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The End of the Family Trail

We have come to the end of the task assigned;
      We have sought to be fair, to be just and kind.
      We have tired to present - from the man of yore
      to the bae in the crib at our very door -
      Just the facts as they seem to be.
      If, prechance, in describing our subjects all,
      A mistake has been made - as might well befall -
      "Twas the head, not the heart, that the error made,
      Let it pass from your mind to the land of shade -
      Let our friendships no blemish see.

In our search for the roots of the family tree,
      We dug down to the fifteenth century,
      There was nought to be found the world would praise,
      Of ambition, or grees, by which some woudl rise
      On the ladder of earthly fame.
      It may rightly be said of our forebearers all,
      Of the Emery line,
      They were humble folk in the walks of life,
      Men of peacefull mood, not of storm and strife -
      In the line not a tarnished name,

'Twill be seen, we believe, by this household tree,
      We are heirs of a worth-while legacy.
      We are bound to respect their ideals true,
      And by precept and life hold them e'er in view
      Lest reproach on their name we bring.
      Hence, arise youth and age, whether near or far,
      Let your life sen a ray like the beaming star;
      Like the hero, be brave, tho' the taks be great,
      Be a man with a will, not a child of fate -
      With a song let the welkins ring.

This peom was written by Jacob Peter Stahl and I changed the words underlined to fit our family. I think it sums up the whole entire effort I have tried to put forth since I began this project.

This is from the 1982 book on John:
My thanks to all of you who gave their lines and the support that you have given me during this long hard road. I hope that the book will be up to your expectations...Judi

Many thanks to the follwoing people who donated their material for the book.

A very special thanks to Ann Margaret (Wilson) Wohlhueter who provided a manuscript copy of the Hemenway genealogy.

To Helen Gould for the use of her Gould and Allied Families manuscript and book. Dear Judith, ...I would be very glad to have you use what you can of my EMery/Gould manuscrit. You will note that I have no copyright my reasons for this is because I would like to share my information with other Emery descendants... Yours in the endless search, Helen Gould.

Ans also to Lynn M. Case who gave me permission to use material and sent me some additional data from his files and I quote in part: Dear Ms. Burns, ...First of all, you have persmission to use the material in our genealogy if you will kindly mention our book as reference for your information... Sincerly Yours, Lynn M. Case.

And to Ann Favand Hughes of Gateway Press for her great assistance in anwswering my many many questions and her unending encouragement along the way and also giving me the boost when I was about ready to give in but togther we came up with a solution!

Also Delanos Wilkes and I quote: Drea. Mrs. Burns: I received your request to quote Folsom genealogical data in your upcoming Emery genealogy. On behalf of the Folsom Family Association, you have my permission to quote from the Folsom genealogy... In return please credit your quote... Sincerly, Delanos A. Wilkes, President Flosom Family Assoc. of Amer. Inc.

Tho not related - Claude M. and Clarcie (Hord) Lynch of Bloomfield, Greene, Indiana provided much help on many of the Emery lines of Greene county Indiana. It is my sadness to say Claude passed away this spring (1981) and he was a great friend through letters and a great source of information and a great lover of history and genealogy.

N. Ellery Emery
Janet K. Pease
Evelyn Rencher
Walter Ray Emery
Mary S. (Rayburn) Rector
Zelma (Emery) Hains
Mildred Horn
Barbara J. DeFrees
Maria Sheets
Rachel Feighny
Mrs. Dennis Royal
Jesse W. Emery
Maud Rollins
Pearl (Emery) Sherer
Viney (Dove) Emery
Bruce Emery
Hazel R. Thompson
Clara Foster
Wanda L. Hammann
John D. Emery
Mavis Cook
  V. Sillis Gambill
Emery Meredith
D. Catherine Emery
Harold Emery
Verna L. Emery
Lorene Woesturau
Kathyrn Louise (Rodger-Green) Emery
Frances Emery
Jesse W. Emery
Bette J. Wilson
Marian E. Goodwell
James M. Holmes
Allison Wright
Thomas V. Emery
E. Victor Emery
Mary Kurz
Barbara Stover
Wayne Emery
William Saladin
Madelon Newman
Gary D. Emery
Edwin R. Emery
Nancy Robinson
Jack V. William
Margaret Crane
Emery Wright
Dorval Emery
Charles L. Edington
June A. Smith
Earl E. Combs
Emma J. Clayton
Charles b. Emery
Mary E. Mitchell
ELizabeth Grills
Quincey Emery
Lexie Crowe
Mildred Meredith
Betty Fisher

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