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Use of this site is for PERSONAL research only - future intent of copy of it and my manuscripts are to donate the full contents of the website and the online manuscripts; as well as the word processing and genealogical databases (PAF, RootsMagic etc.) to the the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) when I no longer can maintain the site and do research.

PLEASE NOTE that I will not contact you by mail nor have any one else to contact you by mail for material. I have been contacted to relinquish my rights or give permission to use material from this site I assume and the 1982 book and asking for me donate a copy of the book to him. I HAVE NOT GIVEN PERMISSON FOR USE OF ANY OF THIS MATERIAL FOR ANOTHER HARD COPY PRINTED VERSION.

Who is the Emery Family Research Association ? - Behind the scenes It's one person me as compiler and designer of the site - but it is thousands of descendants of the name of Emery; anyone who is willing to share Emery family data freely with others.

Cost: - FREE, except for * donations of material, * corrections sent * patience and understanding * tho monetray donations will not be refused alot of work has to be done yet to convert the site to a page like this - also I have found a method to "drop ship" my manuscript into a webpage without alot of coding and formatting behind the scenes final result will be this design - there will be alot of work behind it but it may help eliminate the need to keep a seperate Word file also but some WOrd formattign will have to be over-ridden some of which will still be evidient in the pages. Woord put in alof of excess doing that was not needed and made it very hard to edit the web pages unless totally re-done. Hoepfully this new method will allow instant editing on the page and then the Word manuscrpit files also.

What started it? - I was lucky when Charles L. Edington started digging on the Emery's and found out there was the Emery book. He sent to the Library of Congress and got an copy and then had a copy made for me. The book had the start of the Charles Sigel Emery family in it 2 of the 12 children - grandfather missed being in it by months as was born August 1890. Of course when I started got the shock of my life that grandfather was just one of a family of 12 children - While we were updating and digging for lost Greene county cousins they kept telling us that they wish they had a copy of the book.

When started: 1982 - it was a quarterly booklet fo at least 50 pages; and half of it was dediated to publishing what I had on Anthony's section; updates or corrections for John's section; queries; Emery material found. Cost was $5 for the year just to cover the postage and prinitng of the booklet. I have no idea if any of the booklets survive as yet - they were possibly published until about 1984-5 maybe into 1986. This was all done by typewriter back then - and the number was under 100.

Objective: Is to promote free help and research for Emery Descendants and to circulate as much of the findings as possible. I had query as to what the association is - now it is this site. Simple version - cousins helping cousins - I hope.

- theres now a Facebook page you can join to post queries, items of interest and other shares about the Emery name. Hope you use it and enjoy it. Just click on the logo to be transported to the Facebook page.

My real main objective was to get my updates for John and Anthony Emery out to all of you instead of it just sitting on my shelf in 3-4 notebook binders that were 3-4" thick. Reason being is that I feel I will never be able to publish any of it - to me cost is the prohibitive factor - and I do not know how much support I have out there. But I do not want what I have researched, collected and that has been donated over the years to be lost and just sit on my shelf - I want it out into circulation so someone can benefit from it possibly. And truth be known - my children do not - care about their heritage - why I do not know - sorry - I have one person who is a member of UsGenWeb who will get all my files one way or other to help preserve them - for others and for my children David & Susie - just in case they decide what MOM has done is important to them!

All I really ask is that as you pass it on to other Emery descendants; contribute to it, and come back often to see the changes made.

To all those who I lost contact with soon after 23 August 1990; I do apologize. For those who don't know I lost David on that date and life did change somewhat. I never lost interest in our Emery's only for a time the motivation was not there to continue as I had in the past and priorities changed also.

Since the site is under-construction allot of changes will be continual made till I am satisfied or somebody has a better idea to share with me.

Anything any one has to contribute as before will be welcome. I will accept a donation of any kind as this has been a one Gal project all these years. My mothers cousin Charles L. Edington and he bas since passed on and has been a great loss to my Greene county Indiana reasearch on our lines and moral support. Other wise I sent for books and done research; and relied on distant Emery cousins for donated lines and updates.

All my original word files are kept intact and kept up to date - also have burned them to CD as with the site as is. I done away with the old tattered print out that was well annotated and added to by hand and using only the material that is online and in the computer files.

I hope we can all renew our friendship and research efforts that we had in the past. Gedcom files will be the most welcome version; also pictures, scans of obituaries.

Suggestions for other data etc. always welcome; this is your site too

Another year has almost passed - they seem to be flying by faster that I want them too. Sorry I have not gotten more done on the site. My promise is that I will try to do better this coming year.

With this upload will be be a start at re-vamping the site; and improving the looks. I Hope you approve. One is I have taken the guestbook off as too much "garbage" is coming in on it that I do not approve of and I have placed filters on it and it is still coming in. I have kept all the enteries from it that relate to this site only and hope to put a forum up for contacts queries and discussions among researchers. This is a start - at a new set-up the opening sidebar will be:
  • John and Anthony Emery od Newbury, Massachusetts - this is the 1890, 1892 revision of John's section and all new updates since that time.
  • Conrad Emry or Emery - German emigrant descendants are of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana. I had found this and had several people asking for research of it back in the 1980's. After about the 2nd or 3rd times I xeroxed a copy- added to it as I found stuff and them put it into PAF as it was not done in generational form and was not well documented. So this is my start of this.
  • Jonathan Emery & Sarah Walker's descendants - of Eden, Vermont - Ashwick, England about 1835 to Eden, Vermont
  • Links - Other peoples webstires or websites of interest for the Emery name and descendants for research
  • Miscellaneous Information - A grab bag of items and key to other area of site for now off the old main page -
the top bar will be "Home" - back to this page from any page within the site; Contact - inforamtion and my e-mail. The main side bar items will be accessible from all pages - and then a sub-menu or index page for each new division or folder

I have an entire line of Anthony's to correct and put up with pictures. And after 31 years of research I have found my great Uncle Jonas Aden Emery's family and some descendants. So there is always hope. He was one of the original Emery descendants responsible for the 1890 book being gathered and published.

The counter of number of people entering the page may be off by 1-3 people - as I changed from a commercial counter to ROOTSWEB counter - I got a number count - from a good internet friend and then pulled the main page till I had the new counter installed.

Best wishes to all and my good returns in family researching

Yours in genealogy,
Judith Elaine (McKee) Burns

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