Jacob Emery of Sussex county New Jersey

This information has bee gathered from what littlw has been sent to me and also searching the interent and various sources.

This line has been given as two ways:

#1) Jonathan Emery b. 23 Nov. 1772 Haverhill, Essex, Mass. d. Jun. 1807; son of James Emery and Mary Watson [son of Jonathan Emery and Mary Woodman son of John and Mary Shatswell] m. int. 7 Dec. 1753 Darcut, Middlesex, Ma. Jersua Barron b. 1 Aug. 1735 Dracut, Middlesex, Ma. dau. of John Barron and Hannah Richarson. Children:
*Jacob Emery b. 11 Oct. 1759 also given as 10 Oct. 1760

David Emery b. 24 Sep. 1754 Darcut, Middlesex, Ma.

NOTE: the arguement for him not being Jonathan's son is that all his children were born in Newbury, Essex, Massachusett's, his descendant's remained in Massachusetts or went into Maine and New Hamphsire. Jonathan was born and died in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Can anyone imagine Jonathan and Jershua going to Sussex county New Jersey having a child and totally abandoning him as an infant there?

Jonathan Emery m. Jerhsua Barron - they were connected to Newbury, Haverhill and Darcut before going into Maine to Winthrop and then to Fairfield where Jonathan built the first framed house. His family and descendants were of Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts and went into Maine in and around Kennebec. It is extremely unlikely that they went to New Jersey to have this one son

and also given as his parents were:

O - Unknown Emery
On 15 June 1913 [John A. Biles] took dinner with Hannah Higley, a daughter of Nathan Emery, a cabinetmaker and undertaker, son of Jacob Emery, Silver Lake, Pennsylvania. Being her 87th birthday in company of Nathan Emery and family. She thinks that Irvine Emery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has the Nathan Emery family Bible and records. Her grandfather, Jacob Emery, lived near Centerville, N.J. Mrs. Higley was in Florida from 1875 to 1902. Tradition as told by Mrs. Higley: three Emery brothers came from England, one of them died on the way. She thinks her grandfather was one of them. He gave the lot at Centerville for a Church - also a mortgage of $1,000 on the James Decker farm, the interest to support the church and to use 100 years.
#2) 1. George Emery birth date unknown. He married Johannah [-?-]

One source states that George was Born in 1734 in New York and Johannah Born in 1738 in New York.

The identity of George and Johannah as the parents of Jacob Emery is based mainly on information found in a hand written copy of Jacob Emery's bible record,furnished by Wilma C. Myrehn; a very interesting note here is that Theresa Marie Emery Armiger spoke to Wilma Meyrhen on 15 Jul 2012 She does not have, nor has she seen a copy of any Emery bible
. Why does someone have to manufacture, give and perpetuate false documentation; and involve another person in the process????? - some of this false information has been gign around for 30+ years now!

George Emery and Johannah had the following child:
+ 2 i. Rev. Jacob Emery b. 11 Oct. 1759 and another gives 10 Oct 1760 d. 21 Apr. 1824 Sussex county New Jersey. aged 64 yrs. 5 mo. 10 days buried Mettler Cemetery Sandyston Twp., Sussex co., NJ.; m. 2 Mar 1778 Elizabeth Ross b. 5 Oct. 1761 [year 1763 has also been given]; d. 5 Apr. 1815 Sussex county New Jersey aged 53 yrs. 5 mo. 10 days buried Mettler Cemetery Sandsyston twp., Sussex county, New Jersey. dau. of David Ross and Experience [-?-]; m 2) Mary "Polly" Rubert who married d 2nd Sussex co., NJ. Timothy Shay. He was a soldier in the American Revolution, Northhampton county Pa. Militia.

Researchers: Stephen Emery ; Brian L. Young ; & Wilma C. Myrehan ; Teri Armiger

1 Jacob Emery b: October 11, 1759 d: April 21, 1824 in Sandystone, Sussex Co., NJ
..+Elizabeth Ross b: October 05, 1761 d: April 15, 1815 in Sandystone, Sussex Co., NJ
...m: March 02, 1778 in Sussex Co., NJ Buried: Mettler Cemetery, Sandystone Twp.
....2 George Emery b: March 19, 1788 in Morris Co., NJ ? d: March 09, 1867
....+Elizabeth Keen b: Abt 1789 m: June 06, 1809
......3 John Keen Emery b: June 06, 1810
........+Ann Margaret S. Savercool b: April 12, 1815 in Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ
.........m: Abt 1835 Father: John Savercool Mother: Anna Maria Groover ......3 Hannah Emery b: April 09, 1812
......3 Jacob Emery b: January 22, 1815 in Sussex Co., NJ? d: December 29, 1887 in Bradford Co., PA
........+Susan Savercool b: Abt 1818 m: February 17, 1844 in Sussex Co., NJ (Marriage Book A)
.........Father: William Savercool Mother: Catherine A. Wyker
....2 Nathan Emery b: Abt 1790
......+Cornelia Brodhead b: Abt 1792
....2 Sarah Emery b: Abt 1791
......+Abraham Keen b: July 03, 1788 in Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ m: December 12, 1809 in Sussex Co., NJ
.......(Marriage Book A) Father: John Keen Mother: Eva Elizabeth
....2 Jacob Ross Emery b: April 03, 1806 in Sandyston Twp, Sussex Co., NJ
......+Sarah Ann Ennes b: February 10, 1813 in Walpack, Sussex Co., NJ Father: Levi Ennes Mother: Mary Adams

Finally on another clue as to where besides LDS / IGI records has surfaced as to where the errorneous connection with him being son of Jonathan Emery (James, Jonathan, John) and Jershua Barron. with additional descendants

Note: Appears there may be some speculation involved in the relationship of generations 4 & 5. John Addison Biles thought this ancestry was correct, perhaps based on it being documented on page 616 of Volume II of Northern Pennsylvania History - this article is on Hon Lewis Emery Jr and someone along the line alterd the list of children as given -
    1 David born October 1 1720 in Haverhill Massachusetts
    2 Johnathan born November 23 1722 at Haverhill Massachusetts
    3 Ezekiel born July 6 1724 at Haverhill Massachusetts
    4 Anthony mentioned below
    5 James born at Dracut Massachusetts 17--
    6 Moses is said to have followed the sea as captain of a vessel
    7 Mary was living May 4 1792 in Dracut she never married 8 John born 1736 in Dracut ...
    9 Ambrose born February 25 1738 at Dracut
    10 Edward born July 26 1741 at Dracut
    11 Nathaniel born March 8 1743 at Dracut.

    to be:
    1. David, born Oct 1, 1720, in Haverhill, Mass.
    2. Johnathan, born Nov 23 1722, at Haverhill, Mass.
    3. Ezekiel, born July 6, 1724, at Haverhill, Mass.
    (3) Jacob Emery, father of (4) Jacob Ross Emery. See page 20.)
    4. Anthony, mentioned below,
    5. James, born at Dracut, Mass. 17--, 6. Moses, is said to have followed the sea as captain of a vessel.
    7. Mary, was living May 4, 1792, in Dracut; she never married
    8. John, born 1736, in Dracut...
    9. Ambrose, born Feb 25, 1738, at Dracut,
    10. Edward, born July 26, 1741 at Dracut,
    11. Nathaniel, born Mar 8, 1743, at Dracut.

Jacob Emery Born 11 October 1759. Died 21 April 1824, age 64 years, 5 months, 10 days; interred (with Elizabeth) in Mettler Cemetery, Sandyston Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Veteran of the American Revolutionary War, serving as a Private in the Northampton, County, Pennsylvania Militia in 1778. Resided at Sanystone.

Married Elizabeth Ross (b. 5 Oct 1761, d. 15 Apr 1815, age 53 years, 5 months, 10 days), daughter of (perhaps) David and Experience (?) Ross, in 1778. Of interest, on 14 June 1913 John Addison Biles found the gravestones for Jacob and Elizabeth (Ross) Emery in the Old Mettler Cemetery, Sussex County, New Jersey. Their descendants subsequently moved their remains to another cemetery. Jacob and Elizabeth had the following children:
    1. Jonathan Emery: Born 29 July 1779. Married (1st) Elizabeth Beadle on 5 September 1802 by Peter Van Nest, Justice of the Peace. Married (2nd) Elizabeth/Eliza Brink 17 September 1825 by John Layton, Justice of the Peace. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Brink) had the following children:
      a . Zachariah Emery: Married (?) Cobb
      b . Susan Emery: Married (?) Myers.
      c . Polly Emery: Married Jacob Kizon / Kerzon / Kison on 10 April 1823.
    2. Johannah Emery: Born 12 March 1782. Married (1st) David Shay (b. 25 Feb 1785, d. Dec 1814) on 15 January 1804 by Peter Van Nest, Justice of the Peace. Married (2nd) James Hankinson and went to “Ken? ”. Married (3 rd William/Enoch Ross. Married (4 th (?) Patton. Following these marriages Johanna was a widow for about 50 years.

    3. Experience Emery : Born 29 January 1784. Died 26 July 1856. Married Jacob Rubert (b. 6 Apr 1776, d. 30 Mar 1860, age 83 yrs, 11 mo., 23 days) on 7 June 1801 by Peter Van Nest, Justice of the Peace.

    4. Nathan Emery: Born 8 February 1786. Died 1872. Married Cornelia Broadhead on 30 January 1810 and had the following children:
      a . Cyrus Emery
•1) Several entries on the internet state that Jacob Emery of Sussex county new jersey - that parents were George Emery and Johannah [-?-] and now some are placing them "of New York" BUT there is no documentation for this statement

•2) the last 30+ years I have been researching the Emery family of Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts there have been several claiming that he is connectect to James Emery and Ruth Watson and especially through their son Jonathan Emery who married Jershua Barron

•3) Jonathan Emery and Jershua has absoultely NO KNOWN ties to Sussex county New Jersey - by records of themselves and their children they resided in and around the areas of
    •......1) Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    •......2) Haverhill, essex, Massachsetts
    •......3) Darcut, middlesex, Massachusetts
    •......4) Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine
    •......5) Fairfield, Kennebec, Maine
    •......6) Medford Ferry, , Maine
•4) By facts stated Jacob was born, married and died in Sussex county New Jersey

BIGGEST Questions IF Jonathan Emery and Jershua barron are the parents of Jacob Emery of Sussex county New Jersey are :
    •1) Why did they travell all the way from either Massachussetts or Maine to have only one child?

    •2) I Jacob Emery of Sussex county New jersey is the son of jonathan Emery and Jersusah Barron - then WHY did they choose to abandoned this chiild in Sussex county New Jersey - - keeping the remainder of their children and returning to Massachusetts or Maine?

Children of of Jonathan Emery and Jershua Barron birth dates and places were:
    •......1 David Emery was born 29 Sep 1754 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts.
    •......2 Jershua Emery was born 1756 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts.
    •......3 Hannah Emery was born 1758 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts
    •......4 John Emery was born 1760 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts.
    •......5 Thankful Emery was born 10 Sep 1763 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts
    •......6 James Emery was born 1766 in Dracut, Essex, Massachusetts
    •......7 Jones Emery was born 1770/1771 in Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine •......8 Briggs Hollowell Emery was born 11 Nov 1767 in Darcut, Essex, Massachusetts
    •......9 Samuel Emery was born 15 Jun 1773 in Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine
    •......10 Rachel Emery was born Jan/Feb 1777 in Fairfield, Kennebec, Maine

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