Generation Six

___ (3) Shirley Marie Rubert : Born 1931. Married (?) Goodenow (d. about 1959) and reside near Towanda, Bradford county, Pennsylvania. Shirley and her husband had the following son:
    (a) Dale Goodenow : Born about 1960. Died 14 June 1981, age 21 in a car accident.

___ (2) Esther Mae Griswold: Born 1929. Died 5 May 2004. Married (1 st (?), but they were divorced very shortly after marriage. Married (2 nd (?) Vitrik (d. in an accident) and had the following children:
    (a) Joseph William Vitrik : Born 9 March 1960. Died 4 December 1980 when he lost control of the ambulance he was driving while in the military and stationed in Germany, and it went over a cliff. Esther (Griswold) (?) Vitrik married 3rd Curtis Leroy Shirk (b. 10 Apr 1935, d. 4 Sep 1996) in 1969.

___ (4) Persis Ann Griswold: Born 1941. Married (1 st {?] Grauel and were subsequently divorced. They and had the following:
    (a) Cathleen “Cathy” Mary Grauel: Born 1961. Married (1st) Arthur Weisenberger in 1982, but they were subsequently divorced. One child, Michael Weisenberger Married (2nd) Robert Schlechte in 1982, one child:
      Nicholas Schlechte
    (b) Robert “Robbie” Grauel: Born 1964. Married (1st) Luzamore (?)divorced one daughter
      Mika Grauel,
    2nd Marriage: Danka (?)
      Brandi Grauel
      Brady Grauel
    (c) Donna Marie Grauel: Born 1966. Married Joseph Stone in 1990. two children:
      Jonathan Stone
      Zachary Stone
Persis married (2 nd Jack Johnson in 1982; subsequently divorced; no children.

___ Harry Emery b. 24 Feb. 1917 m. [-?-] Res. Auroa, Ca. child:
    *Darrell Emery res. Colorado Springs, Co.
___ (a. Claude M. Hoyt: Born 19 October 1897. Died 22 August 1930. Married Laura Jane Franklin (b. 23 Dec 1898, d. 22 Aug 1930) on 22 January 1919 and had the following children:
    (1) Elizabeth J. Hoyt: Born October 1919. Died October 1919.
    (2) Dorothy Phyllis Hoyt: Born 1921.

    (3) Ellen Louise Hoyt: Born 1923
    (4) Manley Edward Hoyt: Born 1925
    (5) Shirley Jean Hoyt: Born 1927
___ (d. Rufus Stanton Hoyt: Born 12 March 1908. Married Elsie R. Sites (b. 30 Nov 1908) on 6 February 1928 and had the following children:
    (1) Rufus Stanton Hoyt, Jr.: Born 1929
    (2) Eugene Edward Hoyt: Born 1931
___ (e. Mary W. Hoyt: Born 29 January 1910. Married Charles Sites (b. 3 Nov 1906) on 7 April 1928 and had the following children:
    (1) Frederick Charles Sites: Born 1929
    (2) Elizabeth Rebecca Sites: Born 1930
    (3) Laura Sites
    (4) Eunice Ann Sites
___ Ella E. Swackhammer was born 20 Sep 1897 in Standing Stone, Bradford Co., PA. She died 24 May 1973 and was buried 1973 in Standing Stone, Bradford Co., PA.; married Reid J. Park-119 on 3 Feb 1917. Reid was born 10 Oct 1893 in PA. He died 6 Nov 1970 and was buried 1970 in Standing Stone, Bradford Co., PA. They had the following children:
    Reginald E. Park-115 was born Sep 1917 in PA. He died 19 Nov 1920.
    LaVerne R. Park-117 was born 27 Sep 1918 in Standing Stone, Bradford Co., PA. He died 4 Jan 1998 in Rome, Bradford Co., PA and was buried 7 Jan 1998 in Luther's Mills, Memorial Park Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA.

___ Calvin Braund EMERY born 7 Jan 1932 in Perth Amboy, N.J. married Rozanne Lenore KLEINER daughter of Francis Charles KLEINER and Cassie Naomi ZELLERS on 24 Oct 1954 in San Marino, CA. Rozanne was born 11 Mar 1933 in Los Angles, CA.

Born and raised in Perth Amboy, NJ. Mother died when he was 5 years old. Father remarried. Spent summers and most holidays with stepmothers parents, Brenton and Louise Kerrick, in Durell, PA. After HS, worked as auto body repairman for Chrysler and Studebaker agencies in PA, and as salesman for Studebaker. After four years service in NJ National Guard attained rank of Sgt E6. Enlisted in US Army 4 Feb 52,received basic training at Scofield Barracks, Territory of Hawaii. Selected for Officers Candidate School. Graduated and commissioned at Fort Knox KY, in Armor Branch on 28 Feb 53. Met future wife Rozanne Kleiner while at Ft. Knox First assignment was to Camp Polk, LA to 137th Tank Battalion as trainer of draftees and later as Commander of Company A. Married at San Marino, CA 24 Oct 54. Lived in De Ridder,LA until camp was closed and unit moved to Ft Riley, KN. Rozanne moved most of their possessions to Junction City, Kn in the car, found a basement apartment and was waiting when he arrived. Transferred to Gary Air Force Base, near San Marcos, TX for flight training, then to Camp Rucker ,AL where he was dropped from the flight program and reassigned to Germany.After about six months of waiting for housing, Rozanne joined him.They first lived at Fleigerhorst Kaserne, a WW II Luftwaffe airbase at Leipheim, in the heart of the Bavarian farm region. Kenneth ,their first child was born while here, at the US Army Hospital in Augsburg, Gy. Moved to Baumholder, in Northern Gy in 1957 with Company B, 68th Armor, until Nov 1958. While stationed in Gy, Cal and Rozanne were able to travel to Austria, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Denmark, and to go skiing in the German Alps. Returned to the U.S., to Fort Hood, for duty as Motor Officer, 37th Armor. Karen was born at the old Fort Hood hospital, 12 July, 1959. After one year at Ft Hood, he was assigned to six months temporary duty in Isfahon, Iran as an automotive maintenance advisor to the Imperial Iranian Army (IIA), returning again to Ft Hood. Just prior to leaving for Iran, a house had been selected and Rozanne completed the purchase and moved in on Christmas Eve, 1959. It is located at 1201 Conder, Killeen, TX and was the family home until 1964. Assigned to the 2nd Armored Division after returning from Iran, he commanded Company D, 35th Armor. During his command the Company competed for and won the prestigious Draper Award, for Armor leadership. In Jan 61, he attended the Armor Advanced Course at Ft Knox. Lee was born 14 Feb 61 and in March Rozanne brought the family to KY.,where they rented a house in Elizabethtown. This was followed by another unaccompanied overseas assignment, this time with the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea, first in the 3rd Medium Tank Battalion, 40th Armor, then in the Inspector Generals' Section, conducting Nuclear Weapons inspections. Back to Ft Hood, where Rozanne was holding things together, for a two year stint in the G-3 section of the 2nd Armored Division. This was a relatively tranquil period, with only two months in Germany and two months of desert training away from home. In September of 1965 the tranquility ended with orders to Iran, this time an accompanied tour in Teheran. Two years of sometimes frustrating but always interesting advisory duty with The Iranian Army ended with assignment again to Ft Hood,as III Corps G-3 Operations Officer. After buying a home at 1712 Chippendale in Killeen and getting all of the kids into school, it was hard work and much travel. There was considerable civil unrest during that time and Ft Hood had several missions involving riot control in various locations. The training and coordination paid off when Ft. hood troops were committed to Chicago to restore order following riots that broke out after the assassination of Martin Luther King, and again during the anti-Veitman War demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. In November of 1968, it was off to Veitnam, first with the Inspector General Office in Saigon, then as Senior Advisor to the Ist ARVN Armor Brigade, commanded by Col Heip. This unit saw action in several campaigns in and around Da Nang in the I Corps area, working with the 3rd US Marine Division, the Americal Division, and various ARVN and Regional and Popular Force units and was quite successful against both Veit Cong and NVA units. Home again to Ft Hood and III Corps in Dec 1969, this time as Deputy G-3 for two years, followed by a year involved with Computer testing. About then, having attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Regular Army of the United States,retirement started to look increasingly attractive, and in 1973 he retired. After a year of relaxing and attending Central Texas College the urge to do something set in, and a new business venture with Rozanne and partners Bob and Mary Lamastus was started. This was a combined auto body, paint, and mechanical repair facility, Killeen Auto Repair Company, KARCO. Situated on the corner of US 190 and Trimmier Road in Killeen, it enjoyed a great location and was moderately successful from the start. Six years of total committment was enough, and the second retirement for both Cal and Rozanne began when the location was sold to Midas Muffler. When Rozannes mother passed away, the home on Chippendale was sold and Cal and Rozanne moved into her home in Harker Heights. Sailing on nearby Stillhouse Lake became his major activity as well as SCUBA diving, in area lakes and various locations abroad.
  • *Karen Denise EMERY born 12 Jul 1959.

  • *Lee Eugene EMERY born 14 Feb 1961.

  • Kenneth Brenton EMERY born 17 May 1957 in USA Hosp Augburg, Germany.

  • ___ Robert Brenton EMERY was born in Perth Amboy, NJ. married Dorothy Mary BUSTIN daughter of Peter John BUSTIN and Susan BUTCHKO on 22 Jun 1963 in Perth Amboy, NJ. Dorothy was born 11 Mar 1943 in Perth Amboy, NJ. children:

  • Robert Brenton , Jr. EMERY born 12 May 1964 in Perth Amboy, NJ.

  • Kevin Mathew EMERY born 28 Feb 1972 in Perth Amboy, NJ.

  • Michael John EMERY born 31 Mar 1968 in Perth Amboy, NJ.

  • ___ Janis Louise EMERY was born 29 Jun 1948 in Perth Amboy, NJ. married Daniel NOVAK-90 on 30 Jul 1968 in Perth Amboy, NJ. Daniel was born 4 Jun 1945 in Perth Amboy, NJ. children:

  • Daniel Brian NOVAK born 12 Sep 1970 in Perth Amboy, NJ.

  • Sandra Louise NOVAK born 17 Sep 1968 in Perth Amboy, NJ.

  • ___ Francis Eugene EMERY born 30 Jun 1925 died 16 May 1995 De Soto, Florida; married Marion Theresa BUSSELLS on 9 May 1953. Marion was born 23 Jun 1930. children:

  • Sharon Ann EMERY born 10 Feb 1955.

  • Francis Eugene , Jr EMERY born 27 Jun 1956.

  • Theresa Marie EMERY born 24 Jul 1960.

  • Lisa Denine EMERY born 15 Feb 1965.

  • ___ William Braund EMERY born 3 May 1930. married Edna SMITH on 18 Aug 1954. children:

  • William Braund , Jr EMERY-272 was born Jul 1955.

  • Donna Marie EMERY-273 was born Aug 1958.

  • George Douglas EMERY-274 was born Oct 1964.

  • ___ Thomas Edison EMERY was born 8 Mar 1928. married Dorothy HAUSER children:

  • Anne EMERY born 13 Nov 1961.

  • Franz EMERY born 6 Jan 1965.

  • Pauline EMERY born 29 Jul 1971.

  • ___ Loretta Lee EMERY born 7 Oct 1933. married Lawrence LINTHICUM on 7 Mar 1953. children:

  • Linda Lee LINTHICUM born 31 Jul 1954.

  • Lisa Lenore LINTHICUM born 29 Oct 1955.

  • Laurie Lynn LINTHICUM born 5 Nov 1956.

  • Loretta Louise LINTHICUM born 26 Oct 1959.

  • __ (a. Julia Viola Elliot “Viola”: Born 1920 Married Nathan Benjamin, Jr. and resided at Liberty Corners. Julia and Nathan had the following children:
      (1) Rebecca Benjamin: Born about 1948
      (2) Gail Benjamin: Born about 1950.
      (3) Daughter: Born about 1952.

    Today is