Genealogical Records of Descendants of
John and Anthony Emery
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Generation ~ Seven  

7120 ANDREW M. BODWELL m. SALOME HARRIS b. abt. Vermont d. 12 November 1852 Sidney, Deleware,  NEW YORK Andrew served in Farrington’s Regiment, War of 1812 (Box 19, Roll Extract 602, Roll Record 2049). He d. 25 November 1852 Sidney, Deleware,  NEW YORK.


16008g JULIA ANN BODWELL b. abt 1810

*16008h LUMAN BODWELL b. abt. 1811

16008i [-?-] BODWELL

16008j  ADALINE BODWELL abt. 1822; d. AFT Mar 1853 possibly

Davenport, New York

      16008k son


7122 JOAB BODWELL m. 30 August 1801 Barre, Vermont HANNAH GLIDDEN b. 1 June 1780 New Hampshire d. Glover, Orleans, Vermont 16 November 1860. m 2nd. [-?-] ROLLINS. Settled a Griffin Corner in 1801. He d. Griffin Corner, Quebec, Canada,


      ANN BODWELL b. 22 December 1805; d. 13 December 1887 Glover,


      CAROLINE BODWELL b. c. 1807; d. 14 March 1866 Glover, Vr.

      *16088l JOAB BODWELL jr. b. abt 1808 probably Standstead, Quebec,


      *16008m JOSEPH BODWELL b. 27 August 1812 Standstead, Quebec,




Benjamin and Mary G. (Woodbridge) BODWELL

7122b CLARISSA BODWELL m. ANSON GREEN PHELPS b. 24 March 1781 d. 1853 NY, dv; m 2nd AMOS PHELPS b. 28  September 1782 Simsbury, Hartford,  Connecticut d. 10 April 1830 Avon,  Connecticut, dv.  2nd Sophia Conway Phelps b. 22 October 1766 probably Simsbury, Hartford,  Connecticut;  m 3rd CHANDLER CONWAY PHELPS b. 22 October 1766 probably Simsbury, Hartford,  Connecticut d.  September 1837 Simsbury, Hartford,  Connecticut, dv. 2 February 1797 Hartford, Hartford,  Connecticut m 2nd Statrina Doolittle; m 4th  27 June 1816 Hartford, Hartford,  Connecticut WILLIAM TYRON b. 1761 Farmington,  Connecticut d. 14 January 1820 Farmington. She d. Castine,  Maine buried 7 February 1847.

     Child 2nd marriage:

      16008a AMOS AUGUSTUS PHELPS b. 11 November 1804


7123 AUGUSTUS BODWELL m. 11 July 1811 Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut OLIVE WILLIAMS BUCK b. 7 July 1784 Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut d. [24 Jan] 12 Jun 1839 Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut; m 2nd Sep 1839 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut GERTRUDE H. JONES b. 1804 [1814]  Connecticut d. Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut 25 June 1825. He d. 23 October 1868 Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut


      *16008o WOODBRIDGE BODWELL b. 12 Jul 1812 Farmington, Hartford,


      ~16008p ELIZAEBTH BODWELL b. 28 August 1815 Farmington, Hartford,

Connecticut; d. 6 May 1816 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut

      *16008q GEORGE BUCK BODWELL b. 23 July 1819 Farmington, Hartford,


      *16008r CHARLES AUGUSTUS BODWELL b. 23 [25/29] November 1832 

Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut

      16008s ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 10 October 1826 Farmington, Hartford,

Connecticut; m.  2 February 1848 JOHN B. LEWIS; d. 20 October 1886 San  Francisco,

 California [Almeda co.,  California]

      2nd marriage:

      16008t WILLIS BODWELL


7123a BENJAMIN WYLLYS BODWELL m. 1812 Burton, Geauga,  Ohio BETSEY SEMPLE b. 1793  Connecticut d. 1850 BODWELL Claridon, Geauga,  Ohio He d. 1873 BODWELL Claridon, Geauga,  Ohio


      *16008u BENJAMIN HALSEY BODWELL b. 26 October 1815 Burton,

Geauge, Ohio

      16008v ARCHIMEDES BODWELL b. 1832  Kentucky; d. 1860 BODWELL

Calloway, Kentucky


7124 ERASTUS B. BODWELL m. 26 Oct 1800 Bloomfield, Hartford,  Connecticut CHOLE BIRD b. 19 April 1779 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut d. 31 December 1858 Canton, [Farmington], Hartford,  Connecticut He d. 12 November 1838 Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut

     children b. Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut:

*16008w MARY LOUISE BODWELL b. 15 November 1809

~16008x MARY REBECCA BODWELL b. 20 July 1802; d. unm. 16 May 1825

Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut]:

16008y ERASTUS DRAYTON BODWELL b.[10] 20 December 1804; d. unm.

16 May 1825 [Farmington, Hartford,  Connecticut]

*16008z JONATHAN BIRD BODWELL b. [14/15] 19 May 1807

      Farmington,Hartford,  Connecticut]


7125 JAMES BODWELL m. [2 Feb, 2 Jun] 6 [16] Oct 1793 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut SUSANNAH HUMPHREY b. abt. 1772 d. 22 May 1839 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut He d. 6 May 1812 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut

     children b. Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut:

      *16008aa JAMES ALLEN BODWELL b. 27 June 1796

      16008bb PARENTHA [PARINTHA] BODWELL b. 28 August 1798; m. 8

[March] September 1830 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut Thaddeus HUMPHERY JR. BODWELL b. 8 June 1791 Simsbury, New

Haven,  Connecticut d. 19 November 1872 Windsor,                           

Ashtabula,  Ohio; she d. 4 December  1860 Windsor,

Ashtabula,  Ohio

      *16008cc ANSON GREEN BODWELL b. 3 June 1801

     16008dd DOROTHY WOODBRIDGE BODWELL b. [24] 26 Mar 1804; m. 3            

[13] August 1826 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut

GILBERT TULLER [FULLER] b. 25 August 1802 Simsbury, New

Haven,  Connecticut d. 3 January 1802 Southwick, Hampden,

 Massachusetts; she d. 30 November 1840 Simsbury, New Haven, 


     16008ee MARY [POLLY] BODWELL b. 28 Ju_ [Aug. 1806; m. 25 May 1826

            Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut ZEBULON CHASPIN b. 1803

Wilbraham, Massachusetts d. 10 August 1855 Simsbury, New

Haven,  Connecticut; m 2nd Mary E. Fuller;  she d. 25 [27]

May 1841 Simsbury, New Haven,  Connecticut

      16008ff [-?-} BODWELL b. abt. 1809; d. 20 August 1809 Simsbury,

New Haven, Connecticut


John and Hannah (Pottle) Hibbard



      *16009 JAMES HIBBARD


Samuel and Jane “Jenne” (Pipper) Pottle



      *16009a SAMUEL POTTLE


William and Sarah (Annis) BODWELL

7133 WILLIAM JR. BODWELL  m. 26 March 1797 Methuen, Essex,  RUTH WHITTER b. [25 Oct 1775 d. 21 August 1778] 21 August. 1779 d. 27 August 1842 aet 63 Metheun, Essex, Massachusetts He d. 23 July 1830 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts  At the time of his death, William was a cordwainer (shoemaker). Essex County Probate Index, p. 90.

     children b. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts:

      16010 ELIZABETH BODWELL b. 24 January 1798; d. 28 March 1812

Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire

      *16010a JOSEPH ABBOTT BODWELL b. 27  September 1799

      16010b. RUTH BODWELL b. 10 February 1803; d. after 1829

      16010c WILLIAM CALEB STRONG BODWELL b. 11 April 1805; d.  26

March 1812 Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire

      16010d SARAH [SALLY] BODWELL b. 11 June 1824; before March 1826


7134 JOSEPH BODWELL m. abt. 1801 Norwalk, Fairfield,  Connecticut SABRA [SABRIA] STOCKER b. 12 December 1782 Norwalk,  Connecticut d. 11 December 1860 Millburn, Essex, NJ. He d. 16 August 1833 Clarksfield,  Ohio


      *16010d/1 WILLIAM BODWELL b. 3 February 1802 Ridgefield, Douglas, 


*16010d/2 LEVI MUNSON BODWELL  b. 11  September 1803 Ridgefield, 

Douglas, Connecticut

      *16010d/3 HENRY EDWIN BODWELL b. 27 November 1804 Ridgefield,

Douglas, Connecticut

      *16010d/4 PHILANDER JOSEPH BODWELL b. abt 1808  Connecticut

      ~16019d/5 HORACE BODWELL b. 6 December 1821 Danbury, Fairfield, 

Connecticut; d. 9 May 1882 prob Danbury, Fairfield, 



7135 ABRAHAM BODWELL m. 12 January 1807 Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire NANCY CONNER b. 29 January 1788 Sanbornton, New Hampshire

Abraham graduated from Harvard University in 1805, spent 3 months in the study of theology with Rev. Jonathon French of Andover, Massachusetts and received approbation to preach from the Westford Association at Stoneham, April 30, 1806. Esquire Josiah Emery was sent by the town to Andover, seventy miles, on horseback to confer with him and to invite him to preach as a candidate, which he did for three months, delivering 23 discourses and two very pungent ones, Aug 24, 1806 from the text Isaiah I,3,1,c.

He was ordained Nov 13 1806. "His ministry was faithful and earnest in no common degree. He presented habitually, as though he believed them with all his heart, the great fundamental doctrines, -- ruin, redemption and regeneration." After a season of deep and prayerful anxiety for his people in 1816, the spirit was poured from on high; the whole parish was shaken and more than one hundred were hopefully converted to Christ, many of whom were fathers and mothers, among the most respectable and influential of the congregation. Other seasons of awakening were enjoyed, but none comparable to this.

During the 46 years of his ministry, 307 were received into the church and there were 484 baptisms, mostly children. He was eminently a peacemaker, "combining the utmost meekness of spirit and forbearance of demeanor, with declared decision and firmness of principle." He took an early stand on the temperance question, seconded by his excellent wife; "was at once an unworldly man and an excellent financier." Was ever bound to his collaboration, Rev. Mr. Crockett, of the First Baptist Church, "by a friendship, based on mutual and high respect and a warm affection.

He was dismissed by the same council that installed his successor, the Rev. James Boutwell, June 24, 1852, and ever afterward proved a good parishioner, a faithful teacher in the Sabbath School, ad an occasional aid to the preacher in the pulpit, while his strength continued. On the 50th anniversary of his settlement, he preached a half-century sermon, but it was not published till after his death. (History of Sanbornton, Nh, p. 40-44)


He d. 24 March 1862 [1863] Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire

     children b. Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire

      *16919d/6 SARAH JANE BODWELL b. 12 February 1810

      *16010E JOSEPH CONNER BODWELL b. 11 June 1812

      ~16010E/1 RUTH CONNER BODWELL b. 9 May 1814; d. unm. 4 January

1886        Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire [possibly

Sandovl, Illinois]

      *16010f ANN BODWELL b. 28 January 1817

      *16010g FRANCES [FANNIE] BODWELL b. 29 December 1818

      ~16010g/1   MARY BODWELL b. [2 February 1821] 17 November 1820;

d. 25 Feb. 1821 [1825] Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire

      16010g/2 SUSAN ODWAY BODWELL b. 14 December 1822; d. unm. 21 [31]

October 1862 Sanbornton, Strafford, New Hampshire

     *16010h WILLIAM BODWELL b. 25 May 1826

      *16010I  ELIZABETH LANCASTER BODWELL b. 3 May 1830


7136 ENOCH BODWELL m. 27 May 1802 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts ABIGAIL HIBBARD; m 2nd probably Dolly [-?-]  no defiant proof as yet but only possibly at this present time


*16010j WILLIAM BODWELL b. 18 December 1803 Methuen, Essex,

Massachusetts Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire]                             

*16010k ENOCH BODWELL b. 10 May 1806 Methuen, Essex, 


16010l DAVID MERRILL BODWELL b. 17 July 1808 Methuen, Essex, 

Massachusetts; m. 13 October 1881 int. Amesbury, Essex, 

Massachusetts ELLIZA ANN WEBSTER b. c. 1804 d. 5 December

1831; m 2nd 24 November 1835 Shirley Middlesex, Massachusetts MARY S. WILLIAMS b. abt. 1809 Shirley, Middlesex,  Massachusetts  she m 2nd  John BODWELL b. c. 1808; d. 10 Oct 1872 Warren Worchester,  Massachusetts

*16010m JACOB ANNIS BODWELL b. [1] 4 June 1810 Methuen, Essex,


2nd marriage b. Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire:

*16010n ISAAC NEWTON BODWELL b. 5 April 1812

*16010o STEPHEN A. BODWELL b. 22 May [Nov. 1814

16010p MARY BODWELL b. 14 January 1816

*16010q AARON GROSVENOR BODWELL b. 7 August 1818 [Haverhill,

Essex, Massachusetts]

      16010r DANIEL BODWELL b. 12 October 1822


7139c ISAAC BODWELL m. 28 February 1813 Danvers, Essex,  Massachusetts SARAH [SALLY] FULLER [FIELDS]. He d. 15 November 1830 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

     children b. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts:

ABRAHAM BODWELL b. 3 March 1814; m. [-?-]; d. 13 July 1840       Danvers, Essex,  Massachusetts

      EUNICE BODWELL b. 30 May 1815; m. 30 April 1834 Middleton, Essex,

 Massachusetts JESSE ETEY [JAMES ESTY]

SALLY BODWELL b. 3 December 1816

~ISAAC BODWELL. b. 27 June 1818; d. 12 Sep 1819 Methuen, Essex,


NANCY BODWELL  b. 30 Sep 1819      

TIMOTHY BODWELL b. 1 Apr 1821 ; d. 4/5 Oct 1843 Middleton, (Ma?)

was a shoemaker and died of Typhus Fever.

7139_ ISAAC JR. BODWELL b. 28 Oct 1822  was a Corporal in the 17th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted July 22, 1861; and mustered out Aug 3, 1864. and also  a Private in the 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery, Company F. At the time of his enlistment he was a shoemaker. He enlisted and mustered Sept 6 1864, and died of disease Dec 12, 1864. Roll of Honor Index, Vol. 10, p. 157 has his death as 8 Nov 1864. Isaac is interred at Old Cemetery, New Bern, North Carolina.


ESTHER S. BODWELL  b. 3 Jul 1823

*DAVID BODWELL b. 2 [24] May 1826 [Danvers, Essex,                                                                                                                                                                               Massachusetts] 


Daniel and Alice (Messer) BODWELL

7156 WILLIAM MESSER BODWELL  m. 7 April 1803 Bradford, Essex,  Massachusetts MARY GAGE b.  September 1870 Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire d. 2 February 1846 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts He d. 1 Aug 1842  Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

      children b. Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts

16010s MARY BODWELL B. 23 Oct 1810; d. probably 1896 Lawrence,    


      16010t DANIEL BODWELL b. 21 May 1813; m. 4  September 1836

Andover, Essex,  LYDIA WIGGEN b. abt. 1805 Concord,

Merrimack, NH,. d. 17 October 1867  Concord, Merrimack, New

Hampshire [Lawrence,  Massachusetts]

      *16010u HIRAM BODWELL b. 17 August 1815; d. 1863 Lawrence, Ma 

      ~16010v [-?-] BODWELL (dau0  b. c. 1816 ; d. 12 Sep 1819

Andover, Essex, Ma

     16010w HANNAH BODWELL b. 22 November 1818; m. [-?-] NEALE; d. 9

November 1903 Ballardvale, Massachusetts

      16010x ALMIRA BODWELL b. 1820-25; d. c. 1905 N. Andover, Essex, 


      16010y WILLIAM M. BODWELL b. probably abt 1830; d. probably 30 

September 1849 N.  Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts [after



7157 DANIEL BODWELL IV m. 25  September 1810 Pelham, Hillsboro. New Hampshire [Boxford, Essex,  Massachusetts] ABIGAIL NEVINS b. 1790-4 probably Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire d. probably abt. 1818 Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire; m 2nd abt. 1819 probably Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire BETSEY NEVINS b. 18 October 18795 Pelham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire d. 4 May 1875 Lawrence, Essex, New Hampshire In 1812, Daniel was living in Boxford. He was a blacksmith and worked in part of the barn on the Chapman place. The Dwellings of Boxford. P. 72. He d. 30 June [1 July] 1857 Lawrence, Essex,  Massachusetts

     children b. Boxford, Essex,  Massachusetts:

      16010z ABIGAIL HILDRETH BODWELL b. 25 July 1811;d. 1904 Duval

Co., Flordia    

16010aa GEORGE GRIFFIN BODWELL b. 18 December 1812

      2nd marriage Pelham, Hillsboro, NH:

      16010bb BETSEY H. BODWELL B. 7  September 1820

      *16010cc GEORGE A. BODWELL b. 17 April 1822; d. 12 November 1876

 Lawrence, Essex,  Massachusetts

      *16010dd  ALFRED BODWELL b. 4 March 1829

      ~16010ee SUSAN BODWELL b. 25 August 1830; d. unm. 25 January 1858

Lawrence, Essex,  Massachusetts

      16010ee/1 HARRIET BODWELL b. 3 August 1831;  d. 6 May 1891

Nashua, New Hampshire

      ~16010ee/2 MARY ANN BODWELL b. 25 August {1833] 1834; d. unm. 25

Mar. 1926 Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire aet 91y 6m

      ~16010ee/3 ANGELINE [ANGILINE/ANGELINA] BODWELL b. 16 July 1835

[1836/7]; d. unm. 23 April 1916 [1915] Claremont, Sullivan,

New Hampshire


7161 JOHN BODWELL m. 22 [23] December 1818 Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts LUCINDA [SUSANNA] Young b. abt 1797 Pleham, Hillsboro, New Hampshire; m 2nd int. 11 December 1841 BODWELL Richardson. He d. abt 1840 probably Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts


      *16010ff JOHN ALLEN BODWELL b. 25 November 1819 Methuen, Essex, 

Massachusetts [one source says d. young and another says d.


      ~16010gg LUCINDA BODWELL b. 27  September 1821 Salem, New

Hampshire; d. 12 July [1823] 1825 Methuen, Essex, 


      *16010hh FREDERICK LEWIS BODWELL b. 10 January 18245 Pelham, New


      *16010ii GEORGE HIRMA BODWELL b. 24 March 1827 Salem, Rockingham,

            NH. [Salem, Essex,  Massachusetts]

      16010ii/1 LUCINDA BODWELL b. 26 March 1829 Pelham, Hillsboro, New

Hampshire; m. 23 October 1851 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

JOHN CHANDLER d. 30 Aug. 1870; d. 16 January 1896 Andover,

Essex,  Massachusetts

     *16010jj HORACE B. BODWELL b. December 1830 PELHAM, HILLSBORO,

New Hampshire

      ~16010kk JAMES L. BODWELL b. 23 November 1834 Andover, Essex, 

Massachusetts; d. 14 April  1836


7162 PERSIS BODWELL m. 23 November 1820 Andover, Essex,   Massachusetts SAMUEL PHELPS BLUNT b. Scotland, Windham, Connecticut [Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts]; d. 10 February 1868. She d. 18 November 1866

     children b. Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts:

      CHARLES C. BLUNT b. 7  September 1832; d. 2 January 1833 Andover,

Essex,  Massachusetts

      ANGELINE L. BLUNT b. 16 July 1830; d. 14 December 1881 Andover,

Essex,  Massachusetts

      HENRY A. BLUNT b. 4 July 1824

      ISAAC O. BLUNT b. 21 March 1826

      JOSHUA M. BLUNT b. 27  September 1837

      PERSIS M. BLUNT b. 26  September 1828

      SAMUEL W. BLUNT b. 5 April 1822


Parker and Hannah (Abbott) BODWELL

7193 PARKER LADD BODWELL m. 24 June 1798 int. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts ELIZABETHH [BETSEY] MERRILL; m 2nd 8 April 1810 int. NANCY J. MERRILL b. abt. 1789 Windham, New Hampshire He d. 16 June 1858 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts


      *16011 JOHN PARKER BODWELL b. 23 [27] November 1798 [23 November

 1779] Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

      ~16011a CHARLES BODWELL b. 3 June 1801 Methuen, Essex, 

Massachusetts; d. unm. 1 June 1860 Methuen, Essex, 


      16011b PHEBE M. BODWELL b. 10 November 1803 Methuen, Essex, 

Massachusetts; m. 2 [3] Dec 1823 Methuen, Essex, 

Massachusetts AMOS EMMERSON [EAMES] b. 18 April 1776 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire s/o Day and Joanna (Potter) Emerson; d. 8 October 1882 Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire     

*16011c MOSES BODWELL b. 2 August 1807 Now, Merrimack, New

Hampshire Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts or Salem

Rockingham, New Hampshire]

      2nd marriage:

      *16011d DEAN MERRILL BODWELL b. 20  September 1814 METHUEN,

ESSEX,  Massachusetts


7164 HEMAN BODWELL m. 6 [7]  September 1813 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts ELIZABETH [BETSEY] HALL b. 17 January 1788 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts The Essex County Probate Index lists him as a Cordwainer (Shoemaker) at the time of this death. He d. 1830 N. Andover, Essex,  Massachusetts

     children b. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts:

      16011e ABIGAIL ANN BODWELL b. 2 January 1814; m. 7 November 1833

            HORATION NELSON TODBOLD b. 14 February 1804

      *16011e/1 ENOCH BAILEY HALL BODWELL b. 30 May 1815 [22 January


      *16011e/2 HANNAH AUGUSTA BODWELL b. 1 December 1817; d. 19 Sep

1878 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

      *16011e/3 ALPEUS BODWELL b. 16 December 1819 [Canterbury, NH or

Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire]

      *16011e/4 HARRIET DAY BODWELL b. 2 December 1821

      16011e/5 JOSEPH WARREN BODWELL b. 1 Jan 1824

      *160011e/6 CHARLES HOACE [HARES/HAZEN] BODWELL b. 5 January 1826



7169 FANNY BODWELL m. 7 October 1802 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts TRUEWORTHY WHITE b. 1  September 1781 Methuen, ESSEX,  Massachusetts d. 31 October 1838 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts


      *16011d TRUEWORTHY WHITE


7170 CHARLES BODWELL m.  int. 10 March 1810 Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts SARAH VARNUM b. 21 October 1790 Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts d. 30 August 1853 Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts Charles served in the Massachusetts legislature as a representative from Middlesex County in 1821 and 1822. (The Essex Antiquarian, Vol. IV, p. 95.)

He was a successful farmer and millwright of Dracut, Mass (Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography page 125)

 He d. 7 July 1862 Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts

     children: b. Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts:

      16011f/1 MARY VARNUM BODWELL b. 9 August 1810; m. 25 December

1822 SAMUEL  S. RUGG; d. 23 October 1834

      ~16011f/2 SARAH ANN BODWELL b. 11 January 1813; d. un,. 15 March

1885 Lowell, Middlesex,  Massachusetts

      16011f/3 JANE BODWELL b. 24 February 1815; m. 19 May 1836 Darcut,

Essex,  Massachusetts  JOHN D. BARNETT [JOHN BARREYY] b.

Caldonia, Vermont; m 2nd 13 January 1843 JOHN D. ROBBINS b.

Lowell [Acton], Middlesex,  Massachusetts; d. [1895] 19 Nov 1894 Cheney, Wa

Jane Bodwell married John D. Robbins who owned a livery stable. In his mid-fourties (c. 1858) they moved to Minnesota and engaged in farming. After 10 years he moved to Missouri for 3 years, returning to Minnesota until 1878 when they moved to Washington. They went first to the Sound country, but shortly afterwards went to Spokane county and took a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres at Deep Creek Falls. They resided there for two years, then sold out and went to Cheney, where they were among the first settlers of the town. Jane had been educated at Woburn Academy and in early life was a successful teacher. She was a prominent temperance woman and stanch abolitionist. After coming to Cheney she continued active in temperance and religious work, identifying herself with the Congregational Church, the W.C.T.U. and the Band of Hope. History of Spokane, p. 355-6.

~16011f/4 PHEBE VARNUM BODWELL b. 3 December 1823; d. unm. 2

February 1876 Lowell, Middlesex,  Massachusetts

      16011f/5 JANNAH POOR BODWELL b. 26 Jul 1825; m. 17 October 1852

            Darcut, Middlesex,  Massachusetts JOHN R. MOORE b. 11

January 1824 Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire [Windham,

Windham,  Connecticut] d. 21 November 1856 Lacon,

Illinois.; m 2nd CHARLES L. [CHRISTOPHER} MADLEY; d.

10 August 1903 Lowell, Middlesex,  Massachusetts

      ~16011f/6 ELIZABETH BALDWIN BODWELL b. 30 June 1828; d. unm. 9

Mar. 1907 Lowell, Middlesex,  Massachusetts


7172 SAMUEL ABBOTT BODWELL m. 25 April 1815 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts ELIZABETH [BESTEY] ORDWAY. He d. 1 April 1861 Metheun, Essex,  Massachusetts

      Children b. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts:

      16011f/7 CATHERINE BODWELL b. 14 May 1816

      16011f/8 [-?-] BODWELL

      16011f/9 SALOME  [SALONA] T. BODWELL b. 5 March 1819; m. int. 24


      16011f./10 MOSES BODWELL  b. 21 Jan 1821

      16011f/11 LUCY ANN  C. BODWELL b. 13 February 1822 [1823]; m. 4

July 1849 Windsor, Vermont SAMUEL GOVE STEVENS

      *16011f/12 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS BODWELL b. 28 February 1825 [1828/30

            Topsham,  Maine]


John and Elizabeth (Probably) Sargent





Samuel and Abigail (Probably) Hildreth









John L. and Dorcas (Probably) BODWELL

7195 EDWIN A BODWELL m. 18 April 1828 Sunstable, Hillsboro, New Hampshire ABIGAIL E. WEBSETER. He d. after 18659 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.

     Children  probably b. Manchester, New Hampshire:

      16012a dau. m. JOHN L. CARR

      16012b EDWIN A. BODWELL Jr.

      16012c JOHN H. BODWELL


John and Miriam/Meribah (White) BODWELL

7197 JOHN F. BODWELL m. 17 July [9 December] 1797  Shapliegh, York,  Maine SARAH [SALLY] JAMES b. [9/20] 29 December 1797 Shapliegh, York,  Maine d. [20 December 1825] 22 March 1840 [22 March 1826] Acton, York,  Maine; m 2nd OLIVE [-?-].


John resided in Shapleigh, Maine and was a prominent citizen. (St. of Maine, p. 778) John was Town Clerk for Shapleigh from 1804-1806. He was Selectman 1807-1808, and 1810-1818. In 1812, 1819-20, and 1822 John was a Maine State Representative and in 1828 and 1829 a Senator in the Maine Legislature. (History of Shapleigh, Maine)

He d.  28 December 1860 Acton, York,  Maine

     children b. Shapliegh, York,  Maine:

      *16012d ELISHA F. BODWELL b. 6 [16] Dec 1797

      160912e SALLY BODWELL b. 7  September 1799; d. 9  September 1799

Shapliegh, York,  Maine

      *16012f JOHN WHITE BODWELL b. 2  September 1800

      ~16012f/1 ASA BODWELL b. 3 [13] Jan 1803; d. 10 January 1803

Shapliegh, York,  Maine

      *16012h Asa B. BODWELL b. 3 [13] January 1804

      ~16012i URSULA BODWELL b. 11 March 1806; d. un. 31 March 1860

Acton, York,   Maine

      ~16012j CORA BODWELL b. 25 Jul 18080; d. 27 July 1808 Shapliegh,

York,   Maine

      *16012k MIRIAM WHITE BODWELL b. 3 [13] June 1809

      *16012l ARASPES  BODWELL b. 4 February 1812

      ~16012l/1 HORACE BODWELL b. 29 April 1814; d. 7 February 1816

      *16011112m HORACE BODWELL b. 5 October 1816

      16012n SALLY BELINDA BODWELL b. 11 February [Mar.] 1819; m. LEWIS

            WENTWORH b. 16 August 1815 [27 August 1817] Somersworth,

Strafford, New Hampshire d. 3 April 1852 Acton, York,

Maine; m 2nd MORRIS C. DALTON b. 29  September 1805 d. 19

December 1885 S. Acton, York,  Maine; d. 11 July 1895 Acton, York,  Maine

      *16012o MARY ANN BODWELL b. 14 June 1821

      *16012p JOHN E. BODWELL b. 19 February 1824


Nathaniel and Mary “Molly” BODWELL

7200 ZADDOC BODWELL m. [20 March] 21 August  Methuen, [Bradford] Essex,  Massachusetts OLIVE [OLIVIA] BARKER b. 3  September 1780 [10 November 1787] Methuen {Bradford], Essex,  Massachusetts d. 4 March 1866 Lawrence, Essex,  Massachusetts He d. 27 June [1830] 1839 Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

     children b. Methuen, Essex,  Massachusetts

      16012q LEONARD BODWELL b. 10 January 1801; d. 1 August 1829 New

 Orleans, Orleans, La.

      *16012r NELSON PARKER BODWELL b. 23 [25] Sep 1803

      *16012s ZADOK CHRISTOPHER BODWELL b. 2  September [2 February or

3 Sep] 1805

      16012t [-?-] BODWELL {dau}

      16012u NANCY B. BODWELL b. 3 [5] March 1809

~16012v ASA MESSER BODWELL b. 2 March 1812; d. unm. 11 July 1891

      Lawrence, Essex,  Massachusetts

16012W NATHANIEL BODWELL b. 5 August 1814 [5 May 1814]; m. 2

January 1842 Woburn, Middlesex,  Massachusetts MERCY M.

HAYDEN b. abt. 1816 Boston, Suffolk,  Massachusetts d. 30

August 1895 Boston, Suffolk,  Massachusetts; d. 16 August

1894 Boston, Suffolk,  Massachusetts

*16012x JOSEPH R. BODWELL b. 24  September [11 August] 1817

16012y GEORGE W. BODWELL b. 5 November 1821 [1826]

*16012z STEPHEN BARKER BODWELL b. 13 November 1823


7201 BAILEY BODWELL m. abt 1799 NANCY PARTRIDGE b. 1799 Westbrook,  Maine d. 21 December 1850. He d. 25  September 1856

     children b. Norway, Oxford,  Maine:

      *16012z/1 NATHANIEL BODWELL b. c. 1800

      *16012z/2 BAILEY BODWELL b. abt. 1803

      16012z/3 [-?-] BODWELL {son}

      16012z/4-7  4 daus.

      16012z/8 LOINA J. BODWELL b. 29  September 1820; m. JOSEPH RIKCER

b. probably Stoneham, Maine d. 22 June 1894 Stoneham, 



Asa and Nancy (Brewster) Bodwell

MORTIMER BODWELL m. 23 January 1833 probably Solon,  Maine EUNICE P. LEAVITT b. c. 1802.


"Dr. Mortimer Bodwell had a bill to Embden of lb 4.75....In 1839, Dr. Bodwell's bills against the town amounted to lb 69.13. Embeden Town of Yore, p. 633


He d. 1887 probably Somersworth, New Hampshire


*HENRY MOTIMER BODWELL  b. probably 1838 Solon, Maine

ELIZABETH A. BODWELL b. probably abt 1839  Solon, Maine; d. after

July 1860 Solon, Maine

MARY B. BODWELL b. probably abt 1841  Solon, Maine; d. probably

after July 1860 Solon, Maine

      *CHARLES MOTIMER BODWELL b. c. 1843 Solon, Maine

EUNICE BODWELL b. probably abt 1846  Solon, Me; d. probably after

July 1860 Solon, Maine


Asa and Abiah (Whitter) Messer






7204a SAMUEL BODWELL III m. MARY [POLLY] GILMAN [GOULD]. Both d. after 1860 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo,  Michigan


      *16013a/1 LUKE W. BODWELL b. abt 1807 Quebec, Canada

      *16013a/2 SAMUEL G. BODWELL b. abt 1810 Quebec, Canada

      16013a/3 [-?-] BODWELL {dau} b. abt 1810

]      16103a/4 LUCY JANE BODWELL b. 1815 Stanstead, Quebec, Canada; m.

1928 Constable, Franklin, New York JAMES GOULD CLEVELAND b.

abt. 1807 d. 5 April 1884; d. 16 August 1869 Athens, Summit,  Ohio

      16013a/5 [-?-] BODWELL {dau} b. 1815-20

      16013a/6 ALDRICH [ALRICK, ALERICK] BODWELL b. Constable,

Franklin,  NEW YORK; m. 9 August 1883 Weshtenaw co., Michigan ANNIE R. YOUNG; d. 15  November 1884 Ann Arbor, Weshtenaw,  Michigan

      16013a/7 [-?-] BODWELL {dau} b. 1815-20

      16013a/8 [-?-} BODWELL {son} b. 1820-25

      16013a/9-10 [-?-] BODWELL {daus.} b. 1820-25

      *16013a/11 HARRY HORTON BODWELL b. 14 April 1829 Constable,

Franklin,  NEW YORK

      16013a/12 [-?-] BODWELL {dau.} b. 1830-5

      16013A/12 [-?-] BODWELL {son} b. 1835-40


Jesse and Pamela (Mitchel) BODWELL

7204b GARY ELBIRDGE BODWELL m. abt December 1829 Boston, Suffolk,  Massachusetts ELIZA COOLEY b. abt 1812. She d. 6 April 1861 Boston, Suffolk,  Massachusetts


      16013a/14 ELBRIDGE GARY BODWELL b. abt. 1830 Boston, Suffolk,

Massachusetts; m. 11 January 1854 Boston, Suffolk, 

Massachusetts MARY E. CLARK b. abt. 1832 New York,  New

York; m 2nd 14  September 1858 Boston, Suffolk,

Massachusetts HANNAH (PORTER) BRIGHAM b. abt. 1820 Saco,

York,  Maine  was a Private, 12th Battery Massachusetts

Volunteer Light Artillery. Elbridge enlisted and mustered

December 26, 1862. At the time of his enlistment his

occupation was truckman. He died January 20, 1865 of

disease, at Boston, while on furlough.

      16013a/15 HANNAH E. BODWELL b. abt. 1824 Boston, Suffolk, 

Massachusetts; m. 17 October 1853 Boston, Suffolk, 

Massachusetts JOHN J. BUNTON [BURTON] b. abt. 1832 Boston,

Suffolk,  Massachusetts

      *16013a/16 FREDERICK BODWELL b. December 1839 Cambridge,

Middlesex, Massachusetts

     16013a/17 CAROLINE BODWELL b. abt. 1842 Boston, Suffolk, 

Massachusetts; m. 10 March 1864 Boston, Suffolk, 

Massachusetts JOHN R. MILLS b. c. 1841 Boston, Suffolk, 



7204f FREDERICK JAMES BODWELL m. 2 April 1839 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts OLIVE ANNA [J. ANN] TIBBETS b. 25 October 1817 [1818] Wolfboro, Carroll, New Hampshire d. 7 March 1907 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts He d. 18 December 1899 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts


      ~160113a/19 MARTHA JANE BODWELL b. 20  September 1839; d/ 20

March 1842 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts

      16013a/20  JOHN M. [W.] BODWELL  b. 19 October 1840; m. 21

November 1872 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts ADELINE

(CURRIER) ABBOTT b. 15  September 1826 Concord, Merrimack,

New Hampshire d. 8 January 1903 Concord, Merrimack, New

Hampshire On September 22, 1864  enlisted and mustered as a

Private in the 7th Battery Massachusetts Volunteer Light

Artillery. He was discharged July 15, 1865, at Galveston,

Texas. At the time of his enlistment John was living in

Readfield, Maine and employed as a shoemaker. 

      *16013a/21 SARAH E. BODWELL b. 6 April 1842

      16013a/22 LUCY MAY BODWELL  b. 2 October 1843; m. 29 July 1866

            Lynn, Essex,  Massachusetts ALVIN C. MOULTON b. abt 1841

Lynn, Essex,  Massachusetts

      ~16013a/23 FREDERICK J. BODWELL b. 14 August 1846; d. 14 oct 1847

            Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts

      ~16013a/24 LUTHER BODWELL b. 14 August 1846; d. 14 Oct 1847

Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts

      ~16013a/25 [?-] BODWELL [dau} d. 7 Oct 1849; d. Jan 1850 Ipswich,

Essex, Ma.

      *160131a/26 CHARLES E. BODWELL b.  September 1851

      16013a/27 FRANCIS EDWARD BODWELL b. 20  September 1851

      ~16013a/28 GEORGE BODWELL b. 21  September 1853; d. unm. 28 June

1936 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts

     16013a/29 FRANK H. BODWELL b. 18 October 1855; m. 30 November

1908 Newburyport, Essex,  Massachusetts ADDIE (HIBBARD)

PARSHLEY b. abt. 1854 Bucksport, Hancock,  Maine; d. 17

August 1913 Ipswich, Essex,  Massachusetts

      *16013a/30 WILLIAM HIGH BODWELL b. 4 April 1860


Daniel and Bathsheba (Blanchard) Barker



      16013a/31  STEPHEN BARKER



7206 FRANKLIN PIERCE m. 19 November 1834 JANE MEANS APPLETON b. 1806 d. 1863 d/o Jesse Appleton. She came from an aristocratic Whig family and was extremely shy, deeply religious, often ill, and pro-temperance.


Mrs. Pierce hated life in Washington, D.C., and encouraged Pierce to resign his Senate seat and return to New Hampshire, which he did in 1841. They had three children who all died in childhood. None of them lived to see their father become president. This made her believe God was displeased with her husband's political ambitions.



He enlisted in the volunteer services during the Mexican-American War and was soon made a colonel. In March 1847, he was appointed brigadier general of volunteers and took command of a brigade of reinforcements for Winfield Scott's army marching on Mexico City. His brigade was designated the 1st Brigade in the newly created 3rd Division and joined Scott's army in time for the Battle of Contreras. During the battle he was seriously wounded in the leg when he fell from his horse.


He returned to his command the following day, but during the Battle of Churubusco, the pain in his leg became so great that he passed out and was carried from the field. His political opponents used this against him, claiming that he left the field because of cowardice instead of injury. He again returned to command and led his brigade throughout the rest of the campaign culminating in the capture of Mexico City. Although he was a political appointee, he proved to have some skill as a military commander. He returned home and was a member of the New Hampshire State constitutional convention in 1850 and served as its president


Pierce attended school at Hillsborough Center and moved to the Hancock Academy in Hancock at the age of 11; he was transferred to Francestown Academy in the spring of 1820. Later that year he was transferred to Phillips Exeter Academy to prepare for college. In fall 1820, he entered Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where he participated in literary, political, and debating clubs.


There he met writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, with whom he formed a lasting friendship, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He also met Calvin E. Stowe, Sargent S. Prentiss, and his future political rival, John P. Hale.


In his second year of college, his grades were the lowest in his class but he worked to improve them, and graduated in 1824, third in his class. After graduation, in 1826, he entered a law school in Northampton, Massachusetts, studying under Governor Levi Woodbury, and later Judges Samuel Howe and Edmund Parker, in Amherst, New Hampshire.


He was admitted to the bar and began a law practice in Concord, New Hampshire in 1827.


Pierce began his political career in 1828, when he was elected to the lower house of the New Hampshire General Court, the New Hampshire House of Representatives.


He served in the House from 1829 to 1833, and as Speaker from 1832 to 1833. Pierce was elected as a Democrat to the 23rd and 24th Congresses (March 4, 1833 – March 4, 1837). He was only 27 years old, the youngest representative at the time, right behind the little known A. Goplin, of Wisconsin, 31 years old.


He was elected by the New Hampshire General Court as a Democrat to the United States Senate, serving from March 4, 1837, to February 28, 1842, when he resigned. He was chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Pensions during the 26th Congress.


After his service in the Senate, Pierce resumed the practice of law in Concord with his partner Asa Fowler. He was district attorney for New Hampshire and declined the appointment as Attorney General of the United States tendered by President James Polk.


The Democratic Party nominated Pierce as a "dark horse" candidate during the Democratic National Convention of 1852. The convention assembled on June 12 in Baltimore, Maryland, with four competing contenders—Stephen A. Douglas, William Marcy, James Buchanan and Lewis Cass — for the nomination


When the balloting for president began, the four candidates deadlocked, with no candidate reaching even a simple majority, much less the required supermajority of two-thirds. On the 35th ballot, Pierce was put forth as a compromise candidate. He had never fully articulated his views on slavery, which allowed him to be acceptable to all factions. He also had served in the Mexican-American War, which allowed the party to portray him as a war hero. Pierce was nominated unanimously on the 49th ballot on June 5. Alabama Senator William R. King was chosen as the nominee for Vice President.


Pierce's opponent was the United States Whig Party candidate, General Winfield Scott of Virginia, whom Pierce served under during the Mexican-American War, and his running mate, Senator and Governor William Alexander Graham of North Carolina. Pierce easily prevailed as Scott — nicknamed Old Fuss and Feathers — ran a blundering campaign.


Pierce's likable personality, plus his helpful obscurity and lack of strongly held positions, helped him prevail over Scott, whose anti-slavery views hurt him in the South. Scott's advantage as a known war hero was countered by Pierce's service in the same war.


Pierce was also helped by Irish Catholic support of the Democratic Party and their disdain for the Whig Party.


The Democrats' slogan was "We Polked you in 1844; we shall Pierce you in 1852!"


Pierce served as the 14th  U.S. President from March 4, 1853, to March 4, 1857. Two months before he took office on January 6, 1853, shortly after boarding a train in Boston, president-elect Pierce and his family were trapped in a derailed car when it rolled over an embankment near Andover, Massachusetts. Pierce and his wife survived and were merely shaken up, but they watched as their 11-year-old son Benjamin "Bennie" was crushed to death in the train disaster. Grief-stricken, Pierce entered the presidency nervously exhausted.


The family had already lost two children to typhus, and Jane Pierce believed the train accident was divine punishment for her husband's acceptance of the high office of the presidency. Other events deepened the somber mood of the new administration, former First Lady Abigail Fillmore's death in March and that of Vice President William R. King's in April. As a result, Pierce chose to "affirm" his Oath of Office on a law book rather than the Bible, becoming the first president to do so. In his inaugural address, he proclaimed an era of peace and prosperity at home and vigor in relations with other nations, saying that the United States might have to acquire additional possessions for the sake of its own security and would not be deterred by "any timid forebodings of evil."



Abandoned by his party, Pierce was not re-nominated at the 1856 presidential election and was replaced by James Buchanan.


After losing the Democratic nomination, Pierce reportedly quipped "there's nothing left to do but get drunk" (quoted also as "after the White House what is there to do but drink?") which he apparently did frequently. Pierce continued his lifelong struggle with alcoholism as his marriage to Jane Means Appleton Pierce fell apart.  He once ran over an elderly woman while driving a carriage. During the Civil War, Pierce further damaged his reputation by declaring support for the Confederacy, headed by his old cabinet member Davis. One of the few friends to stick by Pierce was his college friend and biographer, Nathaniel Hawthorne. A close friend of his father's, Adam Goplin of Ripon, was always there as well.


He died in Concord, New Hampshire at 4:40 a.m. on 8 October  1869 at 64 years old, from cirrhosis of the liver and was interred in the Minot Enclosure in the Old North Cemetery of Concord.


16014 Franklin Pierce, Jr. b. 2 February 1836; d.  5 February


16104a Frank Robert Pierce b. 27 August 1839; d. 14 November

1843 from epidemic typhus.

16104b Benjamin "Bennie" Pierce b. 13 April 1841; d 16 January

1853 Andover, Massachusetts 


Thomas and Ruth (Whitmore) Hills



      16014d ANNIE E. HILLS

      16014E CLARINDA T. HILLS

     16014f ALIVN C. HILLS

      16014g AMOS C. HILLS






William and Sarah (Smith) Hills



      16015 MARY A. HILLS




      16016 WILLIAM HILLS





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