Generation Two

__ 1. Jonathan Emery: Born 29 July 1779. Married 1st Elizabeth Beadle on 5 September 1802 in Sussex County, NJ. by Peter Van Nest, Justice of the Peace. Married 2nd Elizabeth/Eliza Brink 17 September 1825 Sussex County, NJ. by John Layton, Justice of the Peace. Elizabeth was born 1778 in Rosetown, Pike, PA. She died after 1825 in Sandystone, Sussex, NJ.

Jonathan and Elizabeth (Beadle) had the following children:
    a. Zachariah Emery was born 1809. He died 6 Nov 1875. Zachariah married Charlotte Cobb-347. Charlotte was born 1809. She died 1875

    b. Susan Emery b. abt. 1810 Married Jacob Myers.

      Sarah Maria Myers was born Dec 1827
    c. Polly Emery: Married Jacob Kizon / Kerzon / Kison on 10 April 1823 Sussex County, NJ.

___ 2 - Johanna/Joanna Emery b. 12 Mar. 1762 Morristown, Morris, NJ. bp. 5 May 1782; m 1st 15 Jan. 1804 Newton, Sussex co., NJ. David Shay; David was born 25 FEB 1785 in Sandyston Twp., Sussex Co. NJ, and died 20 DEC 1814 in Sandyston Twp., Sussex Co. NJ. son of Timothy and Mary Darke They had:
    Timothy Shay was born 22 Sep 1807 in Sandystone Township, Sussex Co., NJ. He died 5 Mar 1865 in Indian Point, Knox Co., IL.
m 2nd. 24 Jul. 1819 Sussex co., NJ. Sussex/Morris co., NJ. James Hankinson; James was born 2 Apr 1762 in Basking Ridge, Somerset, NJ. He died 1823/1825 and was buried in Warren County, NJ Yellow Frame Cemetery. They had:
    David Hankinson was born 1823. He died 30 Nov 1851.
    Ross Hankinson was born about 1820
m 3rd. 17 Dec. 1829 Sussex/Morris co., N. J. Enoch Allen Ross;Enoch was born 11 Sep 1778. He died 5 Jul 1833 in Rossburgh, Warren, OH.

m 4th 24 Aug. 1834 Warren co.,Oh. William Patton; William died about 1841.

__ 3 - Experience Emery Born 29 January 1784 in Morris County, NJ. Died 26 July 1856 NY and was buried in Phelps, Ontario, NY Rhea Cemetery. Married Jacob Rupert [Rubert] (b. 6 Apr 1776, d. 30 Mar 1860, age 83 yrs, 11 mo., 23 days buried in Phelps, Ontario, NY Rhea Cemetery. ) on 7 June 1801 in Sussex Co., NJ. by Peter Van Nest, Justice of the Peace. Experience and Jacob had the following children:
    a. Jacob Emery Rupert [Rubert] Born 17 October 1801. Died 19 December 1852. Married 1st [-?-] Whipple; married 2nd Widow Thresher in 1833.

    b. Catherine Rupert [Rubert] Born 11/13 December 1803. Died the same day.

    c. Mary Elizabeth Rupert [Rubert] Born 26 June 1806.

    d. Johanna Rupert [Rubert] Born 16 June 1802/8. Died 10 June 1823. Married Isaac Sutton.

    e. Hannah Rupert [Rubert] Born 26 May 1810. Married Abe Obilse . Died 10 October 1833.

    f. Benjamin Rupert [Rubert] Born 6 June 1812. Married [-?-]

    g. Sylvia/Silvia Rupert [Rubert] Born 8 July 1814. Married John Slinger and had the following children:

    h. John Rupert [Rubert] Born 4 January 1816. Died 14 March 1905. Married Amanda Lantz (b. 13 Dec 1822, d. 30 Mar 1910) on 5 November 1841

    i. Sarah Rupert [Rubert] Born 4 January 1817. Died 14 Mar 1837. Never married.

    j. Margaret Rupert [Rubert] Born 22 September 1820. Married [-?-] Cable. Died 6 April 1848.

    k. Jeptha Rupert [Rubert] Born 29 June 1823. Died 1885/2. Resided at Milford, Wayne County, Michigan . Married [-?-]

    l. Mercy Ann Rupert [Rubert] Born 12 January 1826. Died 27 April 1846. Married John Morris and resided in New York State.

___ 4 Nathan Emery b. 8 Feb. 1786 Morristown, Morris, NJ. bp. 19 Mar. 1786 d. February 14, 1873 Dingman’s Ferry, Pike, PA and buried Dingman's Ferry Cemetery; m. 30 Jan. 1810 Cornelia Broadhead born: May 21, 1786 Sussex County, NJ- died: July 6, 1865 Dingman’s Ferry, Pike, PA and buried Dingman's Ferry Cemetery dau of Garret Brodhead and Affe Decker
A cabinetmaker and undertaker

  • Phebe Jane Emery m. 17 Nov. 1839 Sussex co., NJ. February 10, 1820 - died: February 24, 1896 Robert S. Howell born: July 30, 1818 - died: January 19, 1875 Dingman's Ferry Cemetery

  • Cornelia Emery born 16 Dec 1815 in Dingmans Ferry, Pike, Pennsylvania bp. 4 Feb. 1816 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. died Jan 1899 in Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania Married John D VanGordon
      Adelia VanGordon
      Josephine VanGordon
      Matilda J VanGordon
      Ralph VanGordon
  • Cyrus Emery bp. 28 Oct. 1811 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. died: April 10, 1893 aged 82 years 9 months and 6 days was buried in Dingman's Ferry, Pike, PA Dingman’s Ferry Cemetery. married Johanna [Hanna] Broadhead on 1 Mar 1840. wife of Cyrus Emery born: November 30, 1822 [28 Nov 1821]- died: Decmeber 17, 1852 Dingman's Ferry C emetery daughter of NIcolas Broahead & Margaret Owens They had:
      August C. Emery was born 11 Jun 1842. He died 1931.

      Arthur Wallace was born 3 Jun 1849. Arthur married Emma Henrietta Hunt
        (a. Hannah Cornelia Emery: Born 5 September 1856.
        (b. Bertha Isabel Emery: Born 27 July 1858. Married Eugene Raitt and had the following son:
          (1) Beryl Raitt.
        (c. John Warren Emery: Born 8 March 1860.
        (d. Susan Maria Emery: Born 8 September 1861.
        (e. Nathan Thurlow Emery: Born 14 June 1863. Married (?) and had the following daughter:
          (1) Abigal Emery.
        (f. Edward Cass Emery: Born 9 June 1870
      Frances Ellen Emery was born 30 Aug 1844. She died 22 Apr 1920. Frances married Robert B. Latimer

      Emily Flora Emery was born 21 Nov 1846. Emily married Theodore Dawns

    Cyrus also married Emma Hunt Birth 13 Mar 1830 in Pennsylvania, Death 18 Nov 1893 in Pennsylvania daughter of John W. & Betsy [-?-] They had
      Cornelia Emery 1855 –
      Hannah E Emery 1857 –
      Bertha Emery 1858 – 1938
      John Emery 1859 –
      Susan Maria Emery 1862 –
      Nathan T Emery 1863 –
      Edward H Emery 1870 –
      William Emery 1877 –
  • Eleanor \ Elinor Emery bp. 11 Oct 1812 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. died: May 21, 1866 was buried in Dingman's Ferry, , PA Dingman’s Ferry Cemetery. Married (?) Clark.

  • James Hamilton Emery born May 10, 1822 Dingmans Ferry, Pike, Pennsylvania bp. 28 Dec. 1822 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. died December 31, 1894 was buried in Dingman's Ferry, Pike, PA Dingman’s Ferry Cemetery. James married Deborah Ann Rosencranse. Deborah was born about 1825 in PA. They had:
      Irvine cass Emery Birth 1851 in , , Pennsylvania, USA Death 19 Nov 1912 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, USA married Emma Turner Birth Oct 1852 in Indiana, Death 25 Jan 1924 They had:
        David Turner Emery 1881 –
        Irving Cass Emery 1884 –
        John Bissell Emery 1891 – 1969
    James also married Hattie L. Buckley, his wife born: November 8, 1835 - died: May 22, 1907 Dingman's Ferry Cemetery They Had:
      Lummatie Emery Birth abt 1869 in Pennsylvania
  • Oliver Perry Emery bp. 9 Aug. 1818 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ./Dingman’s Ferry, Pike, PA. He died 27 Dec 1908 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA. Oliver married Elizabeth F. [-?-] Elizabeth was born 1818 in PA. She died in PA.They had the following children
      Olive Emery was born 1850 in PA.
      Nellie Emery was born 1852 in PA.
      Helen Emery was born 1856 in PA.
      George Emery was born 1859 in IA.
  • Phebe Jane Emery born 10 Feb 1820 bp. 9 Apr. 1820 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. She died 24 Feb 1896 and was buried in Dingman's Ferry, Pike, PA Dingman s Ferry Cemetery. Phebe married Robert S. Howell on 17 Nov 1839 in Sussex County, NJ. Robert was born 30 Jul 1818 in NY. He died 19 Jan 1875. They had:
      William Howell was born 1848 in NJ
  • Susan Emery was born 19 Aug 1824 in Dingman’s Ferry, Pike, PA bp. 10 Jul. 1825 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ. She died 4 Mar 1909 Susan married Nicholas Broadhead Brown on 8 May 1852 in Winebago County, IL. Nicholas was born 10 Jul 1814 in Sandyston, Sussex, NJ. They had the following children:
      Nathan Brown was born Apr 1852 in IA.
      James E. Brown was born 1855 in IA.
      Henry Brown was born 18 Sep 1857 in IA.
      Ella Brown was born about 1857 in IA.
  • Hannah Elizabeth Emery was born 15 Jun 1826 in Sussex County, NJ. Hannah married Henry E. Higley on 15 Sep 1852 in Linn, IA. Henry was born Jul 1818 in West Granby, Hartford, CT. He died 1860/1870. They had the following children:
    On 15 June 1913 [John A. Biles] took dinner with Hannah Higley, a daughter of Nathan Emery, a cabinetmaker and undertaker, son of Jacob Emery, Silver Lake, Pennsylvania. Being her 87th birthday in company of Nathan Emery and family. She thinks that Irvine Emery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has the Nathan Emery family Bible and records. Her grandfather, Jacob Emery, lived near Centerville, N.J. Mrs. Higley was in Florida from 1875 to 1902. Tradition as told by Mrs. Higley: three Emery brothers came from England, one of them died on the way. She thinks her grandfather was one of them. He gave the lot at Centerville for a Church - also a mortgage of $1,000 on the James Decker farm, the interest to support the church and to use 100 years.
      Edward Higley was born 1854 in IA.
      Eva Higley was born 1856 in IA.
  • Julia Ann Emery b. 23 Oct. 1814 Sussex, Sussex, New Jersey was christened 23 Oct 1814 in Walpack, Sussex, NJ, Reformed Dutch Church died: July 6, 1870 Dingman's Ferry Cemetery; married [-?-] Nettles

  • Maria EMeline Emery was born 30 Oct 1829. She died 12 Aug 1908 in Eustis, Lake, FL

  • Sophia Evaline Emery was born 29 Nov 1831. She died 11 Jan 1835 and was buried in Dingman's Ferry, Pike, PA Dingman’s Ferry Cemetery. Sophia married George S. Schurtz on 19 Dec 1857 in Morristown, Morris, NJ 1st Presbyterian Church.

  • Nathan Emery Jr Birth 11 August 1838 in Pennsylvania Death 22 Aug 1919 in Delaware Cemetary, Milford, Pike Co, PA married Lydia Van Auken Birth 6 Dec 1841 in Dingmans Ferry, Pike County, Pennsylvania, USA Death 12 May 1901 in Delaware Cemetary, Milford, Pike Co, PA daugther of Girad Abraham Van Auken & Eleanor Steele They had:
      Harry Brown Emery 1863 – 1965
      Elmer E. Emery 1865 – 1938
      Frank E Emery 1866 – 1912
      Oliver Van Auken Emery 1869 – 1947
      Fred B. Emery 1872 – 1907
      Soliman D. Emery 1875 –
      Hellen H. Emery 1878 – 1888
  • ___ 6 - Hannah Emery b. 9 Jan. 1790 Morriston, Morris, NJ. d. 8 Jun. 1844; in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA and was buried in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA m. 6 Jan. 1813 in Probably in Sussex Co., NJ. George Van Nest was born 11 Aug 1791 Sussex County, New Jersey died 29 Dec 1864 in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA and was buried in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA.he m 2nd Aseneth (Von) Schoonover Huyck [b.1800 d. 24 Dec 1864; she had married (b. 14 Apr 1801, d. 4 Jun 1868), widow of Abram Huyck and mother of Lodoeska (Huyck) Van Nest, wife of George’s son, Hiram Van Nest.

    Removed from Sussex Co., NJ in 1816, settling the Henry Fisher place in Bradford Co., PA. George came first followed by his brothers, John Daniel and Isaac Whitfield and sister, Catherine who married Peter Lantz. George and Hannah had ten children.

  • +Isaac Hanksinson Vannest was born 4 Feb 1814 and died 1881.

  • +Jacob Ross Vannest was born 4 Apr 1816.

  • +Elizabeth (Betsy) Vannest was born about 1818.

  • Mary Vanness- was born 1822 in Standing Stone Twp., Bradford Co., PA. She died in Dixon, IL.; married James Fletcher

  • +Sarah Vannest was born 1822.

  • +Catherine Vannest was born 1825.

  • *Hiram Van Ness was born 14 May 1820 and died 26 Aug 1888 ; m. Lodiska Huyck b. 3 Sep 1818 i Bradford County, , Pennsylvania d 10 Aug 1896 in Standing Stone -, Rummersfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. buried Standing Stone, Methodist Cem, Standing Stone, Bradford Co. Pa. d/o Abraham Huyck & Aseneth (Von) Schoonover.

  • +George Ellsworth Vannest Born 14 July 1828. Died 1 October 1908.

  • Matilda Vannest was born 28 Nov 1830 in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA. She died 8 Sep 1899 and was buried in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA. Matilda married Hiram Ennis on 1850 in Standing Stone Twp., Bradford Co., PA. Hiram was born 18 Jun 1822. He died 31 Jan 1861 and was buried in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA. Matilda also married Nelson Barnes

  • +Osie Osee Vannest was born about 1826 and died 1902

  • Lucinda/Luclyda Van Nest: Born 15 January 1833. in Standing Stone Twp., Bradford Co., PA. She died Died 8 June 1844, age 11 years, 5 months, 11 days and was buried in the same grave with her mother, in Standing Stone, Bradford, PA.

  • ___ Sarah "Sally" Emery b. 10 Nov. 1791 Morristown, Morris, NY.; m. 1st 20 Dec. 1809 Sussex Co., NJ (Marriage Book A) Abraham 'Abram' Keen b: July 03, 1788 in Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ ;

    In the records of the Walpack Congregation of the Reformed Dutch Church can be found the baptismal record for the daughter of Abraham and Sarah (Emery) Keen.

  • Mary Keen was born 25 Jan 1812/3 and was christened 24 Jul 1813 in Walpack, Sussex, NJ Reformed Dutch Church

  • Sarah "Sally" Emery m 2nd 4 Jan. 1815 Caleb Robertson; m 3rd. [-?-] Ennes The Case marriage book listed Sarah as "Sally Emmery".

    ___ 5 - George Emery b. 5 Mar. 1781 Morristown, Morris, NJ. also given as 15 Mar. 1788 d. 8/9 Mar 1867 Stillwater, Sussex, NJ.; m. 6 Jun. 1809 Stillwater, Sussex co., NJ. Elizabeth Keen dau. of Johannes Kuhn/Keen and Elizabeth/Eva [-?-].

    Elizabeth Keen was born June 10, 1785 in Hartwick, Sussex Co., NJ and was baptised July 12, 1785 in the Stillwater Presbyterian Church, Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ which was originally the Lutheran Congregation of Hartwick. Johannes Kunkle and his wife Margaretha were sponsors or witnesses to the baptism of Elizabeth Keen. She died 1871 in Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ

    In the records of the Walpack Congregation of the Reformed Dutch Church can be found the baptismal records of John Keen Emery and his sister Hannah, children of George and Elizabeth (Keen) Emery


  • Nathan Emery

  • *Jacob H. Emery b: January 22, 1815 in Sussex Co., NJ? d: December 29, 1887 in Bradford Co., PA m. Susan Savercool b: Abt 1818 m: February 17, 1844 in Sussex Co., NJ (Marriage Book A) d/o William Savercool & Catherine A. Wyker

  • *David R. Emery was born 28 Apr 1828 and died 1 Aug 1879.

  • Hannah Emery b. 24 Jul. 1813/April 09, 1812 Walpeck, Sussex, NJ.

  • *John Keen Emery b. 6 Jun. 1810 d. 16 Apr. 1859 Sussex co., NJ.

  • [-Daughter] Emery married (?) Struble
  • ___ 8 - Luther Emery b. 21 Oct. 1794 Morristown, Morris, NJ. d. 30 Mar. 1866 buried Thayer Cemetery Kennedy, NY.; m. Hannah {-?-] also given as Mary Clark b. 7 Oct. 1795 Vermont d. 28 Dec. 1854 buried Thayer Cemetery Kennedy, NY. Lived in Elbey twp. Chatauga co., NY., children:

  • *Jacob Robert Emery b. 16 Sep. 1819 Newark, Wayne, NY.

  • Morgan Emery b. 1821 Newark, Wayne, NY.; m. Emily Davis

  • *Nathan Emery b. 24 Nov. 1823 Newark, Wayne, NY. d. Nov. 1887

  • Elizabeth Emery b. 2 Jul. 1826 Newark, Wayne, NY.; m. Samuel Fairfield

  • 9 David Emery b. 19 Feb. 1796/7 Morristown, Morris, NJ.; Died 24 November 1860; interred Kizer Cemetery, Cortez Road, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. (has also been given as m 1st 18 Feb. 1821 Mary Shields; m 2nd 9 Dec. 1826 Mary Burton; m 3rd [-?-] Titman.
    Married Catharine (?) (b. 15 Apr 1815, d. 2 Apr 1895, age 79 yrs, 11 mo., 27 days) and had at least the following children:
      a. Harvey R. Emery: Born 23 June 1844. Died 19 December 1863; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

      b. Albert T. Emery: Born 24 June 1845. Died 30 June 1864 in a Washington D.C. hospital during the Civil War; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Veteran of the Civil War; enlisted Company 1, 7th New Jersey Regiment at Morristown, New Jersey.

      c. Oliver Emery: Born 21 November 1850. Died 9 November 1863; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.
    It appears David Emery may also have had the following children:
      d. Arba T. Emery: Born 1842. Died 11 September 1914; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

      e. Alfred F. Emery: Born 1847. Died 5 August 1914; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Married Adeline E. (?) (b. 1851, d. 4 Apr 1896; interred with Aldred).

      f. Elizabeth Emery: Born 8 February 1848. Died 23 April 1863; interred Kizer Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

    Of interest: There was another David Emery (b. 1797, d. 4 Nov 1826 at Mansfield, Warren Co., NJ), son of William and Anna Elizabeth (Welsch) Emery, who married Mary Shields (perhaps on 18 February 1821 with Rev Joseph Campbell officiating) and had the following children:
      William Shields Emery. Sarah Emery. Emeline Emery.

    ___ 10 - Abner Emery b.21/2 March 1800Morristown, Morris, NJ. Went to sea and not heard from again. ; m. Annah Lee. Child:

  • Marilla Emery born abt. 1827

  • ___ 13 - Jacob Ross / Jacob Rosson Emery b. 3 Apr. 1806 near Newark, Walpack twp.\Sandystone, Sussex Co., NJ. d. 20 Aug. 1856 Standing Stone Twp, Bradford County, Pennsylvania interred Van Nest Cemetery at Standing Stone; m. 29 Aug 1829 Sarah Ann Ennis/ Ennes b. 10 Feb. 1813 Walpack Twp., Sussex County, New Jersey d. 7 Mar. 1 893 Towanda, Pennsylvania, at age 80 Sarah Ann married 2nd. John Ayres dau. of Levi S. Ennis/Ennes and Mary Adams Following the death of Jacob, Sarah worked as a seamstress in the household of Joshua Thompson a methodist Minister and married 2nd Sarah married (2nd) John Ayres (b. 1798, d. 1881) in 1867. Of interest, John Ayers was the father of Colonel E. J. Ayres of Towanda, Pennsylvania.

    Jacob came to Standing Stone with his sister, Hannah (Mrs. George Van Nest) about 1820. Employed as a blacksmith at "Frenchtown" (Asylum). Resided in the notch below Kerrick Hill

    1830 Asylum Township Census
    Emery Ross 011001 10001 5 103
    Emery Jacob R. 00011 10001 4 103
    Elected and commissioned Justice of the Peace for Durell, Bradford Co., PA in 1843. Jacob was a member of the Bradford Co. Anti-Slavery Society, formed in 1837 and was included among the "ealier and most active abolitionists", long before this was a popular cause. Bradford Co. Deed Records show that Jacob R. Emery bought lond in Durell Twp. from John LaPorte on 8/19/1845 and was living in Durell at that time.

    The census of 1850 lists him as "Rosson" Emery, in Durrell Twp., but correctly identifies his wife Sarah and the children then living at home.

      Listed in the 1850 Durell Twp. Census, Bradford Co., PA Households 1-50 Family/Pg Last Name First Name Age Where Born 48/48 Emery Rosson 45 NJ Emery Sarah 35 NJ Emery Mary 18 Pa Emery Jacob 16 Pa Emery Eliza 14 Pa Emery Hannah 11 Pa Emery George 8 Pa Emery Sarah 5 Pa Emery Levi 3 Pa Emery Adelia 2 Pa

    On 7/6/1852, Jacob Ross and his wife Sarah (Sally) Ann sold land in Durrell Twp. to Levi Ennes, her father. On 6/8/1853, a deed from Levi Ennes and wife Mary was issued for land in Durrell Twp., to Sally Ann Emery, with an assignment by her to Bartholmew LaPorte.

    About two and a holf years after Jacob's death, on 11/5/1859, Sarah purchased land in Asylum Twp. from Uylses Moody and his wife Mary Ann.(Bk8,p87) She appears to have been living in Asylum at the time of the purchase.

    It was previously thought that Jacob Ross Emery had an ealier marriage to Jemima Allen. This was based on an entry in Heverly's History of Bradford Co., and the grave next to that of Jacob Ross Emery, marked Elizabeth, dau of Jacob and Jemima Emery. Acheck of Bradford Co. Deed Records has since shown the sale of land by Jacob Emery and his wife Jemima, of Wyalusing Twp., on 8/3/1840, well after the marriage of Jacob Ross and Sarah Ann Ennes.(Bk 94,p.447)

    A Jacob Emery also appears on the Census of 1840 in Wyalusing Twp. According to Historical Sketches Linked with Asylum,)(p66) Jacob Ross came to Standing Stone with his sister Hannah about 1820. After his marriage to Sarah Ann Ennis, they located in Asylum, near Kettle Rock.

    here is a newspaper clipping o the 1926 emery reunion.

  • *Jacob Ennis EMERY born 13 Mar 1833 Asylum Twp., Bradford County, Pennsylvania and died on 17 Feb 1896 in Asylum Twp., Bradford County, Pennsylvania, at age 62. Jacob married Lucy Ann English on 11 Jun 1854. Lucy was born on 13 Jan 1837 and died on 15 Nov 1902 in Rummerfield, Pennsylvania, at age 65.

  • Lucy B. Emery was born on 3 Jun 1830 died on 8 Feb 1908, at age 77; married George Place. George was born in 1825 in Pennsylvania

  • *Mary J. EMERY born 10 Dec 1831 died 1 Oct 1890. married Levi Arnout on 15 Mar 1855. Levi was born on 6 Mar 1832 and died on 5 Aug 1906, at age 74.

  • Thomas Jefferson 'Jefferson' Emery was born about 1832 in Asylum Twp., Bradford Co., PA. He died about 1832
  • *Eliza EMERY *born 22 May 1837 Frenchtown, Crawford, Pa/Asylum Twp., Bradford County, Pennsylvania and died on 2 Apr 1915 in Homets Ferry, Pennsylvania, at age 77. Eliza married Wilson Kerrick on 25 Feb 1857 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Wilson was born on 22 May 1834 in Middle Smithfield, Pennsylvania and died in 1913 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, at age 79.

  • *Hannah EMERY was born 17 Mar 1839 died 29 Apr 1892. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at age 53. married Joshua Van Loon. Joshua was born on 7 Feb 1840 and died on 7 Nov 1886, at age 46

  • Eleanor 'Ellen' EMERY was born 8 Sep 1840 died 5 Apr 1845 Bradford County, Pennsylvania 4 years, 6 months, 27 days. Adopted by Alexander Ennes.

  • * George EMERY-187 was born 8 Apr 1842 Bradford County, Pennsylvania george died 6 Dec 1912 at age 70. married Margaret Sabin. Margaret was born on 11 Jun 1848

  • * Sarah EMERY-189 was born 6 Oct 1843 Bradford County, Pennsylvania died 8 Mar 1908 Bradford County, Pennsylvania at age 64 married Harry Fausey; married Thomas Kinsley born on 6 Oct 1842 died on 8 Mar 1898, at age 55.

  • *Francis EMERY-192 was born 29 Jun 1845. Francis died 27 Sep 1899. at age 54. married Martha Bly/Boy on 4 Jul 1864. Martha was born on 27 Jan 1848 and died on 3 Jun 1919, at age 71

  • Levi EMERY-194 was born 5 Apr 1847 in Bradford Co, PA. Levi died May 1864 in Killed, Battle/Wilderness, Virginia, at age 17.

  • Adelia EMERY-195 was born 22 Apr 1849 Bradford County, Pennsylvania died 17 Mar 1929 at age 79 married Lyman Forrest on 4 Nov 1866. Lyman was born on 27 Oct 1837 and died on 18 Aug 1915, at age 77

  • *Ella EMERY-197 was born 10 Apr 1851 died 16 Jan 1924 at age 72. married Seymour Austadt; married Charles Webster

  • *Adell/Adel “Dell” EMERY-200 was born 3 Oct 1853 died 26 Jun 1908 at age 54. married Morris Nevil on 1 Sep 1870. Morris was born on 6 Jul 1847 and died on 3 Nov 1930, at age 83

  • *Elizabeth EMERY-202 was born 20 Apr 1856 Asylum Twp., Bradford County, Pennsylvania died 28 Apr 1938. Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, at age 82 married Charles Wesley Nevil on 1 Jun 1876. Charles was born on 30 Jul 1857 and died on 14 Sep 1925, at age 68.

  • ?? Francis Isaac Emery was born 8 Jun 1859 in Jarretstown, Montgomery Pa. He died 18 Jan 1946 in Philadelphia

  • Today is