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Descedants of John Emery Five  

16010d-3 HENRY EDWIN BODWELL m. SARAH A. [-?-] b. c. 1807 Connecticut d. 4 September 1891 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut last date she claimed her pension. He d. 2 April 1875 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut
    27347q ESTHER S. BODWELL b. c. 1829 Norwalk, Connecticut
    27347r MARY A. BODWELL b. c. 1830 Norwalk, Connecticut
    27347s HENRY E. BODWELL b. March 1835 New York; m. 16 Jun. 1864 Rahway,       Essex, New Jersey SARAH E. BALDWIN b. December 1841 New Jersey
    ~27347t WILLIAM L. BODWELL b. c. 1838 New York William was Private in       Company "C" of the 27th Connecticut Infantry. He was shot in the lung 2       July, 1863; died 5 July at II Corps hospital Gettysburg, Adam, Pennsylvania       and is buried at Schwartz's "Red Rock" Gettysburg, Adam, Pennsylvania He       resided in Norwalk, Connecticut; Below is pictures of either his grave at       Norwalk Union Cemetery, Norwalk, Conneticut or this is a monument to him       in his hometown, Norwalk.; unm.

    27347u HANNAH M. BODWELL b. c. 1841 New York
    27347v GEORGIANNA M. BODWELL b. c. 1843 New Jersey
    *27347w JOHN HANFORD BODWELL b. Jun. 1846 Orange [Newark], New &       Jersey;d. 12 Feb 1932 Norwalk, Connecticut
16010d-4 PHILANDER JOSEPH BODWELL m. SARAH ([-?-]) PARSONS d. 7 November 1870 Orange, Essex, New Jersey He d. 11 July 1871 [1875] Orange, Essex, Vermont
    27347x WILLIAM BODWELL b. c. 1840 New York; d. New York 26 Oct 1876       Orange, New Jersey
    27347y CHARLES A. BODWELL b. c. 1843 New Jersey; d. 24 Mar 1862 Orange,       New Jersey
    27347y-1 HENRY BODWELL b. c. 1850 New York; d. after Jun 1870
    27347y-2 PHILANDER BODWELL b. c. 1852 New York; d. after Jun 1870

Abraham and Nancy (Conner) Bodwell 16010d-6 SARAH JANE BODWELL m. 6 August 1838 Sandbornton, New Hampshire CHARLES LANE b. 11 Feb 1779 Sanbarton, New Hampshire; d. Laconia, New Hampshire 6 Mar 1876. She d. 11 November 1880 Laconia, New Hampshire
    *27348 GEORGE BODWELL LANE b. 5 Aug 1841 Sanbarton, New Hampshire
    *27349 JENNIE FRANCE LANE b. 16 November 1845 Laconia, New Hampshire
    27350 JAMES WILLIS LANE b. 17 Aug 1849 Laconia, New Hampshire; County
          treasurer Saul Lake, Texas
16010e JOSEPH CONNER BODWELL m. 16 May 1839 London, England CATHERINE SYKES b. 15 [23] September 1816 Hyde Park, London, England d. 16 [18]August 1888 Sandbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire d/o John Sykes. Studied divinity at Highbury College London 1836-9; ordained pastor of Independent Church Weymouth, Eng. 3 April 1839-45; installed Burys St. Edmunds 22 Jun 1847; returned to U. S. Autumn of 1850.

Joseph was an 1833 graduate of Dartmouth College. He taught at Haverhill Corner the following year, and the Woodman Acadamy in Sanbornton 1835-36. Joseph studied divinity at Highbury College, London, two years. He was ordained pastor of the Independent Church, Weymouth, Dorsetshire, April 3, 1839; dismissed in 1845; installed at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, June 22, 1847; dismissed and returned to the United States in the autum of 1850; installed at Framingham, Mass., June 30, 1952; dismissed, November 5, 1862; installed at Woburn, Mass., November 11, 1862; dismissed, August 3, 1866, to become "Professor of Pulpit Training and Pastoral Care " in the Hartford Theological Seminary, where he continued for seven years.

He died of a carbuncle on the back base of his head, at Southwest Harbor, Mt. Desert Island Me, July 17, 1876, and was buried in Sanbornton, Nh on the 21st in the same lost with his parents in the old cemetery. No native of the town has risen higher in distinction and usefulness abroad, while none retained a more ardent affection for the town itself, or was more ready to labor for the benefit of the citizens, who were gladdened, for a short time, by the prospect of his spending the remainder of his life among them had it been prolonged.

Dr. Bodwell, who received his degree of S. T. D. From Dartmouth in 1864, possessed "a high order of natural gifts, and a broad and generous culture." "English literature was a study and a delight to him: and few men understood and exercised better the forces and the graces of our language, whether written or spoken."

"From his early English training for the ministry and its exercise there for the first fourteen years, he acquired the off-hand, semi-memoritier style of the English pulpit. In this he had peculiar success, and was, withal, very successful in training his ministerial pupils to this mode." "He was above all artifice or professional manoeuvre, trusting to the truth, plainly given, and to the Spirit of God; and as endorsing this policy, the churches to which he ministered will always carry distinct marks of growth and of fruit for the years he was with them." "He dad a keen sense of the apt and beautiful in the expression of thought, and many of his sermons will long be remembered as admirable specimens of the best English." Several of them were published, though a sensitiveness, now much regretted, kept many others from the press. Among those printed are "A Pastor's Farewell to his Flock," preached in the 1st Congregational Church, Woburn August 5, 1866, and "The Preachers demanded in Our Day, and how to secure Them," an inaugural discourse, as Professor at Hartford, the same year; but his native town and church were brought under peculiar obligations to him for the admirable "Historical Address" delivered at the centennial celebration of the Sanbornton Congregational Church, November 13, 1871. He was one of the founders of the "American Theological Review," and one of the four original Proprietors and editors of the "Boston Congregational Review," many of the pages of which for its first five years, were from his own pen. His lectures on English life, delivered at Dartmouth College and elsewhere, soon after returning from England, and on educational and other topics, scattered through years, placed him among our most instructive popular lecturers. As a pastor he excelled, especially amid the "reverse" of his people, and " in the chambers of the sick and of the dead." He will always stand out in the memory of those who knew him "as a fair specimen of the noble, liberal, Christian gentleman." In his friendships he was discriminating, ardent, and fast. "His home," as in Framingham, Woburn, and Hartford, in all of which places he built elegant houses, "was simply an outgrowth of himself,--open, genial, and hospitable." (History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire, Vol. 11, pp. 42-44.
He taught in the Hartford Theological Seminary for seven years. Between 1852 and 1862, Joseph was involved with organizing speakers and lecturers for the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association, of Portland, Maine. Guest speakers of the association included Henry Ward Beecher, Oliver Wendall Holmes, and Horace Mann. He d. 17 July 1876 S. W. Harbor, Hancock, Maine [Frement, Maine]
    *27351 JOSEPH CONNOR Jr. BODWELL b. 29 February 1840 Weymouth,       [Melcombe Regis] Dorset, England
    ~27352 KATHERINE SYKES BODWELL b. 15 August 1841 Weymouth, Dorset,       England; d. 23 March 1883 Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire
    ~27353 CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 13 September 1844 Weymouth,       Dorset England.; d. unm. 20 October 1896 Sandbornton, Belknap, New       Hampshire
    ~27354 JOHN ABRAHAM BODWELL b. 13 June 1844 ; Weymouth, England d. 25       Jun 1847 probably Islington, London, England
    ~27355 HELEN SARAH JANE BODWELL b. 2 October 1846 Islington, London,       England; d. 27 November 1846 Islington, London, England
    *27356 HERBERT JAMES LOWELL BODWELL b. 24 June [1840] 1849 Bury St.       Edmunds, Suffolk, England
    27357 ALBERT EDWARD BODWELL b. 26 June [1851] 1853 Farmington,       Middlesex, Massachusetts; m. 24 December 1891 Concord, Merrimack, New       Hampshire HELEN E. BALLOU b. Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire d.       Worcester, Massachusetts; d. 29 January 1926 Worcester, Massachusetts
    Albert was the first family member to actively search out the family roots. Unmarried and childless, he spent his leisure hours writing letters, researching records, and books relating to geneology. Albert planned to write a book on the family roots. In a 1904 letter he wrote to Cora Bodwell of Grand Rapids, Albert stated that he was at work on an elaborate history of the Bodwell family, which he proposed to make, as he said, the "high-dick-a-daddy" book of its kind. The frontispiece was to be the old Bodwell house correctly emblazoned with shield, helmat, mantling wreath, crest, moto, etc., in their correct colors and metals. Albert was fairly secret about what he had found, although he did on occasion share some lineal information that would show a members relationship to Henry 1651. As his years advanced, the book remained unpublished, and he retired to a home in Worcester, Massachusetts. By 1940 John Theodore Bodwell was into researching the family tree and having heard about Albert's research, went looking for him. According to the administrators of the home, all of Albert's material were thrown away after he died. Sad as this story may be, Albert deserves a great deal of credit for his work on the Bodwell family roots. It's a whole lot easier to look for something that you know is there. And Albert let it be known that that much had been found. Albert also established the fact that Henry 1651 was the emigrant ancestor. And he established that Henry came from Wales and was related to Welsh nobility.

16010f ANN BODWELL m. ARTHUR LIVERMORE WARD s/o George C. and Mary/Polly (Cate) Ward b. 21 September 1811 Plymouth, Massachusetts
    27358 HENRY WARD b. 19 October 1849 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
    27359 CHARLES ABRAHAM WARD b. 26 Febraury 1851 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts
    27360 GEORGE CURWIN WARD b. 18 December 1852 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts
    27361 HORACE WARD b. 14 April 1856 Franklin

Children b. Sandoval, Illinois:
    *27362 FANNIE ELIZABETH PRICE b. 10 March 1858
    27363 HENRY ABRAHAM PRICE b. 27 November 1860; d. 22 June 1864 Odin,       Illinois

16010h WILLIAM BODWELL m. 10 [16] November 1850 Sanbornton, Belknap New Hampshire [Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts] MARY E. SANFORD b. [27] 29 Dec 1825 Ellsworth, Hancock, Maine [Albany, New York] d. 18 [19] August 1913 Hyde Park, Norfolk, Massachusetts d/o Richard and Elizabeth (Tworgy) Sanford. William was a merchant in Boston, Massachusetts, residing there and after in Hyde Park, where he died of a brief illness. (History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire, Vol. II, p. 44) He d. 3 Sep 1873 Hyde Park Norfolk, Massachusetts
    Children b. Lawrence, Massachusetts:
    *27366 WILLIAM PEARL BODWELL b. 14 July 1852 [Sanbornton, New       Hampshire]
    27366a ELIA [LIZZIE] S. BODWELL b. 18 August [1853] 1854; m. 24 November       1886 Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts FREDERICK A. FLETCHER b. c. 1855       Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

16010i ELIZABETH LANCASTER BODWELL m.[27] 29 April 1856 JAMES EDWARD BURTON b. 24 December 1827 Edmunds, Suffolk, England d. September 1861 St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada s/o Joseph and Ann Burton. She d. 27 May 1861 Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hamphsire.
    27367 EDWARD ABRAHAM BURTON b. 23 May 1861

Enoch and Abigail (Hibbard) Bodwell
16010j WILLIAM BODWELL m. 18 May 1831 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire DOROTHY ANN BRADFORD b. c. 1812 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire d. 1876 Salem, New Hampshire He d. 14 January 1892 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367a WILLIAM A. BODWELL b. 3 April 1834 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 9 September 1834 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367b EDWIN B. BODWELL b. 10 February 1836 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 8 October 1836 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27367c GEORGE W. BODWELL b. 17 January 1839 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367d WILLIAM H. H. BODWELL b. 24August 1840 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367e JOHN G. BODWELL b. c. 1843 New Hampshire
    27367f HANNAH BODWELL b. c. 1844 New Hampshire
    *27367g CORLISS C. [A./B.] BODWELL b. c. 1850 Salem, Rockingham, New       Hampshire
    27367h M. BODWELL b. 10 November 1851 Salem, Rockingham, New       Hampshire
    *27367i NEWTON PORTER BODWELL b. 10 November 1851 Salem, Rockingham,       New Hampshire

16010k ENOCH BODWELL m. 3 July 1850 Int. Darcut, Middlesex, Massachusetts SOPHIA ANN HARRIS; m 2nd 24 November 1835 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts CLARISSA [Clarina] F. COBURN b. 3 December 1812 Darcut, Middlesex, Massachusetts d. 14 November 1884. Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Enoch was working as a blacksmith is 1843 (Dracut Births) and as a blacksmith in 1846 (Lowell Births). He d. after 1850.
    ~27367j MARY JONES BODWELL b. 12 September 1836 Darcut, Middlesex,       Massachusetts; d. unm. 17 May 1858 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    ~27367k HARRIET [HATTIE] M. BODWELL b. March 1841 Darcut, Middlesex,       Massachusetts; d. unm. 6 November 1880 Lowell, Middlesex,       Massachusetts
    ~27367l EMELINE A. BODWELL b. 3 September 1843 Darcut, Middlesex,       Massachusetts; d. 18 January 1845 Darcut, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    27367m ENOCH BODWELL b. 1 April 1846 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts 27367n CHARLES BODWELL b. 1 April 1846 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts;       d. 28 September 1846 Darcut, Middlesex, Massachusetts

16010m JACOB ANNIS BODWELL m. 6 September 1837 New Hampton, Belknap, New Hampshire NANCY D. HORN b. c. 1816 Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts Both d. aft. 1860 probably Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois
    Children b. Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois [New York]:
    27367o MARY J. BODWELL b. c. 1846
    27367p JOHN W. BODWELL b. c. 1850
    27367q SARAH BODWELL b. c. 1856

Enoch and Dolly ([-?-]) Bodwell
16010n ISAAC NEWTON BODWELL m. 6 September 1836 Hocksett, Hillsboro, New Hampshire MARY W. WEBSTER b. c. 1816. Both d. Warren, New Hampshire aft. 1850
    27367r FRANCIS A. BODWELL b. c. 1858 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367s SUSAN A. BODWELL b. July 1841 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts;       d. 19 September 1842 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts
    *27367t JOHN N. BODWELL b. May 1844 Pembroke, Merrimack, New       Hampshire
    27367t-1 HATTIE L. BOWELL b. c. 1846 probably Pembroke, New       Hampshire; d. after 1860

16010o STEPHEN A. BODWELL m. 9 May 1837 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts SOPHIA CURRIER HOWE [HOW] b. 22 December 1818 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts d. 26 Jun. 1891 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts He d. 29 February 1900
    ~27367u ELLEN SOPHIA BODWELL b. 14 July 1838 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 26 October 1838 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367v GEORGE OLIVER BODWELL b. 19 July 1840 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 11 August 1853 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367w ALONZO MINER BODWELL b. 10 May 1842 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts;d. 28 September 1842 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367x ABBY ETTA BODWELL b. 8 Jun. 1857 Haverhill, Essex,       Massachusetts; m. 22 December 1891 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts       FRANCIS W. KIMBALL b. c. 1844 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts; d.       1892 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts

16010q AARON GROSVENOR BODWELL m. 19 February 1848 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts LUCY A. HOWE [HOW] b. 19 April 1818 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts d. 1911 Leonard, Shelby, Missouri Aaron was a shoemaker at the time of Ada Anna's birth in 1849. (Methuen Births before 1850) On 14 Aug 1860, Lucy Bodwell and son Forrest were farming in Highland Township, Lewis County, Missouri He d. 1859 Lewis co., Missouri
    27367y DANIEL ADIN BODWELL b. 25 November 1843 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 4/5 October 1847 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z dau. b. 25 November 1843 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-1 SARAH A. BODWELL b. 6 March 1847 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 17/18 March 1847 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-2 ADA ANNAH [ANNA H.] BODWELL b. 5 Jun. 1848/9 Methuen,       Essex, Massachusetts; d. 3/4 May 1849 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367z-3 son b. 13 February 1850 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27367z-4 FORREST GROVNER [FOREST GROVER] BODWELL b. 9 February       1851 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts

Isaac and Sarah (Fuller) Bodwell
DAVID BODWELL m. 23 March 1862 Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts CAROLINE [CADDIE] E. SANBORN b. October 1845 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts d. aft. 1900 Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts

David was connected with the shoe industry. (Municipal History of Essex County, Mass. Vol. 4. P. 250)

Born in Danvers in 1866, Mr. Bodwell, as a boy, attended the public schools of the city, and acquired a practical education. For three or four years thereafter, he followed farming, then was employed in the shoe industry for several years as a shoe cutter. Becoming deeply interested in the development of the city from a commercial standpoint, Mr. Bodwell then entered the real estate field, taking up, also, its customary allied interest, insurance. He followed along these lines until 1918, when he became president of the New England Lamp Company, in which capacity he is now carrying forward the business of that concern along progressive lines. Mr. Bodwell is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Mr. Bodwell married Alice P. Turner and they attend the Danvers Highlands Congregational Church. (Municipal History of Essex County, Massachusetts, vol. 4. pp249-50.

The Danvers City Directory of 1888-89 lists David as a shoemaker. Son Oscar is listed as a shoecutter.

He d. 13 December 1893 Danvers, Massachusetts
    Children b. Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts:
    ~27367z-4a LOREN EDWARD BODWELL b. 2 Jun. 1863; d. 13 May 1870       Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-5 OSCAR R. BODWELL b. 15 December 1866; m. ALICE PUTNAM TURNER       b. 14 November 1867 Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts d. 27 May 1942       Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 7 December 1941 Danvers, Essex,       Massachusetts Long prominent in real estate circles in Danvers       Massachusetts; and was president of the New England Electric Lamp       Company New York

William M. and Mary (Gage) Bodwell
16010u HIRAM BODWELL m. 7 April 1838 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts HARRIET [HANNAH] ([-?-]) SIMPSON. He d. c. 1885 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27367z-6 CHARLES BODWELL b. 26 June 1841 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~27367z-7 GEORGE F. BODWELL b. 17 November 1845 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 26 August 1848 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-8 JOHN ALEXANDER BODWELL b. 17 November 1845 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 9 December 1845 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts

Daniel IV and Betsey (Nevins) Bodwell
16010cc GEORGE A. BODWELL m. HANNAH M. [-?-]; m. 2nd 10 May 1858 ELIZABETH SMITH b. c. 1835. He d. 12 November 1876 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    children 1st marriage:
    27367z-8a GEORGE H. BODWELL b. 15 April 1851 Manchester, New Hampshire;       d. 3 September 1852 Lawrence, Massachusetts
    27367z-8b CHARLES A. BODWELL b. 2 July 1852 Lawrence, Massachusetts; d.       30 July 1852 Lawrence, Massachusetts
    Children 2nd marriage:
    25367z-8c [-?-] BODWELL (Son) b. 19 May 1860 Lowell, Massachusetts; d. 19       May 1860 Lowell, Massachusetts
    25367z-8d [-?-] BODWELL (Daughter) b. 19 August 1861 Lawrence,       Massachusetts; d. 19 August 1861 Lawrence, Massachusetts
    27367z-8e IDA MAY BODWELL b. 2 March 1864 Lawrence, Massachusetts
    27367z-8f MARY E. BODWELL B. 15 March 1868 Lawrence, Massachusetts d. 7       September 1868 Lawrence, Massachusetts
    27367z-8g JAMES E. BODWELL 13 April 1872 Lawrence, Massachusetts; 27       September 1872 Lawrence, Massachusetts

16010dd ALFRED BODWELL m. 14 October 1855 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts MARION M. LEET b. c. 1829 Clarement, Sullivan, NEW HAMPSHIRE He d. 13 October 1863 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-9 [-?-] BODWELL b. 6 August 1856 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts; d.       August 1846 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-10 MARY ABBY BODWELL b. c. 1861; m. 5 December 1883 Reading,       Vermont GEORGE FRED CRANDALL b. c. 1860 d. 1924 [1940] Lawrence,       Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-11 [-?-] BODWELL b. c. 1861; d. 19 August 1861 Lawrence, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367z-12 MARY ELIZABETH BODWELL b. c. 1867 Cambridge, Massachusetts; d.       1868 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts

John and Lucinda (Young) Bodwell
16010ff JOHN ALLEN BODWELL m. 20 October 1851 Tewksbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts SAMANTHA [SUSANNAH] WOOD b. 14 August 1828 Newfane, Windham, Vermont d. 7 March 1868 Tewksbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts He d. 29 January 1908 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27367z-13 FRED MORTON [MERTON] BODWELL b. 3 July 1853 Tewksbury,       Middlesex, Massachusetts
    *27367z-14 GEORG ALLEN BODWELL b. 14 [15] December 1859 Salem, Essex,       Massachusetts

16010hh FREDERICK LEWIS BODWELL m. 29 December 1853 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts MARTHA CAROLINE SHAW b. c. 1833 Salem, Rockingham, NEW HAMPSHIRE; m 2nd 9 August 1871 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts ADELAIDE AMELIA MARCH b. 30 March 1849 Ellsworth, Hancock, Maine d. 10September 1910 Andover, Massachusetts The 1901 Andover Directory lists F. Lewis as living at 68 Park He d. August 1910 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-15 CARRIE ELIZABETH [LIZZIE] BODWELL b. 31 March 1855 Andover,       Essex, Massachusetts; m. 30 September 1874 Georgetown, Essex,       Massachusetts JOSEPH FRANKLIN COLE b. c. 1852 probably Boxford, Essex,       Massachusetts
    ~27367z-16 FRANK BODWELL d. young
    ~27367z-17 FREDERICK “FRED” ALBERT BODWELL b. 5 December 1857 [1868];       d. unm. 27 April 1912 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts The 1901-2 Andover       Directory lists Fredrick as a painter who roomed at 65 Park
    27367z-18 EMMA FRANCES BODWELL b. 21 November 1860 Salem, Essex,       Massachusetts [Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire]; m. 24 November       1881 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts ANDREW MC TERNEN b. c. 1858       Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; d. 11 November 1943 Andover, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27367z-19 EVA ESTELLA BODWELL b. 3 October 1866 Salem, Essex,       Massachusetts [Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire; m. [16] 19 September        1893 ALLEN FARNHAM ABBOTT; d. 10 May 1934
    2nd marriage:
    27367z-20 ELLA [ETTA] MARCH BODWELL b. 8 August 1873 Andover, Essex,       Massachusetts; m. 24 December 1896 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts       FRANK EDWARD DODGE b. 1 September 1859 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 1 February 1957 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27367z-21 HORACE CHANDLER BODWELL b. 16 January 1878 Andover, Essex,       Massachusetts

16010ii GEORGE HIRAM BODWELL m. 6 August 1851 [1852] Andover, Essex, Massachusetts MARGARET [MAGGIE] GARDNER WOOD b. 14 October 1822 Salem, Massachusetts d. 10 March 1874 Salem, Massachusetts He d. 26 January 1901 Salem, Massachusetts
    Children b. Salem, Essex, Massachusetts [Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire]:
    27367z-22 MARGIE [MARY] LUCINDA BODWELL b. 7 May 1852; m. 19 November       1873 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts GEORGE WELLS CRESSY [CREEDY] b.       c. 1852 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1 April 1884
    ~27367z-23 SARAH LIZZIE BODWELL b. 18 December 1885; d. unm. 20 Sep.       1943 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-24 GEORGE ARTHUR BODWELL b. 4 July 1859; m. 29 December 1891       Salem, Essex, Massachusetts MARTHA MONSON [WONSON] BROWN b. 17       November 1861 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts d. 23 July 1945 Salem,       Essex, Ma; d. 24 September 1832 probably Salem, Essex,       Massachusetts
    ~27367z-25 ALICE BRYANT BODWELL b. 22 February 1868; d. unm. 20       November 1925 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

16010jj HORACE B. BODWELL m. 3 March 1853 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts MARY FRANCES HILL b. c. November 1827 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts d. 26 September 1909 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Horace was a mason and contractor (Gen. Abraham Mooar and his Descendents, p. 49)

The Lawrence, Massachusetts City Directories of 1888 and 1889 list Horace as being a mason who was living at 75 Cross Street.

He d. 21 Jun. 1890 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    Children b. Andover, Essex, Massachusetts:
    27367z-26 CHARLES E. BODWELL b. 10 September [14 October] 1854; d. 14       July 1894 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-27 FRANK [CHARLES] HORACE BODWELL b. 21 March 1866; d. 18       September 1871 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts

Parker L. and Elizabeth (Merrill) Bodwell
16011 JOHN PARKER BODWELL m. 28 February 1829 Salem, Rockingham, NEW HAMPSHIRE PHEBE SILVER.
    Children b. Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire:
    *27367z-28 CHARLES G. BODWELL b. c. [1820] 1821 [1828]
    *27367z-29 JOHN PARKER BODWELL JR. b. c. 1824
    27367z-30 ELIZABETH BODWELL b. c. 1826; m. 14 August 1848 Methuen,       Essex, Massachusetts JOEL T. SHAW b. Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    27367z-31 MARY BODWELL b. c. 1827; d. 25 May. 1849 unm.

16011c MOSES BODWELL m. 11 September 1883 Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire SUSAN EMERSON b. 10 December 1801 Merrimack, Hillsboro, New Hampshire; m 2nd Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire NANCY HEMPHILL
    children b. Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire:
    ~27367z-32 CHARLES WESLEY BODWELL b. 7 February 1836; d. 7 September       1834 Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire
    27367z-33 MARY JANE BODWELL b. 1 December 1837
    27367z-34 CAROLINE BODWELL b. 27 May 1843
    27367z-35 LUCY ANN BODWELL b. 26 July 1847

Parker L. and Nancy J. (Merrill) Bodwell
16011d DEAN MERRILL BODWELL m. 11 September 1835 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire REBECCA ELEANOR CLUFF b. 12 December 1815 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire d. 21 September 1895 Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire He d. 16 May 1905 Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire
    *27367z-36 WALTER SCOTT BODWELL b. 30 June 1835 [1836] Haverhill, Essex,       Massachusetts
    *27367z-37 AMOS CLUFF BODWELL b. 15 February 1836 Salem, Rockingham,       New Hampshire
    ~27367z-38 ELLEN REBECCA BODWELL b. 1841 Derry, Rockingham, New       Hampshire; d. 1856 Auburn, Rockingham, New Hampshire
    27367z-39 CLARA BODWELL b. Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire; d. Auburn,       Rockingham, New Hampshire
    27367z-40 DEWITT G. BODWELL b. 15 April 1850 Auburn, Rockingham, New       Hampshire; m. 8 May 1872 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire       CLARA ANN ROBIE b. 2 August 1846 Hockesett, Hillsboro, New       Hampshire d. 18 April 1931 Athol, Massachusetts; d. 13 April 1909 Derry,       Rockingham, New Hampshire The Essex County Directory for 1870 lists       Dewitt G. Bodwell as a blacksmith living on Washington St. in Haverhill
    27367z-41 ELLA BODWELL b. 3 August 1852 Auburn, Rockingham, Hew       Hampshire
    27367z-42 LOLA BODWELL b. 3 August 1852 Auburn, Rockingham, New       Hampshire; m. 13 October 1873 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts MILTON       M. KELLY b. c. 1851 Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
    27367z-43 [-?-] BODWELL (dau.) b. 3 August 1859 Auburn, Rockingham, New       Hampshire

Heman and Elizabeth/Betsey (Hall) Bodwell
16011e-1 ENOCH BAILEY HALL BODWELL m. 31 October 1841 Bibb co., Georgia SARAH JANE YOUNG b. c. 1818 d. c. February 1890 Macon, Bibb, Georgia He d. c. January 1865 probably Bibb co., Georgia
    Children Georgia:
    27367z-44 HARRIET BODWELL b. July 1842; m. 30 November 1867 Bibb co.,       Georgia GRANCIS M. AVERY [AVRA] b. c. 1831; d. 1922-8 probably Macon       co., Georgia he m 1st SARAH [-?-] m 2nd MARTHA HOLLIS; d. after 1908       Macon, Georgia
    27367z-45 Sarah ELIZABETH BODWELL b. September 1845 [22 September       1846]; m. 17 February 1861 Bibb co., Georgia ORRIN W. KITCHENS       [KITCHINGS] b. September 1839; d. 5 February 1902 Jones co., Georgia
    27367z-46 JULIA A. BODWELL b. c. 1847
    27367z-47 NANCY LEANER BODWELL b. c. 1851 m. 26 April 1868 Bibb co.,       Georgia JAMES IRA WILSON b. c. September 1849
    *27367z-48 CHARLES MONROE BODWELL b. c. 1852
    27367z-49 SARAH A. [Sara Augusta] BODWELL b. February 1855; m. 17 August       1870 Bibb co., Georgia JAMES EVERS b. March 1847 Dodge City, Iowa;,       div.; m 2nd 29 May 1872 REESE VANN [VAN] b. March 1849
    27367z-50 MARY J. F. BODWELL b. c. 1857; m. [-?-] EAGLE

16011e-2 HANNAH AUGUSTA BODWELL m. 31 March 1840 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts SAMUEL FOSS

16011e-3 ALPHEUS BODWELL m. 24 September 1840 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire [Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts] ABIGAIL S. CLUFF b. 1 May 1815 Bartlett, Carroll, New Hampshire 26 November 1897 Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire The Manchester, New Hampshire City directory of 1890 lists Alpheus as working at Loring B. Bodwell Co. (dealers in ice, coal, and wood). Also employed as a clerk was his brother Charles H. Bodwell He d. 27 February 1809 Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire
    27369a LOREN BODWELL b. c. January 1843 Moore Ferry, New Hampshire; d. 8       November 1847 Moores Ferry, New Hampshire
    27369b WARREN A. BODWELL b. 30 December 1843 probably Salem,       Rockingham, New Hampshire
    *27369c LRING BROOKS BODWELL b. 20 April 1844 Salem, Rockingham, New       Hampshire
    *27369d FRANK SCOTT BODWELL b. 2 July 1847 Manchester, Hillsboro, New       Hampshire [Goffs Fall, New Hampshire]
    *27369e CHARLES H. BODWELL b. 12 September 1854 Manchester, Hillsboro,       New Hampshire
    27369f SADIE BODWELL b. 1855 Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire
    27369g EMMA AUGUST BODWELL b. 13 February 1858 Manchester, Hillsboro,       New Hampshire; d. unm. 9 March 1938 Manchester, Hillsboro, New       Hampshire
    27369h SARAH [SADIE] V. BODWELL b. 13 September 1860 Probably       Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire; m. JOHN A. BALLOU b. March 1863       New Hampshire; d. 18 March 1946 probably Manchester, Hillsboro, New       Hampshire
    *27369i FREDERICK L. BODWELL b. 29 July 1865 Manchester, Hillsboro, New       Hampshire

16011e-4 HARRIET DAY BODWELL m. 26 December 1843 Metheun, Essex, Massachusetts JEREMIAH ROBINSON [RANDOLPH] FRYE b. 20 December 1813 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1 October 1886 s/o Jeremiah and Betsey (Hall) Frye.
    Children: b. Metheun, Essex, Massachusetts:
    ~27369 GEORGE FRYE b. 1845; d. 29 June 1864
    27370 MILBURN FRYE b. 1846
    27371 SARAH FRYE b. 1848

16011e-6 CHARLES HORACE [HARES/HAZEN] BODWELL m. 12 August 1849 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts MARY [POLLY] HOBBS, m. 2nd Greenville Fess.

Charles H. Bodwell was a carpenter and contractor in Boston in 1859. In that year he admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company New York He was discharged from that company in 1861. The Boston City Directory of 1890 lists Charles as a carpenter working at 3 Winchester, Boston and living on Mt. Vernon near Buttonwood St, Dorchester, Massachusetts The same directory lists son Charles T. Bodwell as engaged in real estate, working at 120 Tremont, room 63 and boarding at 1 Mt Vernon, Dorchester, Massachusetts and son Frank R. Bodwell as working at 17 Milk Street, Room 1, Boston and boarding on Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts

He d. 13 August 1895 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
    27372 DELINA MARIA BODWELL b. 7 January 1851; m. 28 May 1873 Boston,       Suffolk, Massachusetts CHARLES DICKENS SHERMAN
    27373 FLORINDA PERKINS BODWELL b. 22 August 1853 Chelsea, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; m. 20 January 1876 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts JOHN       H. BIDWELL
    27374 CHARLES THOMAS BODWELL b. 28 January 1856 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. unm. 16 August 1934 Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    27374a MARY LOUISE BODWELL b. 20 April 1858 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. 25 April 1958 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
    27374b HORACE HEMAN BODWELL b. 30 June 1859 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. 9 August 1859 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
    27375 JOSEPH HEMAN BODWELL b. 10 November 1860 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. 20 October 1861 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts *27375a HARVEY DEWIGHT BODWELL b. [10] 11 December 1862 Boston,       Sufolk, Massachusetts
    273745b FRANK ROSCOE BODWELL b. 2 August 1865 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. 30 April 1894 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Trueworthy and Fannie (Bodwell) White

Samuel A. and Elizabeth/Betsey (Ordway) Bodwell
August 1829 Topsham, Sagadahoc, Maine d. 4 April 192 Bowdoinham, Sagadhoc, Maine He d. 26 June 1910 Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine
    ~27375c EDWARD BODWELL b. Deery, Rockingham, New Hamshire; d. 24 March       1855 Bowdoinham, Sagadhoc, Maine
    27375d GEORGIANNA [GEORGIENNE] M. BODWELL b. 6 Jun. 1857 Topsham,       Sagadahoc, Maine; m. 19 April 1888 Bowdoinham, Sagadhoc, Maine       ALPHONSO [ALPHONSE] BERRY b. 8 January 1855 Brunswick, Cumberland,       Maine d. 5 December 1930 Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine; d. 15 June       1939 Bowdoinham, Saagadahoc, Maine
    27375e CORA LILLIAN BODWELL b. 14 April 1859 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts; m. 6 August 1877 Bowdoinham, Maine CHARLES E. H.       ELLIOT b. 5 March 1849 Great Falls, Strafford, New Hampshire d. 4       September 1907 Liston Falls, Grafton, Maine m 1st Elizabeth       Woodward; d. 1 April Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine
    *27375f WILLIAM ANDREW BODWELL b. 8 June 1861 [10 Jun. 1862]       Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine
    *27375g JOHN GAGE BODWELL b. 23 September 1862 [22 September 1863]       Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine
    27375h ROBERT H. BODWELL b. 20 [22] February 1865 Bowdoinham,       Sagadahoc, Maine; m. 4 September 1892 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts       ANNIE M. WILLEY b. c. 1871 Maine; d. 5 February 1906 Lynn, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27375i EDWARD [EDMUND] AUGUSTUS BODWELL [birth recorded as Edward A.       and at Death Edward Augustus] b. 30 November 1868 Bowdoinham,       Sagadahoc, Maine; buried Topsham, Sagadahoc, Maine
    27375j ALFRED W. BODWELL b. 5 [February] June 1870 Bowdoinham,       Sagadahoc, Maine buried Topsham, Sagadohoc, Maine
    27375k ROYAL GRAVES BODWELL b. 24 April 1872 Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc,       Maine; m. 19 January 1903 Fairfield, Somerset, Maine ALICE M. (LIBBY)       GREEN b. 1877 Smithfield, Somerset, Maine
    27375l ELIZABETH BODWELL b. probably c. 1874 Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc,       Maine

John T. and abiah M (Frye) Sargent
160011g ABIAH JANE/ABBIE SARGENT m. 15 March 1849 Metheun, ESSEX, Massachusetts GEORGE WASHINGTON LEARNED b. 20 September 1825 d. 5 November 1904 s/o Sylvanus and Nancy Learned. She d. 23 August 1890.
    *27376 ELIZABETH S./LIZZIE LEARNED b. 3 November 1855 Metheun, Essex,       Massachusetts

Samuel P. and Rhonda (Cook) Hildreth
16011_ HARRIET ELIZABETH HILDRETH m. 1854 JOHN MEANS b. 1829 d. 1910 s/o John and Ann (Williamson) Means
    27380 HAROLD MEANS b. 1862; m. MARY E. BAGLEY; d. 1918
    *27381 ELLISON COOKE MEANS b. 16 December 1864 Ashland, Kentucky

John and Susan (Hildreth) Nesmith
16012 JOHN PRESCOTT NESMITH m. 1837 MARY JOSEPHINE DILLON b. 1813 d. 1883. He d. 1876
    *27382 ROBERT DILLON NESMITH b. 9 November 1838 New York, New York

John and Sarah/Sally (James) Bodwell
16012d ELISHA F. BODWELL m. 6 May 1821 Shapliegh, York, Maine POLLY WOOD b. August 1798 d. 18 June 1858 [1885].
Brig. General. In the years 1830, 1831, and 1835 Elisha was a Maine State Representative. In the years 1841 and 1842, Elisha was a Maine State Senator. In 1854 he was serving as County Commissioner. He d. 5 December [7 May] 1856 Acton, York, Maine
    *27385 JOHN F. BODWELL b. 15 February 1823
    *27386 ENOCH WOOD BODWELL b. 9 January 1827; m. SARAH J. GARVINS b. 12       November 1827
    27386a SARAH BODWELL b. 12 July 1829; d. 1849
    27386b PHOEBE [PHEBE] H. BODWELL b. 18 April 1831; d. 23 April 1847

16012f JOHN WHITE BODWELL m. 10 November 1823 JULIA ANN ALLEN d/o Elisha Allen b. 23 [26]September 1806 Sanford, York, Maine d. 20 April 1875 Sanford, York, Maine

John was educated in the public Schools of Acton, Maine, and left home before reaching his majority to enter the employ of General Elisha Allen, his grandfather, as a clerk in his general store in Sanford, Maine. As a young man he demonstrated unusual ability and good judgment, and won the confidence of his employer to such an extent that when he resigned the office of postmaster in 1820 in order to serve as presidential elector, young Bodwell, though but twenty years of aged was appointed to fill the vacancy and was postmaster until April, 1821, when General Allen, having performed his duty as elector, was re-appointed postmaster. Before 1825 General Bodwell, removed to Kennebunk and engaged in trade, but returned to Sanford after a few years, and resided in the Clark house in that town during the remainder of his life. He possessed military talent of a high order and rose rapidly from the ranks to the command of a brigade. He was successively quartermaster, brigade quartermaster, major and aide to the brigadier-general, and at the age of twenty-six was commissioned brigadier-general himself, and served with distinction many years.

In October 1823 Greenburgh, Bodwell and Co., succeeded to the late firm of Thomas Dew and Co., which was dissolved the eleventh of the month took the store and stock of the old firm. (History of Kennebunk)

In 1824 Mr. Wise formed a co-partnership with John, and opened a store for the sale of general merchandise. The partnership was dissolved about a year later, with John W. Bodwell retiring. (History of Kennebunk)

The annual review and inspection of the fourth regiment of the 1st Brigade and first division of the Maine Militia took place on the old "training field," nearly opposite the road leading to the saw-mill at the Eastern Depot, the 23rd of September, 1926. The various evolutions of the soldiers were credibly performed under the inspection of Brig. Gen. John W. Bodwell and Col. Jesse L Smith. Public interest in these reviews was now evidently on the wane. Although the day was fine, the number of spectators was not large and those who were present manifested little old-time enthusiasm that marked such occurences. (History of Kennebunk, p. 474)

General Bodwell was a natural mechanic and was fond of cabinet-making, at which he worked occasionally. He was postmaster from 1841 to 1846, and for two years member of the Sanford school committee. In 1859 he was Deputy Sheriff of Sanford. The history of Sanford said of him: "Whatever came from his hands was well done." He carried on gardening and farming on a small scale, and was interested in fruit raising. Garden sauce and apples were his specialties. His orchard extended southeast from Nasson's Hill, was the best cultivated in town, and his hand-picked gilly-flowers, sheep-noses, goose-eggs, Baldwins, greenings and russets were the best fruits the market afforded. In his filed and orchard he was neat, orderly and methodical. As a illustration of his methodical manner, we may instance his manner of planting corn and potatoes in straight rows in perfect squares, so that whichever way seen they appeared to be almost mathematically straight. It was frequently remarked that if a six-inch cannon ball should be shot at a row lengthwise, it would cut down every stalk of corn growing in that row. He was one of the first, if not the first, to cultivate tomatoes for table use. When first cultivated they were a curiosity and an ornament.

He d. 28 April 1861 Sanford, York, Maine
    Children b. Sanford, Me:
    23787 JOHN F. BODWELL b. 1823; d. unm. 12 May 1896 Augusta, Kennebec,       Maine
    23787a ELISHA ALLEN BODWELL b. 10 January 1826; d. 12 May 1827 Sanford,       York, Maine
    23787b ENOCH BODWELL b. 1827; d. 1850 Sanford, Maine
    23788 ELISHA ALLEN BODWELL b. 2 May 1829; m. 14 November 1849       Sandwich, Carroll, New Hampshire GRACE ELIZABETH ROBINSON b. 23       October 1828 probably Saco, York, Maine d. 1850 probably Sanford, Maine       2nd Leonard Gilman m 3rd Alvah Prescott; d. Sanford, Maine 11 August       1853 Sanford, York, Maine
    *23789 WILLIAM HENRY G. BODWELL b. 13 Dec 1834
    *23790 HENRY WILLIAM G. BODWELL b. 13 Dec 1834

16012h ASA B. BODWELL m. TEMPERANCE HILTON b. 26 September 1809 d. 8 April 1866 Acton, York, Maine He d. 25 October 1871 Acton, York, Maine.
    0000 ANDREW C. BODWELL b. 8 April 1834; d. 10 November 1856 Acton, York,       Maine
    27390a SARAH A. BODWELL b. c. 1839

16012k MIRIAM WHITE BODWELL m. 4 May 1835 Acton, York, Maine INCREASE SUMNER KIMBALL b. N. Berwick, York, Maine 30 August 1800 m 2nd Eliza A. Miller. She d. 10 April 1866
    ~27391 JOHN BODWELL KIMBALL b. 24 March 1832; d. young
    27392 SUMNER INCREASE KIMBALL b. 2 September 1834
    *27393 MIRIAM WHITE KIMBALL b. 13 June 1836
    ~27394 MARIA H. KIMBALL b. 13 June 1836; d. 18 December 1836
    27395 HELEN MARIA KIMBALL b. 11 August 1842
    27396 JOHN BODWELL KIMBALL b. 34 August 1848
    27397 SARAH BODWELL KIMBALL b. 7 September 1845
    *27398 ELIZABETH FRANCES APPLETON KIMBALL b. 29 October 1847
    23799 SARAH J. BODWELL b. 5 April 1841 Maine
    23800 JOAN BODWELL b. 8 April 1843
    23800a AMANDA BODWELL b. c. 1845
    23800b CHARLES BODWELL b. c. 1842
    2nd marriage:
    23800c son b. 16 December 1852 Somersworth, Strafford, New Hampshire

16012m HORACE BODWELL m. 4 June 1837 ELIA BRACKETT b. 17 September 1817 S. Acton, York, Maine d. 9 October 1906 [1908] Acton, York, Maine, aet 89.

Horace settled in Acton Corners, Maine where he owned a farm. He later opened a general store and Post Office. He was a Brigadier General in the Maine Militia

Among the US House Banking and Currency Committee documents is the following:
"The petitions and memorials during the last quarter of the 19th century contain numerous documents stating the opinions of groups of
citizens on the policy of the Government regarding the issuance of money. The records of the 46th Congress (1879-81) contain many petitions advocating the prohibition of the issuance of money by corporations. Horace Bodwell and 65 other inhabitants of Acton, Maine, state their understanding of the concept of sovereignty and issuance of currency as follows: ...the issuing of money is an act of sovereignty which can properly be exercised by Congress, and that the issuing of money by corporations, chartered by States the General Government is detrimental to the interest of the people..."
    *27401 JOHN BRACKETT BODWELL b. 5 October 1838 Acton Corners, York,       Maine
    27402 MARY ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 5 April 1840 Acton, York, Maine; m. N. L.       BUTLER; d. 8 April 1902 Acton, York, Maine
    27402a MIRIAM BRACKETT BODWELL b. 9 February 1842; m. 8 November 1866       Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts PAUL C. GARVIN b. c. 1837 Acton, York,       Maine he was a physician.
    27403 PHEBE MIRANDA BODWELL b. 23 December 1843 Acton, York, Maine; m.       E. NORRIS WATSON b. October 1843 d. 4 January 1890 Acton, York, Maine;       d. 12 April 1893 Acton, York, Maine
    27404 JULIA MIRANDA BODWELL b. 3 Dec 1845 Acton, York, Maine; m. Frankfort,       Marshall, Kansas. PAUL GARVIN
    *27405 HORACE JEFFERSON BODWELL b. [7] 11 Mar 1848 Acton Corners, York,       Maine He d. [15] 16 June 1906 Acton, York, Maine
    *27405a FRANK DALLAS BODWELL b. 20 March 1851 Acton Corners [S. Acton],       York, Maine
    *27405b FRED KENDALL BODWELL b. 23 December 1853 Acton Corners [Acton],       York, Maine

16012o MARY ANN BODWELL m. DAVID GRANT b. 13 February 1819 d. 31 January 1901 Acton, York, Maine. She d. 19 October 1866 Acton, York, Maine
    ~27406 JOHN BODWELL GRANT b. 8 January 1845; d. 23 January 1847
    27407 JOHN BODWELL GRANT b. 22 February 1849

16012p JOHN E. BODWELL m. LOUISA JANE GOODRICH b. 26 January 1829
    27407a WILLIAM ALBION BODWELL b. 28 June 1847
    27407b AMOS DINSMORE BODWELL b. 24 September 1848; m. 8 January       1895 Lynn, Massachusetts SYLVIA E. EMERY b. c. 1838 Sanford Me; 2nd       29 Nov 1895 Providence, Rhode Island JANE A. GRAY b. c. 1855;       Densmore enlisted and mustered February 16, 1865 as a Private in the       1st Battalion of the Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery. He was       discharged April 5, 1865 for disability; d. 13 June 1913 Hinsdale,       New Hampshire
    27407c INCREASE SUMNER KIMBALL BODWELL b. 8 February 1850
    27407d MELVIN {MELVILL] BODWELL b. c. 1852
    27407e MARY ELLEN BODWELL b. c. 1853
    27407f SARAH ELLEN BODWELL b. c. 1855
    *27407g CHARLES LINWOOD BODWELL B. 26 April 1857 [26 April 1858] Acton,       York, Maine
    *27407h JETHRO EDWARD BODWELL b. 19 May 1858 York, Maine
    *27408i FRANK WESLEY BODWELL b. 6 March 1860 [8 March 1862] Acton, York,       Maine
    27407j EMMA N. BODWELL b. c. 1862
    27407k ROSE ELLEN BODWELL b. 15 May 1863 Springvale, York, Maine
    27407l ARTHUR W. BODWELL b. 1865
    27407m NETTIE A. BODWELL b. 1866; d. 1822 Springvale, York, Maine
    27407n LILLIAN L. BODWELL b. 1866; d. 1882 Springvale, York, Maine
    27408 MINNIE L. BODWELL b. c. 1867 Springvale, York, Maine; m. 20 December       1885 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts WILLIAM SHEEN (GEEN) b c. 1861       Franklin, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Zadock and Olive (Barker) Bodwell
16012r NELSON FARMER BODWELL m. 20 March 1826 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts SOLENDA [SOLENDIA/SELENDY] TYLER b. 6 June 1802 Berwick, York, Maine d. 1882 [1883] Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts [Georgetown, Massachusetts]. He d. 11 January [Jun./October] 1892 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts
    27408c NEWMAN BODWELL b. 17 March 1892 Methuen, Essex. Massachusetts
    *27408d LEONARD WAREWICK BODWELL b. 13 December 1829 Boxford, Essex,       Massachusetts
    *27408e SANFORD BODWELL b. 22 September 1831 Perry, Genessee, [Deery,       New Hampshire [or Rochester, Monroe, New York]
    27408f NANCY EMELINE BODWELL b. c. 1835 Rochester, Monroe, New York; m.       29 November 1860 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts GEORGE SPOFFARD       COLE b. 2 July 1836 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts
    27408g [-?-] BODWELL (dau.) d. 20 October 1841 Boxford, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27408h ELLEN AUGUSTA BODWELL b. 24 February 1846 Boxford, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 25 February 1847 Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts

16012s ZADOCK CHRISTOPHER BODWEL m. 8 July 1832 Medina co., Ohio MARY GREGG b. 19 Jun. 1810 New Hampshire d. 5 July 1897. He d. 11 March 1856.
    27408i OLIVE BODWELL b. 6 October 1833 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts; m.       18 November 1855 GEORGE W. NEFF
    27408j NANCY K. BODWELL b. 8 January 1835; m. 25 April 1857 WILLIAM W.       BRUNSON.
    27408k ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 2 May 1837; d. 18 July 1838
    27408l MARY BODWELL b. 4 October; d. 20 October 1838
    27408m MARY ANN BODWELL b. 19 August 1841 Ohio; m. 1 Jun. 1865 J. L.       CONGDON; d. Washington Twp. Elkhart, Indiana after 1870
    *27408n ZADOK CHRISTOPHER BODWELL JR. b. 13 November 1843 Lorain co.,       Ohio

16012x JOSEPH R. BODWELL m. c. 1852 ANNA ELIZABETH [-?-] b. December 1826 Edgecombe, Lincoln, Maine; m 2nd 9 March 1892 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts ANNE E. (HODGE) BODWELL b. c. 1826 Maine
    Children b. Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts:
    27408o SARAH EMMA BODWELL b. 22 February 1853; m. 26 April 1882       Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts FRED B. AYER b. c. 1854 Haverhill, Essex,       Massachusetts
    *27408p JOSEPH EBEN BODWELL b. 9 October 1854

16012y GEORGE W. BODWELL m. 10 September 1852 Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts RHODA EATON b. c. 1833 Seabrook, Rockingham, New Hampshire Trooper in the Michigan Calvary unit that helped captured Jefferson Davis in 1865. He d. 25 July 1877 N. Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    27408q GEORGIE A. BODWELL b. c. 1854 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts; m.       15 February 1877 [1879] Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts SWAINE P. CHICK       b. c. 1848 Alfred, York, Maine
    27408r ELIZABETH BODWELL b. c. 1855 Bristol, Michigan; m. 11 March 1876       Georgetown, Essex, Massachusetts WILLIAM H. STEVVENS b. c. 1854 Lee,       Berkshire, Maine
    27408s ASA M. BODWELL b. February 1857 In.
    *27408t CHARLES HENRY BODWELL b. 10 June 1860 South Bend, St. Joseph,       Indiana [Iowa]
    27408u CHARLOTTE M. BODWELL b. c 1862 Vandalia, Cass, Michigan; m. 22       February 1884 Hyde Park, Suffolk, Massachusetts EUGENE L. SMITH b. c.       1861 N. Have, Knox, Maine
    0000 NATHANIEL BODWELL b. 3 August 1865 Vandalia, Cass, Michigan; m. 1       Jun. 1887 Hyde Park, Suffolk, Massachusetts LILLIE SWEETZER b. c. 1867       Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
      ELSIE GERTRUDE BODWELL b. 24 January 1890 Boston, Suffolk,

16012z STEPHEN BARKER BODWELL m. OLVIE B. [-?-]; m. 2nd 9 November 1845 [5 November 1849] Int. Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts ELIZABETH DUNLAP b. c. November 1824 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire d. 14 July 1855 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts; m 3rd 3 April 1863 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts ALDANAH F. SPURR b. c. 1835 Warren, Knox, Massachusetts He d. 14 April 1900 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    Children 2nd marriage:
    *27408v STEPHEN BRYON BODWELL b. 19 November 1846 Methuen, Essex,       Massachusetts [Dorcester, Massachusetts]
    27408w LEONARD BODWELL b. 14 October 1848 Methuen [Lawrence], Essex,       Massachusetts; d. unm. 26 October 1862 Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
    27408x Son b. 26 August 1849 Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1850       Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts
    *27408y Joseph A. Bodwell b. 4 [7] October 1850 Lawrence, Essex,       Massachusetts
    27408z [-?-] BODWELL (son) b. 5 February 1853 Lawrence, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 6 February
    3rd marriage b. N. Andover, Essex, Ma:
    27409 IDA BODWELL b. 2 March 1864
    27409a ALDANAH BODWELL b. 18 December 1869; d. 13 July 1871 N. Andover,       Essex, Massachusetts

Bailey and Nancy (Partridge) Bodwell
NATHANIEL BODWELL m. 1 April 1824 Sebec, Piscataquis, Maine MARY [POLLY] TOWNSEND b. c. 1804 Exeter, Penobscot, Maine He d. 1874 Houlton, Aroostock, Maine
    27409b LOINA BODWELL b. 28 September 1824 Norway, Oxford, Maine; m. 3       January 1854 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine JOHN HATHORN
    27409c NANCY JANE BODWELL b. 15 January 1826 Lincoln, Maine; m. 25 March       1846 Lincoln, Maine JOHN WESTE
    *27409d MARTIN NATHANIEL BODWELL b. 21 March 1829 Sebec, Piscataquis,       Maine [Enfield/Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine]
    *27409e ANDREW JACKSON BODWELL b. 10 October 1833 Sebec, Piscataquis,       Maine
    27409f BAILEY BODWELL b. 14 March 1835 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine
    27409g JOHN BODWELL b. 1838 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine
    27409h MARTIN AN BUREN BODWELL b. 24 November 1840 Lincoln, Penobscot,       Maine; m. 25 March 1873 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine HARRIET G. DARLING b.       8 November 1849 Enfield, Penobscot, Maine d. 27 November 1925 Enfield,       Penobscot, Maine; d. 2 April 1903 Enfield, Penobscot, Maine
    27409i MARY A. BODWELL b. 28 January [1842] 1844 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine;       m. 22 January 1870 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine CHARLES A. SARGENT b. 26       August 1834 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine
    27409j MATILDA A. BODWELL b. 15 January 1847 Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine; d.       unm. 24 March 1893
    27409k JAMES BODWELL b. c. 1850 Probably Lincoln, Penobsoct, Maine
    27409l JANE R. BODWELL b. c. 1851 Probably Lincoln, Maine
    27409m CELIA M. BODWELL b. c. 1852 Probably Lincoln, Maine

BAILEY BODWELL m. 1843 JEAN MC CONNELL b. 1819 Massachusetts d. 1897 probably Westfield, Chautauga, New York He d. 1872 probably Westfield, Chautauga, New York
    27409n PAULINE BODWELL b. c. 1843
    *27409o FRANKLIN P. BODWELL b. 1 August 1844 Fowlerville, Erie, New York
    27409p [-?-] BODWELL (dau.) m. [-?-] LEWIS
    27410 [-?-] BODWELL (dau.) m. [-?-] BARTON
    *27411 BAILEY F. BODWELL b. 24 September 1851

Mortimer and Eunice (Leavitt) Bodwell
HENRY MORTIMER BODWELL 1838 Solon, Maine m. 30 May 1860 Solon, Maine Helen Frances Bosworth b. 16 March 1840 He d. 7 February 1884 probably Solon, Maine
    27411a CARRIE B. BODWELL Aug 1862 Solon, Maine; d. 1900-70 Phenix, Rhode       Island
    *27411b JAMES MORTIMER BODWELL 13 April 1868 Solon, Maine

CHARLES MORTIMER BODWELL b. c. 1843 Solon, Maine?; m. 16 May 1867 Stillwater, Minnesota Ella Frances Lowell b. 8 March 1847. He d. 1880-1900 Solon, Maine?
    Children b. Solon, Maine:
    27411c EUNICE L BODWELL b. 7 August 1879 ; d. 13 August 1962 Framingham,       Massachusetts
    27411d WILLIAM M. BODWELL b. 3 June 1884; d. 3 May 1969 Framingham,       Massachusetts

William and Abiah (Whitter) Richardson
    *27412 ELLEN GRACE ROWELL b. 1842

Nathan and Hannah (Parker) Barker
160113a STEPHEN BARKER m. 1831 ABIGAIL ORDWAY (desc of #170). He d. 1859
*27413 HANNAH MARIA BARKER b. 1844

Samuel III Bodwell and Mary/Polly (Gilman) Bodwell
16013a-1 LUKE W. BODWELL m. ALMIRA GRADE [ALMIRE GRAMBY] b. Jun. 1810 Vermont d. 20 December 1893 Ann Arbor, Wachtenaw, Michigan.
    27413a MARY E. BODWELL b. 5 November 1841 Indiana.; Mt. Elgin, Ontario,       Canada
    27413b JARED E. BODWELL b. 12 October [1838] 1839 Dereham, Ontario,       Canada; d. 4 February 1921 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan
    27413c MARTHA [MATTIE] A. [G.] BODWELL b. c. 1844 Michigan; m. 2 January       1865 Washtenaw co., Mi. EDWARD H. EBERBACH b. c. 1844 [1848] Michigan;       both d. after 1894 Ann Arbor, Kent, Michigan
    27413c-1 [-?-] BODWELL

16013z-2 SAMUEL G. BODWELL m. 23 November 1839 Lorain co., Ohio LORINDA E. GRIFFITH b. c. 1817 New York Both d. after 1860 Elyria Twp., Lorian, co., Ohio along with their children.
    Children b. Akron Twp., Summit co., Ohio:
    27413d WALLACE BODWELL b. c. 1837 ; d. 20 October 1884 San Francisco,       California
    "Joining the Spirits" "Wallace Bodwell, a box maker employed in the Union Box Factory, was found dead in his room, on the corner of Davis and Pacific streets, yesterday morning with a bullet wound in his right temple and a pistol lying by his side. He was last seen alive four days ago, and as the body was considerably decomposed, it is supposed that he must have committed the deed soon after. He was 30 years of age and unmarried. Bodwell’s uncle believes that he killed himself through spiritualism, as he was a firm believer in that creed." San Francisco Chronicle, October 24, 1884.

    27413d-1 SOPHIA BODWELL b. c. 1842

16013a-11 HARRY HORTON BODWELL m. MARIANNA [MARIANE] [-?-] b. 15 July 1832 d. 16 January 1906 San Francisco, San Francisco, California He d. 19 December 1914 Almeda, Almeda, California
    *27413e HENRY WASHINGTON BODWELL b. 2 January 1860 Kalamazoo,       Kalamazoo, Michigan
    *27413f LINCOLN BODWELL b. c. 1861
    27413g FRANK LYON BODWELL b. c. 13 March 1862; m. c. 1860 JOSIE [-?-] b. c.       September 1869 d. after 1900 San Francisco, San Francisco, California; d. 18 April 1906 San Francisco, San Francisco, California.
    27413h EDNA [ETTA] BODWELL b. c. Jun. 1867; m. [-?-]HOWLEY [DAWLEY]; d.       after 19 December 1911

Gary E. and Eliza (Cooley) Bodwell
16013a-16 FREDERICK BODWELL m. 15 Jun. 1858 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts CAROLINE E. BLANKENSBERG b. February 1842 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine or [Wiscesset, Lincoln, Maine] In 1890, Frederick was living in Cambridge, Ma and listed his occupation as lobsterman. Boston Directory of 1890. The Cambridge City Directory of 1890 lists son Charles F. as a lather (one who installs wood strips that are used as the foundation for plaster in homes) boarding at 431 Main Street and working at 148 Prospect Street. Both d. after 1900 Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    27413i CHARLOTTE SOPHIA BODWELL b. 28 June 1859 [30 May 1861]       Cumberland,
    27413j CHARLES FREDERICK BODWELL b. 3 March 1862 Boston, Suffolk,       Massachusetts; d. 16 March 1951 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    27413k MARY ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 15 August 1866
    27413l son b. and d. 22 November 1875 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    27413m CARRIE EDITH BODWELL b. 4 May 1879 Cambridge, Middlesex,       Massachusetts

Frederick J. and Olive A. (Tibbetts) Bodwell 16013z-21 SARAH E. BODWELL m. 15 June 1859 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts SYLESTER ALLEY b. c. 1837 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts She d. 1916 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
    27413n HATTIE ALLEY-BODWELL b. 15 February [Mar.] 1875 Lynn, Essex,       Massachusetts; d. 15 April 1876

16013z-26 CHARLES E. BODWELL m. 30 October 1876 Rowley [Ipswich], Essex, Massachusetts ADDIE G. CHANCE [ADDA CHACE] b. March 1852 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts d. 13 January 1935 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
    27413o OLIVE LOUISE BODWELL b. 11 March 1879 Ipswich, Essex,       Massachusetts; m. 4 January 1899 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts JOSEPH       H. HARDY b. 1 Jun. 1878 Rangley, Franklin, Maine d. 30 January 1960       Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 1 January 1936 probably Boston,       Suffolk, Massachusetts

16013z-30 WILLIAM HIGH BODWELL m. 15 June 1890 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts ANN [ANNA] GILPIN b. May 1867 Cumberland, England d. 31 October 1938 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts He d. 29 February 1936 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
    Children b. Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts:
    *27413p FREDERICK NATHANIEL BODWELL b. 5 March 1891
    27413q JESSE WARREN BODWELL b. 1 September 1894; m. MABEL [-?-] b.       Petersen, Passaic, New Jersey d. 1963; d. 1960 Petersen, Passaic, New       Jersey
    *27413r WILLIAM HIGN BODWELL JR. b. 22 September 1906