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From "History of Grant County, Wisconsin", 1881, p. 940.


ALBERT W. EMERY, farmer and smelter; P. O. Rockville; has 600 acres of 
land, some of it mineral; also has residence at British Hollow, where 
he sometimes resides; was born Feb. 24, 1816, near Warrenton, Va.; 

son of Wm. and Ann (Brooks) Emery; his grandfather was English and his 
grandmother German; 

he came to Grant Co., Nov. 31, 1839, having located at Galena and 
Dubuque a short time;

was married March 23, 1843, by Cyrus K. Lord, Esq., of Potosi, to Eliza, 
daughter of John and Mary (Thomas) Nichols, who was born Aug. 29, 1822;

had three girls and two boys, of whom three are now living - Elizabeth 
Ann, Vergenia (Jennie) wife of Theodore T. Kinney, of Potosi; they have 
one child, Frances. 
Mr. Emery has been in office most of the time since residing here, on 
Town Board twelve years, County Commissioner several years, and 
Magistrate several terms, and in 1857 and 1858 represented his district 
in the Legislature. 

When he came here there were but very few settlers in Potosi - Chapman, 
Coyle, McDonald, Brock, Maderina, John and James Hull, and a few others. 

His son, Albert, died in 1877, aged 24 years, and William died in 1875,
 aged nine years. 

The grandfather of Mr. Emery died at the age of 97 years, having been 
wounded in the Revolution. 

The father of Mr. E. was in war of 1812 and assisted to defend the city 
of Washington at the time it was burned by the English, he being under
 command of Gen. Barney; he died at the age of 85 years.


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