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I am going to start an   obituary page for you to add any obituary that has the Surname EMERY in it. 
Also for those that you defintely can connect to descendants of John and Anthony Emery or Conrad Emery or Jacob Emery; please 
place a  lineage descent byline at the end of the obit for us.  And if one is listed  connected to  one of them please send 
lineage and I will enter it  on the obituary.
Allied surnames such as Hoag, Bodwell, Ordway can also	be placed here as long as they Link back either to John  and Anthony 
Emery or Conrad Emery.
Hint you don't have to be a descendant to do this if you think it will help someone else! And considering if you want to share 
it to help another out
  • Full name of newspaper it was published in with address of newspaper; anything else you feel that is usefull; phone, website, e-mail etc., if known<
  • Date it was published,if known
  • Section Number or Letter; Page Number, and Column Number, if known
  • The obit as written as was written with errors; corrections can be noted within []
  • If connected to John, Anthony or Conrad Emery the lineageback to John, Anthony or Conrad, would be appreciated

tombstone of Levi Emey c. 1783-1860

A B Maude Emery Benjamin Ruth Emery & Henry Elmer Bollwinkel C D Sylvanus Daniels Jr. 1923-2007 E Emery Bonnie Jean Emery 1920-1999 Emery Carolyn Hulac Charles S. Emery 1863-1925 Clarence Emery 1891-1985 Emery Clement G Emery Diantha Gilman Emery E Ward Emery Eleanor Francis McKinnon Emery Enoch Emery Essie Mae Emery Franz J Emery George 1934 Emery Helen f Personnette Emery James David Emery Janine A Landry Emery John B Emery John Henckel Emery John R Jonas Aden Emery 1856-1915 Karen June (Hollars) Emery 1948 - 2002 Kathyrn L. Emery ?-1999 Emery Laura I Levi Emery Emery Linda Jean Emery Louis D Marcia (Hill) Emery Martha A. Emery 1912-1994 Mary Alice Emery 1937-2003 Nathaniel Emery 1831-1909 Emery Orman J Emery Patricia A Paul F Emery Paul Leroy Emery 1938-2004 Phillip Leon Emery 1927 - 2002 Emery Rex Welton Jr Susan Emery 1835-1916 Thomas Leonard Emery 1920-2005 Emery Truman Dexter Vernon M. "Bud" Emery 29 Oct. 1929 - Aug. 2005  Vina M. Emery 1907-1998 Walter Ray Emery William A. Emery Jr. 1882-1978 Emery William H William Noble Emery F H H Zelma Mabel Emery Hains 1901-1989 I J Journey Ventia Emery K Wilma D. (Emery) King 1926-2003 L Mc Dorothy M. (Emery) McCall Reba D. (Emery) McKee M Metzger Agnes B N O P Lenore F. (Emery) Weybright Price 1926-1998 Pinkerton Katherine E Emery Q R S Carl B. Styffe Sr. 1928-2003> T Tomlinson Ilah E Hackenberry U V W X Y Z

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