Descendants of Conrad EMERY

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    Emery Family Research Association, Judith Elaine Burns

    This is an entirely different branch of Emery's, German out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they spread into Ohio, Indiana and Illionis and other points west. I obtained the book and have been in the process of updating it also.

    This was orginialy done by another, Frederick B. Emery, M.D. His version was in outline and paragraph form; no real numbering system and was very hard to follow. There is documentation for some of the material. I pulled all the addresses that were in it because I feel should not be on the website. I forgot that I followed his format in the documentation also.

    If there are any corrections you can send to me in any form and I will make them. Documentation would be appreciated. His was mainly just a list of books at the end of a family paragraph. Gedcom would me very acceptable means of updating this file.

    As I work on this I will change any errors in the orignial Personal Ancestral File data base I made and from sources and material already given to me. I placed the data into PAF it as a means to have an easy method to make it into generational form and a have a numering system that was easy to follow and work with and an conrad_emery/conrad_emery_paf/index. I have no idea how large this can get before it starts to bulk and not make a book form - but we may find out - or I hope so

    Sorry for any errors. This was done several years ago in between computer break downs and lockups. Hopefully I can get back into this more.

    Anyone can use the material as a source - I have come up with this for this site since some one has asked I feel it will give credit all the way around besides in the sourcing notes also: Personal Ancestral File and updates of: Frederic B. Emery, M.D., Conrad Emery and His Decensdants (1970, Unqiue Publishing Service), Frederick Emery M. D., 1519 Highland Dr., Concordia, Kansas 66901. at the internet address by Judith E. Burns, Compiler

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