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Hi - Contact me at:   if you have suggestions, questions or comments and any information, pictures etc. to share.

Corrections, new data for insertion into the pages is always welcome.

The forum was not being used so it was discontinued -

Okay I am going to start back to work on this slowly - I need some input - I am going to continue in the format I have for while - but there needs to be some major changes I know - but this was done form the 1982 book I had published in 1982

  • Would you like the lineage line returned? ie ( Judith E. McKee, Reba, Clarence Ovid, Charles Sigel, Nathaniel, Ambrose, Ambrose, James, Jonathan, John)
  • Would you like to see this transformed into TNG - [The Next Generation of Genealogy Site building, v.7.1.2] - See Conrad Emery' section on this site
  • This would be immediate updating and corrections of errors, but it means hand keying in all the basic information - Names, dates, places - the rest of the information can be cut and pasted into the notes section - the only and biggest draw back I see would be it would not be in book form and readable as it is presented right now
  • Any and all other complaints, suggestions etc. welcome - this is your site too as well as mine - I am basically just the designer and complier - your the ones who have made this possible over the years by you submissions, YOUR SUPPORT,
  • there is NO charge for the Emery Family

    Research Association it is FREE - all I ask for is a thank you, donation of material ; if you wish to donate monetarily it won't be rejected
  • I am still maintaining a straight format manuscript in "WORD", why I do not know - all pages will be checked against it - any new data I have always placed into it since starting the web pages - why in case this could be published in book format only - which I doubt is very unlikely - I can not see that as it is a VERY LARGE work - it was in 3 binders/notebooks that was 3-4 inches you can see the numerous files below - of between 20-50 pages or more; to make it workable in "WORD"
  • All I ask is for patience - this is a ONE PERSON project - besides contributions of data to input.
I am sorry that I have neglected the site for the last couple of years - but all I had was a 1g 95 unit and a 4g 98SE unit - neither was big enough for the programs and data files - my XP went dead on August 2008 and it still has most of my files on it and finally at the end of 2010 I was able to get an “off the self” HP Windows7 recovery has been slow . I was finally able to get the XP repaired at a reasonable price so I have all those old files and had the files put on CD from the computer before that. So I am in the process of dumping all the duplicates off of the HP and re-doing the site.

I was born Judith Elaine Mc Kee and am an Emery descendant through John Emery as follows:
  • 1. - John Emery - - Mary (Shatswell) Webster
  • 2. - Jonathan Emery - - Mary Woodman
  • 3. - James Emery - - Ruth Watson
  • 4. - Ambrose Emery - - Rebecca Yocum
  • 5. - Ambrose Emery - - Mary Anderson
  • 6. - Nathaniel Ambrose Emery - - Mary Susan Mc Whirter/Mewhriter
  • 7. - Charles Sigel Emery - - Minerva Jane Hardesty
  • 9. - Reba Doris Emery - - Alvin Robert Mc Kee
  • 10. - Judith Elaine McKee - - David Bowell Burns

This site will be ran also as a part of Manuscripts in Progress from my home page site: McKee - Burns My Greene County Indiana Ancestors. But I have yet to get back there!

I started into genealogy back in 1976 with the notion of only gathering enough to get started and put it on the bookshelf - till my children were older - that never happened! This was spurred because I call my self the "generational misfit" Dad born in 1908 and mom in 1920 and all the family older and almost gone - most of the time after the time period between parents ran the so-called 20 year period given as a generation taking into factors of second marriages and large families - the only other large gap - was between dad father and grandfather - of 1880 and 1834 - but he had 3 wives so account for that too.

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