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Descendants of John Emery chapter Two  

John and Alice (Grantham) Emery
3 ELEANOR EMERY was born 7 Nov 1624 in Romsey, Hampshire, England JOHN BAILEY ELEANOR EMERY was born 7 Nov 1624 in Romsey, Hampshire, England and was christened 7 Nov 1624 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. She died 23 Dec 1700 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. m. 22 May 1640 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts JOHN BAILEY born 22 Jul 1613 Chippenham, Wilts, England and d. Mar. 1691 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts aet 78 s/o John and Ann (Bailey) Bailey. Ann was daughter of William and Elizabeth Woolfrey. He has also given as the son of s/o John and Elizabeth Emery [Eleanor (Knight)] Bailey.

The research done by Clifford Stott, a professional genealogist, was published in the American Genealogist in October 2002. He has learned that the Elder John Bayleywas not, in fact, married to Elizabeth or Eleanor Knight, but in truth to Ann Bailey, daughter of William Bailey and Elizabeth Woolfrey, also of Chittoe. John Bayley and Ann Bailey were married in July 1611. She was buried there in August 1659 having "steadfastly refused to join her husband in New England for two decades". It is not proven who either of their parents were

It has always in the past been given that John Baily Sr. had married Elizabeth Emery or Eleanor Knight; per the wording of John Bailey Sr.'s will dated 28 Aug. 1651 - styling John Emery Sr. as his "brother" - "I doe make my brother John Emery fen of Nubery and Mr. Thomas Bradbury Overseers". Thus his father-in-law was possibly his uncle and his wife his cousin; as "brother" often times was used in common with "brother-in-law". The question now in light of the new research findings given hereafter; would seem to be is why did John Bailey, Sr. use the term "brother" for John Emery, Sr, in his will?

He came with his father in Apr. 1635 in the ship Angel Gabriel, from Bristol and was cast away at Penaquid now Bristol, Me. in the great storm of 15 Apr. 1635. His mother, brother Robert and a sister never came with them and his father was afraid to go back and get them.
    +12 REBECCA BAILEY b. 24 Nov. 1641 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~13 JOHN BAILEY b. 18 May 1643 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 22 Feb/Jun. 1663 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~14 JOSHUA BAILEY b. 4 Apr. 1643 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts; d. 7 Apr. 1652 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    +15 SARAH BAILEY b. 17 Aug. 1644 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    +16 JOSEPH BAILEY b. 4 Apr. 1648 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    +17 JAMES BAILEY b. 12 Sep. 1650 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    17a Joshua Bailey was born 17 Feb 1652 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. He died 7 Apr 1653 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
    +18 ISAAC BAILEY b. 22 Jul. 1654 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; m. SARAH EMERY (SEE #28); m 2nd 5 Apr. 1700 REBECCA BARTLETT b. 23 May 1661 d. 1723 d/o Richard and Abigail Bartlett
    ~19 JOSHUA BAILEY b. 20 Apr. 1657 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; m. ELIZABETH PUTNAM b. 30 Aug. 1659; d. 1722; s.p.
    *20 RACHEL BAILEY b. 19 Oct. 1662 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    ~21 JUDITH BAILEY b. 13 Aug. 1665
    21a Jonathan Bailey was born 1670 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
4 ALICE EMERY m. c. 1643 Newbury, Essex Massachusetts JOHN CHATER [CHEATER] b. c. 1618/9 d. 19 Sep. 1671. Res. Wells, Maine.
    *22 HANNAH CHATER b. 7 Aug 1644 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    23 LYDIA CHATER b. 12 Jan 1647/8
5 JOHN EMERY JR. m. 2 Oct. 1648 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts MARY WEBSTER b. 1630 d. 3 Feb. 1709 d/o John and Mary (Shatswell) Webster. theere is still controversy as to his wife's and others say that we was married more than once - the list of wives, sources logged is here.

Came with his father to Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts in 1635 Selectman, 1670-3; jury of trials, 1675-6; chosen to carry votes to Salem 1675-6; took oath of allegiance and fidelity, 1678; chosen to serve on jury of trails at Ipswich; tything-man, 1679; way-warden, 1679.

In 1642 he laid out for him fourscore acres over the Artichoke or Raspberry River. Forty of these acres were a grant of the town of Newbury, Massachusetts to John Emery Sr. and by him given to his son in consideration of love and affection. The remaining forty acres were bought of Archeleaus Woodman for thirty pounds, being a town grant to him.

the emery house was built in1746 by Stephen emery Jr. grandson of John Emery and Mary Webster house still stands today and the eighty acres of land above still form the bulk of the property on which the house stands.

This tract of land has been in possession of the name ever since it was laid out to John Emery Jr.; it is now included in the farm of the late Eliphalet Emery, esq. of W. Newbury, and in 1890 when the Emery genealogy was compiled it was owned by his daughter Mary Hale Emery.

On 3 Mar. 1679 "The town of Newbury granted John Emery Jr. twelve acres of land on the west side of the Artichoke River providing he build and maintain a corn mill to grind the town's corn from time to time and to build within one year and a half after the date hereof." The new mill was needed because of the ever expanding population of Newbury and expanded into an area which was the Second Parish, and which is known today as West Newbury. The mill remained in the Emery family until 1761 when Jonathan Bagley of Amesbury purchased it from Stephen Emery, the grandson of John Emery, Jr.

This mill is was known as Curzon's Mill in 1890 and is still standing and known by that name today it is located at the east end of Emery Lane, on the other side of the Artichoke River, and is visible from the refectory of the Emery House and accessible by walking across the wooden bridge. The river was aptly named 'Artichoke River' because of the Jerusalem artichokes that grew along its banks. They were a staple of the local Indian diet and were adapted into Anglo-American cookery as well.

John Emery Jr. was a signer of the Woodman party in the church difficulties.

He is styled as Sgt. in the records. He was made a freeman 30 May 1660 [made free 6 Mar. 1653/4]; made his will 3 Aug. 1693. Newbury, Massachusetts He d. 3 Aug. 1693 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    Children b. Newbury [Ipswich], Essex, Massachusetts:
    *24 MARY EMERY b. 24 Jun. 1652
    *25 HANNAH EMERY b. 26 Apr. 1654
    *26 JOHN EMERY b. 12 Sep. 1656 [12 Jul 1656 Bk. of account Stephen Emery. another source says 16 Dec 1656]
    *27 BETHIA EMERY b. 15 Oct. 1658
    *28 SARAH EMERY b. 26 Feb. 1660 [1659]
    *29 JOSEPH EMERY b. 23 Mar. 1662 [1663]
    *30 STEPHEN EMERY b. 6 [16] Sep. 1666
    *31 ABIGAIL EMERY b. 16 Jan. 1668 [1669]
    *32 SAMUEL EMERY b. [10 Oct.] 20 Dec 1670
    *33 JUDITH EMERY b. 5 Feb. 1673 [1672]
    *34 LYDIA EMERY b. 19 Feb. 1674 [1675]
    *35 ELIZABETH EMERY b. [3] 8 Feb. 1680 [31 Feb 1679 31 Jan. CT. R.; 3 Feb. S. Dup]
    36 JOSIAH EMERY b. 28 Feb. 1681 [1680]; m. 25 Nov. 1714 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts [28 Nov. 1714 Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts] ABIGAIL MOODY m 2nd 30 May 1720 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts John Stickney Jr., m 3rd Capt. William Johnson, m 4th Joseph Swasey d/o Caleb and Ruth (Morse) Moody; he d. 16 Mar. 1718; buried Sawyer Hill Cemetery Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
6 ANNE EMERY m. 25 Nov. 1648 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts JAMES ORDWAY who tradition says came from Wales to Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts b. 5 Aug. 1621 Bengeworth, Worcester, England d. after 1702 s/o Edward and Jane (Webb) Ordway. She d. 31 Mar 1687 [1684] Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts He was taxed at Dover, NH. 1649 where he had lived the year before. He was freeman 1668.
    Children b. Newbury [Newburyport], Essex, Massachusetts [Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire.]:
    ~37 EPHRAIM ORDWAY b. 25 Apr., 1650; d. 18 Jun 1650 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    *38 JAMES ORDWAY b. 16 Apr. 1651
    *39 EDWARD ORDWAY b. 14 Sep. 1653 [17 Sep. S. Dup]
    +40 SARAH ORDWAY b. 14 Sep. 1656 [14 Jan. 1655]
    *41 JOHN ORDWAY b. 17 Nov. 1658
    ~42 ISAAC ORDWAY b. 4 Dec. 1660; d. 15 Jan. 1668 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    43 JANE/JEAN ORDWAY b. 12 Nov. 1663; m. 4 Jan. 1687/8 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts JOSHUA RICHARDSON
    *44 HANANIAH [HANNANIAH] ORDWAY b. 2 Dec 1665
    ~45 son b. 16 May 1668; d. 6 Jun 1668 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    *46 ANNE ORDWAY b. 12 Feb. 1670 [1669]
    *47 MARY ORDWAY b. 5 Apr. 1671 [1673]
7 EBENEZER EMERY m. 21 Apr. 1669 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts JOHN HOAG b. 4 Jan. 1643 England or Wales bp. 21 Jan. 1646 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts d. 1728 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts s/o Richard and Joan Hoag and came to America with his father's family when 7 years old. The rest of the family returned to Wales or England as it is said considerable property fell to them but to get it they were obligated to England; but John being bound out at the age of 7 as an apprentice to a leather dresser, was obligated to remain.

Ebenezer's birth is recorded: "Ebenezer a daughter born 16 Sep. 1648 being Monday morning two hours before day. Ebenezer hitherto hath the Lord helped us." Evidently this daughter was named from hearts overflowing with thankfulness. Though Miss Ebenezer might not have fancied her Christian name, I doubt not it gave her a puritan sire the keenest satisfaction.

Another account of her name is;
Like many Puritans, the Emerys looked to Holy Scripture in naming their children, and so out of a sense of thankfulness they named her Ebenezer meaning “the Lord has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12). John and Alice were obviously thankful to God that they had survived the first few years in the New World, years that must have been full of hardship, want and danger. John’s wife, Alice, died a few months after giving birth to Ebenezer.

John was opposed to the Salem witchcraft. After the children were all grown up all the family became Quakers. He d. 1728 aet 85. and Ebenezer d. 28 Apr. 1694.
Children b. Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts:
~48 JOHN HOAG b. 20 Feb. 1669/70;; d. 1703 unm. Said to have went to England to recover the old family estate and never returned
*49 JONATHAN HOAG b. 28 Oct. 1671
~50 dau [EMERY HOAG] b. 7 Oct. 1674; bur. 16 Jan. 1676/7
*51 JOSEPH HOAG b. 10 Jan. 1676 [16 Jan. 1677]
~52 dau [MARY HOAG] b. 4 Dec. 1678; d. young
*53 BENJAMIN HOAG b. 1680
+54 HANNAH HOAG b. 3 Jan. 1683
___ SAMUEL HOAG b. 1684 [Re. Genealogy of Francis Weeks pg. 556 compiled by Dr. Frank Edgar Weeks (1938) LDS FILM #1429817]
*55 JUDITH HOAG Hoag b. 20 Feb. 1687
56 MARY HOAG b. Apr. 1689; m. STEPHEN HOAG
John and Mary (Shatswell) Emery
8 JONATHAN EMERY m. 29 Nov. 1676 Newbury [Newburyport], Essex, Massachusetts MARY WOODMAN b. 29 Sep 1854 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts d/o Edward Jr. and Mary (Goodridge) Woodman. He was pressed at Newbury 3 Dec. 1675, as a soldier for King Philip's War. He belonged He belonged to Maj. Appleton's Co. which was concerned the crack co. of the small army. He fought through the war with renowned "Flower of Essex. In the archives at the statehouse, Boston, is the original muster roll on the company and it is recorded; "Jonathan Emery, wounded in the neck." This wound from an arrow was received at the capture of the for in Narraganset, 19 Dec 1675.
After his return from the was he used a seal which he probably had engraved to commemorate his deeds and sufferings. The loin represents the bold Brition inspiring terror, the arrow seized by the rampant beast, the emblem of the Indian Warfare, which from its position indicates the lions victory.

He was made a freeman 19 Apr. 1691. His will was made 6 Feb. 1672/3, proved 2 Oct. 1723. Amount of inventory, two hundred and two pounds, two shillings, 10 pence. He d. 29 Sep. 1723 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts His wife d. 13 Sep. 1723.
    Children Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts:
    57 MARY EMERY b. 25 Sep. 1677 [27 Sep/. CT. R.]
    *58 JOHN EMERY b. 2 Feb. 1678
    *59 JONATHAN EMERY b. 2 Feb. 1680 [1678]
    60 DAVID EMERY b. 28 Sep. 1682
    ~61 ANTHONY EMERY b. 13 Nov. 1684; m. 21 Mar. 1711 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts HANNAH PLUMMER b. 12 Oct. 1686 d. 6 Apr. 1760 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts d/o Ephraim and Hannah (Jaques) Plumer; d. 6 Apr. 1765 [1766] Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; s.p.
    ~62 STEPHEN EMERY b. 13 Jan. 1687 [1686/7]; d. 8 Oct. 1688 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    63 SARAH EMERY b. 18 Dec. 1688; m. 3 Jun 1728 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    *64 STEPHEN EMERY b. 10 Nov. 1693 [1692]
    *65 EDWARD EMERY b. 10 Nov. 1694
    *66 JAMES EMERY bp. 10 Apr. 1698