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Hi - Contact me at:   if you have suggestions, questions or comments and any information, pictures etc. to share.

When contacting me please give me the whole address bar or at least the portion after "http://www.emery.research.pasttracker.com"

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    http://www.emery.research.pasttracker.com = site name/location

    {john-anthony001} = folder/chapter for online

    {emery1a.htm} = web-page

    {emery1a} = Word file/ Original manuscript

    1-??? = number assigned to ancestor

Corrections, new data for insertion into the pages is always welcome.

The forum was not being used so it was discontinued -

Okay I am going to start back to work on this slowly - I need some input - I am going to continue in the format I have for while - but there needs to be some major changes I know - but this was done form the 1982 book I had published in 1982
  • Would you like the lineage line returned? ie ( Judith E. McKee, Reba, Clarence Ovid, Charles Sigel, Nathaniel, Ambrose, Ambrose, James, Jonathan, John)
  • Would you like to see this transformed into TNG - [The Next Generation of Genealogy Site building, v.7.1.2] - See Conrad Emery' section on this site
  • This would be immediate updating and corrections of errors, but it means hand keying in all the basic information - Names, dates, places - the rest of the information can be cut and pasted into the notes section - the only and biggest draw back I see would be it would not be in book form and readable as it is presented right now
  • Any and all other complaints, suggestions etc. welcome - this is your site too as well as mine - I am basically just the designer and complier - your the ones who have made this possible over the years by you submissions, YOUR SUPPORT,
  • there is NO charge for the Emery Family

    Research Association it is FREE - all I ask for is a thank you, donation of material ; if you wish to donate monetarily it won't be rejected
  • I am still maintaining a straight format manuscript in "WORD", why I do not know - all pages will be checked against it - any new data I have always placed into it since starting the web pages - why in case this could be published in book format only - which I doubt is very unlikely - I can not see that as it is a VERY LARGE work - it was in 3 binders/notebooks that was 3-4 inches you can see the numerous files below - of between 20-50 pages or more; to make it workable in "WORD"
  • All I ask is for patience - this is a ONE PERSON project - besides contributions of data to input.
I am sorry that I have neglected the site for the last couple of years - but all I had was a 1g 95 unit and a 4g 98SE unit - neither was big enough for the programs and data files - my XP went dead on August 2008 and it still has most of my files on it and finally at the end of 2010 I was able to get an “off the self” HP Windows7 recovery has been slow . I was finally able to get the XP repaired at a reasonable price so I have all those old files and had the files put on CD from the computer before that. So I am in the process of dumping all the duplicates off of the HP and re-doing the site.

I was born Judith Elaine Mc Kee and am an Emery descendant through John Emery as follows:
  • 1. - John Emery - - Mary (Shatswell) Webster
  • 2. - Jonathan Emery - - Mary Woodman
  • 3. - James Emery - - Ruth Watson
  • 4. - Ambrose Emery - - Rebecca Yocum
  • 5. - Ambrose Emery - - Mary Anderson
  • 6. - Nathaniel Ambrose Emery - - Mary Susan Mc Whirter/Mewhriter
  • 7. - Charles Sigel Emery - - Minerva Jane Hardesty
  • 9. - Reba Doris Emery - - Alvin Robert Mc Kee
  • 10. - Judith Elaine McKee - - David Bowell Burns

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This site will be ran also as a part of Manuscripts in Progress from my home page site: McKee - Burns My Greene County Indiana Ancestors. But I have yet to get back there!

I started into genealogy back in 1976 with the notion of only gathering enough to get started and put it on the bookshelf - till my children were older - that never happened! This was spurred because I call my self the "generational misfit" Dad born in 1908 and mom in 1920 and all the family older and almost gone - most of the time after the time period between parents ran the so-called 20 year period given as a generation taking into factors of second marriages and large families - the only other large gap - was between dad father and grandfather - of 1880 and 1834 - but he had 3 wives so account for that too.

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