40289 DIANNA SUE KING b. 6 Dec. 1943

32836 CARRIE EMERY m. WILBERT ALLEN b. 23 Nov. 1916 d. 27 Feb. 1876 s/o Lonnie and Elizabeth (Haywood) Allen. Buried Walnut Grove Cemetery. WWII Veteran
    40289a JANE ANN ALLEN b. 25 Jan. 1953; m. 21 Jun. 1975 Kokomo, Howard,       In. ROGER W. COOK b. 27 Apr. 1948 Kokomo, Howard, In. s/o Cecil and       Delores (Coughlin) Cook

32537 MAUDE EMERY m. 4 May 1935 Bloomfield, Greene, In. GLEN ROLLINS b. 7 Jan. 1905 Martin co., In. d. 18 Sep. 1968 s/o James and Bertha (Higgins) Rollins. Res. Dallas, Ga.
    *40290 ROBERT GLEN ROLLINS b. 17 Aug. 1935 Koleen, Greene, In.
    *40291 RUTH ANN ROLLINS b. 23 Nov. 1944 Owensburg, Greene, In.

Harry V. and Jeanie A. (Wright) Emery
32839 GERALD EMERY b. 7 Feb. 1923 Owensburg, Greene, In.; m. 19 Jun. 1944 Owensburg, Greene, in. PATSY BORUFF b. 27 Nov. 1925 Owensburg, Greene, In. d/o Oscar and Christie (Hatfield) Boruff; d. Aug. 1987 Bedford, Lawrence, In.
    40291a TERRI EMERY

32840 NORMA GENE EMERY "JEANNIE" m. 31 Apr. 1941 Bloomfield, Greene, Indiana Jack Inman b. 6 Dec. 1918 Greene co., In. d. 14 Aug. 1995 Indianapolis, Marion, In. buried 16 Aug. 1995 Owensburg Cemetery Green co., In. d/o Randall and Edna E.(Edington) Inman. WWII Navy Veteran
Jack Inman, 76, Indianapolis, formerly of Owensburg, died Monday Aug 14, at Methodist Hospital. He was foreman for PR Mallory Co. for 47 years before retiring in 1985. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and a member of the Westside Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis and Solsberry Masonic Lodge #411. Survivors include his wife Norma Gene (Emery) Inman, one daughter Jenny Kloer; one sister, Mary Whisler and one brother Wayne Inman. Services were 10 am Wednesday u16 at Conkle Funeral Home is Speedway. Graveside services were 1:30 pm Wednesday in Owensburg Cemetery. The family suggest memorial contributions my be made to the Jack Inman Fund for Greene county c/o Lawrence Co. Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1235, Bedford, 472421 – Bloomfield News August 17, 1995
    40291b JEANNE LEA “JENNY” INMAN m. [-?-] KLOER

    40291c JOH HOLMES
    40291d JUD HOLMES
    40291e JEFF HOLMES

Noah and Ida B. (Davis) Lynch
32850 OMA LYNCH 21 Aug 1898 Death: Jan 1981 - Linton, Greene, Indiana; m. 1 Mar. 1916 Greene co., In. GEORGE EARSEY MILLER b. 19 Mar. 1895.

Census Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Stockton, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 21
    40292 NOAH MILLER b. 2 Sep. 1918
    *40293 CHESTER L. MILLER b. 10 Oct. 1922 Linton, Greene, In.;
    40293a GENE MILLER [Noahjene b.c 2 1928] res. So. Bend, In.
    40293b EVA MILLER b. c. 1918; m. [-?-] GAMBILL; res. Dugger, In.
    40293c PHYLISS MILLER [Philas May] m. [-?-] HORN; res. LaPorte, In.
    40293d DIXIE MILLER m. [-?-] BONOMO San Antonio, Tx.
    40293e DALE MILLER b. c 1921
    40293f CLYDE MILLER
    40294 Wendell E. Miller b. 1 Sep. 1918 Linton, Greene, In.

32852 HAZEL LYNCH m. 22 Dec. 1923 Bloomfield, Greene, In. EDWARD FRANKENFIELD b. 3 Aug. 1900 St. Louis, Mo. d. 1927 s/o Ed and Lottie E. (Burklin) Frankenfield; m 2) 9 Dec. 1936 Linton, Greene, In. MERRY M. MILLER b. 24 Mar. 1900 Clay City, Clay, In. d. 8 Aug. 1982 Linton, Greene, In. s/o Adam and Louise (Stinnett) Miller. She d. 29 Dec. 1988 Linton, Greene, In. bur. 31 Dec. 1988. All buried Fairview Cemetery Linton, Greene, In.

Cenus Record: Year: 1930; Census Place: Linton, Greene, Indiana; Roll: 590; Page: 20A; Enumeration District: 18
    40295 BARABARA DEAN FRANKENFIELD b. 27 Sep. 1926 Linton, Greene, In.
    40296 JACK JACKIE FRANKENFIELD ?Jack J b. 7 Sep. 1924 d. 27 Apr. 1976 SFC U.S.       Army; Korea & Vietnam?
    40296a [-?-] FRANKFIELD (female) b. 1930 aet 6 mos. 1930 census

32855 CLIFFORD LYNCH m. 20 Dec. 1935 EVA MAE BOUGH b. 31 Aug. 1909 Doans, Green, In. d. 15 Feb. 1988 Linton, Greene, In. bur. 17 1988 d/o Charles and Nellie (Hamilton) Bough. He d. 12 Nov. 1973. Both buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery Stafford Twp., Greene co., In.
    40297 CHARLES D. LYNCH
    40298 JOHN D. LYNCH
    40299 CONNIE LYNCH m. [-?-] DAYHOFF
    40300 WILLIAM PAUL LYNCH b. 17 Jul. 1938 Linton, Greene, In.; m. 30 Jun.       1961 Linton, Greene, In. HALLIE ANN HARDESTY b. 12 Aug. 1944 Sullivan       co., In. d/o Derrill and Helen C. (Wright) Hardesty

Noah D. and Ida B. (Davis) Lynch
32856 GOLDIE C. LYNCH m. PERCY EVERETT GOODSON d. 1946; m 2) CLAUDE RICHARDS d. 14 Nov. 1955. She d. 26 Jun. 1992 Linton, Greene, In. buired 29 Jun. 1992 Pleasant Grove Cemetery.
    40300a RICHARD GOODSON "DICK" m. [-?-]; 4 ch.; 10 grandchildren

32858 DOCIA LYNCH m. 29 Jun. 1929 Linton, Greene, In. JOHN BENNET EIKELMAN b. 2 Dec. 1893 Jasonville, Greene, In. s/o Harmon and Lydia (August) Eikelman. Both are deceased.
    40300b DAVID BENNETT EIKELMAN b. 21 Mar. 1932 Jasonville, Greene In.; m. 3        Jun. 1967 Midland, Greene, In. BARBARA SUE (FERGUSON) GOODMAN b. 11       Oct 1939 Indianapolis, Marion, In. d/o George C. and Thelmarie (Hamilton)       Ferguson; deceased
    40300c PAUL EIKELMAN res. Terre Haute, Vigo, In.
    *40300d RONALD MAX “BO” EIKELMAN b, 6 Feb 1937; res. Linton, Greene, In.
    40300e MELBA EUKELMAN b. 18 May 1942 Jasonville, Greene, In.; m. [-?-] MAY
    ~40300f SHIRLEY EIKELMAN b. 18 May 1942 Jasonville, Greene, In.; d. unm. 20       Dec. 1996 Jasonville, Greene, In. buried 23 Dec 1996 Pleasant Grove       Cemetery
    40300g PAMELA JO EIKELMAN b. 13 May 1948 Linton, Greene, In. m. 24 Jun.       1966 Jasonville, Greene, In. GERALD STEPHEN EDWARDS b. 13 Apr 1943       s/o Gerald and Fern {corbin) Edwards

32859 FERN LYNCH m. 17 Dec. 1936 Linton, Greene, In. GUY O. ELLISON b. 27 Jan. 1894 Coal Bluff, In. d. 11 Jan. 1952 In. PFC Btry B 26 Fld. Arty 9 Div. buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery s/o David and Elizabeth (Adams) Ellison; m 2) 23 May 1959 Linton, Greene, In. JOSEPH BART HARRELL JR. b. 3 Sep. 1906 Coal Creek, Tn. d. 6 Apr. 1971. In. PFC Hq. Co. 330 Inf. WWII buried Fairview Cemetery s/o Joseph B. and Maggie (Weber) Harrell. She d. 16 Oct. 1989 Linton, Greene, In. bur. 19 Oct. 1989 Pleasant Grove Cemetery
    40301 son
    40302-6 5 dau.'s
    40308 BILL ELLISON
    40309 GOLDIE ELLISON m. [-?-] RICHARDS

Earnest A. and Ida F. (Cain) Meredith
32886 KAVA MURIEL MEREDITH m. 16 Jun. 1923 Bloomfield, Greene, In. JAMES WILLIAM BRYAN SHARR b. 10 Sep. 1895 d. 5 Aug. 1959 s/o John and Frances (Hudson) Sharr. Served in U. S. Army She d. 7 Jul. 1988 Bloomington, Monroe, In. bur. 9 Jul. 1988 Both buried Carmichael Cemetery Center Twp., Greene co., In.
    *40310 BETTY IMOGENE SHARR b. 24 Mar. 1924 Oolitic, Lawrence, In.
    *40311 FRANCES LORENE SHARR b. 10 Oct. 1926 Center Twp., Greene co., In.
    *40312 MARGARET LUCILLE SHARR b. 18 Mar. 1929 Center Twp., Greene co.,       In.

32887 JESSIE OLIVE MEREDITH m. 1 Nov. 1919 Greene co., In. STANLEY JAMES COOPER b. 6 Dec. 1898 d. 18 May 1968 buried Roselawn Cemetery Terre Haute, Vigo, In. s/o James and Cletia (Long) Cooper.
    40313 GERALD EARNEST COOPER b. 6 Apr. 1923; m. [-?-]; d. 7 May 1971;       buried Roselawn Cemetery Terre Haute, Vigo, In.; Army Air Force Band; 2       ch.

32888 GAYNELL MARGARET MEREDITH m. 1) 2 Apr. 1927 Solsberry, Greene, In. TROY R. FULLER b. 20 Feb. 1908 Bloomfield, Greene, In. d. 11 Sep. 1967 bur. Walnut Grove Cemetery Richland Twp., Greene co., In. s/o Benjamin and Alice (Combs) Fuller; m 2) Oct. 1947 ROSS SLUSS
    40314 ERNIE FULLER b. 21 Sep. 1928

Daniel V. and Mamie O. (Meredith) Sullivan
32889 ROY MEREDITH SULLIVAN m. 27 Sep. 1919 Bloomfield, Greene, In. CHARLOTTE COMBS b. 10 Feb. 1899 Greene co., In. d/o Wm. Thomas and May (Sparks) Combs. He d. 18 Jan. 1988 Bloomington, Monroe, In. bur. 20 Jan. 1988 Carmichael Cemetery Center Twp., Greene co., In.
    40315 MILDRED EVELYN SULLIVAN b. 25 Oct. 1920; m. NOAH PHILLIPS; m. 2nd       MURL RANDOLPH MEREDITH # 32897
    *40316 KENNETH HAROLD SULLIVAN b. 24 Mar. 1922
    *40317 EVA IMOGENE SULLIVAN b. 6 May 1923
    *40318 VELMA LOUISE SULLIVAN b. 19 Nov. 1925
    *40319 CHESTER KEITH SULLIVAN b. 27 Jun. 1934

32890 NELLIE CELLIE SULLIVAN m. 5 Aug. 1916 BAEIL BRYAN CROWE b. 15 Sep. 1896 Greene co., In. d. 10 Jun. 1964 s/o Jessie I. and Maranda J. (Corbin) Crowe. She d. 9 Dec. 1976 Bloomington, Monroe, In. Both are buried Walnut Grove Cemetery Richland twp., Greene co., In.
    Children b. Center Twp., Greene co., In.:
    *40320 LEXIE BERNARD CROWE b. 21 Jul. 1917
    *40321 GLADYS NAOMI CROWE b. 11 Sep. 1918
    *40322 OLIVE LEONA CROWE b. 14 Oct. 1920
    40323 RANARD MASON CROWE b. 5 Mar. 1923; d. 29 Jan. 1945 on ammunition       ship "USS Serpens" WWII buried Arlington National Cemetery Arlington,       Va.

      USS Serpens, a "Liberty"-type cargo ship laid down, 10 March 1943, as a Maritime Commission type (EC2-S-C1) hull, under Maritime Commission contract (MCE hull 739), at California Shipbuilding Corp., at Wilmington, California, as the S.S. Benjamin N. Cardozo, was converted for Navy service while under construction. This ship was launched on 5 April 1943. She was transferred to the Navy on 19 April 1943, renamed USS Serpens and designated cargo ship AK-97 and was United States Coast Guard manned World War II cargo [Liberty] ship. Commissioned in May 1943 with a Coast Guard crew, she served in the South Pacific and was modified in late 1944 for the transportation of ammunition.

      The Serpens was destroyed late in the evening on January 29, 1945. The Serpens was anchored off Lunga Beach, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific loading depth charges. While the Commanding Officer, one officer and six enlisted men were ashore. The remaining crewmen were loading depth charges into her holds when the Serpens suddenly exploded.

      After the explosion, only the bow of the ship was visible. The rest had disintegrated, and the bow sank soon afterward. 193 Coast Guard crewmen, 56 Army stevedores, and a Public Health Service physician, Dr. Harry M. Levin, were killed in the explosion. Only two of those on board, SN 1/c Kelsie K. Kemp and SN 1/c George S. Kennedy, who had been in the boatswain's locker, survived. The force of the explosion was so great that a U. S. Army soldier who was a shore was killed by shrapnel. The cause of the explosion was never completely determined .

      Those who died are buried at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC. The largest group burial at Arlington National Cemetery took place on June 15, 1949, when 250 men from the USS Serpens were interred in 52 caskets because it was impossible to identify each individual in an era before DNA was discovered. This catastrophe was the single greatest disaster suffered by the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II. There were 30 grave sites set aside for the burials, arranged in five rows of six graves each. The 52 caskets were buried in 28 graves. Two grave sites in the center of the block of 30 were reserved for the 5 foot octagonal memorial on which all names were inscribed.

    *40324 DALE LOWELL CROWE b. 26 Apr. 19__
    *40325 LESLIE WAYNE CROWE b. 3 Sep. 19__
    *40326 GLEN EDWIN CROWE b. 5 Mar. 193